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  1. Galaxy hunting

    Nice report in what sounds to be highly light polluted skies. Andromeda is a different experience away from the urban sprawl. The distance to M110 from the core of M31 always amazes me. M51, M101 and M33 are very hard and elusive targets from urban skies due to their low surface brightness. Out of the 3 only M51 will be visible and that will be just the cores. To put it into perspective I can see M51 in the 2" finder when LP is at a minimum. If you can see Pegasus then a nice bright galaxy to track down is NGC7331 above the top right stars of Scheat and Matar. That is if this weather ever gives us a break. Happy hunting and keep up the reports as we do like to see people getting out doing traditional astronomy.
  2. Trying to compensate for something

    Ask Faulksy
  3. WADAS forum 4

    Unfortunately I won't make tonights meeting due to work commitments. I will give Soupy a shout to sort things.
  4. WADAS forum 4

    Let the scope cool for an hour went to set up and all the high cloud had arrived. Another clouded out new moon
  5. WADAS forum 4

    High cloud moving in from the south west up there buddy. I thought about it but set up on the patio instead.
  6. WADAS forum 4

    I should be
  7. WADAS forum 4

    Nick can you sort out Can you sort out your membership Nick as I have mailed you a few weeks ago. Cheers
  8. WADAS forum 4

    It looked a good night and I should really begin to get out at every opportunity. Tired last night after 12hrs and I didn't get in while nearly 9pm. Hopefully wales next weekend
  9. WADAS forum 4

    Wales next weekend for me if things at work pan out right next friday Vicky. Wales for me next weekend if things at work pan out right Vicky. Sky was absolutely clear as crystal this morning when I set off for work at 5am. Auriga hanging high above and Orion about halfway to zenith. The devils light bulb is waning well so looking forward to some good skies. Storms be damned
  10. Flying Bat nebula,E Lyae IFN

    Unusual objects those IFN's and not something I've looked for. Really low power wide views at about 38x? Making things easier to spot and interesting to see you using the Lunt eyepiece. Would like to see the dob mentioned Gerry. I'll have a look for the flying bat nebula but always find it difficult tearing myself away from galaxy hunting.
  11. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Thought it was Japanese Mike?
  12. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Just tent and scope Calv
  13. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    I'll be there
  14. WADAS forum 4

    Superb Mark.