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WADAS (Wakefield and District Astronomical Society)

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This will be the official(ish) thread for the new astronomical society for Wakefield and surrounding areas, if you live in or around Wakefield and have an interest in astronomy then this is the place for you. We will be having our inaugraul meeting at Horbury Academy on Wednesday 16th October at 19:30 where all are welcome to attend.

The society is the result of a group of SGL users from the area, coming together to find local people who wanted to observe in groups, to share their knowledge of astronomy and to share their best spots for observing. After much cloud dodging and a few beers the seeds of a society were born. The hopes of the society is to bring together like minded people who want to share experiences and build friendships while observing, discussing and enjoying astronomy.

We look forward to seeing you all there and please if you have any questions, ask away.


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My first light test image from last night's outing. 

taken at winscar last friday

Just a quick note, and picture, to announce that our baby daughter, Hayley, arrived on Sunday 24th at 01:20am weighing in at a healthy 7lb15oz. Mother and baby both now doing well and safely home.

Posted Images

Thanks guys, the banner was just something I knocked up on the tablet, so if anyone can do better please do and post it on the page and I'll add it as the banner. I'm going to leave the profile picture as is until the logo is sorted and then that can be the profile picture.

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I'll take a look on the Google drive and go through it guys.

Looking forward to getting the society off the ground and looking up so to say.

Weather is I'm afraid not looking good all week.

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yes, the weather looks appalling all week :huh:

however looking forward to tomorrow nights meeting. I think initially subs/membership will need to be payed by cash or cheque - at least until everything is setup/signed off, then we can amend the memership form to allow for standing orders etc.

We have quite a lot to get through tomorrow, but it should be good to get everything officially done and then we have the means to take it forward.

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Ok sorry, about my absence but I had a bereavement in the family and was trying to sort out the FB page, which I've managed to do. The new address for the FB page is http://www.facebook.com/WADASOSD you may notice its changed from the above address, this is because while editing the page I went to make a cup of tea only to come back into the room to find my 3yo on the laptop. Unfortunately FB only allow you to change the address once so we're stuck with it, the perfectionist in me was not happy  :mad:

But it's now all up and running so get liking, Kieran if you want to be added as an admin pm me your FB address and I'll add you (same goes for anyone else who wants to be added as an admin). 

Looking forward to tomorrow evening, going to bring a camera for some photos for the FB page and if we knock up a quick report I can get it sent to AN for the January issue  :grin:

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Great meeting and nice to see familiar and new faces too.Nice also to see some stars too

Thanks for all the efforts everyone has put in to get this so far and off the ground

Here's to looking up

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I'll second all the great comments about tonight. Can't believe we are finally there. Looking forward to building on what we have started to make it a really great society.

Big thanks especially to Nick for his efforts in doing the agenda for tonight and keeping it running so smoothly.

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