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    Family, enjoy watching Rugby league and also union, not too keen on Soccer nowadays but have to show some interest due to Grandsons being football Crazy !!
    Trying to get to grip with Astronomy !!!
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  1. Unless it's Captain over, out, haha
  2. It is a jump start battery not deep cycle, looks ok if it holds a charge for 5 or 6 hours running dew my heater
  3. Taken a few week back, just done some searching and found I have an image of part of the Mare Serenitatis, not far from the landing site of Apollo 17.
  4. Best image of the Cluster I have seen in a long time
  5. If, and I mean If, things go according to plan this coming Autumn/Winter, I may be promoting myself from 2 Star to 3 Star !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eric (2 Star) Moon image taken a few back
  6. For this time of the year and with the Moon about that is excellent
  7. If you see the images I have posted on here it will give you confidence alright haha. to be honest there are never any negative comments, evryone has been through various stages of gettings things excellent so appreciate any effort, but like I said your images are good mate eric
  8. Just had a look at your images, really good, all of them, you should post them on here Jay eric
  9. Showing now, The Dark Side of the Sun, at 1pm Telescopes from Galileo to Newton to Hubble to James Webb
  10. Well I may as well break the silence haha, Corrector Plate Had my SCT just over 2yr and the Corrector plate was looking quite grimy and dull so decided to clean it, looked at all the options suggested on here and elsewhere, most recommended isopropyol/distilled water, anyway I used Tap water one quarter pint and 3 drops of Fairy liquid , 2" at a time with kleenex tissue wiping lightly from centre out, and again with a dry tissue.changing tissue every 2", looks ok now, probably not much change to the light gathering but it looks better !!. Focal Train Now pushed the OTA as far forward ( front heavy) as is safe and with the 105mm distance from 6.3 FR to Atik Infinity chip exact I can just about manage 70 degree dec/lat before collision with the mount base, it's a drawback I will have to put up with I suppose, unless anyone else knows different
  11. Need to venture down that Power supply avenue myself later on, by the way, your Wheely Bins are very clean !!!!
  12. Great wide field images Vicky, for this time of year really well done
  13. Superb ,Great image Dec, you are a 'dark horse' at this game ha ha, can't wait for the dark skies again to get up in the Dales or N/Yorks
  14. I just like setting up Damian for the practice, I know we can't get much of the dimmer objects though.