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  1. MikeODay


    Wonderful colours and you have done a great job keeping colour in these very bright stars whilst also capturing so many faint ones. I have not noticed in photos before that so many stars can be found in the Coal-sack. Well done!
  2. MikeODay

    The Scorpion

    Lovely image - I really like the composition and the colours.
  3. MikeODay


    Congratulations Rodd - a well deserved recognition for a lovely image.
  4. MikeODay

    M81, M82 and the IFN

    Wonderful image Sara - I love the colours and the detail you have brought out in the IFN. Well done!
  5. Thanks for that. Cheers Mike
  6. Thanks for that! I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Although ... The colour balance was a challenge and I'm still not sure it is "correct" - the problem I had is that there is no neutral area that I could use as a reference to remove the light pollution. Even the dark areas are really red! Also, looking at other deep images, I think that the blue tint at the far left is not due to reflection of blue star light from interstellar material :) - I think it is probably due to the very strong stretch of the dark tones bringing out atmospheric flare from the bright star just out of frame - there must have been more dust/vapour in the air than I thought; it looked clear! Cheers Mike
  7. updated ( slight tweak to colour balance, a little brighter and tad more contrast )
  8. Thanks Rodd. I find it hard sometimes to set the right contrast - I calibrate my monitor for colour but the contrast is very different between my monitor and IPAD.
  9. MikeODay

    Bicolor Heart Old and New

    Lovely images Rodd - I like the colours and detail is wonderful.
  10. MikeODay

    NGC 7822 3 panel mosaic (Ha)

    Lovely image - I really like the composition.
  11. Thanks Rodd Here is a further tweak. What do you think, better or have I over done it? Cheers Mike
  12. Cheers Carole - yes I imagine that it is quite low in the sky for you!
  13. The Cat's Paw Nebula ( NGC 6334 ) in Scorpius updated ( slight tweak to colour balance, a little brighter and tad more contrast ) ( please click / tap on image to see larger and sharper - a full size image can be seen here ) ...... original: ( please click / tap on image to see larger and sharper - a full size image can be seen here ) ……………………... Also known as the Bear Claw Nebula, NGC 6334 is an emission nebula near the scorpion's tail in the Scorpius constellation. Image details: Image centre ...... RA: 17 20 08.185 Dec: -35 52 30.91 Field of view ..... 57' 37.8" x 38' 51.8" Rotation .......... 0.00 deg ( North is up ) Resolution ........ 0.586 arcsec/px Telescope: Orion Optics CT12 Newtonian ( mirror 300mm, fl 1200mm, f4 ). Corrector: ASA 2" Coma Corrector Quattro 1.175x. Effective Focal Length / Aperture : 1470mm f4.7 Mount: Skywatcher EQ8 Guiding: TSOAG9 Off-Axis-Guider, Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2, PHD2 Camera: Nikon D5300 (unmodified) (sensor 23.5 x 15.6mm, 6016x4016 3.9um pixels) Location: Blue Mountains, Australia Moderate light pollution ( pale green zone on darksitefinder.com map ) Capture ( July 2018 ) 6 sets of sub-images with exposure duration for each set doubling ( 4s to 240s ) all at ISO 250. 168 x 4 min frames plus ~10 frames each for the shorter exposures Processing: Calibration: bias, dark and flat Integration in 8 sets HDR combination Pixinsight July 2018
  14. Congratulations guys, well deserved
  15. MikeODay

    M27 Two hours in Astro Twilight

    The process you describe sounds right. By the way, In the past when I tried stacking the different channels it did not make much a difference. In the recent experiment I turned on the option of distortion correction. I suspect that this may have helped.

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