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  1. That looks very good, and considering as well, the Moon last night in my garden was brighter than the neighbour's security light !!! If you get that sense, like yours, of the HH being in front of a gas curtain ( like on a 3-D theatrical stage ), then it is a beauty of an image. From what I read, this is a game changing camera. I have noted a fair few 'older' and not so old CCD's coming up for sale as people upgrade. I guess this is a keeper then ? sean.
  2. @iwols A couple more from last night. If you have the focal length, then there are always a few smaller emission nebulae/objects dotted around the heavens away from the Moon. I went for a few old favourites which are now in the Western sky, to get my 'eye' in again with the imaging so to speak. It's been a while. Both with C8edgeHD with 0.7x, Atik 414ex . Crab in SHO, HH in Ha-O3. ( although not much O3 in there)
  3. Abell 12 (The Hidden Planetary) There yer go... Mu Orionis tends to dominate the processing. Ha-O3 combined in PS. Ha : 30mins ( 10x3mins) O3 27min ( 9 x 3mins) : C8Edge Full 2000mm FL. Atik 414ex Mono.
  4. When's the next Total Solar Eclipse in the UK ?? .... you might get 2 x 1 min RGB ... at a push...
  5. no probs..... I'm just setting up for tonight. It appeared in Ha and O3... and looking on Astrobin, seems like the wavelengths of choice..... and Nitrogen !!! if you have one of those filters just lying around.
  6. Here's a cheeky one..... Abell 12 ( the hidden planetary ). (not my picture) I tried it last night Ha and o3 with the Edge and Atik 414. ... and there it was . Have yet to process. Great thing is you do not need to find a bright star to re-check focus when you do the filter change. There is a big convenient one in the FOV. Located at the the top end of Orion.... http://astronomynow.com/images/Abell12.jpg
  7. Thanks @ZiHao that gives me a starting point. It is at a moderately low altitude here in the UK, that might give a bit of atmospheric turbulence to contend with.
  8. Hello there, Well it's clear tonight and Moon will be big and bright .....( deep in the heart of Yooorkshire... all sing-a-long-now.....) My mono-cam (414ex) is a bit erratic at the moment ( horizontal bands!!??) so I'm after a new target /diversion. How about imaging Sirius B...... it is favourable placed at the moment. So I have an Edge 8HD and various planetary cams ( 174m, 120mm, 224C ) . Is the 'stacked' sub-second exposure AVI the way to go about it, or is the 'pup' just too faint and I will need to lengthen the exposure to several seconds or beyon
  9. Maybe an option ??.... depending on the amount of inward travel you need ... low profile focuser. FLO sell them, and sometimes they come up second hand. Alas, it does significantly add to the price of the OTA. The gains will be achievable with a PDS and probably cheaper in the end run...... just a thought.
  10. I first picked the issue up when scanning through the Astrobin forums https://www.astrobin.com/forum/c/astrophotography/other/flat-frames-l-extreme-asi294mc/ ..... and this connected to a few lengthy discussions on CloudyNights. ( there is much longer one somewhere than the one I quoted originally). I have the 294mc on a wish list, so I was a bit surprised and concerned to hear a few serious astrophotographers talking about potentially a physical reason within the camera that might be causing the chip to display this mottled coloured effect. ie. the sensor is not set perfectl
  11. There is quite a bit of discussion regarding this phenomena. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/653346-flats-not-working-as-expected-asi294mc-osc/ Not sure what the resolution was /is ??.... whether it is a chip thing or a chip / filter thing. Looks a nice camera as well. I would be interested to see how it works out.
  12. Really nice and smooth. Where does the time go? I've still got an animation to complete from the 2017 total eclipse !!! Since Mars was from October, I suppose it does and doesn't show Perseverance.....
  13. I know... I'm sad. A handle is just a handle.... but when it is just the right addition, doing a perfect job, on a really nice scope.... great !!!!! Wouldn't look right on a green Tak.
  14. Hi there, I too have a QHY8pro. Never really used it to its full potential as I also have a mono Atik 414 which is just amazingly sensitive and always gets first dibs on a clear night. Ever since the 414 started to produce bands (unexplained as yet ) I have gone back to the QHY8 to try to get it singing.... but lack of continuous clear nights has really made it a stop-start procedure. ... a bit like learning AP all over again. Anyway.... Looking at your image, apart from the optics of the lens mentioned above...... my immediate question would be, how are you atta
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