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  1. Thankfully you've not lost your voice by the sounds of it
  2. One of the mob has just posted this weather link. Sounds promising for the west side of Scotland and predicted frost is good news Colder weather I hope Adrian and Julian have battened down the hatches if the wind is like it is here. At present really strong gusts although it is dry to say the least. It's only Monday but I'm looking forward to getting out of the rat race for a few days and relaxing. The site should start to fill up from today, and I will be joining the rest of you around Wednesday dinner time fingers crossed all is well when I turn up P.s. Derek is quiet?
  3. As far as I know this thursday Neil where we have Paul Money giving a talk. I will be in Galloway so unfortunately will miss it. The weather of late has been the worst I have seen in 4 years according to my notes 2 hours viewing up to now!
  4. Just checked with Gmaps pedometer and stating 8.5miles so probably a good 3-4hours walk for most. I'd make one but with the crystal clear Friday, Saturday and Sunday night that Nick has ordered for us I will probably be in bed until after lunch
  5. What a fantastic idea Pig
  6. Looks an absolute steal at the price. I'm really surprised there is no takers for this. The optics alone are way more expensive, then there's the shell and Argo navis. A nice light bucket
  7. Think they will, even if they can't see you
  8. Nice list and I'm going to try for some of those in Galloway next week. As for viewing reports I'll expect to read them in 2020 as that seems to be when the next clear night is going to materialise? What's happened? I have been looking at the Hickson 100 of late some of which I have touched on before. If the weather is kind in Galloway I shall try for a few as well as NGC2290 group to the north of Gemini. Some super chart info as well Calvin
  9. Thanks for the site report Adrian. All sounds very blustery and being up there by ones self at present I too would retire to the Harbour Inn as well for some warmth and company. Won't be long as the site is welcoming new guests. Keep us updated as I'm still itching for some time away I just hope for one of those stunning galloway nights
  10. I think thats the same as mine Adrian. Think mine is 2mtrs square
  11. It was on S@N Eric otherwise I wouldn't have seen it
  12. NGC 891 brilliant
  13. Nice one Shaun be good to get together with Brendan again
  14. Heads up Peeps. S@N bbc4 22:05 tonight followed by Horizon guide to the space shuttle
  15. Mine seems to have a really big Spider in it