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  1. Haha! I unfortunately missed the talk . Nonetheless, the curry and my lambing session was just a most delightful experience. Good to see the gang as well as John and Ruth!
  2. Great image Dec. Well done! btw what equipment and camera did you use?
  3. Was really looking forward to a trip out to the Dales but the weather had other ideas. Only managed a quick Jupiter session on Thursday night from the garden with the 8inch maksutov. Fingers crossed for this week otherwise it's a wait till August.
  4. Nicely done Dec...that is fantastic work and glad to know someone was listening and to see someone imaging objects beyond our neighbourhood! The Coma galaxy cluster is over 300million lightyears away. Well done Dec! Don't forget
  5. Thanks Dec, And an even larger thank you for the finderscope and bracket. Just perfect in matching black....cheers matey
  6. Hehe!...Thanks Mark,..it does look super....and amazing value! Will be good in the WADAS circle.
  7. It does look large and impressive. It should draw us a crowd at the Horbury show and the erecting prism means we can show the public terrestrial objects without the 'Why is is upside down?' Question. images are crisp too!
  8. It certainly is Eric...The Wadas ball will roll a little faster now!
  9. Thanks Vicky, really excited for Wadas.. it's a lovely looking instrument and performs quite well too! Need to sort a home for it though?
  10. WADAS has a new member! Supplied by Gain's Astro Emporium haha! We have a SKYWATCHER EQ5 mount with RA motor drive, dual weights and polarscope, a Celestron C6R 6inch f8 achromatic refractor OTA with dual speed focuser, erect image prism diagonal plus extension tube and a series 4000 Meade 26mm plossl. The instrument is quite large and looks impressive. Our original target scope was a SW 120 on an EQ3/2. The finderscope is mine and not included so if anyone wants to donate a 9x50 finderscope with bracket for a standard SW shoe, that would be great. The scope is ready to
  11. Fabulous images Eric...lots of nice detail. Well done
  12. Thanks mate...good to have you there?,
  13. Thanks Ben and great to meet you in person. Curry was fun!
  14. Thanks mate. Glad you enjoyed it Declan, ...We'll hopefully get to see some galaxy cluster images from you soon!
  15. Thanks Mark and thanks again for attending. Good to have you there!
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