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  1. No Amp glow on the 533, and the SQ sensor is no issue either.
  2. Plus one for the Optolong L-eNhance Filter on Emission Neb, Planetary Neb & Supernova Remnants.
  3. 21st September last clear night in West Yorkshire, Weather Clouds n more Clouds, Met Office, Accu Weather, BBC, Clear outside, all way out with forecasts !!


    1. Hawksmoor


      The accuracy of forecasts for Lowrestoft is mixed to say the least. The tide can often delay the onset of weather fronts coming from the west by several hours. I therefore always check Sat 24 images. The Jet Stream is also a pain. My last captures of Mars on th 9th of October were badly affected. Oh to live on a large landmass at altitude!

      Regards George in a currently damp cloudy and last night misty Lowestoft

    2. 2STAR


      Lets hope things improve on all fronts


  4. Not like you to forget your faithful Star Chart Damian !! eric
  5. M27 no crop, on Alt/Az mount just 2 star align 12 x 20 secs high gain on ASI studio software, Espirit 80mm, IR/UV filter.
  6. I have been doing EAA for approx 4year now, always in Alt/Az, I have never done PA in eq mode. I get some field rotation outer edge of image but just crop it out, its tricky with larger objects like my last IC1848 Soul Neb , but still looks ok, smaller DSO are even less of a issue. lots of 20 or 30 sec subs. Level Tripod with Mount on I use a Telrad Finder , 20mm Reticle ep & perform a 2 star align I then remove ep & attach my camera, the second alignment star is always on Laptop screen (though not always center) Center Star, Put Bhatinov Mask on, get focus Send mount to DSO & Center object on screen Start taking exposure after messing with Histogram, gain, etc, I just do levels & Curves in Gimp (dont know how to do anything else lol) At the moment I am trying out with the ASI Studio, due to weather so far its not helping fine tuning with all the Cloud in West Yorkshire Attached my only image so far since beginning of September
  7. Couple of weeks back, Mount stopped, I tried the Handset, but no movement of mount, then realised I had Cord Wrap, slight damage to Cable , but scary, fixed with electrical tape, seems ok now. eric
  8. Snap, had this twice. perfect imprint, now keep blinds closed on back bedroom window lol
  9. Optolong L-eNhance is a good choice for OSC on Emission Neb, Planetary Neb & Supernova Remnant.
  10. Re: Camera attached at the same angle !, can you expand on this please as I have had this issue. regards eric
  11. I only just remember I was there Mark, kept some notes that's why
  12. I contacted ZWO a while back regarding some instructions for their ASIStudio software, they said it was on its way !, still waiting. By the way, Sharpcap has in my opinion an overloaded UI , and can be a bit 'fussy' regarding Star Count , not as easy as some folk state ! ,ASI studio is a lot more forgiving and easier to use for both EAA & DSO, as well as plans to developed it further into a comprehensive imaging software, I haven't used ASIcap yet so cant advice on that. regards eric
  13. I just Wrapped my 11" dewstrap around my 9.25 no issue at all still does the job as above mentioned no problem. eric
  14. 9pm Winscar Res 4yr ago. 2/9/2016 Milky Way Visible Andromeda Visible Hundreds of Stars Visible Cold but not freezing Good Transparency Good night for all WADAS members Eric
  15. I love these conversations even though I dont have a clue what its all about ! eric
  16. Modest Budget of £2,000 lol, wish my budget was that Modest. eric
  17. I had the same scope, I used both Dew Shield & Dew strap together with no issue, I had the Kendrick 4 point connector controller (although I only ever used the one connection), I placed the Dew Band over the Shield approx in line with the Corrector Plate . Eric
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