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  1. The finder scope is very similar, as Dave says, to the finder that came on a vintage scope I picked up, which I believe is a Prinz 660. If it is the sane then it isn't a very good finder by modern standards, but does its job if aligned well. It is difficult to see the eyepiece fitting on the photos, but the scope I bought had the old 0.965" fitting. However, I found I could unscrew the end and fit a Vixen 36.4mm to 1.25" adapter (cost around £20) for a very easy upgrade. But, I can't tell if the scope in your post would convert the same. I've attached a couple of pictures of my scope & attachments if it'll help. All the best, Vicky
  2. Hi Eric, yes it is a pity that we no longer use the WADAS forum on SGL. I tried to continue with it, but found I was the only one using it. I mentioned at a recent meeting that we don't seem to use any of our chat groups/forums etc. But that being said, I don't think anyone has really managed to get out this season, so we are struggling finding things to post about. We will have a chat in the next meeting and see about getting some momentum going within our group. Also, I agree with you about needing somewhere to meet up for viewing/imaging but the season is disappearing fast.
  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. I wasn't offended by your previous post, and honestly meant my response to be light hearted. I really do love that scope and can't believe it would now be in landfill if my brother's mate hadn't have mentioned me to his work colleague. I was gutted I couldn't save the original mount, but I feel it important to keep things as useable as possible as there wouldn't be any point saving them if not. I am so pleased I found the Vixen adapter to enable the use of modern eyepieces without having to irreversibly change the scope. The original solar projection screen is an absolute hoot to use, and it's a shame we don't have many sunspots of late. Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments and reassure you all that I wasn't being at all negative in my original response. Vicky
  4. I looked up the "Circle K" when I first acquired the scope as it took me a while to pin down exactly which scope it was as there seems to have been a few very similar looking scopes with various branding. The optics aren't quite in the same league as my WO FLT-110, BUT... I have to say that the Prinz 660 does get dragged out into the garden more often for an enjoyable viewing session. Plus I am up and running in quite literally two minutes! As a quick update to my previous post, I have now re-attached the original finder scope, and also fitted the lovely long slow motion control knobs which I removed from the original mount which was unfortunately unsalvagable. I believe these may possibly be made from Bakelite, as they have that look and feel. I have fitted these controls to the Vixen Porta II mount and very smart they look too
  5. I feel as though my vintage frac has really let page 99 down in the "serious glass" category LOL
  6. Seeing Nakedgun's post showing that lovely vintage long focal length refractor has inspired me to show you the result of a little project I worked on last year. My brothers best mate knows I'm "into astronmy" and offered me a telescope that one of his work colleagues was wanting rid off and was free to a good home. Of course, I jumped at the offer without even knowing what was being offered as I'd never wish a scope of any description to be taken to the tip. I was warned that it came in a huge wooden box and there were loads of bits that looked damaged and or broken. I'll keep the post short and I collected what I believe to be a Prinz 660 refractor complete with tripod, wooden coffin case and most of it's original accessories. Unfortunately, the tripod was in a sorry state and I don't have space for the case, so the tough decision was made to discard these. Even though the 0.965" EPs are not in good condition, I have kept them for prosperity. I have also kept the solar projection screen which I have attached and used to view sunspots. I used a Vixen 36.4mm adapter (which I had read on another forum fits these old scopes perfectly) to convert the focus tube to accept modern 1.25" accessories. I bought some new 76mm tube rings (which are surprisingly difficult to find) and fitted these so I could use on my modern mounts. I currently use this scope mounted on my Vixen Porta II mount (bought from a fellow SGL member) for casual viewing. I fitted a Telrad finder which, although not very attractive, is far superior to the original finder scope, which I have also kept. I absolutely love this old telescope, which is probably a similar age to myself. Even though I have an incredible refractor in the form of a WO FLT-110, the Prinz 660, with a 76.2mm lens and focal length of 1250mm, is the scope that gets hauled out into the yard when I just want to get back to basics and have a bit of fun. I have attached a couple of photos of my finished little "restoration" project, and it is a thing thing of beauty (despite the Telrad haha). And to think it was heading for the tip. I shudder at the thought.
  7. Hi, just letting you know that both the 8mm and 18mm BST eyepieces have now sold. Vicky.
  8. Hi there, had this thread pop up in my notifications. Just letting you know that I have received a PM overnight stating interest in both BST EPs and asking for payment details. Just thought I'd let you know that these will both be sold once payment is confirmed. However, as an aside, as you can read in my classified post and in my signature that I am a huge fan of the BST eyepieces and have the full range in my case, along with a 2" 32mm Panaview for widefield viewing. I use the BST eyepieces with all my scopes (8SE, Equinox 80 and Prinz 660 vintage refractor) and I cannot fault the view they give in any of these scopes. I will comment again on this thread to advise if the BSTs are sold, or if they are still available. All the best, Vicky
  9. Love a time lapse. You had a nice clear sky last night. Pity it doesn't get dark until very late and even then, no sooner as it's dark it's getting light again!
