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    Family, enjoy watching Rugby league and also union, not too keen on Soccer nowadays but have to show some interest due to Grandsons being football Crazy !!
    Trying to get to grip with Astronomy !!!
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  1. I just like setting up Damian for the practice, I know we can't get much of the dimmer objects though.
  2. Good idea Damian
  3. Cheers Mark, I had a good 2hr in the back garden, despite getting the correct co-ordinates for the Johnson Comet I couldn't locate it on screen so moved on and had some reasonable images under the circumstances of IC4665, IC4756, M5, M12, M71, I also had M27 but strangely no colour on screen as I have captured some good colour images of this previous, investigation under way lol
  4. Anyone fancy 2 0r 3 hour at Winscar tonight, looks ok for weather eric
  5. Look ok for first attempt Ben, considering you used your phone cam they are not bad at all. eric
  6. Away on Thursday, apologies for non attendance at meeting Thanks Vicky means I can attend
  7. Was out in the backyard last night for 2 hours just to convince myself I was on the right 'Track', apart from getting some cables jammed wrapped around the Mount, kicking my coffee over, tripping over a battery,initially not changing my coordinates from Sutton Bank , and a few other little things I finally had a very good hour plus of slewing and tracking spot on, got some heavily washed out images of NGC 7380, NGC 7023, IC 1396, not too bad an image of NGC2360, Carolines Cluster , it is a really nice cluster. eric
  8. Well I understand it is 'out of season' and lack of Astronomical darkness makes the Moon more significant, but there are still lots of DSO's out there in May that are obtainable . My umpteenth attempt to get my set up as good as is possible is close , I will now do my alignment with , Telrad finder, Camera, Laptop. I have had a go up at Sutton Bank with this procedure and it was over 90% on target each time and with my scope really front heavy tracking was ok as well. The Meade 3.3 works best for me at F5, Focal length of Meade is 85mm, so I needed 45mm of spacing to get F5, taking into account the camera back focus of 12.5mm, I now just have 32.5 spacer to obtain the required F5. This Focal Train now also gives me near clearance of the Mount thus more degree's of sky for me to go at. Well it sounds good in theory haha, the proof will be in the pudding ( or the image) !!!!! ( I am in the 'Den of Iniquity' next week, but after that ok for anywhere) Additionally I am now dark site friendly , Car/Laptop etc all conforming to etiquete !! e
  9. re: Elan Valley The most impressive line up of scopes I have seen before, would have been at home in the battle of Waterloo Damian as an Artillery Barrage ha ha, great detailed report as ever, pity you all didn't get more clear time with the sky, but non the less it sounds like what you all did get was quality. eric
  10. M71

    M71 from last wibbly wobbly scope last night ha ha
  11. It definitely would have been a problem with your scope Damian, and bitter cold haha
  12. Hailstone when I left Ossett to meet Declan at Wetherby Services, arrived at the viewing spot with little cloud , in 30 mins it cleared to reveal a crystal clear sky and stayed that way, many many stars showing, problem was the bitter cold cold wind playing havoc with my scope, even when I took the dew shield off, great night apart, I had plenty of practice at alignment using the camera & laptop, really accurate so that's my way to go in future, went Comet hunting for a while but couldn't find it ha ha , finished off getting a few star clusters on screen, good laugh with Declan all night, really worth the effort. eric
  13. Hopefully me and Dec are going up to Sutton Bank if you fancy it Damian, meeting at Wetherby Services eric
  14. Lucky you, it's wall to wall cloud in West Yorkshire !!!, have a nice session, hope it stays clear you, eric
  15. Nice capture lots of Galaxies and glad you saw a decent Meteor as well eric