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  1. Hi and welcome. You're fortunate to have a few local astro societies if you want to meet up with like minded people. I don't know anyone from Chester AS, but they're quite local to you. If you're able to get over to near Old Colwyn, the North Wales AS meet for observing at the Community Centre at Llanelian on the second Tuesday of the month - i.e. tomorrow. If it's not clear, they'll have a short talk or two instead. They also have a talk meeting at Llanrhos Old School (nearer Deganwy) on the fourth Wednesday of the month. They're a really friendly group, and I try and go to most of their 4th Wednesday meetings.
  2. Solarsphere (Astronomy festival at Builth Wells) is 14th - 17th August next year. http://www.solarsphere.events/LatestNews.html
  3. We have a signed copy that we bought at this year's Solarsphere. And one of our club members has his image of M81 in it.
  4. It's awesome isn't it. What I would say is that it's worth seeing it in a variety of locations, as your response to it can vary depending on what room its in. Here it was in a church in Llandudno
  5. Late response, I know - it's been a busy week, but here's the page I saw in the download. If the actual offer is better, that's great.
  6. My version downloaded this morning is saying "£16.50 every 6 issues", so a bargain, but not quite as much of one
  7. Have you all seen the error on page 4 of the download? Repeated on page 55 of the new one?
  8. Mid Cheshire have their meeting on the last Friday of the week; so feel free to visit us too. we're at the Forest Explorers cabin behind the Cafe and Bike place in Delamere Forest. If it's clear, we are likely to observe afterwards, but otherwise why not join us at the pub nearby. https://www.midcheshireastro.co.uk/
  9. Images of the Meade Schmidt Newt scopes (from online reviews) suggest they come with an extension tube, but the OP's photo doesn't show one. To the OP - can you get back to the previous owner and see if they have the extension tube put away somewhere?
  10. Discovered by an amateur astronomer apparently. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanocallaghan/2019/09/11/a-second-interstellar-object-has-almost-certainly-been-found-in-our-solar-system/#544c6ddb7b99
  11. I like the idea of star hoping; hoping it's clear, hoping the alignment is good, hoping hoping hoping.
  12. But on the other hand, the rings are very well presented. Swings and roundabouts ...
  13. Cigarette lighter adapters are fine, but they often work loose over time, which is annoying as it means your need to realign when you reconnect. An oft recommended alternative is the DIN connector which has a much more positive 'click' into place. Finding them can be a pain though, so try boating electrics suppliers.
  14. The trouble with extended objects under LP is that they just lose definition. Here's a mock up of how M13 looked two weeks apart from (1) a dark sky site in Wales and (2) my back garden under an urban sky
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