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  1. ISS

    Wow !!.... you cannot be that far off imaging a space walking astronaut.
  2. Agreed, that prom is quite something. Excellent detail and focus.
  3. Stars look back to front as well....
  4. "crocheting perhaps.." Careful, still possible to drop stitches, knot the skein or for the cat to attack the output in a tooth and claw frenzy !!!!..... stick to the gentle art of star-gazing...
  5. Nice work. This is a great inspiration for me as I have the same combo ( although a Powermate 2x ) and have often wondered how the big planet would stack. I have a HEQ5, may have a tad too much vibration at these magnifications.... Sean
  6. Yep I agree, second image for me as well. That's good detail from the the Mak. My 8" SCT does not achieve this. Not going to stick a barlow or Powermate on the rig ?? Sean.
  7. Thanks Michael, Yes focusing on a wobbly jellyfish that is trying to escape the tank..... I 've yet to master that one. Even the moons do not produce a tight focus on the laptop.... so there is a bit of focus 'hope' going on. Collimation, that is a good point. It would be worth my while spending some time checking that out. I did buy some Bob's knobs to make the job easier,.... and haven't put them on yet ...DOH!! Good advice regarding the filter choice. I did invest in one, but it may not be helping me out in the way I had imagined. I need to experiment a bit more now that Jupiter is rising earlier. Thanks, Sean.
  8. Wow, look at the structure in the belts !! Do you use any filtering ( UV, IR ) at all ? I have a Meade 8" sct ( with ASI120mc) usually with a 2X Powermate and cannot eek out anywhere near the detail that you have there. Sean.
  9. Thanks Ibbo. Much appreciated. My Easter hold have just finished , alas. I'm not going to hold my breath on the next solar imaging shoot.... but hopefully I could grab a few frames after work if the Sun has enough elevation. All the best. sean.
  10. In a way I was trying for that today. I use Firecapture and was trying to work out if I could take a single frame and set the exposure accordingly. ... there probably is an option, couldn't find it....and I was experimenting between gaps in the clouds....all rushed and frantic and it didn't work. I should just run an AVI file that is over exposed on the surface and then tweak later. Maybe next time. FOV is just OK. I can get the whole solar surface in with a few pixels to spare top and bottom. Any big proms top and bottom would get chopped, All part of the fun. Cheers Sean.
  11. Here's my take on the Solar action today. Hopefully experience will tell me which frames to ditch before processing. The work-flow is painfully slow at the moment. One final image for 2 hours work !! Thanks for looking. Sean.
  12. What scope are you aiming at Jupiter Charl ?? Sadly for me Jupiter has gone arboreal for the next 3 hours......
  13. I love that 'floating' plasma cloud prom. Looks like it is casting a shadow on the solar surface.... errr which is err....not likely.... Do you use Firecapture with the new cam or Sharpcap ? I have a PG Flea Mono, bought it second hand and it is working great. Can just get a full solar disk in with the PST. Clear' ish here today. So I'm binning the domestic duties and am off down the garden !! Sean.
  14. I feel your pain. I'm on the upslope of the enthusiasm curve at the moment and tend to want to photograph EVERYTHING !! Last clear night I got 12 separate objects (mostly galaxies) spending about 1/2 hour on each. Due to light pollution I go for 1 min subs and rack up about 20-30 of them. It's a bit manic between objects and the results are becoming better with experience. Major 'wastage' of time ...... 1) Polar alignment to a level that will support good tracking. Using SharpCap with my ZWO120mc.... a revelation. No non-sense accurate alignment in 5 mins, also I have drilled some 'markers' in the patio to place the tripod exactly where it should be first time. 2) Swapping scopes.......mmmm??? I often wonder if this is a good idea, everything goes back to zero with the set up.....and lets face it, things are not as efficient at 03:00am !! Better to start with one goal for the night and achieve it. 3) Slick efficiency...... I should think more about what I am going to do next during image runs. I tend to wander around the garden looking at the stars ... (old romantic that I am ). For example l have been known to launch into a 30 x 1 min session with the Bahtinov mask still on !!! Doh!! Still, things get better, stick with it. Sean
  15. ...... Thanks Pig, but it is going on 11:30 at night..... we need these darker periods to process all the solar data we have collected during the day.