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  1. Hmm, recalling a Lunar eclipse in the late 90s, and a skywatch at White Horse Hill; it got a little too much coverage on the local radio, couldn't believe how many people were up there with zero interest in anything in the sky - I kid you not at one point someone turned up dressed as Father Christmas...
  2. Well, picked up something on the predicted path just after midnight this morning, though notably dimmer than the ISS a little later - murky seeing wasn't helping observation
  3. Clear, but with murky seeing here
  4. If heavensabove has correct orbits, that would have been going in the wrong direction for Mayak - only showing NE>SE pass for that time in the evening
  5. Some suggestion the sails/reflectors have yet to, or have failed to, deploy?
  6. Think it's the one by the beach at Bembridge IOW, the variant on the stone gone is someone's nicked the stone
  7. Seen variants of this round the country
  8. I know we've touched on similar threads before; I am coming to the conclusion that it would be more sensible and practical to genetically 'Mars-form' human colonists to survive in the Martian conditions, than the other way round.
  9. As someone who had edited/produced/published assorted newsletters and magazines down the years, I am very impressed with the effort going into a weekly bulletin like this
  10. The skies here have generally been improved since the decommissioning of the Didcot A power station, but I cannot believe how infrequently I have had a clear northern view this year, and particularly this summer while hoping to see any NLC
  11. Only had time to look at the image briefly yesterday.. If I am correct that the sun is out of frame at the top, then yes a CZA should be higher than/above the sun, also a CZA should be red on the inner curve of the arc, with the blue on the outer curve? I too am leaning towards halo, possibly circumscribed? Halosim is always a useful reference for these opticals
  12. Without glasses I sadly now cannot see what I am trying to point the binocs (no scope) at! On a good night I can see some bright blurs, but no detail or feint stuff.
  13. Will have to record or catch up some of these
  14. Aliens: The Big Think was on BBC4 last night (after a repeat of Horizon Strange Signals From Space), I realized that though dated 2016 I hadn't seen this before; mainly featuring Professor Martin Rees, and narrated by Peter Capaldi.
  15. Ultimately northern views clouded out again by 0030, though bizarrely I could still see my absolute N horizon clearly, and occasional glimpses of Capella. Very frustrating when you can watch twitter feeds with images of developing NLC