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    Family, enjoy watching Rugby league and also union, not too keen on Soccer nowadays but have to show some interest due to Grandsons being football Crazy !!
    Trying to get to grip with Astronomy !!!
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  1. WADAS forum 4

    I had a severe infection that caused high temperature and associated issues, my wife has had the same, I am feeling ok now thanks, hope you get sorted also. eric
  2. WADAS forum 4

    Can't make meeting tonight, just come out of Hospital, don't want to go into detail on here but will let you know next meeting, at the moment though I am unable to drive so dark skies out for the time being ( but not permanent).
  3. WADAS forum 4

    Another from Sutton Bank area Saturday night M106
  4. WADAS forum 4

    Why do the images appear three times on here ?????????????
  5. WADAS forum 4

    Well I saw 2" of snow at least you were scraping off lol
  6. WADAS forum 4

    Fingers crossed Dec, any opportunity and it's kit at the ready !!!
  7. WADAS forum 4

    It was a dodgy trip especially coming back, plenty of stars on show but it got a bit 'Milky' after an hour or so with moisture creeping in and clouds on the horizon , I managed a close up shot of the HH 128 secs total, Evo 9.25 atik infinity FR 6.3, wonder how close it would have looked without the FR haha
  8. WADAS forum 4

    Actually it was 6" of snow around my car Damian, and the roads were a bit hairy haha
  9. WADAS forum 4

    lovely shot , great detail
  10. WADAS forum 4

    Dec, that is outstanding mate. eric
  11. WADAS forum 4

    Lovely image Adam, really nice colour and detail in there, well done. eric
  12. WADAS forum 4

    6-45 Nice view of Mars in particular, looked a really nice naked eye deep Ruby Red .
  13. WADAS forum 4

    Would have joined you Ryan but just read it now eric
  14. WADAS forum 4

    Forecast clear tonight , 70% moon up at 2200hrs so may be ok for a short spell before that, hopefully. eric