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  1. WADAS forum 4

    Sounds like a great night. Looking forward to the images!
  2. WADAS forum 4

    Great images chaps and good to see so many of you getting out observing. Nick I presume the scope wasn't tracking well as you don't have the full setup. Vicky has part of it. Also you do realise that you shouldn't be using it, if it gets damaged on an outreach event that is not linked to the society you are solely responsible and it is not covered by our PLI. On another note, we will need it for Saturday night at the RSPB event so if you could drop it off to one of the members this week that would be great. Cheers mate.
  3. WADAS forum 4

    I won't book you a place at the curry table afterwards lol. Have a good trip and look forward to your observing report.
  4. WADAS forum 4

    all gone very quiet on here! next meeting is on the 23rd at the Old Mill pub Horbury. Guest speaker is Julian Onions. Of course we will be doing the obligatory curry Afterwards.
  5. WADAS forum 4

    Lovely Galaxy shot Dec, looking forward to the Kielder wide field shots too. Was a Great weekend. Nice shots Ben, have you done any processing on them? I feel there might be some detail waiting to pop out with a little tweaking.
  6. Sutton bank season starter

    Excellently report buddy, and lots of faint fuzzies to be proud of! shame I couldn't get a pass out. Lathe looking cracking as well, I'll have to get a trip over to see it .
  7. WADAS forum 4

    Lots going on peeps, just a reminder of the star party next weekend, check your emails for final confirmation and to check you have received it. Let me know if you are coming please, confirmed coming, are Adam, Ben, Declan, Marc, Rich and myself, with Scott and Vicky B possibles. catch you all soon soupy
  8. WADAS forum 3

    Lovely widefield Adam... and some nice faint fuzzies there in the others!
  9. WADAS forum 3

    Cracking milky way Vicky... and excellent captures Mark! A good night was had by all it seems!
  10. WADAS forum 3

    Thanks Dec and Vicky. Great bubble neb pics, and lovely star tails as well Vicky. Great to know the Astro season is back!
  11. WADAS forum 3

    thanks Damian... Hope you all got a few meteors up at Winscar last night, I was out till 2.30 in Bately with Tyler's end of show party, but set camera up in garden at 10.30 before I left, managed to catch three on the chip! stayed up till 4.30 when i got home and saw a few more! not a bad night considering the DLB!
  12. WADAS forum 3

    Nice image Jay. Hope Prague was great Vicky. Managed to do a few hours last night in the garden. Was lovely to just get out and iron out a few issues. Roll on the new season!
  13. WADAS forum 3

    Doesn't fit the new 14" mirror in... lol
  14. WADAS forum 3

    21st September next meeting as far as i can remember. At our new venue. Details to follow. On aside note anybody want a free dishwasher? First come first served but needs picking up this week otherwise it's the tip
  15. WADAS forum 3

    Excellent stuff Matt. Shame about the Saturday night but glad Sunday went well.