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  1. Markarian's Chain

    Double and triple Wow !!!!.....
  2. Lyra Optics 102mm ED

    Heard of it ..... confirmed sighting of one for sale ..... http://ensoptical.co.uk/lyra-optics-102mm-f7-ed-apo?search=lyra but I have not used one...
  3. Jupiter, march 08-2018 the best!

    Your photos are superb. I noticed that you use a colour planetary camera, is this because of the speed of acquiring the image, especially with the rapid rotation of Jupiter. Have you not been tempted by the higher resolution and sensitivity of a mono system ? Sean.
  4. Another suspicious eBay sale

    They now seem to have gone... hopefully nobody on this side of the eyepiece weakened....
  5. Rosette test with a Fuji camera

    Wow..!! Just 7 frames.... the sky background is encouragingly dark and the nebula is almost popping out of the shot in terms of luminance.
  6. Anyone heard of Grant Mitchell in Dorset??

    Looked on a couple of popular FaceBook sites. Didn't find that name on Telescope Addicts , UKAI, Secondhand Astronomy Eqpt UK.,
  7. Observatory door security

    There was an incident reported on FB not so long ago where the crims had sawn into the wall of a society's observatory and removed a panel to gain access. ie. circumvented the door. This got me thinking about deterents and I thought some interior wire mesh would suffice, maybe needed only at any blinds spots to the CCTV, that is where they will probably try to strike. Something like this.... You could use it internally to hang things off. Sean.
  8. NEQ6 Tripod Centre Bolt

    ITEM FOUND and SORTED . Thanks Stu. That one is just the job.
  9. ... well if he needs any photo's, I won't charge..... Is there any articles on the incessant World-wide spread of light pollution? It would have been an excellent platform to get the astronomers viewpoint across.
  10. M45

    Lovely picture. I note that you live in Stockholm and you have a IDAS P2 LP ..... would you recommend it ?? (the filter.. not living in Stockholm !! ) Did it give you any unruly internal reflections, especially with the bright stars of this object? Thanks, Sean.
  11. Probably the glare off of the windscreen of that Tesla....
  12. Ouch !! ... yours will cool down a bit quicker than mine. I think you should be able image prime focus straight off the back ( 2000mm telephoto), the SCT focusing mechanism tends to move the image in the FOV which can be a pain if you have a small planet or star lined up when focusing. People tend to use an add on after market focuser to fine tune the sharpness... (10:1 etc), and it will also take Barlows and Powermates, flip mirrors, filters etc.... without fancy adaptors. Like this.... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-diamond-steeltrack-focusers/baader-steeltrack-diamond-sc-for-sct-telescopes.html If you have a Focal Reducer (0.63X) you can have a go at some small sized DSO's....that's what I am trying at the moment. Hope it works out. sean.
  13. 1st Jupiter this year.

    Ah yes.... but those Deities demand you sacrifice a few more mornings on the altar of hope...... just in case the seeing is Antoniadi (1)..... you'll be back.....
  14. My mini observatory

    Careful that no bees move in !! ...... otherwise you'll will need a fish-eye lens to image M-44....... ( Great design btw).