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  1. Cheers Damian. Aye Messier never had the highways agency to deal with so no excuse! Lol
  2. Yes John, I've browsed the moon a few times in passing and at outreach events, but always viewed it as a hindrance due to imaging. However just having a visual night it certainly stole the show!
  3. We were at the visitors car park Alan, it's a lovely area through the day and dark as a cave at night so usually very good. Shame they decided to upgrade the roads on the only clear night we have had for ages!
  4. Is a great little galaxy David. And don't worry I was laughing myself.
  5. Cheers galen, Aye there is always something trying to put us off
  6. Now that I have gotten your attention, listen to my tale and see what you think! After, putting my little one to bed I decided to make the best of the clear night that was promised and duly packed the car with my 12.5" dob, EP's, my astrotrac and a variety of other (rather heavy) stuff with the intention of doing some visual observing as well as some wide-field imaging. Car loaded, I headed up the A1M to one of the darkest sites around in Yorkshire at the minute. After a non eventful drive up I arrived at the observing carpark to find some of our society members gathered around doing a mix of observing and imaging. What I failed to tell you in the interim, was I had realized half-way there that I had forgotten my camera (bang went the wide-field imaging)! and I had a car full of heavy imaging stuff, power pack, etc. that I realized I had to pack away again when I got home without using! Anyway I got out the Dob and set up about half past 9. My first task was to get the finder aligned on Venus (nice starter for the evening ahead) then I bounced over to the Moon! I had seen the crescent on the way up and decided to spend some time admiring its beauty when I got set up while waiting for the skies to darken! I was not disappointed! With the 13mm ethos in I was able to take in the whole crescent and what a sight! Wrinkle ridges and riles were plainly visible in Mare Fecunditatis, as were the smaller craters in Mare Crisium. As for Petavius crater with the central peak, I was completely blown away be the detail, I could almost reach out and touch it. I have never really been a moon person but this was something else! Coupled by the fact that the Earth shine was so bright I think i will have to spend more time on this strange object next time it happens to be up in the night sky! Now the skies were starting to get a little darker I thought to spend some time observing some deep galaxies in and around Virgo and Coma, however there seemed to be a bank of cloud partially obscuring this part of the sky that never seemed to move for the whole night. Ah well onto plan B. Some time at the EP is better than no time at the EP so as it was quite some time since I had gotten the scope out I decided to just do a little star hopping around just to get my eye back in. I was aware at this time that there were a few lights across the carpark from us but paid no attention to these! First call was the Eskimo Nebula, I'm not quite sure if I got this or not as there was still some very high cloud lingering and the skies were not fully dark yet so I decided to jump to the beehive cluster just to re-aquaint myself with it. What a beautiful cluster of jewels this was, however with the ethos in the tube I was having to move the scope about quite a bit just to take it all in. Whilst viewing this jewel box I smelt the distinct aroma of molten tar! when you are in the back of nowhere and smell tar there has to be something up. I looked up from my EP and noticed that there seemed to be more and more lights congregating at the other end of the carpark! What was going on I hear you ask? Well I can only assume with all the flashing orange lights that suddenly started up that it was either an illegal rave or the whole of the Country's highways maintenance crews decided to have a conference! on speaking to my mates it was decided that as the Tour de Yorkshire was due through in a couple of weeks, the local council had decided to fix all the potholes! We now have an answer to the pothole problem! I can see Tours De... Lincolnshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire... or whatever other shire you live in starting in the next few months. I digress, but this made for some very challenging observing over the next few hours as my nostrils seemed to be burnt to a crisp from the tar fumes, and my eyeballs were subjected to flashing orange lights, full on beams, etc. you get the picture. Due to the intensity of the onslaught I decided to just stick to brighter objects for the rest of the night, so a quick traipse over to Auriga saw M38, 37, 36 then 35 fall to the now light polluted 12.5". Beautiful clusters but not viewed to their best tonight! I then jumped across to the other side of the sky to take in another old favorite the ring nebula, looking great with lots of detail and a nice dark core, made all the better with the pollution now being behind me! whilst over in that direction I took in M13. All I can say is wow, at least that would have been my thoughts if a work van with full beam and said flashing orange lights hadn't have crossed in front of the telescope! Almost blinded I had to wait some time to get my eyes back to normal never mind dark adapted! I decided that with the now gusty wind and luminous onslaught, I would finish the night with a few quick targets. Jupiter was now in a great position and looking rather splendid, far outshining the local light pollution! A finish at Leo saw me take in the triplet, with too many bright lights the contrast was not there so I decided to finish the night with a new one for me. NGC2903! What a sight this was. a beautiful faint fuzzy that wasnt so faint. How in the Dickens did Charles Messier miss this one I'll never know. I could almost make out some faint dust lanes and arms with averted vision. A fitting end to a very interesting night!
  7. Wahey, our own little corner of SGL! Hasn't the weather been absolute rubbish. Up and kielder with very little sun then loads of snow now some biblical deluges. When will it all end and the clouds go away! Oh that's right, in May and June when the skies don't get dark! Lol
  8. Sounds like a great night. Looking forward to the images!
  9. Great images chaps and good to see so many of you getting out observing. Nick I presume the scope wasn't tracking well as you don't have the full setup. Vicky has part of it. Also you do realise that you shouldn't be using it, if it gets damaged on an outreach event that is not linked to the society you are solely responsible and it is not covered by our PLI. On another note, we will need it for Saturday night at the RSPB event so if you could drop it off to one of the members this week that would be great. Cheers mate.
  10. I won't book you a place at the curry table afterwards lol. Have a good trip and look forward to your observing report.
  11. all gone very quiet on here! next meeting is on the 23rd at the Old Mill pub Horbury. Guest speaker is Julian Onions. Of course we will be doing the obligatory curry Afterwards.
  12. Lovely Galaxy shot Dec, looking forward to the Kielder wide field shots too. Was a Great weekend. Nice shots Ben, have you done any processing on them? I feel there might be some detail waiting to pop out with a little tweaking.
  13. Excellently report buddy, and lots of faint fuzzies to be proud of! shame I couldn't get a pass out. Lathe looking cracking as well, I'll have to get a trip over to see it .
  14. Lots going on peeps, just a reminder of the star party next weekend, check your emails for final confirmation and to check you have received it. Let me know if you are coming please, confirmed coming, are Adam, Ben, Declan, Marc, Rich and myself, with Scott and Vicky B possibles. catch you all soon soupy
  15. Lovely widefield Adam... and some nice faint fuzzies there in the others!
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