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  1. You'll read all about it right here.
  2. Small mammals survived because they could burrow. Unless you have a JCB that you're not telling us about and a blue print for an enormous Anderson shelter.
  3. I cant leave. We just ordered pizza. It's a meat supreme.
  4. Ta very much for the heads up. I'd completely forgotten about this one.
  5. Are you sure that's an Alin?. It looks like a stony meteorite. Any Alins I have seen are iron. Maybe the outer layer is crust/rust.
  6. A fireball was seen along the west coast of Ireland on Friday night. I think the report said it was moving south to north. It was caught on video. Looked like space junk burning up on reentry.
  7. "On one hand, I think it is down to mental attitude". Exactly. I had a field i used by permission of the owner. In that field were 30 sheep, 2 Donkies and a few cows. They didnt bother me and i didnt bother them.
  8. I mainly observe from my back garden. My property is 100% secure-ish, (6ft 2 inch metal fence around 3 sides of garden and locked gate). I observe about 2 ft away from my back door. Crime rate where i live is extremely low. If i drive 3-4 mins from my house i am in the middle of the countryside with perfect dark skies. I havent done it but i would feel perfectly safe as not many people walk up this road.
  9. Tatahouine (not the same spelling as in SW). Isnt that in Tunisia?. Been there to Luke's home. Matmatta is the name of the location of the film set, but Tatahouine is close by. It's all in the Sahara. Damn it was hot...40C
  10. Probably not technically a meteor. More likey a bollide (fireball). If it made landfall anywhere, then it becomes a meteorite. Either way, it sounds like an impressive sight.
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