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  1. Hi philj

    I was reading a feed you were involved in back in 2017 regarding a Broadhurst Clarkson scope dating 1940's and if they were genuine or replica. I also have have one of these scopes but was not sure from the listing which was the repro

    Mine looks very similar to one of the pictures, the end brass ring is smooth, the leather on it is in very good condition, my concern is the markings it is stamped B C & Co not spelt in full. The letters are in a 3 tier box.

    The rest of the markings are Tel Sct R E GT MK IIS 10468 DS126GA. The scope is in a leather case like the photos, I have also been told that they may have come as part of a kit in a wooden box ?

    Hope you can help

    1. philj



      If you mail on personal mail a couple of photos I will be able to tell straight away, its not so much the engraving as the machining. Also if you get a decent image through it, its more likely genuine as the repros are rubbish.

  2. All found now. Admin please archive ta
  3. philj

    Splitting the Double Double...

    100x comfortable split, 60x for just splitting, with an f15 4" .
  4. philj

    ε lyrae

    Lovely image, great colours. I ve imaged these at long focal lengths, f15 refractors, at prime focus with film and dslr cameras over the years and short exposures to prevent burn out of the components is the way to do it but unfortunately you wont get such an attractive picture.
  5. philj

    The Telescope That You Never Got On With

    Newtonians. Had several over the years for various reasons even built one, but always get rid and go back to refractors
  6. Wanted Celestron 1.25" 90 degree prism diagonal #94115-A wanted for project. Must be optically sound, not fussed too much about cosmetic condition Thanks
  7. That looks interesting. Shame about the cell being non adjustable but thats me being old fashioned Agreed it doesnt look as big as one would expect. Looking forward to your review John. A metal Dew Shield again. Great for quality but it reminds me of trying to balance the old F8 with lead at the focuser end. I eventually made my own plastic shield which helped. I spose if the cell is non collimateable and it looks a lot shorter than the old F8 cell that will be a good weight saving.
  8. philj

    NGC 3586

    Thanks to pointers from Ibbo, now in Hubble Pallet (ish)
  9. philj

    NGC 3586

    Yep, Aus. Some call it the Statue of Liberty nebula.
  10. philj

    NGC 3586

    Tak FSQ106 (T12) at SSO. S2, Ha and O111, 20 minutes each
  11. I couldnt agree more Newbie it shouldnt happen, Icouldnt see how one would get odd slews with hibernate either but it is quite common on the CGE. Cgems and the CGE Pro are newer technology/firmware, perhaps celestron addressed this in the newer mounts but I can assure you from 10 years of experience, parking and hibernating a CGE was not reliable, it doesnt happen every time but it happens, with the handset or nexremote. Using Last Alignment was easier and far more relible plus you dont have to park the scope so the Hibernate peculiarity was never a problem. I wouldnt go so far as to say they were dangerous slews, the scope would just end up pointing downwards sometimes after awakening. What I would do when it was obviously going to do its trick is just switch off. then restart and use Last Alignment, so I ended up using Last Alignment instead, simples, no problem or worries
  12. Hi Jake Only just seen this, not been on here for awhile. Glad you got the mount up and running. The quick answer but not the one you want to here is no. Even though the mount was in the obs I never left a scope on it. I always took the scope off. In the early days this was a pain because I had to do a calibration everytime but then I discovered 'Last Alignment' on the start up, this saves the alignment data from the last run and once the date and time have been confirmed thats it you are up and running. However that doesnt help if your swapping scopes though in theory. But I got both my 127EDT and ED80 rigs set up on their rings and dovetails so there was little cone or misalignment error between them and OK on a small chip sometimes objects had to shifted a bit to centre them if I had swapped to the non mount calibrated scope but it wasnt too much of a problem. If I wanted dead accurate goto I would recalibrate.
  13. philj

    22nd March lunar

    1st lunar in months. Meade 127EDT, Olympus OM D EM 10 mk1 mirrorless csc camera, 20 from 40 frames in R6, a bit of PS. Click for full res
  14. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    Hi rodd. They have monthly plans where you subscribe to buy set amounts of scope time per month (points). If you dont use the time, it carries over, so you can accumulate. They have different plans, 40, 90, 160, 290, 490, 1000. Each scope has a points per imaging hour rate this rate is reduced if you go for the higher plans also points are discounted if there is a moon around. It can get addictive and if your not careful expensive but on the basis that the kit they have is far beyond what I am willing to commit to buying even if I did have good skies then it makes sense to me. Plus my health stops me from spending hours at the scope now so it makes even more sense.
  15. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    Final process to bring out some colour and detail

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