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  1. Does gravity really cancel out like that? So in this classical interpretation you could float out of the zero gravity interior of the hollowed out planet through a tunnel that the excavators had conveniently left and instantly feel normal gravity when you emerged onto the outer crust?
  2. Really puts the hugeness of our star into perspective- such a tiny planetary spot compared to say Io’s shadow on Jupiter! But then you see this
  3. Not happy with the weight of it all and the poor rushed assembly I pulled it apart (that retaining compound is really tough- took an hour in a 250degC oven to soften it up enough to crowbar it apart!) I made new plates 4mm thick instead of 6, shortened the pillars and remade the locking piece in aluminium instead of brass- reducing the weight by almost a quarter Much happier with the way it went together this time I also lightened other parts and swapped the stainless screws for Ti for an overall weight saving of 62g- it feels much lighter now I've also prepared the former for the mirror support tube- to be made form thin brass sheet
  4. Don’t know the answer to your question except increasing secondary obstruction reduces contrast I think Protostar have 1” quartz mirrors https://www.fpi-protostar.com/quartz.htm edit- out of stock
  5. I bought a lilo footpump from Tesco’s during the summer. Yet to use it in earnest but hoping it’ll do the trick. Need to make a fine nozzle for it first though. I reckon it should give a good high pressure jet of air for sustained blowing of dust, I don’t really like the little hand squeezy blowers and like you say the cans have a habit of squirting liquid content. It’s got a nice long tube so should be pretty dexterous. No idea about that powered blower though it looks a bit ungainly
  6. AKA the pencil sharpener All ready for the hand-controller...
  7. No don’t thank me- I was bidding against you (I think) Glad it went to a good home though Mark
  8. Ah- so it was you haha congrats! I can’t be too dissappointed though- picked up a bargain oiii 1.25” myself the same day (if I’m right ) which I’ll actually be able to use- can’t wait for first look at the veil should the clouds play nice
  9. Hi skybadger, No I didn’t- the motor is very easy to back drive when de-energised so I’m just going to fit a another knob to the other end of its shaft for manual use. Also a clutch holds very tight so I’d lose the misalignment tolerance which this has.
  10. Initially I planned to make the focus motor quick release and the magnetic coupling made some sense but I ended up going for a simple screw mounted motor so it makes less sense now But it’s done now and it works really well- better than I’d expected. It allows for lateral misalignment yet is a nice stiff rotational coupling for the sort of torque required to turn the moonlite knob. A ptfe pad keeps the magnets slightly separated so the two plates can move a little easier against each other. The black magnet holder on the focus knob is 3D printed and a press fit on the knob
  11. Where’s the elephants trunk? I m finding myself fascinated by the dark areas in many nebulae- is there an explanation for them?
  12. I had to wait an unbearably long time but the 3D printed housings arrived this week and they look great Surprisingly everything fits- a bit snug but it fits! I’d hoped to get the handset all soldered up today but wasted too much tome shopping so I’ve just been staring at it- psyching myself up to it and trying to plan the best way to wire it- it’s a tight fit and I don’t want to screw it up. The little round pcb is a reverse polarity protection pcb I built for something else that also used li-ion batteries...which is handy The battery cap still needs milling.
  13. Just came back from Munich to find these- 3D printed parts for my scope
  14. Thanks Vlav, I get the wave cancellation bit but it was the “ so it doesn’t reflect in first place” leading to increased transmission that I don’t get. But I think what you’re saying is the wave function cancels so the probability reduces of the photon appearing after the “reflection” and increased probability of it being transmitted?
  15. Hi Vlav, can you explain the way anti-reflective coating principle works in similar way? The way the photons don’t reflect as they would cancel if they did? I think it’s related and always had me perplexed
  16. Any ideas as to what this bizarre looking object could be as imaged by the eROSITA x-Ray telescope in the Large Magellanic Cloud? https://www.space.com/german-erosita-x-ray-telescope-first-images.html
  17. Took advantage of the clear night and the lost hour meant Orion is at a much better height now- wonderful. Also found the blue snowball and Uranus but gave up on Herschel’s garnet star- found a very orange one but I don’t think that was it Highlight though was a very bright fireball travelling n-s in the western side of the sky. It broke up into 2 and continued for a moment before extinguishing- brightest I’ve seen
  18. Intersting theory Magnus- not sure I get why looking at it further away would make it not a circle but I'm going to bear it in mind and try it next time (hopefully soon) I have to remove my secondary and set it back up again.
  19. The spider hub came together tonight- bit of a mare as it’s glued together with high strength retaining compound which gave me about a minute to assemble everything and try to align all the screw holes - needless to say it was a right panic not helped by a friend deciding to strike up conversation at the critical moment. Wish I hadn’t rushed it as it’s not perfectly aligned and not much I can do about it now but it’ll do I think. It’s getting a bit hefty though which is a worry- 200g already but that’s all the chunky bits bar the mirror itself. A lot of that is the central 10mm stainless shaft- might think about replacing that with aluminium or at least drilling a bore all the way through. the adjuster screws need to be shortened a bit too
  20. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about your issue but might be worth contacting Ron at moonlite- he’s very quick to answer questions and genuinely helpful
  21. Thanks to the generosity of @Captain Magenta ... snap! Looking forward to learning lots!
  22. Disappointed with the function of the design yesterday due to friction issues I’ve modified it- it now has only one spring and 4 screws. The spring keeps the indexing screw in contact with the v-groove in the mirror cell top plate. Adjustment is achieved by slackening all the screws then adjusting the tilt to focuser angle with the indexing screw, and the focuser-axial rotation with the 2 side screws then all 4 can be nipped up to lock it which is better than just relying on the springs I think. The movement in the video is extreme but shows the arc of the movement around the ball joint and the function of the swash plate. In real life I’m not sure the small adjustments required justify the swash plate really but it at least stops the screws digging into the aluminium. It works C3A6ABFC-96A1-4C98-82CE-3CDB042F09E6.MOV
  23. First light last night- now I really understand the kidney beaning thing I guess they never intended you to see the field stop AND the rest of the field . Nice view though if you don’t try to see the full field Galoc is nice too- bit of distortion at the edge but nice wide view
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