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  1. mapstar

    Home-made Crayford Focuser

    Nice work Neil. Was most of this done on the mini lathe you have?
  2. We've enough on trying to expand everyone else's further than the bottom of their gardens
  3. Nice report Alan with an unusual set up. Wait while you turn the big dob on the Sagittarius targets. I'll get ready to watch for your socks as they'll be like the ISS going over they'll be blown that far. The crescent in the 22" using the 17E in Skye last year was one of the very best views I've ever had. Framed to perfection at roughly 130x the detail was staggering. Roll on Autumn as we've loads of targets to hit. Damian
  4. mapstar

    Sky Quality Meter

    Be the first I've missed in 5 years
  5. mapstar

    SP Wakefield

    I wish
  6. mapstar

    SP Wakefield

    You should try to join us on one of our sessions
  7. mapstar

    Sky Quality Meter

    I have thought about getting one several times so it's about time I sorted one out. The cost isn't really of concern as it will be as you say more productive in the long run saving time and fuel trailing to poor viewing locations. I'll be interested about Galloway although I'm not sure I'll be there this year as I think it's going to clash with the Skye mob trip.
  8. mapstar

    Sky Quality Meter

    Scarp mentioned using SQM meters in general but said he was using the Unihedron SQM-L. I can't seem to find any others? Rother valley sell one called the Geoptik? Looks the exact same but made in Italy?
  9. mapstar

    Sky Quality Meter

    Which SQM would be advisable to get as I'm sure there are a few about? Is the Unihedron SQM-L what everyone uses Scarp?
  10. mapstar

    Sky Quality Meter

    I have changed my thoughts on observing over the last few years with regards to revealing to others where I go. Not to go off topic but it's not only about the sky quality. I like the peace and quiet visual observing brings, either being out on my own or with like minded others. You can concentrate more and pull out more detail whilst verifying what you have seen. As Calvin says I/we travel miles and do a lot of research into spots to observe from. I have thought about a SQM but would only state a general area nowadays if I was to post the readings. Apologies to those that are serious about the hobby but good secluded sites are hard to find and not easy to share after all the effort hunting them out.
  11. mapstar

    Some Fuzzy Stuff For A Change

    Nice report Doug especially fighting light pollution. Some great detail. Dark skies will reveal a lot more with these targets and if you get the chance revisit them.
  12. mapstar

    If it can go wrong it will.

    That old goto thing never gets old does it A few targets Paul and some nice views which is pleasant at this time of year barring the fact you have to be out the early hours to get some darkness. Not been out myself since November! Scope probably won't see stars while August now.
  13. mapstar

    M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy 21.04.2018

    Loads of detail in there Vic. Keep em coming
  14. mapstar

    M97 The Owl Nebula 04.05.2018

    An eerie image Vic
  15. mapstar

    M104 Sombrero Galaxy

    Good to see you're getting a nice portfolio together eric. Sombrero looks good

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