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  1. We covered this from the observatory. Quite a busy night.
  2. Sorry, unless the IAU do it for you then I believe all the other sites are scams.
  3. On March 31, 2018 issue of the Minor Planet Circular, the asteroid previously known as 2001 HQ16 was named. (72834) Guywells is a Main belt asteroid with a diameter of 3-6 km. It last came to opposition in February 2018 when it reached 18th magnitude. Now it is moving through the constellation Cancer, observable at mag +19.5. (72834) Guywells was discovered by L Ball, in 2001.
  4. Time of observation?
  5. Guy Wells

    All Sky Plate Solver slewing problem

    Unselect 'connect mount'
  6. Guy Wells

    Heads up: Supernova at mag 13.4 in NGC 2525

    Mag 14.22 +/- 0.02, as observed from the Northolt Branch Observatory last night.
  7. We measured the magnitude last night from the Northolt Branch Observatory. It was mag +17.5 CK10U030 KC2018 02 27.94756 05 38 27.01 +75 13 15.9 17.6 N Z80
  8. https://www.facebook.com/pg/NBObservatories/videos/
  9. We have an animation from around the same date. It was a nice approach.
  10. 'Phaethon' was +2° above the horizon at the time stated above, So I assume you imaged it in December. Observations? Aside from the animation being severely clipped, it is great. Good work.
  11. Guy Wells

    Heads up: Supernova at mag 13.4 in NGC 2525

    Increase in v mag.
  12. Guy Wells

    Heads up: Supernova at mag 13.4 in NGC 2525

    We'll follow this one until it is too faint to continue observations. So about mag +20. In a similar fashion as 2017eaw.

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