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  1. Mine is too I've only had a couple of dealings with Orion when I got my mirror coated and bought a secondary from them. Overall it was o.k. and the secondary was fine but I did get it tested independently just to make sure. But....... The comment made to me about larger mirrors being easy to make and 'you should've just done it this way and you'd have had it done in half the time' was quite disrespectful. Especially when it had taken them 20+ weeks to grind a 20" mirror for someone I used to observe with. If you want a reflector there are other manufacturers out th
  2. Thanks for the update Derek. A real shame that this has had to be cancelled but understandable in the current situation with the rate of covid infections increasing the way it is. Hopefully things will quickly get back to normal over the summer and we can all enjoy the dark skies of galloway.
  3. Turning out and standing under clouds beats work
  4. Nice read there Neil. Ngc 2371 I have looked at quite a few times. The medusa neb close by the eskimo can be a difficult object but it's large so can be overlooked.
  5. Nice little addition Nick. Sorry I've not commented of late I've lots going on and not much time for astro
  6. No astronomy Derek just an 8 mile walk, Richard had been taking day time photo's to back up the night time ones he'd taken previously. The light pollution around the North Yorkshire dark sky Park has become much worse he was sorry to inform me. I didn't catch the website he was feeding the info into but it shows the degradation of the skies over a time period.
  7. Just seen this and must say I'm surprised it hasn't happened earlier. This is the case with other sites including the Kielder star party As confirmed by Richard Darn who I happened on at the top of sutton Bank today doing some follow up day time photography to a light pollution article. Cheers Derek
  8. I'm struggling lately with the editor sometimes underlining words?
  9. I booked when leaving this years autumn event and I'm in from Tuesday 2nd to Tuesday the 9th. If what they are saying about the current situation with the pandemic carrying on then I can see the pitch restrictions still being in force with limited numbers. Looking forward to next years events
  10. Have a read if some of you haven't seen this in the observing reports section. Calvin's viewing report
  11. Brilliant stuff mate and a proper good read up of the event. I've yet to write anything down. The skies were not transparent but out of 6 nights I had 3 that were clear enough to do some viewing and timelapse's. The Friday was a triumph just in the fact that whilst skimming the hedgerow you managed to bag the omega neb. Don't think the dob could go any lower. Looking forward to the spring event and the next viewing session.
  12. Arrived home in just over 4 hours. Very good journey and really quiet. Cars more or less unpacked and most of the kit is away. Excellent time and great to see everyone. Looking forward to the spring bash.
  13. Jyst on with a bit of breakfast before the last of the packing and journey home. Always disappointing dropping the tent but I've beat the inclement weather that is set to roll in later today. Overall 3 out if the 6 nights the scope saw starlight and racked up several more targets. I will wrote a report later but the 4+ hours home will no doubt delay that. Great to see the regulars and good to see new faces. Safe onward journey to all travelling home today and looking forward to the spring event.
  14. Clear all night again Mike. Good session although I had to have an hours kip at midnight but the carried on to 6am. Derek had to bring a can of tomato soup down to plug in as the Ipad nearly ran out it was on for quite some time.
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