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    Played Amateur Rugby League for total 24yrs in Bradford , Rochdale & a short spell in Wakefield , Also a short spell with Union in Sunbury on Thames early 1970's ,suffering now in my later years for all the knocks & injuries etc, but would do it all again !! enjoying watching Union also now since it went Pro.
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  1. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    January not looking good so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. 2STAR

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Veil part little more colour same exp and set up
  3. 2STAR

    The "No EQ" DSO Challenge!

    Couple from me, both taken in LP backyard at home , UV/IR filter, Skywatcher 80mm Espirit Triplet, Alt/Az Evolution goto/ Horsehead & Flame 15x45 sec, Part Veil Nebula 20x 30 sec, Camera Atik Infinity OSC
  4. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Happy 2019 all, lets hope we can get to a darkish sky site as and when the Clouds and the Moon do one !!! eric
  5. 2STAR

    Saturn debut

    Excellent effort
  6. Managed to get it tonight in the 10x50 bino's, very very difficult to see , looks like another disapointing 'could have been' , so far anyway !!. Eric
  7. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Well done Vicky
  8. 2STAR

    Favourite eea camera?

    My point was the infinity software for use on a Alt/Az mount, with eq you have a far wider range to choose from eric
  9. 2STAR

    Favourite eea camera?

    I have a Atik Infinity 2/3 chip Sony icx825 sensor 6.45x6.45 pixel 16 bit, I use on a Alt/Az mount and get decent results, the Infinity Software copes exceptionally well with Field Rotation, I have not had the need to go above 40 sec subs , it stacks on the fly and is amazing for EAA instant results on the laptop screen. I believe the software can now cope with 2 min subs quite well but have never had the need to myself. Eric
  10. 2STAR

    Extension Mount Pillars

    Will be interesting, imagine expensive though posted from Germany etc
  11. Atik Infinity OSC , Skywatcher Espirit 80mm Alt/Az mount, UV/IR filter, 30 secs X 56 exp. (LP Backyard) Part of the Veil Nebula NGC 6992 Eric
  12. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    NGC 6992 Veil Nebula (part) Atik Infinity OSc DSO Video Camera, November 11th 2018 56 x 30 secs exposure
  13. 2STAR

    Welcome to all

    Moon out the way early doors, clear forecast tonight eric
  14. 2STAR

    Meade 3.3 reducer wanted

    I had a Meade 3.3 reducer (Japan) on loan last year for my SCT 9.25, it is only really at its best with spacing to bring it up to f5. eric
  15. 2STAR

    Dubai Astronomy

    December 2nd 2017 was the opening of the 50 million Dirhams, Althuraya Astronomy Centre in Dubai with its 1 metre Mirror Telescope, it has an Academy with Classrooms and a Hundred Seater Theatre and outside observation deck, with landscaped gardens in the shape of Constellations, the 2,696 sq metre building is located in Al Mushrif Park, the Dubai Society has some 7,000 members and plans are in place to open the Marmoun Astronomy Resort, a dark sky resort 40 kilometre from the City, where Researchers and Tourists can view the night sky as it was before LP. There are also plans in place for two projects An observatory on the Hatta Mountains for 2019 and -- for 2117 a City on Mars, yes, they usually do what they promise in the UAE. Eric

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