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  1. The Veil Unveiled (Well, Partly!)

    The difference between a UHC filter and a OIII is that UHC filters make the make/enhances visible more (m42) etc. An OIII, makes the invisable,visible.............the veil etc.
  2. The Veil Unveiled (Well, Partly!)

    8se and OII, winning combination.
  3. Eclipse fever?

    Cheers John. Bookmarked. What time should i start viewing?. I want to see the whole event.
  4. Sky at Night - cleaning gutters?

    I caught a repeat of this episode. I certainly will not be climbing onto my roof and cleaning out the gutters for something that needs to be seen with an electron microscope. Regarding a previous comment about Maggie and weight loss. Yes, she has slimmed down.............a LOT. But that is neither here nor there.
  5. Glossary of Astronomy Terms

    Not what i expected. Thankfully as a single guy, i dont have many of those issues.
  6. Eclipse fever?

    Id like to watch it live if anyone has a link.
  7. I SAW IT ..... i saw it ..... WOW

    Great excitement in the OP. I thought when i read "WOW", that this was going to be a first sighting of Saturn. The Seven Sisters (cant spell it the correct way) are probably as famous or as recognizable as Orion's belt. To the naked eye, the sisters are pretty underwhelming, but instantly recognizable. They are one of the handful of objects which look better with binoculars rather than a scope.
  8. If you are new to astronomy, this means so is your scope?. I seriously doubt it needs cleaning. Ive had a reflector now for maybe 7-8 yrs and have never cleaned its mirror. Mind you, it has spent most of the time in its box with its dust cap on.
  9. Astro Baby website back up

    Good to see you back Mel, not to mention the legend that is your collimation method.
  10. Starting out

    Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!. I know AP is expensive (to do it seriously), but its shockingly expensive when you see the costs written in B&W.
  11. Eyepiece advice

    High quality EP's at an affordable price.............. Guess what i am gonna say next!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yep, Vixen NPL's. Short eye relief, which a lot of people dont get on with but the NPL's have a firm fan base.
  12. Invest in a 40mm eyepiece?

    Cant go far wrong with a GSO 32mm. Great EP for star hopping. It only give a 50 degree FOV, but it feels like more. Best EP i have ever used.
  13. I was joined by this guy tonight whilst testing kit...

    Apparently hedgehogs are lactose intolerance. So no bowls of milk.
  14. Funny Clip about Traveling to the US Eclipse!

    I'll hopefully catch the next total eclipse from Spain. Easy and cheap to get to.
  15. Funny Clip about Traveling to the US Eclipse!

    Ive seen posters here in Ireland for an upcoming concert by False Dawn. Cant say i heard them. Ill give them a listen. False Dawn..........isnt that the band of an SGL member who recently posted?