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  1. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    Like an interstellar sea anemone ......crikey !!.... hope to catch some light tomorrow. Thanks Charl.
  2. Once in a life time... Heads up

    The weather outside at the moment..... looks like a bad day on Uranus...
  3. Pacman Nebula in HA/OIII

    Please waft some of your clear skies over to the U.K .... 10 hours of subs.!! in two nights... oooh..that would take about a month in the North of England. Envious... I'm about as green as an Hubble H-alpha channel. Nice picture btw.
  4. Who can tell me somthing new

    The Thunderbird characters who pilot the vehicles are named after NASA's Mercury astronauts.
  5. Quick and dirty M33...

    M+2 I would guess....
  6. California Nebula - NGC1499 - Bicolor Mosaic

    Makes my attempt look like a nasty rash !!
  7. You can't image in a storm!

    With this wind the clouds hurry in at an alarming pace..... the clear cloud windows just do not last long enough. Inside for an ale and stretching. (.... astro-images of course... )
  8. If it is infinite, then it may contain a Universe that is finite.....
  9. Could it be a dust bunny on your sensor that begins to show it's presence with brighter backgrounds ?? Do some flats with a bright blue sky as the "object " and see what comes out.....
  10. what's everyone viewing tonight

    I'm over in North Yorks. Started off promising.... 20x subs on the Elephants Trunk... did Lum, did H-alpha...... then it was a duvet of cloud at 1am..... so off to the other duvet I went....
  11. New puppy naming challenge

    Abbreviate Sirius to "Siri" .... if more come along Siri A.... Siri B......
  12. IAS Show Discount Bargains.

    Yup.... I really should have thought a bit more about the two 150mm Hydrogen Alpha Lunts I duct taped together into solar binoculars.. Still, the Bentley wasn't geting much use.
  13. Cygnus astro do some good covers. I sure if you give them dimensions they will suggest the best fit. I have several for my scope zoo !!!! Sean.
  14. M31 10th October 2017

    Nice one, did you do anything special with the nucleus ?? ... all my stacks tend to blow this out.... or stretching the detail in the outer spiral tends to do it as well. Sean.