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  1. Mark62

    Welcome to all

    Thanks Eric. Keeping my fingers crossed
  2. Mark62

    Welcome to all

    I never intended to go down that route anyway . You helped a lot you might not think so but you did. Just a case of refining the process now to get the best out of the camera
  3. Mark62

    Welcome to all

    Taken last week in Lincolnshire first real go with a Altair 183c on a 200pds. Thanks to Vicky for her help at Kelling
  4. Mark62

    Welcome to all

    Will do Eric, will be good to get out and do some observing
  5. Mark62

    Welcome to all

    Hey what’s going on here. I keep getting notifications. Iv not had anything from SGL in months is it open for business again
  6. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    Nice little set up mat. Iv had 5 minuet exposures out of mine unguided with no trailing.
  7. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    Nice image Ben. It’s to cloud over anyway Damian so the moons no problem
  8. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    That don’t sound good Eric. Hopefully your on the mend and we will see you soon. All the best mate
  9. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    Super image Dec. Nice and clear. Shims you canot make it tonight
  10. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    I'v has the rest since Christmas 2015 lol
  11. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    I sure am Vicky, yes it would be nice to get some clear sky’s and check the lens out.
  12. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    Haven’t we all Damian lol . Baader put the full set out for sale in 2015. The problem was they did not have the 17.5mm ready so all the people that bought them then have had to wait for Baader to develop the eyepiece. It’s has now come on the market. Adele had bought me the full set in 2015 and promised that the 17.5 would be delivered buy December that year, then January and March 2016. We got an email last year saying they could not get it right and the price would have to increase to over £200 . Baader should not have put it on the market until it was ready.
  13. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    My Morpheus 17.5 eyepiece has arrived. After two and a half years since my wife bought it for me I can now say I have the full set of Morpheus eyepieces
  14. Hopefully it will be hear tomorrow but the forecast is not looking good at the moment. I will give it a test as soon as I can and compare it to the rest of the range ASAP
  15. Mark62

    WADAS forum 4

    Stop moaning. You will never sell the scope you like us too much lol

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