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  1. mapstar

    Full sky haul !

    I've missed quite a few night's of late but nice to read you're getting out. Hubbles variable neb I have looked at a few times and once got told by some astronomer it was the cone neb . Must get out as Leo is well up and I'm missing the galaxy hunting.
  2. mapstar

    Galloway Autumn Star Canp 2019

    Dangerous? I've been to nearly a dozen star camps and never thought it an issue as it's not like wild camping? Only danger is forgetting your torch as it's as dark as pitch during the star party. A lot will be there from the weekend before so quite a window to attend and meet like minded folks. Wouldn't think there will be any bonfires or fireworks for at least 10miles in any direction but doubt there will be any at all. I'm still looking at attending around the above might be monday the 28th to the following monday 4th nov so I catch everyone.
  3. mapstar

    Night vision in Yorkshire Dales

    It can. From a little campsite in Muker two years ago I had some lovely views with M42 giving up its turquoise and purple hues which made it really nice and some of the best views I've had of it.
  4. mapstar

    my travel 10’´ dobson in a laptop bag

    Nicely made scope Laurent. Well done I'm in tge process of designing a lightweight scope for a friend (not ultra light like yours) and it will probably make extensive use of carbon fibre. Nichol optics again too. A fine mirror
  5. mapstar

    Mirror Cell question

    Are the clips on it over tightened? It shouldn't noticibly distort with a mirror of that size/weight? What use are you intending? Visual or A.P.? I guess for 18" with a cell its about right price wise looking at other mirror makers and then adding a cell. A skywatcher stargate 18" is about the same for a full scope though. Not sure how they compare with the spec of the optics?
  6. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Same to you Vic and all the members of WADAS
  7. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Well done Vic with that and great to bring another pair of eye's to the hobby.
  8. mapstar

    my non-conventionnal truss 20’´

    That will be a very nice mirror and a joy to use. Thanks for the info Laurent.
  9. mapstar

    my non-conventionnal truss 20’´

    Unusual design and applause for trying something different. It is similar in design to a serrurier truss arrangement. 20" with a 36 point cell, is it a thin mirror? And if so who made it?
  10. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone has a great day.
  11. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Well the moon was full on last night and really bright. Like daylight here at 4am. Quite a frost this morning
  12. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Long and low there Vic
  13. mapstar

    No binaries ! Fuzzy Tour !

    Nice little outing Nick. Reminds me of Elan and the view of the whale and hockey stick we got. A 9x50 finder scope was all that it took. Fabulous. I guess it's not quite dark enough to catch NGC4627 underneath its belly? Must get out and do some fuzzy hunting as it's just been an age. I managed the Comet myself from home the other night in the mighty finder so need to get out and try the full 22" of aperture on this bright fast mover before it disappears.
  14. mapstar

    First session in 84 days

    I can fully sympathise with anyone losing interest in the hobby. I have not used my scope for a couple of months and although I have many great outings under my belt I just cant seem to get enthused about going out at present. My posting on SGL has also dwindled to a mere trickle but then again I hear from others I'm not on my own. Our local group thread has all but died which is sad to see when it was so active 3 years ago. Viewing reports always peak my interest though and make me think about getting out again. The peace and tranquility of it all brings back so many good memories of the objects, hobby, places and people in it. Hope to see another report from you soon and keep on dragging that scope out to view the heavens.
  15. mapstar

    Wooden Tripod Legs

    Nice work there Alan

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