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  1. You could shorten one of these... an outdoor patio heater cover. It has more or less the correct shape for just a mount head and pillar..... and will make it all look like a ...errr. ..patio heater.
  2. Craney

    M1 SHO

    So difficult to track this at 2000mm !!!! Marvellous. You must have a finely tuned and well behaved mount.
  3. Interesting to see how close to the UK that occultation line passes..... if extrapolated backwards / forwards in time. Looks North Sea'ish or Scotland.
  4. Craney

    Flat Box

    Did you get this one sorted ?? I think I accidentally doubled up on a panel during an observatory clear-out bulk buy...... might be a 150mm or 200mm one. If you still are after one, I'll have a rummage in the spare room. Sean.
  5. I think this occurred on 18 December ..... probably taken time to corroborate data.
  6. 3-dimensional !!!! Great work.
  7. Of course !!!!! I was trying to get a manta ray or a smiling frog in there..... but now, it's obviously an Ostrich . Thanks for that.
  8. Competition time !! Sorry tp scrawl over your gorgeous image. This is what I see..... maybe I had too much Stilton for lunch !!!! But what a fantastic image. Look out HST.....
  9. For IC 434, the equine content is always a Dark Horse......
  10. So, it's perpetually windy, the imaging laptop has self destructed due to condensation and water ingress and today has no immediate plans...... Prompted by a thread raised on here a few weeks ago, I dug out some OSC photos I took of the Moon during the last cycle as a post session finale and gave it a go. When I stretched the saturation, I did go to 'ELEVEN' on the sliders to exaggerate the effect, but hey-ho !! Apologies to purists for the limbs...... makes me wonder if it is mineral content or chromatic aberration ?? Details: Equinox 80 and QHY8pro ( 40 stacked subs) Multilated in PhotoShop. Well, it makes the Moon a bit more interesting.....
  11. Have you run the same set of subs through DeepSkyStacker to see if it agrees with the ranking order ?? I imagine it is all to do with the algorithm priorities... and they are probably hidden deep in the coding. 94x300s !!!!.... blimey, the actual Nebula will have changed shape in that time. Maybe that's the reason.......
  12. Hi Nikki, Welcome to SGL. Does the BAS still meet in Eccleshill Library ?? I remember attending.... good grief... 40 years ago !!!! Lots of expertise and wisdom on this site. Cheers.
  13. I have often wondered if the Quark eyepieces or adapted telescopes (like the Solarscout) have a known lifetime in terms of use ?? Not being familiar with their internals I not really sure if they will keep on going forever, providing the electrics etc are all functioning......
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