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    Played Amateur Rugby League for total 24yrs in Bradford , Rochdale & a short spell in Wakefield , Also a short spell with Union in Sunbury on Thames early 1970's ,suffering now in my later years for all the knocks & injuries etc, but would do it all again !! enjoying watching Union also now since it went Pro.
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  1. It has had a name change for some reason I think it now means Electronically Enhanced Video or Visual Astronomy ( or something like) it all means the same thing really, using a dedicated Video Camera to capture DSO's.
  2. It still gets Cloudy lol, we manage around 12 to 15 nights good sky per year. Eric
  3. Hi Nebula, I had one of these OTA exactly the same with the 6.3 reducer they are not bad at all for imaging, this is a good example of an SCT, well worth the Money Eric
  4. Hi, If your sky is anything like here in the UK, then you do not get that many good nights per year, studying the night sky is an option if you live in a good area with not many clouds like here in UK North, forget getting a small scope or binoculars.
  5. The Atik Infinity software is amazing in producing short exposure images on a laptop screen either Alt/Az or Eq .
  6. The perception that you must use an EQ Mount to capture decent DSO images is not exactly correct. I have used my Celestron Evolution 9.25 with and without a 6.3 fr on Alt /AZ mount and along with the Atik Infinity Camera and its software captured many DSO objects over the past 3 yrs, field rotation is managed particularly well by the software, and 2 min plus exp stacked can produce good images, personally I never felt the need to go above 45sec subs for my images with careful management of the Histogram its very simple. Eric
  7. The Skymax 127 can be used for CCD DSO Imaging with the correct set up
  8. Dont be nervous about cleaning it, I had same type of ,dirt' on my Evo 9.25 corrector plate, I used normal Tap water in a jug with one drop of washing up liquid. Use non perfumed tissues, wet, squeeze, wipe from center outward, { one portion ata time) then use a dry tissue and repeat, throw the two to one side and get new tissue and repeat lightly out from center, dry one and repeat, work your way around the corrector back to start, it will be undamaged and gleaming. A lot of advice tells you to not use tap water, the coating on the corrector glass is tougher than you think. If you want to leave it then do as i doubt it will reduce the light gathering capability of your OTA. If that was my OTA looking like yours it would annoy me and I would clean it as described, I cleaned mine 3 times in 3 yrs using this method and no problem. eric
  9. Fortunately the polar scope did not require any calibration adjustement out of the box. However, figuring out the new etchings is the next step !! eric
  10. The new azeq5 gt can also do this i think or something similar regards eric
  11. +Hi, your question has obviously not been answered as Polar Scopes differ , and you are just asking this not how to Polar Align which is a totally different Topic to your query !! I am waiting delivery of my az-eq5 gt and will be getting help to calibrate it hopefully, if I do I will pass it on to you. eric
  12. I have for sale a Celestron Neximage GOTO Lithium self powered Mount and Heavy Duty Tripod, Handset with over 42,000 listed objects. It has good Tracking ( Worm Gear) and a reliable internal lithium Battery that can be mains charged after use. ( Few of the Tiny usual cosmetic Marks only) £450 0VNO Eric Due to weight collection only please. PayPal /CASH/Bank transfer
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