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  1. So a bit of sleep, bit of post meridian breakfast, bit of quick processing...... Here is my contribution to the portfolio. Wide view pics taken with Canon G7X compact. (20secs.) You wait over 20 years, and two turn up at once !!! Bright enough to catch the reflection in the reservoir as well. These were taken at approx 1:30am at Thruscross Reservoir, North Yorks. Close up with 600d on Altair Lightwave 60 (0.6x) = 230mm F.L. Who needs sleep. Sean.
  2. Quick question for all the seasoned UK comet observers. I got asked this by a friend and could not give an immediate answer because I have only become slightly obsessive about astronomy over the last 5 years..... NEOWISE C/2020 F3 is the 'best' comet seen from the UK since .......????? It is a subjective question but thought there might be a concensus amongst the wise ones. ( by 'best' I am going along the lines of visual impact ). Keep the pictures coming folks. They are genuinely amazing. Sean.
  3. There's hope..... and then there is objective reality. We need 110% of one, and 99.999% of the other...
  4. ....or get all them home counties folk to take a deep breath.....
  5. That's looking like a 'Great' Comet. 200mm Focal length looks like the optimum for a DSLR.
  6. You have to laugh...... Pre-planned my dark site on the moors .....got up nice and early, batteries all charged etc.... all looking good. Clear weather as well..... Ah.... Noctilucent clouds....who would have thought..... really amazingly bright...wow.... oh,er.... right slap bang on top of the comet !!!!...and NLC's don't shift that fast either.... But at least I saw it !!! ...yay. ...but just. The clouds stole the thunder a bit. These were at 3.00am from near Harrogate. sean.
  7. Don't need to worry about dropping it...
  8. Yes, overthinking..... they call it analysis paralysis... that's why I just built it otherwise it would have remained a project 'to be done'...sometime..?? In terms of water-tight-ness. The roof of mine is about an inch wider than the walls on the non-door sides. I have left a gap to allow vapour to exit. Yes, very good point about scopes being at ambient temp. Yes, this saves time when the clouds do eventually clear!! You are wise to think on a future-proof basis. This hobby just lends it self to expansion. This picture shows you my store-shed, next to my mount-shed....Houston we have a problem, shedmania !!!! which does have a bench in it for collimating etc.. Good luck with the build. Sean.
  9. Phoar!!.. Had to put the sunglasses on for the first one. I might just sit in front of it for my daily dose of Vitamin D. ... and that last one ..... are you using a Solar Periscope ??...... I'm expecting the Graf Spee to sail across at any moment !! Good work though. I'm new to the finer points of Solar imaging and look at these with a sense of awe (and envy). Sean.
  10. Good work. These planets are so low at the moment that atmospheric distortion and turbulence are major players in any imaging session. I thought I had it tough living in the North of England !! These must be actually skimming the horizon for you.
  11. Depending on the security of your location, get a decent lock on it !! My "shed-obsy" ( I won't copy-write that !! ) is only 10m from the house and so is more a staging post than a self contained unit. It basically keeps the items that I need at hand...errr.... close at hand, and saves me running backwards and forwards. Tripods are fiddly critters to move long distances , they take up a lot of house-space if the legs are spread, annoy the local management and with mount attached can be quite heavy. I do run a powerlead from the house, but keep the 12vPSU on a shelf inside the structure just in case of a downpour. I built this off the top of my head without too much planning, thinking about a "big door-little door" design. The big door opens up to provide a wind-break. the little door provides access to counter-weights, masks, bits and bobs. Tanalised wood, good quality felt on the roof and try to ensure good drainage in the ground below the structure. ie support on slabs or bricks. Although only a shed, try to make allowance for moisture because on hot days, vapour will rise from any damp at ground level , get trapped inside and condense on the cooler metal of your kit. Here are some pics of my "Mount-House" before I put the padlocks on it. Hope this helps.
  12. Welcome to the forum. 10x50 bins are the weapon of choice at the moment with Comet Neowise. Cure for aperture fever ?? Fluorite glass..... that keeps a lid on things.....
  13. You have some fine filamentary detail in there. Really nice considering the full Moon. Optolong seem to produce some good filters. I have the L-enhance and it certainly has opened up possibilities for my old QHY8pro OSC. Sean.
  14. ...... and on top of all this great advice regarding the scope itself, you have to consider the mount. Comparing scopes of approximately equal cost ( refractor vs reflector) of a high quality, you can generally buy a much bigger aperture reflector. Very tempting. Alas, it will probably be a heavier, longer item and offer a much larger area to be buffeted by the wind. Hence...... you're gonna need a bigger mount. Once you keep the quality threshold high..... ( why put the an observatory class instrument on a cheap, wonky piece of scrap metal ?)...... the investment becomes considerable, but necessary.
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