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  1. Craney

    Open-Air Pier Mount

    Are those Tele-gizmo covers any good. ?? I bring my scope in most nights, but leave the Heq5 outside in alignment for a fast start if the following evening looks good. Presently, I cover it with a an IKEA blue sack and a Cygnus cover, but on its recent upgrade to belted status the guys at RVO said it had signs of internal rust...... Eek...makes you wonder.
  2. Craney

    Saturn 15-07-18

    That's a bright sharp image. No fuzzy bits..... good work.
  3. Craney

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

    That's a lot of stars !!...... wonder what a plate solving program would make of it. It is one of my fave objects..... it works well, like yours in wide field and also in close up. Nice job. (.... and I don't think there are many imagers from this parish would not admit to a bit of over-processing ).
  4. Craney

    The Bubble Neb - Atik v Canon

    That is a nicely defined Bubble on the right if I may say so. Those Mono-CCD do produce some epic detail in very little time. My first Ha shot of the PacMan nebula had so much data in it, I thought I had walked in front of the scope with the headtorch on !! The great thing about a mono CCD is that you can just keep on adding data .... and wavelengths ..... at a later stage, and deep down you know that you could not really have acquired any better at that moment. A DSLR is a great One Shot device, but all my Canon 600D stacked captures have stayed "as is"", whereas my ATIK 414ex stuff is being combined in all sorts of ways...and will get added too .... I think this make sense..?? ...... Keep the images coming Adam. I'm out tonight, might go for a RGB galaxy or two. Sean.
  5. Craney

    LDN 1164

    Behold the Nazgûl !!
  6. Craney

    Open-Air Pier Mount

    Just make sure any pier or post is 'independent' from any surrounding decking or boarding. I have seen peoples imaging rigs (scope, camera and tripod) all sat on a raised garden decking platform. They must stay very, very still during exposures or walk on rice paper like Kwai Chang Caine !!
  7. That is spectacular.
  8. Craney

    A quick M13

    Nice one. As said, lovely colours. I have been trying to get those 'oranges' out of my images with a mono cam and have not succeeded yet.
  9. Craney

    Which CLS Filter?

    Hello Alexxx, There was an IDAS LP filter (2" though?? ) on AB&S recently. They are meant to be very good..... although it has been reported that they may be subject to internal reflections... anyway... it was a good reduction. It might help. EDIT: It has just popped up on the classified on SGL. Sean.
  10. Craney

    First LRGB with new camera.

    The detail is quite something, especially on the Cigar galaxy (M-82). Good work.
  11. Craney

    Signs of Subsidence Possibly

    With that title......at first I thought your observatory was disappearing down a sink-hole !! Cracking views of Mars...... storms or no storms.
  12. Thanks, I'll be out having a scan tonight. I image in the back garden ( darker and no direct street lighting) and wander to the front for a peek whilst a sequence is underway. Fingers crossed. Sean.
  13. They are great. I've still yet to see this spectacle...... what time is best to spot them from Yorkshire latitudes ? ... and is North East or North West the best horizon to scan ?? Sean.
  14. You'll get the shape with exposures totalling around 10 - 20 minutes ( ISO 1600 - 2MINUTE SUBS) with an 80mm refractor. (my Equinox 80 is 500mm FL) under good dark skies. To actually get the colour out, and create a healthy signal to noise ratio, then maybe you have to collect 1 hour+ of subs. Checkout this website and put IC1805 in the search box, you'll find images with similar kit as yours, and so you can then plan out a strategy to get that APOD result. https://www.astrobin.com/ Sean.
  15. Great shot. It is the few astronomical events I have not any photographs at all !! I keep looking but they seem to avoid Yorkshire. .... well... my house at least. Are you looking North or North West here ??? Sean.

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