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  1. LukeSkywatcher

    Some people...

    There's an old Chinese proverb: Fight fire with fire. Do unto others as they have done unto you But what in the hell is this world coming to? Blow the universe into nothingness Nuclear warfare shall lay us to rest Fight fire with fire Ending is near Fight fire with fire Bursting with fear We shall die Time is like a fuse, short and burning fast Armageddon is here, like said in the past Fight fire with fire Ending is near Fight fire with fire Bursting with fear Soon to fill our lungs the hot winds of death The gods are laughing, so take your last breath Fight fire… Sorry, wait that's a Metallica song.
  2. LukeSkywatcher

    The Future For Big GOTO Binoscopes is Here!

    Oh the vertigo just kicked in watching that video.
  3. LukeSkywatcher

    All the 2018 entries

    You asked so here goes. My favourite is the moonlit caldera.
  4. LukeSkywatcher

    First snow -ish...

    An Elephant giving birth to a mouse. I'm sure that was on an episode of "I didn't know I was pregnant".
  5. LukeSkywatcher

    Lunar Eclipse 21st January 19

    Get out of a warm bed at stupid o' clock in the morning for a lunar eclipse?. Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!. I'll be awake anyway because herself gets up at least 2 hrs before going to work. Insomnia by Faithless is running through my brain. I can't get no sleep. It's 5:20am.......and here I am.
  6. Fruit fly eggs? Oh that's gonna come back and bite us on the backside. 20 ft tall fruit flies asking us to take them to our leader.
  7. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    This arrived today. I only ordered it late Sunday night.
  8. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    This arrived today for Lorna. I'm pretty sure it ain't the new washing machine I ordered online.
  9. LukeSkywatcher

    Gloves for astronomy - LIDL

    Relaxe vous Rodney. I'm a trained professional. Haha.
  10. LukeSkywatcher

    What's your favourite observing time?

    Btw. - spontaneous awaking after midnight, and staying active for some hours, alone or in community, before returning to bed, seems to have been a common sleep pattern in previous times. For some strange reason I have been waking at 1am for the last 2 weeks. I get up and Potter around, go online etc. I go back to bed at 5am and sleep til 8am.
  11. LukeSkywatcher

    What's your favourite observing time?

    7:30-8:00pm.....because that's when Eastenders is on TV.
  12. LukeSkywatcher

    Gloves for astronomy - LIDL

    Im a wheelchair user. My preference for when in the wheelchair on a daily basis is fingerless gloves. Same while observing. I have a pair of fingerless which serve both purposes. They cost me about 60 euros. I dont mind because for the wheelchair they have to be hard wearing and durable while being light and breathable.
  13. LukeSkywatcher

    When you dislike electronics...

    In my world, even a hammer constitutes an electronic tool.
  14. LukeSkywatcher

    Problem for Nasa

    Matt Damon will solve it.

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