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  1. Damian 07968............. looking to get up the weekend before weather permitting. Lovely and clear down here over night shame the moon was blazing away.
  2. Nice report fella and the pleasures of viewing the skies through big glass never diminish. I like the 21E for stuff like the veil with filtered views and you can just fall into the black expanse. When I want to go deeper and pull detail out as others will confirm it's the 13E that spends most of its time in the focuser. A superb eyepiece. Some of the best observers I've met use goto so you're not on your own. It is more efficient than star hopping for adding to the target tally and without it some would leave the hobby which is a shame. I personally like a good star chart and the thrill of the hunt. It will be Scotland for me in just over a weeks time so I hope to share the views and thanks for the heads up that the midges have bunked up for the winter. Nothing worse than finishing a session looking like you've got measles!
  3. Less than two weeks till I set off. Really looking forward to it and catching up with everyone. If the weather looks good I will be up there from probably the 25th as the moon is well into the early hours before it rises. Just need a few more bits then I'm set. Will have a chat with Mike before this weeks out.
  4. My skills in the kitchen are limited (I'm sure Ian will comment!!!) Will have to call mother and bring up some of her Parkin I thought you'd got the motorised mini pie shooter working Derren? Don't try to tell us all you're going to try doing astro photography with it?
  5. Nice read Nick. Like the piccy you passed onto Estwing hope that can hasn't run out yet
  6. Be good to see you again at the event Derren
  7. I'm heading up early if possible and also looking forward to it. Let's hope as Ian says all this wind and rain is getting out of the way and clear settled weather moves in for the anniversary bash
  8. What's all this talk of being addicted? A pie a day isn't addiction!!!
  9. Have you posted on the thread just to introduce yourself. In the star party section
  10. Nice write up Neil. Always a challenge to verify what you've seen. I like to be sure but some targets and seeing conditions make it more difficult. On a side note NGC891 is just stunning in the right skies and the 22" brings out so much detail. Impressive and one of my personal favourites.
  11. Agreed, life is too short and if you can do it why not.
  12. As Ian says it's only 10mins to wigtown Co- op and Newton Stewart has Sainsburys and an Aldi too about 20mins away. There's an undercover BBQ area at the top of the site which me and Ian have used for the last few years. Well sheltered from the prevailing south westerly breeze. Mike is always obliging with a cuppa and a chat.
  13. Three beautiful clear nights this weekend with the brightest full moon ever!!
  14. I looked out last night and the thin crescent moon was a lovely sight as it set. Dark clouds to the west over the usual viewing spot put paid to me getting out as I thought it would blow over further and ruin the clear skies I that may have been there. By 11pm it had so was a good call. Glad you got some nice views Nick. The setting crescent moon helping the contrast.
  15. Cheers guys and more to come when shifts and weather permit. I have seen the blue in it, im putting it down to the amount of moisture in the air meant the transparency suffered and why all the targets I viewed were mushy.
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