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  1. This item has now sold Miderators please archive, thank you
  2. I have for sale my Bresser 1.25" 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece. Bought second hand last year, but doesn't get much use as it is very similar to my 25mm BST Starguider, and I cannot justify keeping both eyepieces. I also require funds for another purchase, so this nice little eyepiece has to go. Nice all round condition, but does not come with end caps or bolt case. However, I will ensure it is well packaged for delivery. £20 to include standard second class postage within UK Payment via PayPal or bank transfer Thanks for looking Vicky
  3. Item now sold. Moderators please archive. Thank you Paul
  4. Hi there, I used it successfully with an Orion 50mm guidescope and a lightweight RDF. I do not use a finder scope. Mounting a finder scope and RDF etc for visual use, I found it very capable. However, due to the height of the foot, there may be some flexure if used to hold a guide scope for long exposure imaging. I am happy to return your payment if you do not feel it will be suitable for your purpose. Vicky.
  5. I have replied to your message. It is not metal. It is 3D printed strong plastic of some description.
  6. Price reduced to £20 including standard 2nd class postage
  7. 1.25" GSO Light Yellow #8 filter still available
  8. I have for sale my dual finder scope mounting bracket for standard Vixen/Synta style dovetail fittings. 3D printed version I bought - not made my myself. Sturdy construction and very good quality. Seling as as I have since purchased a 3-way bracket from FLO. Looking for £20 to include standard second class postage within UK Bank transfer preferred, however I can also do PayPal
  9. Love a time lapse. You had a nice clear sky last night. Pity it doesn't get dark until very late and even then, no sooner as it's dark it's getting light again!
  10. 1.25" GSO Light Yellow #8 filter in good condition with case £10 to include standard second class postage within UK Bank transfer preferred, however I can also arrange PayPal Thanks for looking Vicky
  11. Yes please! PM incoming! I've been looking for one of these to turn up for ages
  12. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici imaged 17.03.2019 Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED & Altair Hypercam 183C 28 x 120 second exposures
  13. ***SOLD*** I have for sale my T2 adapter ring for Nikon DSLR cameras. Boxed Good quality metal construction £10 including standard 2nd class delivery within UK Payment by bank transfer preferred, but I can do PayPal Thanks for looking Vicky
  14. I thought the same, but thought I'd just make you aware of it. Good luck with your search
  15. ***SOLD*** I have for sale my Starguider adapter for Canon EOS lenses to T2 thread for CCD cameras. Nice quality solid adapter made from black anodised aluminium, and is a similar design to the Geoptik branded version. Has 1/4" photo/camera thread and 3 X M5 threads under the base. The optical length of the adapter is 19mm, leaving enough back focus for most CCDs. Please check your particular model as I needed an additional T2 spacer to achieve focus. Allows standard 1.25" filter to be used within the adapter, keeping them dust free when both lens and camera are in place. Please note, that this adapter does not allow the use of 2" filters, only 1.25" filters. The bracket uses a locking ring mechanism: prior to inserting the lens, the locking ring needs to be turned clockwise until it stops. The lens should then be inserted in the bracket and turned clockwise in the bayonet. The locking ring is then turned anti-clockwise to lock the lens in position. Compatable with Canon EOS bayonet mount lenses: all Canon EOS lenses and includes EF-S lenses. Also, your lens does not need to be Canon as long as the bayonet type is correct, so other brands such as Tamron or Sigma are compatible. £50.00 including standard delivery within the UK. I also have for sale my Geoptik Finderscope Adapter for these type of CCD adaptors. Attaches to the Starguider adapter to allow the use of a finderscope or guidescope for longer exposure imaging. High quality and anodised in Geoptiks trademark Orange. Note: There is a slight scratch to the paintwork to the underside of the adapter from when I had my guidescope shoe bolted onto the top, and I caught it whilst tightening the nut/bolt with my pliers. I am listing separately at £20, however, if bought with the Starguider adapter I will do both items for £65.00 including standard delivery within the UK. Bank transfer preferred, but can do PayPal. Thanks for looking Vicky
  16. Price reduced to £12.50 including standard postage within UK
  17. There is an IDAS LPS-P2 77mm Light Surpression Filter on ABS UK. However, not knowing much about these things, I'm not sure if it is suitable for your needs https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=146480
  18. ***SOLD*** I have for sale my BNIB Pixco Canon EF to C-mount adapter. Nice quality solid adapter. Unused as I changed my direction after purchase and went down the route of using my Hypercam 183C with my DSLR lenses rather than my QHY5L-II. Price reduced to £12.50 including standard delivery within UK. Bank transfer preferred, but can do PayPal. Thanks for looking Vicky
  19. Shame you didn't get on with them. I believe they are the pair you bought from myself. I can vouch for the fact they were in "as new" condition when purchased from me as I was unfortunately unable to use them myself as my eyes are unusually close together (58mm IP distance), which was just less than the minimum IP distance of this particular make of binoviewers (which is 59mm I believe). Unfortunately, I had kept them beyond the point of being able to return them so had to sell them instead of returning them for a refund. Although I was unable to bring the image fully together to use them properly, I could tell the quality of the above set is fabulous. Each EP holder has its own helical focuser to allow the viewer to set independent focus for each eye, and the supplied Barlow lenses mean you can view at 3 different magnifications without the need to buy further matched EP pairs. I'm sure they will give the buyer much viewing pleasure
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