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  1. When is 'live' actually 'live'? As I was watching something else on the TV, got my tablet to watch the NASA YouTube feed, the YT app was running @15sec earlier than the YT feed in my laptop browser!
  2. NASA feed kept dropping for me, so gave up; now swapping between Slooh, and Weather Channel twitter feed
  3. Given the various threads criticising The Beeb for its efforts at coverage of astronomy they can't win...
  4. Probably preaching to the converted, but if you haven't already got eclipse glasses, be aware of the counterfeit products apparently flooding the market over there https://www.reuters.com/article/us-solar-eclipse-eyes-idUSKBN1AQ15R
  5. The announcement was further back than I thought, but the Beeb is re-using the TW name for a year to badge science and technology programmes http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/tomorrows-world
  6. Seen a couple of trailers for this, with Chris Hadfield in charge of selection it might be worth a watch. Also one of the first BBC science programmes to get the reborn Tomorrow's World badging.
  7. Not a verbatim quote, but Gerry Anderson was at first worried by Lew Grade's reaction to the first TB episode "That's not a TV series..." "... its a motion picture!"
  8. Unfortunately that one is missing the Lady P outtakes that are at the end of the cinema 'version'.. Also worth remembering the Gerry Anderson homage/parody in Stargate SG1
  9. Ah! I was at the cinema watching Valerian at that time..
  10. Which channel was this? Thunderbirds Are Go was the second feature film I ever saw at the cinema (first was The Dambusters re-release) If you're at the cinema, keep an eye out for the full TB Halifax advert, complete with outtakes at the end - though not sure Lady P would ever use expletives...
  11. Might be impossible to find now, but a good few years back I recall someone getting video of a head-on meteor - pretty sure it was a Leonid
  12. I think a telling viewpoint on Discovery is from the guide/schedule, and just how few shows now interest me; History is even worse, and don't Mention H2...
  13. Spent an hour in the reclining garden chair; saw 14 Perseids, only one fireball - and that was behind me and reflected in my glasses. Seem to recall saw more last year.
  14. Good to know it wasn't me just being unobservant then
  15. 90 minutes reclined on the garden chair (keeps me below bat height), only one Perseid and one sporadic; lost count of the planes and satellites
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