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  1. LukeSkywatcher

    Improving a Skywatcher Heritage 130P even more

    Nice improvement. Not sure i'm gonna run out and buy 2" EP's though. Who knows.....maybe at some stage i will because i can use them with my 8Se.
  2. LukeSkywatcher

    20,000 not out.....

    Told you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  3. LukeSkywatcher

    20,000 not out.....

    Whats wrong with masks?. Its better that the face i was born with.lol
  4. LukeSkywatcher

    What are you doing to fill these short summer nights?

    I'm in bed by 11 most night and don't get up til 8. Only reason I saw it is because in hospital they seem to think sleep is bad for you
  5. LukeSkywatcher

    Seben cheap telescopes

    I saw one of the same scopes in an auction house a few years ago. Price was 10 euros. Nobody bought it.
  6. Time flies when you're NOT having fun.
  7. Welcome back. Has it really been three years?.
  8. I bought the tripod separately so i could mount my 20x80 bins. The tripod i have, gets used for all of these: 70mm scope, 20x80 bins, Cannon 450D
  9. Are you using the tripod that was supplied with the scope?. Its rubbish. As DP said, its not worth investing money in this scope because its cheap and has its limitations. It is designed to be a wide field scope so it struggles with high magnification. I have one but rather than spend money adding stuff to it, i use it with things i already had. I had a better tripod, so i use that. I wanted to do solar observing, so i did spend a chunk of money buying all the safety filters etc. I use the scope purely for solar observing now. Here's my 70mm travel scope on a Horizon 8115 tripod with a Daystar Quark solar filter and a Hyperion 8-24mm zoom eyepiece.
  10. LukeSkywatcher

    Unused binoculars are everywhere

    I gave a kid across the street from me a pair of almost new Strathspey 10x50 bins because i was chatting to his mother and she said he'd love a telescope but she wasnt sure if he would use the scope. I missed them so much, i bought another pair the next week.
  11. LukeSkywatcher

    What are you doing to fill these short summer nights?

    Planets? Where? When?. They have all headed Down Under. I did spot Jupiter at 4am the other morning with my eyes. It was high enough if you have a clear view.
  12. LukeSkywatcher

    Show Us Your Binoculars.

    I had the Omegon out tonight for a bit as its crystal clear (apart from the Moon washing out part of the sky). What to say about these little 2.1x42 bins!!!!!!!. Brilliant!!!!. I can pinpoint focus on stars with or without my glasses (i never wear glasses when observing). The view is absolutely crystal clear and bright. They really do show you a nice wide FOV. I was looking at Virgo, and i got about 3/4 of it in the same FOV. The Moon was close by to the right, so i didnt manage to see it all. I need more time with them to get to know them, but 1st impressions are very impressive. Next up.......the Lunt 8x30. They are on the way.
  13. LukeSkywatcher

    20,000 not out.....

  14. LukeSkywatcher

    What are you doing to fill these short summer nights?

    Solar WL and Ha by day and not a lot by night.
  15. LukeSkywatcher

    What did the postman bring?

    This was delivered about a month ago but i was otherwise occupied. I give you possibly the worlds smallest digital camera: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DBPOWER-EX7000-Touchscreen-Waterproof-Accessories/dp/B0761SN6SS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527113430&sr=8-1&keywords=dbpower+ex7000&dpID=51xfT4VDXKL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

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