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  1. Spot on Paul with NGC 3945 mag 10.5 galaxy. Obviously this is the Newtonian view I struggled Friday between all the wrong directions but once I settled in Saturday I got it no problems although it had moved on a bit from then. Just to add was it Friday you did the sketch Shane? Here is was Friday midnight (green cross where NGC3945 is) Saturday midnight Sunday midnight Was a nice find but did take quite a bit.
  2. Nope they're all nudgers. Theres only Mikes (Faulksy abscent due to work) that has encoders, which does come in handy when us traditionalists want to confirm that we've hopped to the right object or discovered something not on the star chart . Each compliment one another really well and Decembers session at Bala just flowed that way with time passing so quick. A night I'll definitely treasure for years to come and a dobbers dream.
  3. I ground them off chris as it's easier to handle and less likely to break one off mid grind.
  4. When my tent pole decided to give out that little tool kit of yours came in handy with mine being buried in the car and later for wookies mount repairs. Many thanks Jem for the help and just goes to show the spirit of these events.
  5. Looking good Chris and well done getting to this stage. This is where the fun begins
  6. Very nice Neil
  7. More pics of Truss corner. I'm sure there will be a few others Thanks to Nick for all the organisation.
  8. Had a good laugh and great to see old and new faces. I have just heard that old Nick has been taken ill with a severe and incurable bout of aperture fever. Glad to share the views with so many even though to me they were pretty mediocre due to the lack of milkyway and ultimately transparency. Dob row aka truss corner looked very impressive in the afternoon sunshine with some serious kit waiting for the darkness to fall. The not quite full compliment (missing faulksy) that Meade was huge. 10" to 22" in all their glory Thanks for a good weekend to all and I hope everyone gets home safely and a good night for Kerry, Paul and the others that have stayed on. Damian
  9. High hazy clouds blighted everywhere in britain last night so the light pollution was bounced around and scattered. It was the same at the peak star party. I couldn't see the milkyway and haven't done so from winscar the last few nights I've tried, making for washed out skies and mushy views. I don't think it is a fault of winscars location and will still try, when the milkyway does appear it can be good. Just pollution at present affecting the transparency. Blame plane travel
  10. Not quite as epic as the other thread Chris. Thanks for the recognition, the scope will be hopefully getting some starlight this weekend at the PSP. The milling machine rebuild is here if you missed it as it makes for another Interesting read
  11. Answers:- 1 No but it keeps my hands soft 2 errrrrr MK3 Hope it's given a few pointers.
  12. Thanks. More to come
  13. Cheers Mike as you know I've been meaning to complete this mod for a while. New spider to document next. Looking at the weather I should be out tonight but packing for the PSP tomorrow.
  14. Managed to get the slip rings finished off today First off I drilled a 10mm hole in each brush holder to accept the copper rod. Here it is with the brush holder still in the milling machine vice. The hole had to be deep enough to accept a decent slug of copper for the brush and also the spring. Here we are with all the parts assembled and also the exploded view. I'd soldered a copper braid to each brush for a reliable connection which wouldn't just rely on the spring and copper to brass. The braid was brought through what would be the brush holder top. A crimped lug then completed the whole assembly. Two square section holes were then cut through the lower board of the rocker box using a 1/4" router and a jig. After these were both cut I gave them a quick coat of paint to seal the ply and inserted the brush holders with a little vaseline to lubricate and stop them tarnishing. Pressing one of the brushes down on the spring It was then a case of refitting the rocker box on the ground board. The only thing left to do is connect the cable to these with crimped lugs once I know the length to the rocker socket. I will probably fit an insulating cover over these but the power tank is double fused so o.k. for now I plugged in the battery and tested at the holders for volts Onto the next Mod which is a new Spider Damian
  15. My Avatar image was taken by Danny. What a cracking night that was and a fantastic image as a constant reminder