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  1. I use glasses for reading (sometimes),driving,watching tv and while on the computer. Ive never found a need for them whilst observing.
  2. "Planet Migration" is a new one on me but i have heard of it and understand it. Heavier elements (such as rocky/iron elements sink to the bottom), in other words closer to the central point/bottom. Lighter elements such as gases..........are flung out towards the edge. This is why we have inner rocky planets and gassy outer planets. This is my understanding.
  3. When the Solar system was forming (a swirling cloud of dust and gases) round our Sun. It all rotated in the one direction due to centrifugal motion. It was only much later due to collisions between bodies that a couple of planets were knocked off of their axis. Venus is the only planet that rotates in the opposite direction to the rest. Earth is tilted at about 23 degrees off its axis and Uranus is practically tilted 90 degrees off axis......making its northern and southern poles..............lie on its equator (as we know it to be).
  4. I dont understand the parameters, so cant comment.
  5. Ive never been able to bring myself to make the switch from glasses to contacts. The idea of sticking your finger in your eye to place or remove a contact doesnt sit well with me. I know no physical contact is made between the finger and eyeball.........but i hate even having to put drops in my eyes. My blink reflex is so sensitive that even a finger 6" away from my eye makes me blink. Laser eye surgery...........i have heard great things, but no.
  6. Being physically disabled, common sense told me (as well as a couple of members of SGL), that the 8SE was about the biggest portable scope i could have. They were not wrong.
  7. Honestly, i have no idea. I'm about 30 miles west of Dublin (South County Dublin.......not the actual city of). I am surrounded on 3 sides (W,N and E) by mile upon mile of open countryside. To my south (about 3/4 mile away over the back fence) is the north campus of Maynooth University and the small town of Maynooth itself. 2-3 miles past that is a main artery into Dublin city. The Uni itself (is not lit up like a Christmas tree by any stretch of the imagination and the main road into Dublin is so far away and uses LED lighting as not to be an issue. I also live slightly elevated above the Uni,town and road. In saying all of this, under certain weather conditions, the sky above is pure yellow (moisture in the atmosphere etc). When its a clear night, its really quite dark. I can see M31 naked eye and the milkyway. So i have rated my skies as 0% light polluted.......purely because when its clear, its clear and dark. On night when the air is lit up yellow........usually no point going outside anyway because its basically cloudy or fog,or rain or snow...............
  8. Im now immune. I have my 8se and thats it for me. Works for me, others may want bigger.
  9. I watched. Really enjoyed it. Amazing to discover that it wasnt just the global fire storm that followed, which killed most life off, but the composition of the rock (Gypsum) in the area where it struck played a HUGE part. If it were any other type of rock which was ejected into the atmosphere and blocked out the sunlight........the outcome maybe would not have been as devastating. Mind you, a blast that measured what?............10 billion a bad day in anyone's book. Interesting to hear that the asteroid size compared to the size of the Earth is about the same as a grain of salt hitting a bowling ball.
  10. I feel your pain. When i go "shopping" in my wheelchair, all i have is a small back pack. All i can carry in my back pack is about 2 Lt milk,a loaf of bread and a couple of other items. The back pack is heavy at this stage (causes drag on the wheelchair) and my house is a couple miles away from the shop. I just did shopping online with Tesco (other stores are available) on Sunday for the very first time. It took me a while (ok............2 hrs), but i got everything i need for about 2 weeks and i didnt even have to leave the house. It was delivered on Monday and the delivery guy even helped me pack it all away. Simples. So, in a way, it is related to transporting and setting up your astro gear. You just have to figure out the best and easiest way that works for you. I may never need to go to a supermaret again. Why bother, when the supermarket can come to you?. Interestingly............. when you shop online from a supermarket, the "best before" and "use by" dates are better than when you physically shop in the store.
  11. Why such a big "insecurity" light on a police station?. Are they afraid of being broken into?. The local police station in the town where i live is hardly ever manned. If you have an emergency, there is a sign on the door giving you a very long phone number to ring. Good thing that crime in my town is extremely low and a friend of mine who lives 2 doors away is a cop.
  12. You do know its illegal to remove shopping trolleys from the supermarket premises,dont you?. A few yrs ago i bought one of those plastic garden benches which has storage below the seat for gardening stuff. I thought it would be great to store my 8" SCT in. It is water tight etc, so not too much to worry about. I just couldnt bring myself to store a 2K scope outside (not even in my concrete shed). The bench faces east, so its a nice place to sit in the mornings and have a coffee while the sun is beating down (not that that happens much here in Ireland). This is the seat/bench i have. The garden is not mine.
  13. That bought me the darker skies. I already had the scope(s) to use under those darker skies.
  14. Build an obsy for a 70mm refrac?. Seems extreme and costly. I think this is just a case of getting used to moving everything outside and setting up.
  15. I have the same scope, and as John says..........there should be a thumbscrew there to lock down the focus tube.