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  1. Craney

    A quick Bubble Nebula NGC 7635

    Looks like an interstellar glass marble..... Bonzer shot.
  2. Craney

    Quark heading for final destination !!!!

    Oh dear!..... that all sounds a bit very frustrating !! It looks such a great idea for a product and I would be very tempted..... but, that spectre of unreliability hangs over them. It would be interesting to hear how other users have faired, especially over the last 2 -3 years and with units that have been purchased new. Hope it works out for you. Sean.
  3. Craney

    Quark heading for final destination !!!!

    How reliable are these devices ?? I thought the 'bad-times' were consigned to the past, the interweb has stories of UK manufacturers refusing to stock them. Have you been unlucky or should a buyer expect a few returns? In fact, how many years would you expect one to perform ?? ( I won't say trouble-free !!...sore point)
  4. Oh yes, my tracking...... something to be worked on. ( ) 1 out of 5 is pretty good for me. I have been using a Lacerta MGEN, which has been great until recently when it developed a strange fault where it keeps losing the star that I could quite clearly see on the display. Thats another story. Well, as a result of that I have been using PHD2 for the first time.. I am the 'Dummy' that the programme was aimed at, and like DSS there are a few options I need to check out a bit more carefully, "calibration" I would imagine BUT, the good news is that the BACK FOCUS looks OK....... WheyHey !!!!!!! Many thanks @vlaiv for your time and expertise. It is much appreciated. If we ever meet up at a star party I will treat you to the finest Yorkshire Ale. Sean.
  5. Wow, thanks @vlaiv That looks 2.2 million light years better than my first attempt !!!!.... Mis-shapen stars were the least of my worries tbh, I may have a few tilt issues introduced due to the collection of spacers and adapters I have on the optical path. That I can understand. All this DSS clipping stuff ( )....... Any way, I have been experimenting with the DSS stacking parameters, and I may have improved the process. You were right, the 'cosmetic' settings page seems to be the source of my weird stars... Plenty to fiddle about with there.
  6. OK then, here are five subs from my M31 session M31 top 3 min L3 3 min L.tif M31 top 3 min L4 3 min L.tif M31 top 3 min L5 3 min L.tif M31 top 3 min L6 3 min L.tif M31 top 3 min L7 3 min L.tif and this is the result of DSS stacking test C raw stack.TIF ( without any fiddling on the sliders.... The effect is still there, but not as pronounced... because maybe I only used 5 of the subs ?) Please feel free to have a play, and maybe suggest which 'check-box' I have ticked / unticked in DSS which I shouldn't have. Again, any useful insight, much appreciated. Sean.
  7. Thanks @vlaiv and @Big Jim Slade It is reassuring to know that the optical train is OK. I was not looking forward to night after night of 'tweaking' the distances. I will re-stack and post some subs with the un-DSS-stretched result. I do not have the in-depth knowledge of what DSS does on the small scale. I just load 'em up and press <play>...... and yes, I am guilty of wrecklessly moving the sliders around in DSS to see what I have got.... impatience I guess.
  8. Evening everybody, I have an Atik 414ex Mono and am exceedingly pleased with the results achieved so far. The choice of DSO's has been restricted by a the small chip and the consequent smallish FOV, so I have invested in some Focal Reducers for my SW Equinox 80 to literally widen the horizons. BACKFOCUS !! Being a bit slow to pick up on the obvious, I spent a couple of clear nights going for the big exposure runs with LRGB etc without checking the data. So when I did eventually sit down to process the results, it became apparent I might need to think about backfocus a bit more. An order promptly went off to FLO (thanks, excellent service as ever)..... and when the various T2 extender bits arrived, I had a good session with some digital calipers and the internet and 'solved' the issue..... well... so I thought. The question going out to the people who know about these things.... is..... Are my star shapes below the result of an incorrect back focus ?? ..... or is there a strange internal reflection going on ?? ( I did have a LP filter in the optical train before the Filter wheel , and this is the only bit I have not removed to eliminate it from my enquiries... and the 414ex is very sensitive). The following shots are the results from my latest faffing....... First, is the final stacked image from DSS. from about 10 x 3min subs...with a zoom-in to show the problem..... test b.TIF and secondly, here is a jpg of an original TIF sub ... with the same (ish) zoom section. M31 top 3 min L3 3 min L.tif Any thoughts welcome. Sean.
  9. and let's hope it keeps on brightening..... I'm liking that ionic tail.
  10. Craney

    M51 RGB Work in progress

    Lovely picture, I was wondering why you used the 0.8xFR ? Does this provide the correct image-arcsec-pixel-whatever-it-is-ratio for your scope ?
  11. Craney

    M31 HaLRGB

    Cracking image. Your image really does give the impression of gas spiralling into the galactic core. A lot of M31 images have this aspect 'blown out' with over exposure.
  12. Craney

    Powering a Canon T6i?

    Get one of these, make sure it is the right battery type. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ex-Pro-87130-KIT-Rechargeable-description-Compatibility/dp/B00S5FSZZO It is an extra battery, but it lasts for days non-stop.
  13. Hi Adam, If not sold already, put me down for this. This will sort out my 'multi-manufacturer-many-focus-points-narrow band filter chaos'... as I have the whole lot in 2" Baaders. I'm off for a walk in the Dales this afternoon. Will get back to you tonight. Cheers. sean.
  14. Craney

    Brigadoon Astro Supplies Ltd......

    Unless somebody suddenly jumps in to their defence ie. " first scope when I was five years old and always had a soft spot for it " ........ we will take that as a category 3. (p.s. sounds like the only suitable soft spot would be a peat bog in the Welsh Mountains....)
  15. Craney

    Brigadoon Astro Supplies Ltd......

    Ooh... I can feel an evening of internet Google'ing coming on....

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