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  1. We're going back... it's official!

    Without getting political etc... Good on him for doing this. Yes, let's get back to the Moon with the aim of it being a launch pad for missions to Mars. Its been an idea for yrs, but has never took off.
  2. Collapsible or Solid Tube

    I dont doubt you. How much heavier would you guess?. Im assuming it down to materials used in construction.
  3. The Sky at Night

    I missed it but will catch the replay on Thursday night (i think). Its not a show i watch, but good old basic observing is worth a watch.
  4. Collapsible or Solid Tube

    Ive read this before that truss tubes are slightly heavier. I still cant figure it out how its possible. Solid tube and truss may both have the same footprint, but truss scopes dont need as much head room. They can be stored in smaller spaces.
  5. solar filter

    I love that. Before i read about it i thought that looks like a proper expensive Solar filter. You just know with those clips that the filter is not going to move anywhere. Nicely done. Inspiring.
  6. Start ‘em young

    All hail El Presidente Jess.
  7. What telescope.

    After Christmas is a great time to look for 2nd hand scopes. Unwanted/unused "gifts",scopes in perfect condition and about 60% of the retail value.
  8. What telescope.

    What kind of budget are we looking at?. I suppose given the fact we know you are looking at either a 120mm Frac or a 10" Dob, we can kind of guess the sort of budget.
  9. Start ‘em young

    Very cute picture. It also proves one thing, which is asked very often here; What scope to buy for a child?. A child's idea of what a scope should look like is a Frac. You point it upwards and look into the lower end.
  10. What telescope.

    You can get a lot more aperture for your money if you go with a Dob. There are however many other factors to consider. Dobs can be quite large and heavy. Do you have enough storage space etc.
  11. Just set up the new bins on the P-mount

    They really are lovely looking bins. Im curious as to how much they weigh.
  12. Helios LightQuest HR 16x80 binoculars have arrived!

    They look great. Look very solidly built and i love the fact that the objective covers are attached to the bins themselves. My 20x90 bin objective covers are forever falling off when taking the bins out or putting them back in the case.
  13. Quantum Physics tonight

    IIRC... Neutrinos being sub-atomical particles can appear out of nowhere and vanish as quickly. It made sense to me, and who am I to question perhaps the most brilliant mind ever.
  14. About the only thing i want to try but as yet dont have is a binoviewer.
  15. Light Pollution - can you help??

    TBH, i dont think society in general gives a second thought to light pollution. Why should they?. Light is good. It provides safety. It allows us to move about in the dark. Very few hobbies are effected by light pollution. Governments are unlikely to spend billions on lessening LP just to please a few million hobbiest's world wide. Earth Hour............is a joke (IMHO). Its a token gesture at best. It solves nothing. I recycle religiously. I never have any lights on in the house other than the room i am in at the time. My carbon foot print is smaller than my shoe size (i have small feet). I do what i think is right and cant do any more.