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  1. That is really neat. Thanks for posting. I took over 700 x 30s still frames with my 60D and Sanyang 14mm and managed to get 3 meteors !! ..... looks like they were avoiding Yorkshire (!). The advantage of the all-sky-camera is that you don't need to decide on a 'zone' of sky. I plumped for the 'shoulder of Orion' thinking it would look nice and I could get some foreground in as well..... obviously not where the action was.... I wonder if there is a region of sky which sees more events with respect to the radiant ? Sean.
  2. I call it aday and moveing on

    Sorry to hear this Starlight1 , but after freezing my fingers off tonight setting up, only for the laptop to go on strike !!!! arghh!! I can sympathise. Is this a complete halt in terms of astro or will you still be visually observing. They say the rule is 60 % of current cost depending on condition. Maybe do some internet research and see what similiar items have gone for. Try the job lot first and then see how many takers, I'm sure enough of us will show interest in individual items for you to pretty much clear the decks... Good luck, whatever you decide to do. Sean.
  3. Thanks Charl, As I type, it is out there collecting OIII data from the Heart Nebula. Not tried it on the planets as I have a 250mm SCT, but may give Jupiter a go tomorrow morning if I make it through the night.....brrrrr.....
  4. We have the USA's Listenimg outpost ( Menwith Hill) next to us in Harrogate. If you pull over to look at the stars and are within two miles of the base you will probably get a visit by some armed police within 30 mins...... This would be a big pity as the area is sufficiently outside Harrogate as to become a darker sky, BUT..... the base itself is lit up like Blackpool illuminations and so you tend to 'move-on' anyway. All the police I have bumped into have been very nice indeed. They are obviously suspicious and wary of cameras and 'telescopic' things.... but common sense usually prevails. Sean.
  5. UHC filter for canon

    I have one of these, a Baader 2" UHC https://www.firstlightoptics.com/uhc-oiii-visual-filters/baader-uhc-s-filter.html I find it very useful for moderate light pollution and when the Moon is starting to cast shadows. The 2" thread allows me to screw into a filter wheel or Flield flatteners or Coma correctors etc.... so good for DSLR and CCD, maybe even eyepieces..... but I tend to image and so I'm not sure on the last point. I was just posting another thread on Imaging with an 80mm when I saw your post pop up. Here is a pic I took last night using it and an 80mm F6.25 'frac, with modded DSLR. Sean.
  6. What a marvellous little scope the ED80 is. I have collected a range of scopes over the last 2 years ( SCT, reflectors and other refractors ) but in terms of usefulness and reliability the ED 80mm genre takes some beating. I have an SW Equinox 80mm (F6.25) and it rarely gets put away when we have the occaisonal fortune of a few nights of clarity. Here are some pictures I took last night. The Moon used a 2x Powermate. HH has a 0.8xFF (21x 1m) and the Pleiades (52 x 1m) is native 500mm FL. Used a 2" Baader UHC filter due to moderate light pollution and a modded 600D. Some cropping and PS tweeks along the way. It will probably be out tonight as well .. fingers crossed..... what a performer and recommended to folk wanting to get into imaging. Sean.
  7. Rosette ( plug in the co-ords for the star cluster NGC2244 in the middle). The advantage of this one is that you get a positive I.D on the LCD screen with 30 sec (ISO 6400)....yep, the nebula very satisfyingly just jumps out at you.. . then change the parameters according to what you want to do with the image. Enjoy. Sean..
  8. That's great. Nice one. I had the dilemma of longer exposure lower ISO, or high ISO short exposure ...ie. not wanting to burn out the sky but still capturing a faint streak. (using Canon 60D with Samyang 14mm). I took about 400 x 30 secs exposures at ISO 400 and unbelievably I don't think I've caught one. Oh well.... Sean.
  9. Hello Flo, I have an Orion Optics 6VX ( 6 inch F4 Newtonian bought second hand) and it has cross headed screws for adjustment on the secondary. ( So I have to use a screwdriver to adjust ) I would love to change them for some of these, for quick, risk free collimation. Do you have a range of width and length sizes ? If I extract one of the screws could you size me a Bob's Knob replacement ?? Sean.
  10. Geminids - heads up

    Is there a predicted 'Maximum', in terms of time ? Is it true that a meteor shower usually peaks in count rate at the midnight- 2am slot ??
  11. New Constellations

    Maybe they should have one named "Big Yellow Taxi"........and then look up the word "ironic" instead of "iconic".
  12. I put my fully assembled Equinox 80, field flattener and Canon 600D on the Ironing board in the kitchen.... fits a treat and is padded, so it doesn't bruise my precious 'frac. Doesn't cause any problems what so ever. !!..... life is perfectly normal apart from the creases.
  13. I'm sure Tele-Vue or Baader must do a 'Finder-Finder', those guys think of everything !!
  14. I'm no expert on these things, but it is a 1000d (Canon) so it should be OK. The only thing you have done which sounds different to the way I do things is the 'dithering'. Are they still .CR2 files ??. Does 'dithering' do anything to the output files ? Maybe try deleting all the Autosave.tifs in the output directory before processing ( I think rather bizarrely that actually worked for me once and solved an issue !!) Go back and stack some old (different) data to see if the program still works OK, and the only other bit of advice is to stack 2 files.....and then 3.....and see if the issue is there always or whether one file triggers it. Good luck. Sean.
  15. Polar alignment software

    Another thumbs up for SHARPCAP. If you use a CCD / webcam hooked up to a finder ( Fl ~ 200-250mm) then it works a treat. I use a 80mm F5 with a 0.5X focal reducer and it works really well. "Excellent" Polar alignment in 5 mins. Sean.