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  1. LukeSkywatcher

    On this day in 1974.........

    What the message means is that humans are rubbish at Tetris.
  2. LukeSkywatcher

    On this day in 1974.........

    I'm 44 and I'm still working too. Ask me again in 24956 yrs. I'll probably be on my gazillionth upgrade.
  3. LukeSkywatcher


    I keep all my astro gear inside, so they are covered under general house contents.
  4. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    Nothing yet. Im waiting on a delivery today of one of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Warmlite-WL42005-Halogen-Oscillation-Function/dp/B005N631CU/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1542044946&sr=8-6&keywords=halogen+heater I figured it would heat my bedroom when its cold, instead of burning oil and heating the whole house. My housemate/friend John had one delivered last week for the same reason. They are extremely good.
  5. LukeSkywatcher

    Dubai Astronomy

    Sand cant be good for a telescope mirror.
  6. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    Today I got a letter from a government department. The letter was sealed in a plastic package with a sticker saying it was damaged in transit. Just enough of it survived that I was able to see where it was from. It looked like a very grumpy dog got its mouth on it. Most of it wasn't even in the package.
  7. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    Today the "postman" brought a wireless mouse,mouse mat,office desk and a halogen heater. All for my mate/lodger John. Nothing for me.
  8. LukeSkywatcher

    Forum Speed Issues

    Fine here now. I may need a new lappy.
  9. LukeSkywatcher

    I hope this is not true...

    I heard about this months ago. However it was the Russians who were doing it. It was all about ending SAD's.
  10. LukeSkywatcher


    I had a rat in the attic a couple of yrs ago. It chewed through all the cables for the lights in the house. I heard it jumping around a couple of times. It sounded like a 20 stone Rothweiler up there.
  11. LukeSkywatcher

    A dream come true

    Wow. Thats specacular.
  12. "Basically I've landed on the Skywatcher Heritage 130p vs the Bresser Messier AR-102XS/460". I have both of these scopes. The 130P has the advantage of aperture. Both scopes need next to no maintaining (small Dobs rarely need collimation), and Frac's simply look after themselves. The 130P is a lot cheaper than the 102. I bought the 102 to use with my Quark filter for Ha solar observing. The Bresser AR102 xs is a lovely quality build. The finder scope etc are very cheaply made and plasticky so need upgrading. The only issue i have (as others do) with the 130P is the focuser, but that easily solved. So, im gonna say for a "Grab n Go", the Heritage 130P is the best option. The R&P focuser on the 102 is SWEET.
  13. LukeSkywatcher

    Is this scope worth my marriage?

    Who needs a wife when you have all of those beauties in your life. Id be happy with the 25x100(?) bins in the foreground.
  14. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    I dont have one but they are bigger than you'd expect.

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