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  1. I'm not an astro photographer, but I get digital photos of family onto canvas. Here's a couple of our Molly in the dining area. They cost about 25 euros each.
  2. I have the 102XS. I love it. The finder scope is terrible though.
  3. Now is not the time for complacency. I'd advise against encouraging crowds to gather. We're not out of the woods yet. Ireland is slowly slowly coming out of lockdown. Baby steps.
  4. If I find out who I got it from, I'll let you know. There's thousands available online. This one is extremely good quality and only cost about €30. I just found that it also contains a self retracting cord in the top compartment that you can attach your house or bike lock keys. Nice little feature. Also, the inside material in all compartments is similar to a cooling/keep warm bag (no more warm sandwiches for lunch, and keep EPs warm at night). It can be worn underneath clothing because it's not big and bulky (extra level of security. I'm well happy.
  5. I don't carry it in my hand(s), so not a handbag. I can't remember who I bought it from. It was an advert on FB. I also bought ( a few weeks ago) one of those wallets that flip your cards up, and your cards can't be read by those scimming machines, from the same company which was also on FB.
  6. This arrived today. It's an over shoulder, cross chest "Manbag". Very handy for keeping wallets,phones and others bits and bobs in. At night it can be used for storing EPs, and other bits of astro gear while outside. There's plenty of storage space in its five compartments. It even comes with a mesh drinks pouch. Available in different colours and an option to have it left or right handed.
  7. There's no doubt that a full moon washes out much of the sky around it. Turn your back to it and observe the usable sky.
  8. We are off to the Boyne Valley for a week. It's been yrs since I visited Newgrange. We might just take a trip. We may even drive to Birr to see the Leviathan, even though its in Offaly. Was at some time, the largest telescope in the world. The scope is gone, but the rest is original.
  9. I bought 2 òf these from FLO. Neither worked, so I got a full refund and free return.
  10. My lovely Sericho Pallasite arrived today. It's a nice size and pretty weighty. It looks like a lump of beef that's been smoked low&slow for hours. It's making me hungry. Thanks FLO.
  11. My meteorite display case arrived about an hour ago. Thats a whole week earlier than expected. Its flat pack stuff, and weighs a good 10 Lbs (Inc packaging..cardboard box and Styrofoam). It came from Netherlands. Happy days. It looks like this, but without the cars etc.
  12. The Badder Astro filter will only let you see the Sun in white light. You will also see Sunspots. To see the Sun in others way and more details you will have to pay more, such as Quark Chromosphere filters and the likes. You said cheap.....so Bader astro is a great start.
  13. No luck on Spacerocks. I did find the ideal display case on Amazon.de. it can be wall mounted (or not). I'd prefer to wall mount it because nowhere else to display. It gets very good reviews compared to the same product which come painted black or white. 4.5 stars. The others get a 4 star. Easily big enough to house my collection.
  14. FLO buy from David. I buy from FLO, so essentially I am buying from David. I'll give the spacerocks site a try. Thanks.
  15. When I travel, I find the nearest pub and drink till I'm seeing doubles.
  16. Nice collection in a nice storage box (was the box included?). I have all of those (bought separately), and a few more. It's a slippery slope when you buy your 1st meteorite. I've been searching for a display box like that. I can't find one anywhere. I tell a lie. I don't have a Sericho. *I just ordered a Sericho*
  17. Not strictly astro, but yesterday the post lady deleivered a brand new phone (Samsung 5G A42). It has 4 camera lens on it. Could make for a nice astro cam. It is an upgrade (so no cost), after 2 yrs. Mobile data, calls, texts etc are unlimited. 128 Gig internal storage. 40 euro a month, my old phone Samsung A50 was a limited plan.
  18. I tried a 40mm Celestron E Lux (once), and quickly sold it on. It was like looking through a Smarties tube. I have a 32mm Celestron Plossel which came in an EP kit. I absolutely adore it. It's so emmersive. It's my workhorse for scanning the sky. I'm sure I used the 40mm in my Skywatcher Heritage 130P. They didn't get along.
  19. I wait for late September. I'm 52 north (near Dublin,Ireland).
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