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  1. LukeSkywatcher

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    Pan & tilt ................really annoys me with bin viewing. Im really looking forward to the pistol grip.
  2. LukeSkywatcher

    Vixen SLV Eyepices if no takers I’ll keep them

    Im soo tempted. I love Vixen and desire a full set. 1.25"? Open to offers?.................£250. Postage to Ireland. I'd be happy to take the full set off your hands.
  3. LukeSkywatcher

    Autofocuser ordered

    Happy belated birthday Gina.
  4. LukeSkywatcher

    Advice about telescope

    The Bresser 102.
  5. LukeSkywatcher

    Best upgrade options?

    They are held in high regard.
  6. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    "Some creative maths then tells me the 10" only cost around £50". Ive no new purchases in mind, but a lot of sales. My petty cash bank account is starting to run low.
  7. LukeSkywatcher

    Celestron refracting telescope

    A few months ago i saw a brass 40mm scope on a mahogany tripod to buy in a top Irish shop by a well known interior decorator. Im pretty sure he knows nothing about astronomy. It was simply a "show piece" for a study or office. Lovely as it looked.............150 euros...............NO THANKS. I used to live by the coast and many houses right on the coast had this type of scope in the lounge.................just for show.
  8. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    One thing ive learned here on SGL over the yrs is that there is never a problem with astro gear................only solutions.
  9. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    I was going to say that if you have any panel beating skills or know someone who has................ Dent be gone.
  10. LukeSkywatcher

    I must be blind

    I dont use a finderscope or RDF apart from when i align my 8se, but a simple RDF is useful and intuitive. You should be able to pick one up 2nd hand on ABS for less than a tenner. *ABS=Astro Buy and Sell*
  11. LukeSkywatcher

    What will I be able to see?

    The site im thinking of is similar to this: http://astronomy.tools/calculators/field_of_view/
  12. LukeSkywatcher

    What will I be able to see?

    I could see see the rings of Saturn in a 90mm celestron refrac, so im sure you will see them in a 114. You will also see the bands on Jupiter and its 4 main moons. Nebs and galaxies should be visible (the larger ones), but you probably wont see great detail. Galaxies will just be "faint fuzzies". TBH, they are just faint fuzzies for most people, unless you go to a dark site. To observe nebulae, you could do worse then invest in a UHC or OIII filter (or both). £40-50, should get you a good middle of the road one of either. There is a website (i can never remember the mane) and you enter your scope details and what EP you are using and pick a target and it shows you a rough guess of what that target should look like with your gear (under perfect conditions). Im sure the next post will have a link to the site.
  13. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    I could not live with a dent like that (even with a discount). Im a bit OCD about things like that. Id send it back. Love the observing chair. It looks very comfortable.
  14. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    Going on what people are buying of late, im guessing its a Takasushi of sorts.
  15. LukeSkywatcher

    Celestron refracting telescope

    I have a Celestron 90mm refrac,(FL 1000mm), which IS designed for astronomical viewing. It eats planets, for a late night snack. The views of the planets i got through the scope (when i did use it), were just outstanding. Obviously being a 90mm scope, the images were not very big, but they were brilliant.

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