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  1. WADAS forum 3

    Lovely widefield Adam... and some nice faint fuzzies there in the others!
  2. WADAS forum 3

    Cracking milky way Vicky... and excellent captures Mark! A good night was had by all it seems!
  3. WADAS forum 3

    Thanks Dec and Vicky. Great bubble neb pics, and lovely star tails as well Vicky. Great to know the Astro season is back!
  4. WADAS forum 3

    thanks Damian... Hope you all got a few meteors up at Winscar last night, I was out till 2.30 in Bately with Tyler's end of show party, but set camera up in garden at 10.30 before I left, managed to catch three on the chip! stayed up till 4.30 when i got home and saw a few more! not a bad night considering the DLB!
  5. WADAS forum 3

    Nice image Jay. Hope Prague was great Vicky. Managed to do a few hours last night in the garden. Was lovely to just get out and iron out a few issues. Roll on the new season!
  6. WADAS forum 3

    Doesn't fit the new 14" mirror in... lol
  7. WADAS forum 3

    21st September next meeting as far as i can remember. At our new venue. Details to follow. On aside note anybody want a free dishwasher? First come first served but needs picking up this week otherwise it's the tip
  8. WADAS forum 3

    Excellent stuff Matt. Shame about the Saturday night but glad Sunday went well.
  9. WADAS forum 3

    Sounds like the Horbury show was a huge success. Thanks to all who helped at the stall!
  10. WADAS forum 3

    We haven't firmed up the date yet but it is usually half term time either first weekend or last weekend. Unless it's full moon time! Yes it's a long way but when the clouds roll away it can't be beaten!
  11. WADAS forum 3

    great Saturn Ben. Nicely done Jay! I note you are going to North lees campsite end of October time, that is about the time of our society weekend up at Kielder Forest! Now they are truly dark skies and if you were a member, which is £25 for the year, then you could camp there for free all weekend, and have company, heaters and power, Oh and be a memberof a great society to boot! indeed Damo is right after today the nights start getting longer, here comes the new astro season... wahay!
  12. WADAS forum 3

    Brilliantly images chaps... Going to be a great year once these skies start getting darker. had a clear night last night up at Kielder but it still wasn't fully dark at 12.30am so didn't set anything up. Got some big plans for the place I'll have to share with you all at some time. But we need to be thinking of an Autumn star party up here. So will nail a date on maybe at the next meeting. Just bear in mind that Avon stuff doesn't work too well with the midges up here, think they must be super midges lol either that or there are just so many of them!
  13. WADAS forum 3

    Oh! Lovely work Dec and Mark! Nice to see some astronomy being done with lighter skies and full moon out... very well done!
  14. WADAS forum 3

    sounds like you are all good to go for the new season when it arrives Eric! lets see what the next few weeks bring with a full moon due and then no astronomical dark! I have managed some brighter deep sky objects during the months of May and June before so all is not lost! lol
  15. WADAS forum 3

    Brilliant work Dec! Too many fuzzy blobs to count.