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  1. mapstar

    "Hello, Universe!"

    Welcome John I've never had any desire to fit scales to the dob. Just seems a waste of time once you can spot the constellations and use a star chart. There are quite a few electronic systems out there Nexus, sky commander and Argo Navis to name a few. I'm guessing you're around the Sheffield area which isn't too far from wakefield and my local society if you need a little help or guidance.
  2. mapstar

    Advice On Dob Mirror Cells Please...

    Selling the lot and starting afresh Stu. It would then be a Nichol mirror in there
  3. mapstar

    Advice On Dob Mirror Cells Please...

    Selling the 400p flex tube would be the way I would personally go. Just looked at the prices on those sud dobs
  4. mapstar

    Advice On Dob Mirror Cells Please...

    Agree with Steve on this one, as it will involve significant cost and may not prove any better.
  5. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Sorry guys I must get the memberships updated as I've been rather busy of late.
  6. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    I must get on and update everything. That will be good Eric cheers
  7. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Lovely eric, I've looked at this quite a few times tucked in the very top of Cygnus, Skye last year was the best view when the spiral structure stood out nicely. NGC 6939 nearby is a nice compliment to this too.
  8. mapstar

    Old mirrors and lenses

    Would suggest with the amount of secondaries you have that there should be another larger primary which would be interesting to see. If you are not going to do anything with the mirrors then the classifieds section may be the best place for them.
  9. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    New moon is nearly here and typically so are the clouds!!
  10. mapstar

    What makes a good/great star party?

    If the skies are good (and Bala is) then don't worry about clashing with other star parties as there will be plenty attend. If you run it as a meetup event where everyone books seperate then it is easier than an official star party. Only problem with that is you get the general public in the mix. I've done it a few times and it works out o.k. Good luck if you do and if I'm available I would try to make one.
  11. mapstar

    Floodgazing 2018

    A few nice sunset shots thanks for sharing them. That river sure looked swollen and stirred up. Glad it was dry at some point during the stay for you guys to capture a few shots.
  12. mapstar

    Why can't i see M51

    Spot on with that post John. I've had by far the best views of M51 at the end of february and the image above is how it is in a larger scope. The detail from a dark site is astonishing and one of my most abiding memories of this hobby. From the Isle of Skye last month I could make out the spiral arms and bridge but being so low the easiest way I can describe the view was like looking at it in standard definition compared to the full HD views when it rides high in the sky. Looking through the murk low down is always best avoided for any target.
  13. mapstar

    Colchester Bantam Lathe - stressful morning

    I had a boxford Industrial 11.30 prior to this and it was a nice machine. Afaik Boxford/Denford still make these lathes albeit in metric guise at brighouse west yorkshire concentrating on the education market. They are good machines and proudly still state made in Britain. They were very helpful when I phoned them. I have steadily seen a rise in prices of the older colchesters as people realise the poor quality of the majority of the chinese stuff. Not all of it is poor though (600 group stuff) but you are close to the price of decent second hand stuff.
  14. mapstar

    Colchester Bantam Lathe - stressful morning

    The 'producing' bit may be a bit misleading as most of the parts are made and sourced in china and the far east and have been since the 600 group was rationalised in the late 90's. As far as I'm led to believe only the CNC side is still made in the uk and probably only constructed from a box of parts. I have a colchester student 2500 which is of 1997 vintage so probably chinese. It's a nice machine for the most but is more or less a harrison m300 in disguise. Lathes.co.uk is a great source of info on the harrison and colchester lathes. Dalian lathes are a rebranded Colchester/Harrison for the far eastern market although a few have made it over here if you look round. Made in Britain is a dying breed I'm afraid. Very sad.
  15. mapstar

    Colchester Bantam Lathe - stressful morning

    Almost! It soon overtakes the astro gear

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