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  1. Asking price was 7999. Then a reduced price of 8000?. It looks like an absolute beast and the image backs that up. More than I could ever handle. Love it though.
  2. I find more and more that I tend to reach mainly for my 32,15 and 8mm EPs. Pretty much covers everything.
  3. Consider me tempted. FLO are the only company that ship them to Ireland. Bino Bandit gets great reviews online. SWMBO said " What you gettin them for?, I've never seen you use binoculars". I said "It will get me outside, and away from you". Anyone got a spare room?.
  4. Just when I thought I didn't need any new gear... Bino Bandit, comes along and tempts me.
  5. We ordered a couple of presents online in early Dec 2020. They have never shown up. Total value about €100.
  6. Nice. Very sharp. Great detail.
  7. WOW pretty much sums this kind of thing up, perfectly. To be honest, its whatever you feel at that moment.
  8. I prefer to find it via Cassiopia. I can usually land right on it most nights without using Cassi. On a clear night here, its often a naked eye object using averted vision.
  9. In a strange way, we are all stars. We are all made up of the same stuff. *Romantic ideal*
  10. Another rover?. Wow, more junk to be left on Mars.
  11. We've gone in a week from -3C at night to about 8-10C. Daytime temperature are a Spring like 13-15C.
  12. I own a bit of Mars and the Moon. Big enough for a single microbe with no kids to live happily.
  13. Hope you don't mind Ben Affleck as a neighbour.
  14. I know the feeling. Herself is under the delusion that I'm a millionaire.
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