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  1. Men and their sheds......."Mount House"

    that's a good spot Dave, I made mine to fit an exact space and be high enough for Eq6 tripod with HEQ5 on top so that the mount can be moved in or out without dismantling....and I like a bit of a woodwork challenge. These sheds have this strange 'lower at the front' arrangement, which is not that easy to use with the roof down. As you say, good for a small set-up....or short term storage if the clouds come over at 3 in the morning. Sean
  2. soL HA WL Prom, ar2665-70 9-8-17

    Those close-ups are lovely and sharp. Ever considered a small movie of the changing surface features ?? Sean.
  3. Solar Max III

    So it is BMW 4 series diesel .... with smaller alloys....and a limiter....
  4. Sun PST, some eclipse practice.

    That is a nice image for a PST. What camera do you use ?? Sean.
  5. Solar Max III

    Yet more kit to spend my dwindling reserves on !!....... It is surprising that a manufacturer has not stepped into the marketplace with a 'new' H-alpha scope that overcomes the issues of all that has gone before, especially with the interest focused on the eclipse this year. A good 'budget' scope is long overdue. The new PST etc.... Here is the manufacturers blurb..... http://www.meade.com/solarmax-iii-solar-telescopes.html Interesting to note that they have shown a demo-picture that displays Newtons rings and has differential brightness across the image...... I am not a seasoned veteran in the H-alpha world but doesn't a tilt adapter get rid of NR and does this scope still suffer from a 'sweet spot' ..... so are we as we were before ?? with a similarly performing scope that fits in the market place between a 60mm and a 90mm..... akin to a BMW 4 series 'filling the gap' between the 3 and the 5. Interesting. Sean
  6. The sun through mist - 08/08/17

    " Hope it is better in the UK? ...." errr.... no.
  7. New portable Solar set up

    The colour of it would have sold it to me.... I was sorely tempted...... but I must show restraint....!!! Are you going stateside to watch the eclipse ??
  8. Men and their sheds......."Mount House"

    Careful Alan, Do not concede to any design alterations that involve hammocks, curtains, ornimental fittings, patio heaters, pizza ovens....... It will be a conflict zone, rife with territorial dispute......and remember astro stuff usually contains glass or mirrors.!!!!!
  9. Men and their sheds......."Mount House"

    Yes, off to the ironmonger tomorrow. Only the mounts live there. My 'collection' of scopes sleep with me....
  10. It is amazing how quickly astronomical gear can accumulate around the house. There is an uneasy balance between storage and readiness.... just in case the forecast is wrong..... Alas, you also need to be able to access your kitchen and lounge !!! So a decision was made to build "Mount House" . A bespoke design that allows any one of the few mounts.....< cough...ahem!> ..... to be deployed relatively quitely and quickly. I opted for an extra cubby-hole door for the bits and bobs necessary for a good "sess" and hinged the layout so that the bigger door gives a bit of wind and light shade. The roof does come off as well !!... so it's not far off an observatory. Maybe save that project for later Always things to do as an astronomer..... Sean.
  11. M13 with planetary camera

    Excellent shot. This field of view scale opens up a lot of possibilities for smaller DSO's ( galaxies and planetarys) that would remain very small with a 200mm F.L and DSLR at prime. What scope did you use ? ... and did you use a 'Live-stack' or collect the subs and process later. Sean.
  12. Image processing

    Yes David, I am in the same position. After it has been stacked with DSS, what then is the best software route to a 'good' image ??.... ie, it would look good A3 size on the lounge wall, but without taking a degree course in image processing !!! The contenders are..... Pixinsight, Startools, Nebulosity (??), Photoshop, Gimp....... any more worth considering ?? Sean.
  13. M16 and Veil...Double trouble...

    Very, very nice..... excellent captures. I never knew there was that much going on over in Scutum. M16 for me is wallowing in urban glow and all attempts so far have been orangey wash outs, even with a LP filter. To be fair there was passing high level cloud. Is the UHC worth considering to boost performance ?? Sean.
  14. Best Focal Length for Totality Photo ??

    Thanks Fireball........ that's exactly what I wanted to hear.
  15. Best Focal Length for Totality Photo ??

    Hi Ronin, Yes a Mak is not optimal, but it is really dinky, robust and compact, should travel well and gives me a choice of two useful focal lengths with the addition of a small screw-in reducer. This trip is a one holdall and one one rucksack type of venture. I'm even stripping out the extension legs of the tripod to save weight. I think you are right.... 2 scopes = total coverage...... 1 scope = compromise. As you say, it is down to a choice. I think the 625mm option is the more favoured as it it allows me to re-frame later. Cheers.