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  1. Nice write up Nick The sky quality seems to be quite good at present. I noticed a few planes go over without con trails. I am thinking about unwrapping the scope for it's first outing of the silly season
  2. Great report Nick and nice to know its getting there. The scope is ready for it's next outing. I'll probably try the dales next month. It was a really bright first pass and I followed it with the finder just making out the square shape. I just caught the second pass too before turning in.
  3. Good you got out Mike. Still a bit too light by the sounds of it. I'm amazed you looked at M27
  4. Looks a good night hope someone gets out
  5. As always it's those damn clouds that get in the way!
  6. Interesting read and much food for thought. I may have to try this again loading the 8E in and giving that a go? Wonder if it's just a case of once you've seen it you will all the time a bit like the horsehead neb. I've had several attempts and thought I'd seen it but couldn't say for definite so it's a no from me. Hopefully we'll get some of those good skies you have over here and allow us a proper look. Damian
  7. The GT would be the choice in my opinion as it can be used both in eq mode and az mode as the name implies. Also it has a much better altitude adjuster than those push pull bolts that skywatcher still insist in designing into their mounts.
  8. Some fantastic targets for a first light. I enjoyed the read and when the skies do finally go dark the objects will just pop and the amount of detail you can pull out is fantastic. The season for me is a month away still but I may sneak a few views over the coming weeks
  9. Nice Job and a neat solution to a common problem. A couple of small ramps made from aluminium channel would make car transport a one man operation. The ramps can be hinged in the middle to make them shorter.
  10. Nice read Richard I must start to get out myself now the dark nights are here. M71 is underwhelming when comparing it to other globs but when you ramp up the mag it starts to impress. The swan is something I have viewed a couple of times. The nebulosity extends for quite a way and takes quite a while to trace the outline. Clear skies
  11. Heads up tonight's TV guys 23:00 BBC4 Horizon Asteroids- The good, the bad and the ugly Well worth a watch it has been aired before a few times
  12. Excellent meeting and a few tough questions. Good turn out and chat in the pub. Hope everyone spotted the summer triangle on the way out. See you all when darkness falls
  13. Looking forward to tonights meeting Hope to see as many there as possible. Don't forget your pens
  14. I'd agree with Calvin (Estwing) and what he's saying. The best way to use your money is a couple of gallons in the car and a trip to a dark site. It doesn't matter what scope and eyepieces you have as you'll not get the best out of them under urban skies. Happy hunting Damian
  15. From Bala that night you could see quite a few of them in both scopes. Fingers crossed this winter we'll get to see them again this time with a chart detailing them