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BBC2 - The Day The Dinosaurs Died


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I too thoroughly enjoyed the program, the night before I watched, also on BBC 2, Mexico. Earth's festival of life, it was

Forests of the Maya, based on the Yucatan Peninsula, the exact spot where the asteroid hit, this too is a fascinating program,

well worth a view on catch-up, the Mayan city which survived there, existed on the fresh water from the underwater caverns

created by the asteroid collision.    

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I watched. Really enjoyed it. Amazing to discover that it wasnt just the global fire storm that followed, which killed most life off, but the composition of the rock (Gypsum) in the area where it struck played a HUGE part. If it were any other type of rock which was ejected into the atmosphere and blocked out the sunlight........the outcome maybe would not have been as devastating.

Mind you, a blast that measured what?............10 billion Hiroshima...........is a bad day in anyone's book. Interesting to hear that the asteroid size compared to the size of the Earth is about the same as a grain of salt hitting a bowling ball.

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I enjoyed it but got bored with watching the same old cgi over and over again, the asteroid hitting the earth was played 6 times. This was a half hour programme made into an hour.

I'll give it 6 out of 10. 

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Finally got round to seeing it on bbc i player.

It was a bit repetitive but it was well made, better than those American programmes the bbc rebrand as Horizon nowadays with spinning camera shots and loads of repetition. There was a lot of new information to me like if it had hit a deep ocean the effects would have been a lot less devastating. Anyway anything featuring Prof. Alice Roberts can't be bad, can it ? :happy6:

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