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  1. We covered this from the observatory. Quite a busy night.
  2. On March 31, 2018 issue of the Minor Planet Circular, the asteroid previously known as 2001 HQ16 was named. (72834) Guywells is a Main belt asteroid with a diameter of 3-6 km. It last came to opposition in February 2018 when it reached 18th magnitude. Now it is moving through the constellation Cancer, observable at mag +19.5. (72834) Guywells was discovered by L Ball, in 2001.
  3. Mag 14.22 +/- 0.02, as observed from the Northolt Branch Observatory last night.
  4. We measured the magnitude last night from the Northolt Branch Observatory. It was mag +17.5 CK10U030 KC2018 02 27.94756 05 38 27.01 +75 13 15.9 17.6 N Z80
  5. We have an animation from around the same date. It was a nice approach.
  6. 'Phaethon' was +2° above the horizon at the time stated above, So I assume you imaged it in December. Observations? Aside from the animation being severely clipped, it is great. Good work.
  7. We'll follow this one until it is too faint to continue observations. So about mag +20. In a similar fashion as 2017eaw.
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