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  1. That's the exact, perfect, definitive phrase to sum it all up. We need to get a SGL Tee-shirt designed around it.....
  2. Reading through the posts, I share your pain. We ... ( as a hobbyist community ).... do have a lot of factors against us and we do our best to persevere. One of the problems is that the key knowledge that you accumulate when you have a few sessions in close proximity, makes further sessions much more productive and rewarding. There must be a law somewhere that states that if you do not touch equipment for a period of time it will inevitably fail in multiple aspects the next time you pick it up and try to use it...... (astronomical entropy ??)..... 2 weeks ago..... rig works fine (more or less). Work and life intervene. Last night....... usb connector falls off EFW. Dew heater has a frayed cable. Power supply now seems to have rattle. Hitec Power box does not talk to the computer. Computer does not recognise Lodestar guide cam. Metallic dewshield falls off ( I'm pretty sure it was on tight ) breaks a plastic bolt and dents the metal...... ....by which time it has partially clouded over... Yep.... it tests one ability to stay mellow.....
  3. Wow, that is quite spectacular !!
  4. Only ones that looks like this....
  5. I think you need to De-Bayer the video ( the colour information is in the file, but not shown in the display capture). The Bayer mask effectively gives the colour to your image, but the chip only records the signal at the pixel regardless of coloured mask above it. I think that is what you are seeing. Programs like PIPP and AutoStakkert will do this. Regards, sean
  6. That's a neat way to display the 'Grand Tour'. (Don't forget the Earth.... )
  7. Beautiful pictures. ..... and what a display !! Did the lens get a traditional flaming long-boat send off ??
  8. Might be worth stating it is an 80mm F6 in your 'Headline' ad decription. Helps to focus peoples attention and save them time. Good luck with the sale. S.
  9. Have a look on Astrobin to see how long folks have exposed at various wavelengths with similar kit .....( passing swiftly pass those who live in the Atacama or ClearSkies, Arizona). This object is designated Sh2-264 Sometimes their data suggests that maybe O3 or S2 just is not worth the effort with our patchy skies. I have noticed a trend recently for the serious dudes to post pictures that have 30+ hours integrations !!! You just have to be a little bit circumspect and know which battles to fight. Plenty more (angel) fish in the sea.
  10. One day I will re-read all this and it will make sense..... but what really is crystal clear, is the wonderful community of help that these pages offer when things go egg-shaped. Well done everyone.
  11. That's good for an unmodded camera. The 'dark' clouds have come out well.
  12. Nicely done. Always difficult with a long focal length.
  13. Reports of blue Polar clouds on Spaceweather.com this morning. https://spaceweathergallery.com/indiv_upload.php?upload_id=168015
  14. 2: In Dusk, if you hover the mouse over the top RHS of the display it gives you a menu with a few options over the location of the image box. If you double click (I think) on the image box you have, it zooms in. If you zoom in too much, go back to menu described above.
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