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  1. Lovely job Dec. Yes there are loads of galaxies in your image. It dose make you think when you see an image like that
  2. Excellent Gain. Looks super, Gains Astro emporium strikes again
  3. It's very windy out Damian
  4. Glad you had a good night Eric enjoy the footy
  5. I agree Chris. It's going to me up all night I'm sure you can do what's needed at home in case you need anything
  6. I think that's the sensible thingy to do Dec. You can always practice on Jupiter the moon won't effect that
  7. its really hazy out and I'm not sure it's going to get any better to be honest. The Dales seems a trail for poor seeing as well as the DLB
  8. Glad you enjoyed the night Ben hope to see you out viewing with us one night also
  9. Really enjoyed the talk Gain. Good to see so many there. Glad you all enjoyed your curry also
  10. Glad you managed to get out last night I would have come out my self but had only just got back from my weekend in Scotland. Good report Vicky and glad you got the scope sorted Eric
  11. Hi and welcome Ben. We usualy go to the Cinamon Lounge in Horbury. Look forward to seeing you at our next meeting
  12. I'm away this weekend so no chance for me
  13. Lovely
  14. Sailing club Nick. Small one at the top
  15. Just to let you know Nick there's one or two of us going up to Winscare to night. Your more then welcome to join us up there. I will be there from about 7:30