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  1. Its nice to have nice neighbours. Where can i get some?.
  2. I dont think that 6.5mm under our skies in a 200mm scope is an unreasonable request. I am unfamiliar with the Morpheus, so have no idea about the eye relief. 8mm for me is about as low as i go with any scope (on any object), but i have gone down to 6mm Celestron Omni (observing the Moon). ONCE. May i suggest an 8mm Vixen NPL? It will/should work a treat with your scope and get much use. I swear by the Vixen NPL's (not that i am an expert in any way). They just seem to work great with every scope i have from my 100 quid travel scope right up to my 8" SCT.
  3. I agree. It gives a little bit more. Does that justify the cost?. For visual observers i have to be honest and say no (too late for me,as i have one). If solar imaging is your thing, then yes......every little helps. I'm happy to have one and to use it. If i ever feel like hooking my camera up to the scope i'm sure it will be of greater benefit. So, lets just say that the solar continuum filter is a luxury rather then a must have.
  4. I didnt think that i'd use mine much when i first tried it, but now its a dedicated filter in the optical train.
  5. Yeah, i saw you got it after i posted. Thats a nice saving you made there with the polarising filter included also. With the cash saved, you could, if you felt like it, buy a solar continuum filter. They are not strictly needed but are a nice added extra. They turn the Sun a funky bright green which doesnt take long to get used to. They just make surface granulation and the edges of sunspots more visible. I'm sure a light green wratten filter will do the same job at a much cheaper cost. Enjoy the wedge. The Sun is here for the next week or so. Not sure if there is much activity happening. I stand corrected. Ive just had a look at the solar imaging thread and there are currently a few nice spots visible in white light. I dont know if they will last til midweek. I'll have to take the little 70mm refrac and wedge out tomorrow and have a look. Here's my little solar setup: 70mm Celestron Travelscope 1.25"Hershel wedge (and filters) Hyperion 8-24mm zoom Horizon 8115 tripod I never tire of posting this image because it is so small and portable and does a great job.
  6. Hope you get it. Thats a bargain.
  7. I bought my 1.25" wedge from that Euro astronomy shop in Germany a couple of yrs ago. It sells from there without the ND3.0 filter, so i had to buy one of those also and fit it in. I also wasnt sure if the wedge itself was polarised,so i bought a double polarising filter. Turns out the wedge was polarised and i need only have bought a single polarising filter. No problem, the double works great as does the ND3.0 filter. I also was informed by members here that a solar continuum filter is an added bonus if you use one as it teases out finer detail. I bought one of those also (i think all the filters i bought are Baader). The solar continuum filter alone was quite expensive (about 80 euros). The other 2 filters (ND3.0 and variable polarising filter) were 40 euros each. Total cost of wedge and filters=280 euros. No regrets.
  8. Love it. Talk about looking like part of the furniture.
  9. I love how your scope matches the furniture in that room.
  10. It depends on what you own and space available. I have scopes (or parts of) stored under my bed. Other parts are spread out around the house between the box room and a corner of my bedroom. Nothing is in the way and all within easy access.
  11. I look out the window or back door.
  12. LOL...........thought i needed another trip to Specsavers.
  13. The 2 black labs are not very obvious at first.
  14. Not sure which i like more!!!!!!!!. Your labs or the size of your wine glass.
  15. I put more thought/research into buying my 8" SCT scope than i put into buying my current dog. I'm by no means being flippant. Deciding on the right scope is difficult. A dog is a dog is a dog. They all do the same thing. Telescopes dont. My dog is a happy/healthy 9 yr old now.