  10. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici imaged 17.03.2019 Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED & Altair Hypercam 183C 28 x 120 second exposures
  11. Hopefully next time. Weekday nights are almost impossible for me now I'm working full-time hours. This middle aged woman can't hack the lack of sleep like I could, even 3 or 4 years ago. Plus, I had to pick Luke up from cadets on Monday night as Terry was unable to go for him. I've got too much on sometimes. I'm itching to get out for an Astro-gang night with the scopes
  12. Nice results @Mark62 and @Marci. Looks like I missed a decent night of Astro.
  13. It's all going against you this season
  14. Results of a quick 15 minute back yard session last night with the Canon 100D DSLR with 50mm F1.4 lens on my Star Adventurer mount.
  15. I have found the perfect dew-shield for the Prinz 660 refractor. It is, in fact, a cut-down 2L Sprite bottle, but it's contoured shape has made it an absolutely snug fit, and it will look amazing once finished. Personally, I also think the other patterning on the plastic will just finish the look once painted etc. Looking for tips on how best to finish it off. Was thinking of filing off the edges as they are a little sharp, and then using matt black paint on the inside with white paint on the outside. Hoping my acrylic paint will work, and then maybe protecting the outside with some kind of varnish? Ideally, it'd look better to flock the inside but I don't have any suitable material for this. And help/tips appreciated please
  16. Grabbed the opportunity to get the gear out last night and captured some data before the clouds came in. Had issues with PHD, so had to stick to shorter unguided exposures. Still, it was nice to get the gear dusted off and aired out M97 The Owl Nebula & M108 The Surfboard Galaxy in Ursa Major 28.01.2019 Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED & Altair Hypercam 183C 125 x 60 second exposures
  17. It's not been the best of seasons again. You have been very busy with work. I've had health issues over Christmas, which have sapped my energy and taken my Astro-mojo. Plus the clouds seem to be a permanent fixture apart from when there's the DLB in full force! Know what you mean - it just feels as though the season is slipping by again. Hopefully see you at an upcoming meeting.
  18. I was out in the back yard last night having a bit of fun lunar viewing with the vintage Prinz 660 refractor I have been "fettling". I took a few quick DSLR shots of the Moon and I'm really happy with the results. The images don't really do the view through the eyepiece justice, as this scope gives pin sharp detail along the terminator, even at this lunar phase! Below is a single image from last night. The Moon Canon 100D DSLR and vintage Prinz 660 refractor Single 1/400 second exposure at ISO 400
  19. Having a bit of fun in the back yard with the vintage Prinz 660 refractor and William Optics binoviewers. The lunar views were incredible. Almost 3D. I felt as though I could reach out and touch it. I've also done a few DSLR shots which look really nice, and I'll post them tomorrow when I've had chance to put them on the laptop. Vintage long focal length refractors (and this thing is long) really put the fun back into astronomy
  20. I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019 and hoping for many a clear night for all
  21. Thanks D. It was a bit disappointing that it was so hazy with lots of high cloud, but she was fascinated with the Orion Nebula. For a 76mm scope it gave pretty good views
  22. Well, I finally got to show my niece, Emmie, the Prinz 660. I also gave her a large fold-out poster sized Moon map, Nightscenes 2019, Tim Peake's "Ask an Astronaut" and an Astronomy dot-to-dot book. She absolutely loves the scope, although it takes her a while to see the objects in the eyepiece. We initially set up in the front yard and viewed The Orion Nebula, Betelgeuse, The Pleiades, Hyades and Mars. However, the street lights were bright so we moved to the back yard to see what we could see there. Unfortunately, a haze began to set in and we were unable to see anything more than the brighter stars so we called it a night. Next time we are hoping to do some lunar viewing to see if Emmie can name the features by using her Moon map. A budding astronomer in the making
  23. Hope everyone had a really lovely Christmas, and that Santa bought you lots of nice goodies. I got a really sweet mini telescope on a pendant, which extends out to around 3". You can even look through it and things are slightly magnified. It's cute
  24. It's very very looooooong, but it was quite comfortable for viewing the Moon with the tripod extended. Wouldn't fancy viewing anything too close to the zenith though haha. I'd have to kneel down!
  25. I've just had another look at my photo. It does look as though the scope is low down haha. It wasn't really as the tripod was fully extended, you just can't see the bottom section due to the shadow. Man, that scope is long...... that's a 6 foot fence I'm viewing over haha
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