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  1. Gfamily

    A light read!

    You've identified why the book is often known as "Big G"
  2. Gfamily

    What do I get Christmas.

    A pair of Image Stabilised binoculars - Canon make optically very good ones, and the IS makes them far more effective for Astro use than you would expect. Here's Steve Tonkin's review of the 12x36 IS for S@N magazine http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/binoculars/canon-12x36-iii-binoculars-0 Jessops seem to be selling these at about £530 so aren't too far outside your pricepoint. I have the 10x30s which they are selling for about £440. Mrs G has observed Neptune using these.
  3. Gfamily

    Floating Desktop Moon

  4. Gfamily

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Her still being with us would make her ineligible for the £50 note gig But since you mentioned her, here's a recent talk she gave at the Perimeter Institute. I'm pleased to say we saw her give the same talk at Jodrell Bank earlier in the year. https://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/videos/jocelyn-bell-burnell-university-oxford
  5. Gfamily

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    Given that we have Watt and Boulton on the current note, I'm not sure why we shouldn't nominate William & Caroline Herschel.
  6. Gfamily

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    My posts were on topic, and although they may have been unwelcome to some here; I believe they were fair comment, and initially I genuinely didn't know why they had disappeared. Genuinely though, feel free to delete anything relating to this disagreement if you prefer.
  7. Gfamily

    Sir Patrick as the new £50

    I first thought maybe I'd not posted it, but a second post also disappeared - as has the one you replied to. Doesn't look like a technical issue
  8. Gfamily

    Astronomy Now wrong again

    That;s interesting, why do you say it's NOT due to the metrical expansion of the Universe? How would you describe it?
  9. Gfamily

    Curious lunar images

    I'd recommend anyone to go to see The Museum of the Moon if it's anywhere near you. We've seen it twice (50 miles in one direction, and 30 miles in another), and seeing it in different locations makes it a very different experience. https://my-moon.org/tour-dates/ The artist has also made a same size globe of the Earth, that we saw at this year's Bluedot festival
  10. The Go-Stargazing website is a good resource for identifying locations for observing and for finding out if there are any stargazing events in a particular location. Here's a suggestion for a site on the southern flanks of Snowdon, at Rhyd Ddu. https://gostargazing.co.uk/events/locations/llyn-y-dywarchen/ I've not tried there myself - the people I know in that area tend to go to Penmon or Lligwy on Anglesey. Hope this helps. Can't advise about accommodation though.
  11. Gfamily

    Astronomy Holidays With Imaging Equipment

    Astrofarm in Confolens is good as well. Andrew and Sue are great hosts, and he's got a lot of equipment you can use. Flights are to Limoges airport and Andrew will pick you up. We were there a year ago and had 3 clear nights with great company. http://astrofarmfrance.com/
  12. An option might be to get a 10" Intelliscope. This combines the aperture and 'reach' of a Dob with some of the ease of use of a GOTO. Rather than having motors, it has "encoders", a means of keeping track of where you're moving it. Once you've aligned it with a couple of stars, you can select a target from the handset and it tells you where to point it to reach your target. It does this by showing you arrows to indicate whether you need to move up/down and left/right to reach your target. https://uk.telescope.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=109949
  13. Gfamily

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    Chris Lintott was a guest speaker at the North West Astronomy Festival this year (he tries to make it if his schedule allows). He was explaining how the aim is to make a topical programme, which often means tackling a subject with only a month or less to plan and shoot. I appreciate that people would want it to be more about the hobby aspect of Astronomy, but I don't think there's the audience for that sort of programme; whereas there's a lot more interest in the science of Astronomy and space missions.
  14. Gfamily


    Does it get bigger if you swap to a bigger eyepiece? Yes - it's a planet No - it's a star

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