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    Family, enjoy watching Rugby league and also union, not too keen on Soccer nowadays but have to show some interest due to Grandsons being football Crazy !!
    Trying to get to grip with Astronomy !!!
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  1. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Ryan found a spot in North Yorks just between Snilsworth & Hawnby, looks a bit too far out for me to be honest, it is Bortle 4, same as Sutton Bank ! eric
  2. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Looking good for the Season Mark, great start ! eric
  3. 2STAR

    Observations 13th Sept, near Wolverhampton.

    Nice Report, thanks
  4. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Great Image Vicky, as you know my laptop just shut down on me and the FIT files I had recorded for M33/M37/M31 didn't come out at all well !!!, however, I did manage a Screen shot of my first target (glad I did), M33 The Triangulum Galaxy at Stacks of 48x 5secs, my firstlight really with the Skywatcher Espirit 80mm combined with the Atik Infinity Video Camera , I think they should combine well when I get more familiar with the combination. I used the UV/IR Filter borrowed from Vicky, don't know if it makes a difference as yet though. Wednesday 12th 11:15 2018 Eric
  5. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    I'm set up in the backyard now Damian, Sky looks ok so far, have a great Portugal Trip. Eric
  6. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Looking Clear tonight, (12/09/18) Moon out of the way also, anyone venturing out ??
  7. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Thick black clouds over Ossett now. hope you get a good night there at least you are all set up and ready Vicky
  8. Depending where you are located and the condition of the sky, 3 bright star alignment is sometimes difficult as there are not always 3 bright stars !! Polaris is not a bright Star ! but is easy to find re diagram above, I do 2 star auto with the Nexstar and always use Polaris as my first star, the mount slews to a second star and this is nearly always distinguishable from those Stars near to it. Just learn a couple of Stars at the time of year and night where you are , the weather in the UK does not give you enough clear nights to faff about , this comes with time and patience and I found is best learnt when actually looking for or viewing objects over a period of time patterns develop and Stars become more familiar. Stellarium is good, study the present night sky and time you will be going out to observe, also as mentioned previous with your initial problem, purchase a Telrad !!! ps: avoid using Stars above 70 deg or below 20 deg, select 2 stars with a separation of between 90 deg & 135 deg apart. eric
  9. I had similar problems even looking through 2 eyes using the RACI ( which is good advice) , I switched to using a Telrad, so much easier for alignment, your finder must be aligned with the Scope ( as mentioned do it on a distant object during the day or early evening before darkness falls) Telrad wins hands down though, easy peasy eric ps: Download Stellarium as suggested on your laptop or iphone its free, but cost about £3 to download on a Ipad !!
  10. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Moons out the way this weekend, Orion climbing in early hours , if its clear anyone venturing out anywhere, Sutton Bank etc ? Eric
  11. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    That's a lovely image Vicky.
  12. 2STAR

    Atik Infinity NO CAMERA

    Yes it is a Win10 update that causes the problem, I have configured to 'metered connection' so it doesn't spring any surprises on me out in the field, I test it before setting off, any issues I reload a previous version, no problem. eric
  13. I don't think you will have a problem selling, it's a good set up and good price. eric

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