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  1. Anyone want a polarizing filter?. Collection only.
  2. I use my right eye which is stupid because the sight is better in my left. I never wear glasses when observing.
  3. The view with the Quark Chromosphere filter are pretty mind blowing compared to wedge, but they are two different things. The Quark is mainly for observing prominences and such. It will show sunspots also.
  4. Don't be worried. The important filter is the ND, which most likely comes already installed in the wedge (do make sure). After that, a Solar Continuum filter will offer finer details of granulation. You probably won't need a polarized filter. If you do.....a single polarized filter will do because the wedge is already polarized. The Continuum filters can be expensive. I paid 80 euros for my Baader. It's not essential, but worth it for what it does. I moved onto Ha observing about 2 yrs after I bought a Hershel wedge. My Ha filter cost about 1.5k. When I was doing WL, I was using a 70mm travelscope. When I started Ha.....I upgraded my solar scope to a Bresser 102 AR XS.
  5. We've had some amazingly clear nights here in the last 2 weeks. I've not taken advantage of them because by the time SWMBO gets home from work, we cook dinner, eat, relax and chat....... I'm ready for bed. I'm turning 45 next Tuesday......... Maybe old age is creeping up on me. Lorna does like the night sky, so I'm thinking that we may do some Summer observing later in the year when we can sit outside on warmer nights and enjoy it more (I'm used to winter observing). I wouldn't drag her out this time of year.......hypothermia may finish her off. Lol
  6. Anything that I've bought second hand from SGL members really was as new. I've had no problems what so ever with transactions.
  7. I'd never heard of a Super, Blood, Haven't Moon etc until I joined SGL. To me, the Moon is just the Moon in all its beautiful glory.
  8. No single answer to this but when I do use my scopes, I find myself reaching for a 15mm EP. I spend most of the time twiddling my 8-24mm zoom. Love my 32mm BGO.
  9. EQ1..... The stuff of my nightmares. *Shudder*
  10. IMHO..........the show has run its course. I watch bit of it for the last 3 yrs. Doesnt do anything for me now. The fist two series i watched avidly.
  11. Must be camera/sensor artifacts. I think if there was anything as interesting as that in the night sky................... Most everyone would know about it. As to what they are/cause............ Not a clue. Middle frame image one looks like an evil dogs head with glowing eyes. Next looks like a monkey of one kind or another and the furthest right looks like the hand of Fatima.
  12. This is your forte. Large Binocular Telescopes.
  13. Its not a given but a few weeks after Christmas is a good time to look for second hand astro gear. Many people get unwanted gifts and sell it online.
  14. Hmmmmm How do you go out for an imaging session and forget a camera and mount?. I think you are a visual observer trying to break out.
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