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  1. Thanks everybody. This is good stuff. I like the Laptop monitor solution to 'flats'. The book mentioned often gets quoted by the cognoscenti as well. Must acquire one. Thats for the other URL Frugal. Will chasr that one up. Cheers, Sean.
  2. Free petrol tomorrow as well......
  3. Evening everybody, Is there some magical formula for working out the ratio of LIGHTS : DARKS : FLATS : BIAS for DSO's ?? Is there a 'Bible of AP' that people refer to ? So if I took 20 lights or 'subs' ( I think they are called as well), how many of the others should I take to make the stacking and processing bring out the finest quality image ? At the moment (due to weather and trying to get a first attempt at any object going) I tend to take about 20 LiGHTS, then about 2 DARKS, no FLATS ( I don't have the light panel) and a couple of BIAS. So my workflow ratio would be 20 : 2 : 0 : 2 What is optimal ? Or is this the type of question that keeps forums awake at night as well as the imaging?? Thanks in advance. Sean.
  4. " Set the controls for the heart of the Sun....." ....... We have a new sunspot !!.... whey-hey !!! ....... at last I can get my PST trained on it. Longest spotless run since 2010 I believe.... typical. Nice suite of photo's charl. Keep it up.
  5. Yes we get fog as well..... pea-soupers as they are affectionately called. You know when they are forming, (annoyingly on the coldest, clearest, calmest nights) when my head torch lights up a billion water droplets circling my head like some insect infestation. !!.... I think I would swap your Italian skies for my damp drizzle laded Yorkshire ones. Equipment: Opticstar 80mm F5 refractor with Canon DSLR (CLS filter !!) on a HEQ5 Sean.
  6. What is really impressive is that you got them to line up next to each other and in alphabetic order......
  7. see this thread, towards the bottom. Mention of a starsharp2.
  8. Monday night, clear at sunset , scope out, polar aligned......mmmmm... lookin' good. Lets get some frames of the Rosette nebula. Tracking seems is slightly bright, lets keep the exposure short..... OK... 20 lights..... lets go... I 'll just pop in for a cup of tea. 3 mins in..... cloud invades. Rain follows......heavy rain by frame 6. Dear o' dear......Frustration.
  9. Thanks, wxsatuser. I have now discovered something else to spend money on.
  10. I suppose it is very hard to tell if you have pin sharp focus with a 50mm lens..... there is no such thing as a Bahtinov mask for a camera lens..... is there ??? You have spurred me into having a go at this feature. I'm liking the scale and the star colours. How did you prevent the bright stars in Orions belt from not over exposing and swamping the image ??
  11. Morning all, Have acquired a PG Flea3 mono, primarily for work with H-Alpha but the spec is such that I might sneak a DSO or two. Looks like a Borg oxo cube !! After a few downloads of drivers etc I have managed to get Firecapture to work, but SharpCap refuses to detect the camera, even though says that PG are supported. Is there something obvious or subtle I am missing ? I am not a techie and usually resolve computer issues with force ..... Thanks in advance, Sean.
  12. Whilst we are in rant mode, one thing which is even more annoying is the diffusity ( that a word ?) of the cloud. A nice fluffy delineated cumulus, that has a precise edge....OK. But this incessant creeping haze of vapour that sneaks up on you as you polar align....horrid. How many times have I had that upbeat "ummmm....gonna be clear tonight..." feeling, only to witness 8/8ths mank-out.... in that steady , unstoppable , all encompassing , 360' wide sludge of orange tinted condensation......arghhh!!!! < " Nurse, Craney needs sedating !!">
  13. Is this useful to your needs Spaceboy ?? Sean.
  14. " This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whippet"
  15. Here you go Martin, dug some pictures out from last week. I have cropped them to be the same size. The left one is the ES 5X. The right one is the PM 2X. More or less the same processing was applied. I think the ES one had less frames in the stack. I'm not the best photographer, and both shots were taken through the branches of a tree !! The PM was a brighter image and so will have had a greater frame rate. (fps) in the capture.