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  1. Hiya Pete, PM sent. Sean.
  2. That looks a nice neat pier. Can you adjust the height by taking out or adding the pre-formed blocks at a later date, or is it that height for the foreseeable future ?? Sean.
  3. More than good, it is an excellent mount. Just the size where it can be moved around the garden easily, but is strong enough to go large....(8 inch SCT or 8 inch Newt). An EQ-6 is a handful and may take you 2x's as long to set up for each session.... and with a smaller scope, you could argue it is a bit OTT. Wait til you have a few OTA's from which you can chose you imaging session, then go for the bigger mount. My advice is learn the requisite skills will a HEq5 and then think about anything bigger. There is so much to learn !!.... I went large with the scopes too early...... and I have not quite caught up with the mounts. Sean.
  4. So what's the decision.? ....... ED refractor or a Dob ?????
  5. Holidays to lesser latitudes, or maybe book time on one of those remote login public access telescopes, they are situated under more favourable skies.
  6. "Sirius cloud"...... wow!.... that's some set up. Imaging photospheric clouds on Alpha Canis Majoris in daylight ..... Knocks my Lunt 150mm with five 5x powermates strapped together with a 1mm TeleVue Ethos into touch.....
  7. Lovely picture. SteveA is right, we overlook double stars in favour of the DSO celebs. I think it is because by themselves they do not offer the 'structue' of a complex nebula or galaxy. But put in the context of a star-field, they are simply beautiful.
  8. Cheers everybody.... I think it was both the ETA and ESTA that I was unaware of, I have never roamed Stateside, only in Europe. I will get onto it ASAP pronto..... Once again, many thanks. Sean
  9. well...I did.... doh !! Hello there, A few weeks back somebody posted a message reminding anybody going to the states for the eclipse this year, not to forget a certain piece of documentation. ( I think it was to do with crossing US/Canadian borders....) Does anybody know where this post is. ?? I have tried searching "eclipse" "2017" "Heads-up" etc and cannot seem to find it. Hopefully I might get out to see the event, and it would be a shame to mess it up with an admin irregularity. Many thanks, Sean.
  10. Is this any use to you David.... Sean
  11. Good balance...... the scope and yourself, exiting pitch black garden over flower pots, on tip toes, after starting that 60x2min exposure sequence.
  12. That is a nice result. You have got the division and cloud features. Yes, palaver is the right word, made worse by it all going on at 02:30am with an audience of hedgehogs and tomcats. My dilemma is the 'big' tree. Saturn leaves its' branches behind at 02:00am...only then to dive into hedges and roof-tops. Slickness is the word. Last night, I got scope set up at 20:00pm, cooled and ready with flip mirror. Imaged Jupiter at 23:00pm, got the scope focused as best as I could, then aimed it at Saturn and went to bed for 2 hours with the lens cap on to stop dew. ( computer put on recharge ). Awoke at 02:00, got my head around the reality of what was going on....then was imaging within 5 minutes of the restart. No results yet, because I had to get up for work at 06:00am... but the feeling was that I had maybe got my best capture to date, even though Saturn was lurking in a sea of pollution. We shall see. If it as good as yours I will be happy. "Slick-ness" ... prior planning prevent pee poor performance.... or motto's to a similar meaning.... helps. All the best for your next attempt. Sean.
  13. Hi Dave, Did this sell ?? I recently bought the LV 5mm and was very impressed with detail on Jupiter, in fact (clichés withstanding).... the best I have ever seen, and Joops was not at his best as well. I would be interested. Sean