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  1. WADAS forum 4

    Probably make it through later on guys but will be there. Nice to know some of you are getting out. Was it Sutton Bank Dec?
  2. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    What . The party won't be the same without the shields gazette and the Charm and Wit that comes with it
  3. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    I shall check the dates later Mike but will probably book at the spring event
  4. Not sure buddy. Will have a look
  5. Uranometria? Does the sloan digital sky survey give distance details?
  6. WADAS forum 4

    BBC4 tonight 9pm Horizon first then S@N Sky looks good tonight shame I'm working tomorrow
  7. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    I'll possibly be there Tuesday 20th to Monday 26th I'm off from thursday the 15th so might even make it up earlier although might do a night or two somewhere else over that weekend. Been out once since last November
  8. WADAS forum 4

    How come it's taken that long Mark? Have you been waiting for the clouds to clear?
  9. M74 is a tough one although I have seen it quite a few times from dark sites it is virtually impossible from urban skies. I have seen detail in it too several times. The phantom is an apt moniker. The skies that Messier and méchain had must've been brilliant without all the light pollution we have to endure today.
  10. WADAS forum 4

    Good meeting tonight. Nice to see a few faces at the first members meet up.
  11. Observing on a budget.

    Further to my rather flippant comment a thing most people overlook when starting off is warm clothing. Warm clothing can be expensive but can be had on a budget too. If you plan to view at the best time of year its normally in the depths of winter. It's more important than the kit you're spending your hard earned on. I've seen quite a few out with kit costing £100's but in totally inappropriate clothing. There's no point using anything if you are freezing cold after 20mins
  12. The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    A 28" would be a big ask and way beyond my capabilities. Maybe another go at something smaller although I have to increase my workshop space before that.
  13. The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    I must return and do it all again soon
  14. The 8.75" f/6.7 Mirror Grind

    It's certainly something you'll never forget .
  15. Observing on a budget.

    Thought provoking post Nick. Doesn't matter how much everyones kit costs the clouds all look the same through them