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  1. I just got one too! feels very plasticky but that’s not necessarily an issue and i don’t like the metal ep damaging screws- they should be and will be replaced with nylon ones. Thought i’d use it with the telementor as a cheap alternative to the very collectible turret they sometimes came with, but haven’t had a chance yet.
  2. I’ve been cleaning a lot of binocular lenses and prisms for a while now and have come up with a technique that seems to work quite well- I found it’s really hard to get an optical surface really perfectly clean. I got a pack of polyester lint free optical cleaning cloths which are kind of like dry versions of the zeiss wipes. I roll one of these up tightly into a pencil like roll and apply a few drops of either isopropyl or acetone, shaking excess off and gently wipe once in one direction with almost just the weight of the cloth making the contact. Then I cut the tip off with scissors and car
  3. There’s a seller on Etsy called Lightkraft who has 10” circular panels- I just ordered one- but he’s in US so quite high postage but he seems a nice bloke to deal with. Hi Stuart, was it a custom panel they made for you? What diameter? I had a look but most seemed to say they wouldn’t ship to uk. Do you remember the sellers name? Mark
  4. looking for an ADM Losmandy 11” dovetail plate Thanks, Mark
  5. had a little play with new scope and cameras this evening- getting to grips with the very basics. It was quite hazy but not too cold which was nice. Good news is Sharpcap polar alignment is pretty great- its easy and seems to work! And the Bahtinov mask is a genius thing! It works too I synchronised the focus of the main camera with the asi120 on the oag so i can use the little Asi which has a much faster frame rate to focus them both- seems to work quite well. Mark
  6. That's a good idea Dave- they're in the UK now aren't they? Mark
  7. finding blackened stainless isn’t so easy- i couldn’t find any on amazon or ebay- the normal black oxide type rust. I found one size (1/2” for the missing awkward wsg cover screws) i can buy individually from Accu in A2 grade ss which is good, but not the others unfortunately. I think i’ll just learn to live with their damaged heads and just paint the silvered bits black Mark
  8. This may not be allowed in which case sorry and pls delete. I recently got a new old QSI camera. It is missing a couple of screws and a couple of them are a bit damaged through use and It’s irritating me as it’s otherwise in very good condition. I found some replacements- blackened stainless #4-40 cap heads from Accu screw but min order quantity is 25 of each length. They’re reasonable price around 50-60p each but i need 2 lengths and don’t really want to spend £25 just to calm my ocd! So i was wondering if anyone else would be interested in a group buy? Or any idea where else i could get
  9. http://unihedron.com/projects/sqm-le/PDFspecs/PoE/TL-POE200_V2_Datasheet.pdf ? Mark
  10. I put the blank plug in it so even if i try really hard i can’t be that fool again (though plenty more opportunity for that )
  11. It would be funny if wasn’t the second time it caught me out. Just spent 1/2 an hour rebooting pc, reloading drivers, swearing at Ascom. Never again! No Mark, the ST4 port isn’t a USB port! doh
  12. Beautiful- love the animation- takes me back to good times! Mark
  13. Yes that’s a great idea- I’ve been trying to get my head around Onstep and others- i definitely need it to be Ascom compliant either by emulating another existing mount or whatever. Right now though i need to figure out how and if i can drive them at all- the built in motors are AC servos designed for 50-100V but i’m hoping they’ll have enough torque with just 24V DC. I think it should be ok- I don’t need much speed after all. They came with ac resolvers which i can’t use so I’ve picked up some encoders that i need to fit. Lots of fun Mark
  14. Thanks Craig That’s my plan but it could take some time. I think a motorised dec is pretty essential for long exposures and whilst I like the Tal, it’d be a real bodge to motorise it. It’s filling me with excitement and an equal amount of dread at the moment- there’s a lot of bits of aluminium to design and machine and the costs involved in that and then there’s the interfacing it to a pc which i know nothing about and it’s all so confusing. But i work with v clever programmers so i’m hoping i can convince one or two of them to help me out with it if i need it. Harmonic drives are
  15. Lol They should make a v nice mount i’m hoping Dave but there’s only one way to find out I already bought a dovetail for it so I’m committed now
  16. Harmonic drive units with integrated motor- ex google robotics i believe! Found them v cheap on ebay and couldn’t resist. Bit of a project though Mark
  17. I haven’t got a rigel or a standard finder shoe though I’ve got a red dot that fits on a picatinny rail and an old Tal finder that has its own weird mount- the rectangular bits were meant for the Tal finder but i’m not sure i’m going to use it now
  18. Thanks Glob. I’m hoping i haven’t bitten off more than i can chew with the new project- couple of these arrived last weekend
  19. That was a long wait but the parts finally arrived from the printers so i could finish this. Firstly a mount to fit the QR and polar cam to the Tal then a “beauty” ring to fill the void left after removing the dec axis setting circle. It’s not very pretty but better than the big gap i think. Trouble is in the weeks of waiting I decided i really need a motorised dec axis and my mind has wondered off onto another project so it’s all a bit superfluous now. Oh well- I’ll at least experiment with polar alignment in sharp cap with this mount. Mark
  20. some 3d printed parts for a couple of scopes
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