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  1. That's nice Matt, great minds think alike, I used the Tak150 on m101 yesterday, didn't give it as much time as yours though.
  2. Taken with the iTelescope Tak150 in New Mexico. 30 minutes. Some thing went wrong with the guiding on some subs so had very strange shape stars to sort out but Ive rescued something from the run.
  3. A quick 5 minute shot using the iTelescope Tak150 in Mayhill New Mexico.
  4. Another good catch Steve, worth the travel
  5. Hey 4fps has done a good job tho Steve. Like the subtle contrast on areas further from the terminator, you've done em nicely
  6. Nice set Steve
  7. Nice shot Dave. No chance up here, viewing as well as imaging was poor, high thin cloud between the thick ones.
  8. First real go at solar imaging this year and what a lucky catch, a flare up Started at about 11:15 hours messing with the Lunt60 and IMGOH camera with 0,5x reducer to try for full discs on the small chip. Noticed the flare in the AR at the top. So removed the reducer and watched, unfortunately there was increasing high thin cloud but I got the fall of one flare and the rise of another. Will try and do a Gif of this later
  9. That's a great image, colours are really good. Being in the Northern Hemisphere I cant get a look at this except with the Sidings Springs scopes and its next but one on my list to have a bash at.
  10. Not posted DSOs on here for awhile, mainly cos I haven't been taking any due to weather and various things so heres my 1st in ages Felt a bit crook last night but I had to try and make use of the only clear night we have had for ages. So I set the Eddy 80 up with the Atik 314 in the obs centered on M35. Got PHD looking almost flatlining. Set the Atik at 4 minute subs then went in and watched telly for 2 hours. Should have done 2 minute subs (Lesson 1 - just cos PHD is almost flat lining doesn't necessarily mean the guiding is n0b on, Lesson 2 - Double check with Atik FWHM on focus instead of relying on the Bhart Simpson mask for focus). Still it was an image and one of my favourite objects so I'm a reasonably happy bunny
  11. Its the planet Venus
  12. Taken with Meade edt127 and QHY IMGOH camera barlowed 2x. Taken through increasing mist and haze but was determined to get something through a telescope
  13. Full disc with the Oly OM D EM10 from last night. Taken through slight mist