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  1. Must do this one day

    Looks like the holiday of a lifetime.
  2. Taby Mini Astrofest

    Dont think (i know) i wouldnt be outside in -12C.
  3. Sometimes its hard to decide what to sell....

    A few yrs ago i was given a Celestron SkyScout for Christmas. Brand new at the time and cost 600 euros (i know, right!!!!!!!!!!!). A few months later i sold it for the princely sum of 70 euros. Man, those things really dont hold their value.
  4. Taby Mini Astrofest

    So, let me get this right.............. You do astronomy with other people and you do it from indoors?. One of us is doing it all wrong. LOL.
  5. 80mm smartphone camera. Dont think i'd call it a telescope.
  6. Cleaning a 6" RC primary

    Looks good. I agree that air in a can is NOT a good way to clean mirrors. Why? The compressed air uses a propellant to get it out of the can. This (as you found out) leaves a nasty residue. Im not sure i'd like to use acetone either. Its an acid and could eat away the coating on mirrors. Im not saying it will. Ive just never heard of it used before. De-ionized water is usually the recommended cleaning agent and a drop of washing up liquid. Baader Wonder fluid is brilliant.
  7. looking up

    That's true.
  8. looking up

    LOL. Am i the only resident disabled astronomer here?.
  9. looking up

    Hi Ash. Welcome. I am also a wheelchair user and have been doing astronomy for 38 yrs. I'd be interested in knowing more about your disability and why you cant get outside at night.The more you tell us, the more we can suggest ways of getting round your disability.
  10. Why no Sky at Night TV program this month?

    I admit BBC Four dont usually do Astronomy. They do Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, natural history etc. Astronomy aint the be all and end all of science. The other night on BBC four, i watched a brilliant show about bubbles. I find astronomy shows boring. I learn nothing new from them. Its the same thing over and over. I watch shows on BBC Four about all fields of science (even thought much of it is beyond me). Why? It expands the mind and any day where you learn something new.................is a good day. I watch Nat Geo for the same reason.........to learn about the wider animal kingdom.
  11. Wow!

    I got that due to the SMC/LMC. Have to adnit that as an image...............it just doesnt work for me personally.
  12. Zoom for a second eyepiece?

    Hi David and welcome. You seem to know a bit about your scope and EP's already. Thats great. Zoom EP's can be expensive. I have the Baader Hyperion 8-24mm. I dont know anything about the Meade 8-24mm zoom, but Meade are a top brand 9particularly in America). Another 8-24mm zoom EP that gets good review is the Seben 8-24mm zoom. Usually Seben are not known for good quality products, but the 8-24mm zoom gets very good reviews here on SGL who have bought them.
  13. Sometimes its hard to decide what to sell....

    Thought of that myself, but i have everything already that i need to get back to basics. If i ever sell up, i'll keep certain things. I cant remember the last time i has my 8se outside. Im more of a binocular guy again. Quick and easy. No fuss. Still waiting to pop my HA cherry.
  14. Wow!

    There's another car on the right hand side with what looks like red torches shining and a telescope. The mountain in the "reflection" dont even match up.
  15. Sometimes its hard to decide what to sell....

    Im too lazy to sell, TBH. It involves a trip to the post office,waiting in line, buying padded envelopes, boxes, addressing them..........yaddah yaddah!!!!!!!!.