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  1. Ive switched over to Food Network and Diners,drive-ins and dives.
  2. Ive given up on tonight's episode.
  3. Ships,harbour and tides............. Who cares.
  4. Night 2 is just about to begin. I find it refreshing to see astronomy from down under. Too much talking?. They have not padded out the 1 hour show with loads of pre-recorded VT.
  5. Different scopes perform differently. If there is one scope for everything, i'd like to meet it. My 70mm Travelscope: is a wide field scope. Its great for clusters and asterisms,constellations and nice views of the Moon. Rubbish for observing planets. I now solely use it for solar observing (with Hershel wedge and safety filters). My 90mm refractor: Absolutely the best views of the planets i have ever gotten. I dont use this scope because it is on an EQ mount and EQ and i just dont get along with each other. My 130mm Skywatcher Heritage: is a great all rounder. I really cant find much to complain about. Its a joy to use and relax with. My 200mm SCT: I personally cant fault it apart from the focuser. Apparently SCT scopes have a narrow(er) FOV. I just dont notice it myself. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you can afford and if you enjoy the views and the scope then that is ALL that matters. I prefer my 10x50 bins over my 20x90 bins.
  6. Yeah the Lunt seems popular. Ive read about issues with PST.
  7. The only reason why i decided on an 8" SCT over an 8" Dob is due to my limited mobility. I could never dream of being able to manage an 8" Dob. If i could........i most certainly would have.
  8. The reason why many people go for Dobs is because you can get a lot of aperture (light gathering ability) for very good price. Just compare the price of an 8" Dob to an 8" SCT.
  9. Do you do much imaging?. Its amazing how much detail that can be dragged out of images taken in post processing. Obviously, imaging in not an instant "wow" that observers can get at the eyepiece, but i'm sure imagers get the same buzz with processing their images.
  10. 2017 could be the year (i said it last year), when i move from WL solar observing to H-Alpha. I'm sure the family (i can already feel the eyes of my 14 yr old niece and my mother looking at me in great scorn) will not approve. There always seems to be something going on in H-Alpha and its a bit more interesting and dynamic than WL. Will it be a Quark, will it be a PST???????? Who knows!!!!!! I'm all about "the less gear to take outside, the better", so PST could win the day. Although during the day......taking gear outside such as laptop etc isnt much of an issue and it is lovely to be outside in the sunshine with family and friends and nature.
  11. A few yrs ago i made the jump from a 130mm (Skywatcher Heritage) to a 200mm SCT. How much better are the views?. I went from looking at the Moon, to a feeling of orbiting the Moon a couple of hundred miles above the surface. IMHO, when it comes time for you to upgrade.........200mm (8") is the way to go.
  12. I think most of us have considered throwing in the towel at some stage with regards to astronomy, due to the weather. I dont think anyone actually has. Ive considered selling up and only keeping my bins. That was never going to happen really. I havent had the chance in about 2 yrs to get out (bad health and bad weather). Feb/Mar this year havent been too bad. Quite a few clear nights (all night), but i just havent bothered. Not much going on in WL Solar observing either. I'm starting to get the urge once again to go out observing,so i'm sure over the next few weeks i will make an effort. Normally i would be putting my gear away for the summer at the end of May, but this year i will keep it close at hand. One or two clear nights in a row (or even in a week) really relight the fire to go out observing.
  13. If its not animals or other people you are worried about, what else is there to worry about?. Ghosts and/or monsters is not an acceptable answer.
  14. I was just thinking the other day that we dont see too many images of the crab on SGL.
  15. I wasnt going to bother watching, but i am glad i did. It was great seeing astronomy from the southern skies. I really enjoyed the show for once. I'll be tuning in tonight.