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  1. mapstar

    Rebuilding 18" dobsonian

    Could you sand the inside or use course wet and dry on it just to take the shiny surface off.
  2. mapstar

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    And still smiling but there again what can you do in that situation!
  3. mapstar

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    That's told me twice (Double posting) I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the forum at present from both the desktop and the mobile? taking ages to post off the mobile and sometimes the desktop? Did a double post myself the other day as it took ages to upload? Good tent do they still come with ali poles? only things I've replaced in 6 years of using it
  4. mapstar

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Gotta get a new tent myself. You gone for a 3 man tent again?
  5. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Third time lucky Mark I hope
  6. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Going to try moon might be waxing again but will keep an eye on the weather try for an hour or two. Skye next new moon so hoping for some good nights
  7. mapstar

    Rebuilding 18" dobsonian

    Hi John, Nice work and the re-engineering is coming along well. Just a quick note on the bearings. When I mounted the bearings I made up a Jig which could be flipped from side to side working from the bottom reference surface. It had 30mm holes cut in it which the Router guide bush fitted into. A few answers to your Questions 1. The laminate is quite expensive to buy and comes in 8x4 sheets. I have some and will pm you. 2. Polypropylene sheet something like 0.8mm to 1mm would be a viable alternative to Kydex I think? I've used this company before https://www.hindleys.com/index.php/perspex-design-materials/other-design-materials/polypropylene/polypropylene-sheet/black-polypropylene-sheet-650mm-x-1100mmI.html. They supply schools and college's. Ebay may have it too. 3. I can't see why you shouldn't just need it in the right place. 4. Slings have been used for years and are a reliable way to hold the mirror. Keep up the good work, we're all watching
  8. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Very nice Mark. Those 200pds scopes produce some good images
  9. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Ian Clubs have a tab now on the top bar under the SGL banner
  10. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Unfortunately I'm off to Portugal for a few days Eric but it looks superb out and I can see I'm going to miss a treat. Hopefully someone will venture out as it would be a waste of such a good night.
  11. mapstar

    Anodising Is Addictive!

    Excellent work Neil. I must get around to doing this myself. Makes so much difference.
  12. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Looks like you're well set there Vic. Hope it gives you some clear weather
  13. mapstar

    Rebuilding 18" dobsonian

    Nice to see another bit of dob modding going on John. We're here watching with interest and lots of encouragement
  14. mapstar

    Spider help

    Hi John Good to see you still working away improving the 18". Hope its still performing well. I've only just picked up on your thread but glad Neils suggestion worked. Not been on much of late but have a couple of build threads in the pipeline to put up. When I made the spiders for the last two scopes I put a spherical bearing in part B in a counter bore from the underside where the mirror mounts to. Be good to read some viewing reports when you get out a few nights.
  15. mapstar

    Welcome to all

    Still too near full moon but getting there. I'll be happy to make one.

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