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  1. We've all done it Charl. Good image nonetheless
  2. Always wanted one of these and just my luck when I am downsizing one comes up. Have you listed it on UKABS? There are always folks looking for these as they make superb base mounts for modernising.
  3. Congrats Peter. That's something I haven't seen visually. I tried many times some years ago with my old C11 on stiller nights than we get these days but to no avail. Ive imaged it with a Mak 180 though
  4. The older I get the more of a digital Luddite I become I fear. The digital age has brought mixed blessings here The pros speak for themselves, I am still impressed with how much more we can do in this hobby and my other (photography) However communications are the downfall in the digital age with us, here is just one example from our friends at the tax office We only got fibre broadband last year in the village plus mobile phone reception is a joke. So what do the tax office do, they communicate to us via email, great less paper, save the planet etc However the email is to say that a message is on our account page on tinternet and allw e have to do is log in, enter a security code and they will text us with a pass code. Yep you guessed it, we don't get the texts so we cannot get to see the messages. Also another pet peeve with digital technology is what worked on the PC yesterday doesn't mean to say it will work today, due to some sneaky upgrade in the night of the software, so nothing communicates anymore. You knew where you were with a simple switch
  5. Hi Kodos The 80a is a very versatile filter and helps a lot with Jupiter. This is a clip from the Antares instructions as to what it enhances Belts Rilles Festoons GRS Hope that helps
  6. Its been on my favourites for a few years now. I like the maps very informative. Its usually quite accurate although over the years I have experienced a few inaccuracies when the fine clear night forecast has not transpired. I usually check Meteoblue 1st then compare it with sat 24, and/or clear outside just to be sure. If they all agree then its usually right
  7. My Df is not supposed to be for astro, I'ts only going to be used for arty f@rty stuff but I had to try the camera and Nikkor 80-400 D lens out on M31 sometime. So the past couple of nights Ive been playing M31 with the Df and 80 - 400mm Nikkor D lens at 400mm. 53 off 2 minute ISO 3,200 frames. Unguided on obs mount. Subs limited to 2 minutes due to light pollution and going unguided. Several subs ruined due to rockets and air bombs but I got most of the firework pollution out. Cropped. Weird star shapes bottom left but Im not going to worry bout that as this combo isn't going to be used for astro ever again I just needed to get it out of my system
  8. You can tell its cloudy today and Im bored, so I have been tidying up a few files on the desktop and found the Raw data for this from last year. So had another play with my latest methods and I reckon its much improved. Sharper, better colour etc. 5 pane mosaic with 1000d at F15, cant remember all the settings but it would have been 20 frames per pane stacked, etc etc.
  9. Very nice image. You think you have weather problems youre lucky you don't get our weather. 47 Tuc fascinates me Ive only imaged it remotely via Sidings Springs robotic scopes.
  10. From experience go for the biggest tripod you can, surveyors tripods are not up to it, especially the ali ones, they are too short and too flimsy to cope with a scope of this size plus the mount. Berlebach tripods are better but too short, again from experience. I have been exactly where you are now and did lots of trial and error. There was nothing in the market that could cope (properly) with this scope so I made one. I have seen folks with HEQ6 s plus extension pillars which work quite well with the standard tripod as it gives the extra height but 1 its ugly and 2 its a bit wobbly due to the turning moments from such a long scope. Better to have a tall tripod. Good luck with your search and plenty of pics please
  11. That's a great 1st image, well done. especially at 200mm your PA must have been pretty good worth the contortions to get it. A right angle finder is a great help on the camera viewfinder saves a lot of backache.
  12. Congratulations on your scope, I have the 4" Deluxe, brass and black F15. I don't recall them doing a 4.5" mainstream, their range was 3", 4" and 6" but you could never tell with FS as they did specials. I would like to see a pic of it as it sounds an interesting scope. The best mount to match with this is a Fullerscopes MK4 but the chances of getting one of those is slim. They also sold them with Mk3 mounts with tripod or pedestal and these come up for sale occasionally, usually requiring restoration. As for modern mounts, well my HEQ5 on Berlebach tripod handles the 4" F15, just, its at the mounts limit. Not because the scope is heavy but because its long. An HEQ6 would do it justice but you would need a taller tripod than the stock one as these are just too short for a long tubed refractor like this. But if you don't mind scrabbling about on the floor when looking up towards the zenith then the standard one would be fine. Same as you I got my scope without a mount, but I already had an antique T Cooke equatorial mount to put it on. However I had to build a tripod.
  13. Yep its a Leica low power view finder for use as an alternative to the pokey little viewfinders on early Leica rangefinder cameras fitted with 50mm lens Yeah your doing the right thing, I am old school and cant be doing with phone apps, phones are for talking to people with :-)
  14. I stick one of these on my 1000D hotshoe, because the view through the camera viewfinder is dim plus usually difficult to get to, also I leave the rubber viewfinder blank on it to stop light getting in thro the viewfinder. This with my 50mm f1.8 gives a framing of the area that the camera is pointing at. I have 50 plus years of finding my way round, 35 of those without goto so knowing the sky helps a lot. So swatting up with an atlas on the area your after is a good idea then just point and shoot. Take a test shot at high ISO to check then away you go
  15. Had another tinker with the colour image and pulled a bit more out. That's it now but its shown a worthy target for a couple of hours exposure the next clear night if we get one. Image still severely pushed to see whats in there