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  1. philj

    22nd March lunar

    1st lunar in months. Meade 127EDT, Olympus OM D EM 10 mk1 mirrorless csc camera, 20 from 40 frames in R6, a bit of PS. Click for full res
  2. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    Hi rodd. They have monthly plans where you subscribe to buy set amounts of scope time per month (points). If you dont use the time, it carries over, so you can accumulate. They have different plans, 40, 90, 160, 290, 490, 1000. Each scope has a points per imaging hour rate this rate is reduced if you go for the higher plans also points are discounted if there is a moon around. It can get addictive and if your not careful expensive but on the basis that the kit they have is far beyond what I am willing to commit to buying even if I did have good skies then it makes sense to me. Plus my health stops me from spending hours at the scope now so it makes even more sense.
  3. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    Final process to bring out some colour and detail
  4. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    Thanks, I wish. This was taken via tinternet from cloudy Derbyshire using the SSO telescope in Australia.
  5. philj

    NGC3372 LRGB

    First chance Ive had to do some imaging in months. Health issues stop me staying out for hours with my own gear so thank goodness for Itelescope, at least I can still do some imaging. Re learning Maxim LRGB for this one, it isnt intuitive to me because with my own gear I used to use Images Plus anyrode up here it is The Carina Nebula (NGC3372) with Itelescope T12 Tak FSQ106 L = 15 mins bin1 R,G,B 15 mins bin2
  6. Lunt LSTHa 60mm Solar Hydrogen Alpha scope complete with B1200c blocking filter/prism, Televue Sol searcher and case. A great visual and imaging scope, see pics. Selling due to house move and other priorities at the moment. In great condition with slight marks on draw tube and clamshell base condusive of light use. £1650 collect from South Derbyshire. I can post however as I have the original packing but buyer organises courier and insurance.
  7. Hi Dave Kudos for wanting to own a British refractor. I have restored, owned and covetted many. My advice with the Irving is to take a look at in the flesh. I understand Wildey optics were used for some Irvings, just like Fullerscopes and several other makers but the only way you can be sure is to take out the objective and see if it is signed. Ive had 2 Wildey refractors and both were signed on the edge of the objective in pencil. Dont discount Broadhurst Ckarkson refractors, I have had a few of these of different vintage, some better than others but my old 1910ish 3" Starboy had excellent optics and when fitted with modern eyepieces performed superbly. Some Wray scopes are good, i had a 3.25" from 1890 once and its objective was a thing of beauty. As for modern scopes, Lyra, Skylight, Antares Well done on the Vixen Btw, A flocked, baffled and correctly adjusted Towa will give the Vixen a run for its money. I still have my updated 339 and it never fails to impresss
  8. philj

    just used some ep`s

    Nice one Jules, I still enjoy visual on lunar. I particularly remember some fine views with my old 127 Mak and binoviewers on the moon a great combination even with relatively cheap eyepieces. Your old 180 Mak excelled with the BVs as well and the views were only surpassed by my old C11.
  9. Sad to see it go Jules but I feel your pain, my observatory has now been decommissioned and is now just a shed due to encroaching light pollution from business parks, neighbours trees and house lights. Good luck with the sale
  10. Playing with the Towa 339 80mm F15 and Olympus OM D EM1 mirrorless camera. 24 frames registax etc. Click for full size
  11. Sold Admin please move to completed sales, thanks
  12. philj

    NGC2237 NB

    Heres the Hubble Remix. Prefer the former myself

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