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  1. Now I've seen the picture you posted on another thread I realise you need a female 36.4mm. There is a Canadian retailer that has a 2" nosepiece (#3729) and they ship internationally. https://www.brandonoptics.com/Vixen-Optics-Telescope-Accessories_p_2480.html
  2. Can't the sure but could you get a Baader M36.4 Vixen to T2 adapter (#1508039) https://www.microglobe.co.uk/baader-t-2-adapter-for-m364-vixen-and-takahashi-telescopes-p-12758.html? and then a nosepiece onto that?
  3. Maybe something like this added to the middle of your existing dual mount? https://www.altairastro.com/lightwave-refractor-finder-scope-bracket--rings-2511-p.asp Not sure how you'd add it though, nor if it's big enough, maybe I'll just leave now....
  4. No first hand experience of it, but this exists: https://www.celestron.com/products/focus-motor
  5. (checks how close to 1st April John started this thread)
  6. I'm interested in the topic and I'm enjoying ALL the contributions. I would prefer that personal attacks and/or the devaluing of each others contributions did not take place - but I accept that this can be difficult when opposing views clash.
  7. another +1 for puffer + Baader fluid and cloth. Can I ask others what they do about cleaning the cloth? I've not been at this game long so haven't needed to yet.... but it's getting close. Bung it in the washing machine? Hand wash it in soapy water? Throw away and get a new one?
  8. Thanks John. My skies cleared around 11pm and, like for you, the seeing was amazing but transparency poor. Had a lovely session with the moon - picking out many of the features mentions in your threads of the last few nights.
  9. Thanks for sharing John. You're like an excited kid in a sweet shop - and I love it! 2.443 billion light years away and mag 12.9 is mind blowing. When observing deep sky objects I always think about how far and how long the photons have travelled before hitting my eye... it adds to the wonder and enhances my enjoyment. It's why I am and will always be an analogue visual observer.
  10. You could put a parfocal ring on the barrel of the clicklock extension. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/ae_parfocal_rings_2.html They add 5mm each and there will be enough barrel remaining for it to still be securely gripped.
  11. It's teasing me by keeping 2 1/2 hours ahead...
  12. Cloudy here currently but I'm hopeful for later.... Will Hesiodus A still be viewable then?
  13. There are different module inserts available for the Raport - and the 'bubble blower' is a 'module wrench' that you use to add or remove them. https://www.berlebach.de/en/?bereich=produkte&kategorie=85 https://www.berlebach.de/en/?bereich=details&id=664
  14. I'm a new OIII owner too and I rummaged up the following list when researching what might be best to point it at. I have to say I haven't yet tried them myself so can't confirm they are indeed any good; nor if / when they'll be viewable from Wiltshire; but by all accounts they are some of the best improved targets when using an OIII filter. M8 Lagoon Nebula M17 Swan Nebula M97 Owl Nebula NGC 2022 NGC 2337-9 Rosetta Nebula NGC 2359 Thor's Helmet NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula NGC 6960-95 Veil Nebula NGC 7293 Giant Helical Nebula
  15. I'm missing the great Mars views we had. Can't wait for the next planetary 'event'....
  16. Nice one - well done. Can't find another one for me could you? I've had a new one on order since December 2020 and the last update I had was that it won't come before May 2021 at the earliest. [Where is the jealous emoji..... ]
  17. Thanks @Dantooine, that's very helpful. I had noticed that the eyepiece stops initially but then continues in again when "encouraged". Up to now I have been "encouraging" them in right down to the shoulder to ensure they are firmly and squarely seated. Now I know better I'll change my behaviour and I'm pretty sure I will, as you have, get comfortable that I'm not going to damage the prism.
  18. Hi All, Anyone have the Baader 2456117 (2" BBHS Prism Diagonal)? Do you know if it has a barrel stop of some kind to prevent long eyepiece barrels touching the prism? And if so, how long does a barrel have to be before it hits the stop? The diagonal comes with a baader clicklock so I kind of assumed it would have a stop (other clicklocks I have come across all have them) - but this one doesn't look like it does.... maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks
  19. I too was surprised by some lovely sharp views of Mars, with some surface colouring, when I was last out with my telescope on the 11th Feb. It was nice to get reacquainted with it - I miss the amazing sessions we had with Mars last year.
  20. Keep the scope fixed on the ground and use them to reposition The Earth?
  21. I'm having to use my removed hat to mop up the drool. I'm reminded of my favourite quote from an old episode of bargain hunt; "I've always wanted one of those....... what is it?"
  22. Hats off to you; you engineer some impressive stuff.
  23. I've just packed up for the night. I have fizzing fingers and toes as they start to warm up; and a huge smile on my face - I've missed this so much. There were no clouds and no wind and views to the west were pretty good when sticking to brightish stuff. Leicester City won their FA cup match and I got a nice few hours at the eyepiece - all in all a pretty good night.
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