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  1. Hi Comet71217, I have the SLT 102 that I use once in a while. It is really a wide field scope - very good for things like the brighter messier objects - Pleiades, Beehive, Butterfly clusters and so on. I have found low power views with something like a 32mm eyepiece of areas of the Milky Way or the Orion Belt area quite spectacular under magnitude 5 skies. Under these low magnifications the mount seems to be stable enough. I have tried higher power views of the Moon and Jupiter (like with a 9mm eyepiece and 2X barlow giving 146X) but chromatic and spherical aberrations start to become obtrusive and focusing is more difficult with the unsteady mount. Filters might help a lot - for example a the dark green filter in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter kit seemed to make the view of Jupiter much sharper with banding and the GRS easily visible. Regarding durability I have had it for several years and it has not failed at all. Alignment (I usually do the two star) works like a charm. If high magnification planetary viewing is not high on your requirements I think you can be quite happy with this scope. All the best
  2. While The Register do try to put some humor in the titles and content of their stories, they do seem to be credible. In the case of 2006 QV89 I did a quick search and the Wikipedia article on it corroborates what is reported by The Register. More seriously, it looks like there is room for improvement in our ability to reliably track Near Earth Objects that might be a threat. For this object the VLT had to be used to rule out the chance of impact and I am sure getting observing time on telescopes of this class is very competitive. The LSST which is supposed to be starting operation in 2020 has tracking of Near Earth Objects as on of its scientific goals so should improve our abilities in this regard. But maybe we should be more worried by being struck by an Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle.https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/07/19/selfdriving_bus_injuries
  3. beka

    Mauna Kea

    That is true and while I think we shouldn't be completely ignorant of what has happened in the past, some compromise will be needed if humanity is to move forward. I am certain that all of those protesting the TMT are benefiting from the use of products made possible by science and technnology - from the clothes they wear to the food they eat to the mobile phones they are using to organize the protests. None of these would have been possible if we had wanted to preserve the entire Earth in the pristine state it was in 100,000 years ago. We just have to find ways of minimizing the negative impact to the environment or cultural and religious values. Best
  4. beka

    Mauna Kea

    Hi All, While the article mentions that the native Hawaiians believe construction of the TMT will "desecrate" the site, throughout history large structures have been built in tribute to cultural and religious beliefs. Somehow huge and ongoing efforts have to be made to convince the protesters that the value of the work done at the observatories for all of humanity, along with the uniqueness of the site's suitability for this type of scientific work, definitively makes this construction of the latter category. Hoping this issue is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties...
  5. Link to amusing story https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/07/17/wasteroid_qv89_earth/ Cheers
  6. Science at its best. Congratulations to the guys who did this!
  7. Hi Suwy, You need to give some more information - like what is the model of your scope and what steps did you take when you "installed"? Best
  8. No I don't have this issue. But the error message indicates a bug in the software which could be the cause of the problem. Did you install the latest version of Kstars? I am not really upto date with Wndows but maybe you can change the compatibility settings of Kstars and disable some features of the graphics adapter. Also checking the integrity of the Kstars download (hash values) might not be a bad idea. Cheers
  9. I am about 5'6" and average build but have managed my CPC 1100 alone (though I don't know for how much longer). In the house I remove the OTA + fork from the tripod by carrying it using the side handle and recessed hand grip on the other and put it on a table. Then I take the tripod outside alone followed by the OTA + fork. I need to support the OTA + fork assembly on the front of my body because it is too heavy for my arms alone. I fear one day this process may not end well ? Cheers
  10. Hi TheMan, My experience is on Linux so I don't know how much of it applies. You have to make sure the camera is not seen as a storage device - so you may have to eject it. Then you would start the Indi server by going to the Tools -> Device Manager dialog and finding and selecting the Nikon DSLR driver under CCDs in the device list, then click the "Start Server" button (after selecting the "Local" mode radio button if your camera is directly connected to your PC). This will open a new dialog that should allow you to connect and dozens of other controls. If you click on connect and don't get any errors then you can go on to explore the options. If you do not find the Nikon DSLR in the list of devices the you will have to go back to check the Indi installation. Hope this helps and good luck!
  11. I had a look at the paper which is very technical, I would surmise that you need a thorough understanding of QED to fully understand it. On the other hand if a reversal of state can be a measure of reversal of time then maybe we can say that time was reversed for the localized system studied. And if we physically managed to reverse state on a macro scale, say we confined a fly to a specific environment let it evolve and then reverted everything about the fly and the environment to a previous state then I guess we can say time was reversed for the fly. And if we managed to do it at galaxy scale... I think Superman did it at Earth scale once ? All the best!
  12. Hi All, A link to the article would be good - maybe this is an example similar to the well known Quantum Erasure effect where it seems you can change past events by actions in the future - sort of ?. Best
  13. I checked on the internet and it seems glass can have a density of up to 8000kg per meter cubed. Calculating using this density and the diameter of 510mm it looks like it will have to be about 37cm thick - seems a bit high (are the lenses cemented or air/oil spaced ? ). Lower density glass will make it even thicker. Also I think truss APOs should be illegal! Best
  14. But really, why does this product actually exist and why would anyone buy it? Cheers
  15. Well lets hope the size of his pupils match that of his feet...
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