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  1. My first question would be "What's your power supply?" I don't have an EQ mount, so can't offer more than that, sorry.
  2. The OP was originally considering the Nexstar 127 vs the 130 Explorer. S/he's now considering either the Explorer or a SkyMax 102 on the same mount (so both are WiFi)
  3. I first bought the 102 Mak as it was the best I could afford at the time. I was always somewhat disappointed with it for observing as the aperture is a bit small - I managed to get the 127mm second hand a couple of years ago and it is now the scope I'm most likely to set up first, and certainly the one we take on holiday. So I would advise going for the 130 Explorer instead, not least because it's got about 70% more light capturing area.
  4. A satellite data specialist has identified the trail in Japanese Himawari satellite images B&W images Colour images
  5. A Celestron NexYZ smartphone adapter (belated Christmas present from our daughter). Very impressed at how well it allows the phone to be accurately positioned. Much better than the £2.99 one that needs 2 pairs of hands to centre
  6. Another map can be found here https://www.lightpollutionmap.info This one has SQM readings for some places which might help
  7. My preferred astro headtorch is the Energizer 315 lumen version https://www.energizer.com/lighting/headlights#vhdflh This has two buttons, the right one switches on red, the left switches on white. Having two buttons is great because it doesn't rely on remembering whether you were on white or red last time. When in white light mode, there are wide and narrow focus modes available which some people might find useful. 7dayshop used to sell them until recently for about £10, but doesn't seem to have them at the moment.
  8. Not often £2000 scopes, it has to be said...
  9. To be even more chilled, go out and observe naked, aye!
  10. I'm absolutely with you about wanting to get more aperture, I'm just concerned about the LS mount. They may have fixed the problems, I don't know. But unless you've heard otherwise I wouldn't assume they've done any work on it. Apart from the lower cost, one advantage of the LX90 mount is that it can be mounted on a wedge to give the option of using it in equatorial mode.
  11. Hi Can I say, I have an LS8, and personally, I would suggest you look for the the same OTA on an alternative mount like the LX90 instead. Although the LS8 sounds good in principle, the alignment can often be flaky, which is enormously frustrating. If your experience is anything like mine (and quite a few others), you'll end up perfectly able to do a 2 star alignment yourself almost as quickly as the LS Mount can. The firmware is notoriously unreliable as well, and you'll probably need to re-flash it from time to time (using a SD MINI card - the one that nobody uses any more....) The ACF OTA is brilliant though, far better than the mount; so my advice would be to go for the ACF scope, but on a better mount - It'll save you about £300, which you could put towards some eyepieces. I've no particular link to Tring Astro, except that they are good supporters of our local annual astronomy festival, and they seem to have good prices https://www.tringastro.co.uk/meade-lx90-acf-8-f10-with-standard-field-tripod-10802-p.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjpjkBRDRARIsAKv-0O1azAhYPawzgO1WZ2SMs-dAEfBbLfDg4R2l4csDOlZV0W3OjKN7VksaAj8yEALw_wcB
  12. I'm caught in a metaphysical loop, because what really annoys me are people who go on the internet to say how much other things annoy them. Too often, they either don't give a reason ("it hardly needs saying why <this> annoys"), or giving a spurious reason ("I get annoyed by "<this>"because "<something else not related to <this>>"). I accept that a poor website UI is hard to excuse; but if the content is good enough, I'll put up with it. Otherwise I just go elsewhere.
  13. DSO Planner is a fine piece of software - I particularly appreciate that you can make audio notes against observation list objects, so you can sit at the eyepiece and talk into it, describing what you can see without having to take your eye away from the eyepiece. It would be great if there was a way of taking the recording when you were back home with wifi, and porting the audio file into the speech recognition process, to get a transcript.
  14. I believe you can pay for Facebook to promote your post to a selected audience, and it's only a few £/$ to get a potential audience of a few hundred interested users. They'll be selected by their membership of Astro groups and their likes. Probably Twitter as well.
  15. I don't know, but I don't see why not if it's an Celestron EdgeHD. They are all fitted with the Fastar secondary cell that matches with the hyperstar.
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