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WADAS (Wakefield and District Astronomical Society)

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9 hours ago, Vicky050373 said:

Erm actually, I have the gear and absolutely NO idea he he. Finally treated myself to a new phone today. Just setting it up now and finding out how to use it. I have dragged myself into the 21st century! Go me! LOL

Is it one of theses vicky

old mobile phones

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2 hours ago, mapstar said:

I'm sure he's invented the star trek replicator! 

Haha..that's so funny D.

If I did have a Trek replicator..i can think of more fun things to replicate and I would be in a different hobby too :-)

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4 hours ago, cosmicbug said:

From Gain's Astro Emporium...loL

There you go Eric, I do believe this is what you've been looking for.

I have one here you can try out for purpose.

just collect it when you come for the camera!



Haha fabulous. He is The Fixer lol :)


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I seem to be missing a few bits wonder if he can find them for me?

Tv 10E 6E and 3.7E

A hubble space telescope

Large binocular telescope 

Small dome for back garden to house them in and also space shuttle for service and repairs to above!



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One for Gains replicator machine.


I am looking for a cheapy small correct image finder on a SW shoe for my daughters little 70mm frac. She doesnt want me finding stuff for her any more and wants to be able to find m45, jupiter etc without my assistance. Tried her with a normal finder, but the inverted image freaked her out and she couldnt use it, but i reckon a correct image (not even raci) would do the trick for her.

Told her i;d mount it on the skywatcher az goto and was told "no, i want to find it myself and not use a computer"..... good girl. trained her well.

Anyone got one kicking about?

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12 minutes ago, Vicky050373 said:

That'll be about typical when I'm planning on having too much Cobra to be able to do anything about it haha :)

I have some in the garage nicely chilled for tonight

bye the way happy birthday ??

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