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    Played Amateur Rugby League for total 24yrs in Bradford , Rochdale & a short spell in Wakefield , Also a short spell with Union in Sunbury on Thames early 1970's ,suffering now in my later years for all the knocks & injuries etc, but would do it all again !! enjoying watching Union also now since it went Pro.
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  1. Something I was going to ask the requisite 10 + stars are in the FOV with the zwo533 at 80mm f5 for PA ? eric
  2. OSC for me, have used the Atik Infinity for 3 yr now have ZWOasi533 pro on order with FLO, Mono obviously gives fine detail image & produces better results, so its a case of how much do you want from an image, a reasonable photo in quick time does for me. Short subs on alt/az or eq ,with optolong l-enhance filter subduing a lot of LP from bortle 7/8 backyards as well as bringing colour out on Emission Nebula. 3 or 4 DSO's a night is easy and the final image looks ok. regards eric
  3. Andromeda should just about be in the fov with the f5 80mm espirit.
  4. My mistake , it reduces halation, I have obviously been given some duff information regards eric
  5. I have used my espirit 80mm f5 for imaging (mostly eaa), I have researched in detail and the 533 is a perfect match for my specific 80mm, the sq sensor fits most objects in the FOV I wish to image, and there are LOTS & LOTS of DSO Objects suitable ! I will be using the Optolong L-enhance duo band filter for my bortle 8 backyard where most of my imaging is done, it restricts a lot of LP and additionally brings out colour particularly in Emission Nebulla ,Just waiting for things to settle down in China and delivery of my 533 from FLO. ERIC
  6. Vignetting should not be a problem with the 533 sq chip size and 80ed from what I have read so a Flattener is not required. eric
  7. As mentioned, the weather here would have curtailed use of my on order ZWO 533 in any case, so in many ways it is not that fustrating in reality. eric
  8. Where in West Yorkshire are you, if near Wakefield come and join us. eric Wakefield Astronomical Society member
  9. For my West Yorkshire backyard sky (bortle I am going to Stick with a OSC, with a optolong or zwo duo band filter, & sharpcap. The new OSC CMOS cameras are very sensitive with low noise and image capture in colour is a lot easier learning curve than messing with Mono & filters etc. The duo band filter is a good LP suppressor & boosts certain Emission Nebula colour. The Mono cameras are a favourite amongst some folk, but not for me. I was torn between the 294 & 533 , the square sensor and FOV of the 533 is sufficient through my 80 mm Espirit to capture the images I want. Each to their own and as is often said regarding astro gear, it is a very subjective subject !! On order ZWOASI533pro with FLO, due March sometime hopefully, (unless the Chinese extend their New Year to 2025) regards Eric
  10. You need a goto, alt/az is ok if using sharpacap and a CMOS OSC, SC makes slight adjustement to keep object on track and minimise Field rotation, the latest CMOS cameras from ZWO are also good on a alt/az mount. For really good images it has to be EQ though. eric
  11. The ZWOASI294 MC PRO has very good reviews for deep sky ( can also be used for Planetary) 4/3" sensor and 4.63 pixel size, 23.2mm diagonal, resolution 11.7 mega pixel, excellent specs. The Optolong dual band filter has good reviews for OSC cameras especially on Emission Nebulas, and there are lots of those , also, a good LP filter all in one. As soon as I have the funds this camera will be on its way here. Eric ps: You cannot really use individual colour filters on a OSC .
  12. Give the eyepiece a miss ,Use a Telrad to get you on target, then mess with your settings, Alt/Az works fine. eric
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