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  1. The scope will mount on a camera tripod, which is likely to give you a more stable view, but if you don't have one, using on a table with the legs shortened will help a bit. As I recall from buying one for my nephews, it comes with a 45degree diagonal, and this has the advantage of not reversing the image. However, at high altitudes, it isn't as easy to use as a 90 degree diagonal, so you might consider getting one of those early on. In terms of targets, keeping to lower magnifications will give you plenty of things to look at. Clusters like the Pleiades and some of the Messier obj
  2. However, what is energy? Energy is 'something' that represents a translation from one frame of reference to another. This might be between frames moving at different relative speeds, or frames that are at different positions in a field of force. Having "different energy conversion between mass and photons changing in different directions" can be perfectly consistent with this. There's a presumption of isotropy, and no evidence against it, but it can't be ruled out.
  3. On 15th, the asteroid Vesta will be pretty much half way between the triplet and Denebola - the bright star at the 'tail' of Leo.
  4. In terms of head torches, the best one I've found is this from Energizer - a big advantage is that it has two buttons - one for red beam and one for white beam. https://www.batterystation.co.uk/brands/energizer-batteries.html?_bc_fsnf=1&Product+Type=Head+Lights
  5. I'm not sure of any way of reducing the size of the icons to fit more onto the screen. Alternative approaches I can suggest are : remove plugins that add buttons you don't use (not ideal) use keyboard shortcuts for the icons you can't see (Ctrl + zero for Telescope connection)
  6. Be aware that buying from Europe has now become more complicated, and is likely to add significant cost to the list price. As far as I can determine, there's 4% duty payable on Optical instrument imports and VAT payable as well. Shipping companies will apply a handling charge on top. It does look as though AstroShop are continuing to offer to sell into UK, but many European retailers are declining to ship to here.
  7. I've heard people suggest that rather than getting the SW wedge, go for the Williams Optics one instead. I appreciate that it's considerably more expensive, but it is reputedly much more capable. I haven't tried using my AZ GTi in equatorial mode (and if I did, I would initially use my existing SW Wedge), so this is simply reporting what others have suggested. HTH
  8. Just to be clear - the mount creates its own wifi hotspot, and this is what you connect to with your phone/tablet when controlling the mount.
  9. I just switch on the mount, and cycle the WiFi on my phone/tablet. The synscan appears in the list and I select that rather than the home WiFi. Then I can connect the app to the mount. (I've no idea why others would turn off their home WiFi.) Re-reading the earlier posts, it looks as though some people have had problems because the mount and their home WiFi were using the same channels. As they have said, a temporary work-around would be to switch off their home WiFi, a longer lasting fix would be to go into the router settings and change the channel being used.
  10. You can disable the NR on the A5000 by using Continuous Bracketing (0.3 EV) Mode. None of the bracketing modes uses NR, and continuous bracketing allows the use of Bulb exposures.
  11. If you've not read it, Chaos by James Gleick is an excellent primer for this area.
  12. Another consideration is the mass of the rings themselves, as any particles that are out of the plane will be subject to a gravitational force towards the plane of the rings, which will maximise their speed as they pass through the rings. However, I think the more significant factor is that although individual particles each have their own peculiar motion at the outset; as a system, the rings have a net angular momentum - which defines a plane and an axis. The system's total angular momentum is conserved over time, and at the same time, the inelastic collisions between particles wi
  13. Possibly more than you were thinking of spending, but I bought a Celestron Lithium LT power pack that does several nights without needing recharging after each session. Never had a problem with it powering down. https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/celestron-lithium-lt.html
  14. Fun Fact: the small galaxy next to M81 (UGC 5336 - also Holmberg IX), is a dwarf galaxy that is one of the youngest galaxies in the local neighbourhood. The stellar population indicates that it's less than 200 Million years old - which means that there were mammals on Earth before this galaxy switched on.
  15. And soot on the telescope eye-cup?
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