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  1. A memorial service for Andrew will be held at the Wincham Hall Hotel, Wincham near Northwich, Cheshire at midday on Tuesday 28th January.
  2. Andrew had moved back to UK last year, but Sue is still running Astrofarm, with the "Astro-facilities" available to guests as before.
  3. I'm saddened to announce the unexpected death of Andrew Davies, astronomer, teacher and inspiration to many. He helped many develop in our great hobby, through his teaching, the clubs he helped set up, through his work fronting the North West Astronomy Festival in Runcorn, and in setting up Astrofarm France. He will be much missed.
  4. As Cyril has pointed out, SpaceX use RP1 (basically refined paraffin) and LOX as fuel and oxidiser - the refrigeration required for Liquid H2 is much greater than you need for Liquid O2, so the engineering challenges is far greater, and apart from that, the mass density of LH is much lower than that for RP1 - which would require significantly larger fuel tank stages. Although the Saturn V rocket did use LH / LOX, it was only in the Second and Third stages. If they had tried to use it for the First Stage, the tanks would have had to be about twice the diameter.
  5. You can play with the scale factors on this Google Sheets on my drive https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GoGmffEo6rH0E4C0O5qQ-nLCOocw3P8YzHN6r1oW3RQ/edit?usp=sharing You should be able to select your 'base' planet using the blue dropdown, and then select what size you want it to be using the left hand yellow cell. # The right hand yellow cell allows you to select the size you want for the orbits (obviously a completely different scale to the planets). I have a 15 metre tape that works well for Sun - Neptune, so Jupiter at 2.6m fits that scale.
  6. Our Astro Society was asked if we could lead a couple of sessions for a local Cub scouts group to prepare them for their Astronomy Badge. A lot of the content is around the Solar System, so we thought that we'd assemble some appropriately scaled models. At a craft shop we were able to pick up Polystyrene balls in following sizes which are pretty close to representative. 10cm - for Jupiter 8cm - for Saturn (about 5mm too small) to which we added a card 'hoop' for the rings - inside diameter 9cm, outside diameter 19cm 4cm - for Uranus and Neptune (c 5mm too large) 1cm - for Earth and Venus (1 & 1.5mm too large respectively) 0.5cm for Mars and Mercury (Mercury about 1mm too large) If you can get a beachball about 1 metre in diameter, that will stand for the Sun. We painted the 'planets' in appropriate colours using acrylic paints and they looked pretty good. Edited to correct size for Mars / Mercury from mm to cm.
  7. If that's all you have on I'm not surprised!
  8. Hi and welcome. You're fortunate to have a few local astro societies if you want to meet up with like minded people. I don't know anyone from Chester AS, but they're quite local to you. If you're able to get over to near Old Colwyn, the North Wales AS meet for observing at the Community Centre at Llanelian on the second Tuesday of the month - i.e. tomorrow. If it's not clear, they'll have a short talk or two instead. They also have a talk meeting at Llanrhos Old School (nearer Deganwy) on the fourth Wednesday of the month. They're a really friendly group, and I try and go to most of their 4th Wednesday meetings.
  9. Solarsphere (Astronomy festival at Builth Wells) is 14th - 17th August next year. http://www.solarsphere.events/LatestNews.html
  10. We have a signed copy that we bought at this year's Solarsphere. And one of our club members has his image of M81 in it.
  11. It's awesome isn't it. What I would say is that it's worth seeing it in a variety of locations, as your response to it can vary depending on what room its in. Here it was in a church in Llandudno
  12. Late response, I know - it's been a busy week, but here's the page I saw in the download. If the actual offer is better, that's great.
  13. My version downloaded this morning is saying "£16.50 every 6 issues", so a bargain, but not quite as much of one
  14. Have you all seen the error on page 4 of the download? Repeated on page 55 of the new one?
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