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  1. I remember it well. Biggest I've ever seen.
  2. When observing while seated, the muscles in your eyes are relaxed and no pressure from bending your neck. This leads to better views.
  3. DT=date All fixed now. Exact time (AM light has turned off because its PM)) and date. So neeners to all you doubting Thomas's.
  4. I'm sure when I figure it out that the AM will only light up after midnight. It's a great watch. A bargain.
  5. Theres no PM on it. I haven't set it up properly. There were no destructions in the envelope.
  6. Can I have the Polo (life saver). Thanks.
  7. Not astro related, but I ordered this watch a month ago and it arrived this morning. Great quality build. 7 euros.
  8. I saw some of these clouds a few days ago.
  9. My postman doesn't like me. Never brings me nice things. It a female postie, so that explains it.
  10. I don't see DSO's in colour. The universe to me is shades of grey and white. The exception being the planets, and stars that are not actually white.
  11. Please please please buy more astro gear. Lots more. This heatwave is killing me. Not as hot here as last year, but it's not far off it.
  12. Ahhh Happy birthday Gina. Michael you geek. Lol
  13. Don't go to East London then. :÷)
  14. I've a good view East over the brick wall. Good views west over the wall with the wall decorations. Good view north over roof of house and big open sky view at zenith. It's just a south view I'm missing.
  15. Here's mine. In no particular order: It's not as bad as it looks because I have a huge patio, my house is a bungalow and pretty dark skies. The worst is looking south with all the trees.
  16. Everything in moderation, especially astronomy.
  17. That is so weird. When I first saw the OP image the craters looked like they were indeed bulging. When I saw your image, and looked again at OP image, I saw no bulging.
  18. I couldn't see it from the pub. *hic*
  19. Tell her to get working on renewing your vows. That should keep her busy.
  20. The leg on the left doesn't even have a shadow. I'm thinking that the photo was taken with the same camera as the Moon landings.
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