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    Played Amateur Rugby League for total 24yrs in Bradford , Rochdale & a short spell in Wakefield , Also a short spell with Union in Sunbury on Thames early 1970's ,suffering now in my later years for all the knocks & injuries etc, but would do it all again !! enjoying watching Union also now since it went Pro.
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  1. Taken at 01-15 this morning, no alignment, no tracking, very poor focus and through Double Glazing back bedroom window , not naked eye so Telrad finder no good had to scout around to get it on screen, a single 5sec sub eric
  2. Anyone going Comet Hunting ? Eric
  3. Good news: The Comet is intact and can be seen in the UK with binoculars just prior to Sunrise with a good view East, only still at around 3deg Lat though. Bad News: The weather is its usually self, Rubbish eric
  4. Be set up about 11:30 give things a run out, be light, but at least Moon out of way lol eric
  5. Have a look at the 533 pro, ideal for your FL eric
  6. Soupy's Place in the Forrest
  7. I have tried ASICap, ASIlive, easy peasy, anyone using/tried ASIimage (DSO), if so what is your workflow please, a lack of instructions is frustrating for someone wishing to image for post processing to improve their efforts, at the moment i do EAA but would like to have a go at imaging with this software. regards eric
  8. Jindivik, download PhotoShop CS2 its free . regards eric
  9. Downloaded this new software from ZWO cameras, (v1.1.1) looks very promising and far less overloaded UI than is Sharpcap which I found a bit too elaborate. Have tested the ASIstudio with my asi 533 and is a doddle to use the main functions, ZWO have intimated further development of this free package software. eric
  10. Its a great filter for emission Nebula in particular.
  11. Thumbs up for the Optolong L-eNhance dual band filter, decent at reducing some LP and really good when being used on emission Nebula. eric
  12. I have aligned my Telrad to Scope in daylight, just hold your hand over the front of the Telrad and the circle appears, align & adjust it by looking through a couple of fingers keeping the outer circles showing on your fingers, until the center circle is in tune with your eyepiece. As for turning on, sometimes i have to rotate to full, back, and then full again to get the circle illuminated, also I have found it best to not have the circle on full power but adjust its brightness depending on which star you are aligning. regard eric
  13. 2STAR


    These are very interesting images and good information supplied thanks eric
  14. Solved, just needed a box ticking haha
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