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  1. Craney

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    .... and to add insult to injury, a rogue shower has just rained on my scope !!!!! Bad Moon rising, there's been trouble tonight....
  2. Craney

    Anyone Else Rolling the Dice.

    I have had pretty much blue sky here in Yorkshire all day. Set the scope up, got the focus and auto-guide working. Take one 5 min sub to see what the situation is....... and after 4min 50 secs...... it clouds over.
  3. Craney

    Vixen HR comfort

    .... extra focal length then.
  4. Something like this ?? https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/antares-05x-focal-reducer-2.html (dont know if there is a back focus requirement.... but that can be solved )
  5. Craney

    Some people...

    "The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good people Do Nothing".... ...paraphrased and 'evil' is a bit strong , but it still resonates....
  6. Craney

    Some people...

    Yes, some people have a dis-connect when it comes to manners and general humanity. I tend to always look behind me when going through a door, just in case there is somebody following and you don't want to let the door shut into them....err... courtesy I think it's called. Today, in a corridor, I did exactly this. Person behind said 'thanks' , then overtook me (pipping me to the next door by about 0.5 seconds)...... only to let it shut in my face. People !!!!!! ..... I said something beginning with 't'......... and it wasn't 'thanks'.
  7. Craney

    First snow -ish...

    +1 to that...... Their forecast programmes have a strange 'midnight' anomaly as you can have unbroken clear skies from 1800-2359 on one day, and then, on the press of the icon..... partial cloud and 5% chance of rain at 0001....on the next day.!!!! Saying that, the clear skies bit has not been very accurate since December 20th.... oh well....
  8. Craney

    Barnard's Loop

    I think you have pretty much got everything Orion has to offer in that shot !! Amazing coverage.
  9. Craney

    DSLR Beehive Cluster M44

    I cannot see any red excess, but my laptop is about 10 years old !!... and I'm considerably older than that. In terms of brightness..... ....somebody posted on here a while ago saying that 'jet' black backgrounds just do not look realistic and I agree . Having a bit of low level noise reminds me that the picture has been taken in 'less than ideal conditions' and is a true to life account of the hour or there abouts interaction you have had with the skies. ... it's a tough one. If you reduced the background significantly, the main stars may dominate the image too much ..... maybe.... ??
  10. Craney

    DSLR Beehive Cluster M44

    Very nice Adam, the cluster stars appear to be occupying their own separate space in the middle distance.
  11. ..... but also apply the negative 'condensation' factor.... i.e. its cloudier these days, which will bring the price down a notch or two.
  12. Craney

    2nd attempt at M42 since Feb 2018

    Aye.... that's the golden rule. BTW.... cracking picture. ED80's take some beating for versatility.
  13. This is an excellent thread topic. Good to hear experienced observers and imagers giving advice. It's sooooooo easy to succumb to APERTURE FEVER !!
  14. Craney

    Wonder Scopes On Ebay

    It's the 'factual' equivalent of fake news ....... the statement gets your attention regardless of any validity whatsoever.

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