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  1. I might pop up with the society scope to give you all a look through it.
  2. I've not received a notification either Mark? Strange? I did get out for an hour last night just to test out the views from the society scope. The glow on the western horizon did not fade until 11pm another month and we shall have the longest day and be heading the other direction. Jupiter gave pleasing views being high in the sky using the supplied 26mm meade super plossl. Later on Saturn was a rather mushy look but I had popped the 4.7mm eyepiece in it. During fleeting moments I could jusg pick out the Cassini division. Hope to catch up soon with the rest of you and hopefully the notifications will come through if anyone wants to get out Damian
  3. From a decent dark sky M81 and 82 can be spotted in a 9x50 finder scope quite easily. Keep looking fella they'll pop out soon
  4. I might try for this myself later in the week if I get chance. Best Tak sketch I've ever seen, so much detail you captured it well there John
  5. The Veil is stunning under a decent sky. As above locate 52Cyg and follow the wispy trails all over. Best I've ever seen it was at the Galloway star camp and it was just awe inspiring. Keep at it I'm sure it will be a target you return to time and again Damian
  6. Thanks for reading through, enjoying it and for the compliment. A 14" is a really good size in terms of aperture size and transportability. The views are a pleasure to share and don't hesitate to ask if we're ever at the same star party. Damian
  7. Very interesting and enjoyable society meeting with Robbie Ince tonight. A very feature packed talk. Many thanks to all that attended and it was good to see everyone. Social curry afterwards went down great with the usual laughs Looking forward to our next meeting
  8. There is plenty of help here so you should be fine Ade and good on you that your having a go at it. I just hope my scope hasn't shrunk as I've not used it for a while
  9. Just picked up on this and what a lovely project. You sound like you are heading down the right tracks to me woth getting a working scope with whats already there. Hopefully a hinds mirror in there but no way of telling. Fingers crossed the testing will go well. Star testing will tell you lots and this can be performed with a poor coating. Plenty of literature on the net about it Mike Lockwoods site is a good one. I'll keep an eye on the thread and chip in if I can Damian
  10. I'm not sure that looking through a larger dob than what you are considering buying is the way to go. All the mob have 18" plus and it does make a difference. I think your best approach would be to attend a star party and try a few views through scopes of the sizes you mention. I don't observe from home only for testing purposes but if we're at the same star party you are quite welcome to have a look through the eyepiece of mine or any of the other mobbers. Damian
  11. Nice report well worth looking up
  12. Are you supposed to get a look through your own scope at star parties ? I'll have to join the que next time
  13. Cheers Paul but I have seen more or less every one on the uk net up to now and looked everywhere. Lots of well worn over priced stuff out there with ebay a dumping ground for scrap lathes and other machinery.
  14. Just want something future proof. You can do a small job on a big lathe but can't do a big job on a small lathe! Looking for a Harrison M300 or Colchester student. Been looking for the last 3 months.