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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Our club thread has been open nearly a year now.
  3. Nice Vic. Long time since I've seen it through my scope. Used a nice pair of apm binos (i think as it was dark ) at galloway and it was small but nice in those.
  4. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici imaged 17.03.2019 Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED & Altair Hypercam 183C 28 x 120 second exposures
  5. It did turn out clear last night after all, so was worth setting up even if the Moon was quite bright and the seeing wasn't really 100%. Managed 3 hours on M97 Owl Nebula
  6. Damian, I know you don't do Facebook but we have opened a closed group there for also arranging trips out, I will try and ensure that you are kept up to speed with any excursions by letting you know on here. Eric
  7. Hopefully next time. Weekday nights are almost impossible for me now I'm working full-time hours. This middle aged woman can't hack the lack of sleep like I could, even 3 or 4 years ago. Plus, I had to pick Luke up from cadets on Monday night as Terry was unable to go for him. I've got too much on sometimes. I'm itching to get out for an Astro-gang night with the scopes
  8. You did. You should come out more
  9. Nice results @Mark62 and @Marci. Looks like I missed a decent night of Astro.
  10. Monday night effort M97 the Olw Nebula. Hypercam 183c 16 240sec lights 6 darks
  11. Popped up to Towton Moor on Monday eve with the gear... managed to get a shot of the obligatory nebula-du-jour. Nowhere near the clarity, sharpness & composition of Ryan’s previous masterpiece... but good enough for me!
  12. Seems that way. Galloway at the end of this month although I've not even booked it yet!
  13. It's all going against you this season
  14. Excellent Vic. I screwed up as I'd arranged to go out for a meal but should've gone out with the scope and done the meal tonight! Hey ho another missed opportunity.
  15. Results of a quick 15 minute back yard session last night with the Canon 100D DSLR with 50mm F1.4 lens on my Star Adventurer mount.
  16. I have found the perfect dew-shield for the Prinz 660 refractor. It is, in fact, a cut-down 2L Sprite bottle, but it's contoured shape has made it an absolutely snug fit, and it will look amazing once finished. Personally, I also think the other patterning on the plastic will just finish the look once painted etc. Looking for tips on how best to finish it off. Was thinking of filing off the edges as they are a little sharp, and then using matt black paint on the inside with white paint on the outside. Hoping my acrylic paint will work, and then maybe protecting the outside with some kind of varnish? Ideally, it'd look better to flock the inside but I don't have any suitable material for this. And help/tips appreciated please
  17. Grabbed the opportunity to get the gear out last night and captured some data before the clouds came in. Had issues with PHD, so had to stick to shorter unguided exposures. Still, it was nice to get the gear dusted off and aired out M97 The Owl Nebula & M108 The Surfboard Galaxy in Ursa Major 28.01.2019 Skywatcher Equinox 80 ED & Altair Hypercam 183C 125 x 60 second exposures
  18. It's not been the best of seasons again. You have been very busy with work. I've had health issues over Christmas, which have sapped my energy and taken my Astro-mojo. Plus the clouds seem to be a permanent fixture apart from when there's the DLB in full force! Know what you mean - it just feels as though the season is slipping by again. Hopefully see you at an upcoming meeting.
  19. Nice one Vic of the dlb. I've thought about getting out but my shifts are not conducive to astro at present. Nearly on the verge of calling it a day for this winter as I've not been out for 3 months!!!
  20. I was out in the back yard last night having a bit of fun lunar viewing with the vintage Prinz 660 refractor I have been "fettling". I took a few quick DSLR shots of the Moon and I'm really happy with the results. The images don't really do the view through the eyepiece justice, as this scope gives pin sharp detail along the terminator, even at this lunar phase! Below is a single image from last night. The Moon Canon 100D DSLR and vintage Prinz 660 refractor Single 1/400 second exposure at ISO 400
  21. Having a bit of fun in the back yard with the vintage Prinz 660 refractor and William Optics binoviewers. The lunar views were incredible. Almost 3D. I felt as though I could reach out and touch it. I've also done a few DSLR shots which look really nice, and I'll post them tomorrow when I've had chance to put them on the laptop. Vintage long focal length refractors (and this thing is long) really put the fun back into astronomy
  22. January not looking good so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Happy 2019 all, lets hope we can get to a darkish sky site as and when the Clouds and the Moon do one !!! eric
  24. Happy new year to you too Vicky and Damian and all other members
  25. Same to you Vic and all the members of WADAS

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