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  1. I do visual too so the AZ might be the better choice.
  2. they are the same mount belt driven, encoders I do believe. Just the altitude and of course you can use it in AZ.
  3. I must admit even though they have beefed them bolts up I do like the look of the altitude adjuster on the AZ mount
  4. EQ6-R or AZ-EQ6GT ??
  5. That's just about what is happening to me. I have a trapped nerve in my spine and I cannot continue with my job. After 33 years service it's retire or be dismissed. 55 years of age and thrown on the scrap heap. Good job I have a works pension.
  6. Only 8 days for me
  7. Thanks Damian. Will record it for later. 👍🏻
  8. Been through?? I'm still going through and will be for a long time xxxxx
  9. Shhhh don't mention the dimmer
  10. It was good to see you and everyone else there Ben.
  11. Wish I could have stayed all day too Nick but things to do with the house being in turmoil. Was good to see everyone that did come along and met some lovely people to boot. We might see some new faces due to our stand
  12. Looks grate Looks great. I put mine between the connections and the lighter socket but I don't have switches. By the way do you know the dimmer is not straight 🙄🙄 lol
  13. Sounds like I missed a good talk last night. Sorry for missing it but with all the work in the house at the moment I was on cleaning duties again. Hopefully see you all in July
  14. Don't think I'm going to get there tonight. Sorry. Will catch-up with u all later. Hope you all have a good night
  15. Ok if I get out I will see you there