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  1. Thanks for the update Derek and fingers are crossed all over the country.
  2. Nice read Neil thanks for posting. Looking forward to getting out this autumn winter and posting a few reports.
  3. Crescent is stunning under dark skies but transparency is a must for the fine inner filaments. Excellent object when the skies are there
  4. Here's a small time lapse from last autumn.
  5. Hi Steve Lesley is o.k. with stays longer than the stated dates. I've booked the 9th to the 16th but if the weather is conducive to clear skies on the 16th I'll stay and make the most of it.
  6. Must phone Lesley and get this sorted. How many spaces are left for this Derek as I know some have not commented on here that have booked.
  7. Hi Adrian, It was wet and gloomy but definitely agree it is a great facility and needs to reopen ASAP. I have sent them a message on messenger as it says the communication via email is not being monitored about the caravan but as yet haven't had a reply. On a different note and (I'm sure Adrian can attest to this) we had a day (5hrs) of walking the Ptarmigan ridge and Ben Lomond yesterday (so thats two Simm's, a Corbett and a Munro during the week for the factual people amongst us ) We walked it that way round and although being told the Ptarmigan path was boggy it was nothing like Merrick and a really nice path to walk. From the top the ascent of Ben Lomond is steep and rocky and in places not for the faint hearted. Ben lomond from the summit of Ptarmigan still another 200m of ascent remaining up the left hand side of the ridge. Can probably see people on it if you zoom in. And the descent down the tourist path which was full of people being Scotlands second most popular Munro and closest to Glasgow. The walk down is 6km and compared to the ascent quite unremarkable. It seems to go on forever. I'll add a few more photo's later but only just arrived home today. 50 miles of walking in total over the week.
  8. It was completely deserted. Not sure when it was last opened or occupied? Something was beeping inside like a battery was running low? The rear where the carpark is had a huge puddle across the complete entrance which can probably be seen in the photo. A shame after what looks like a lot of time and money has been put into it.
  9. To bring astronomy back into the fore on the thread here are a few shots of the Scottish dark sky observatory from todays visit. The beautifully engineered suspension bridge over the river doon. The observatory which seems to be closed at the moment with the staircase to the observing deck blocked off. The caravan close by had been broken into by some thoughtless idiot, obviously unoccupied at present but just begs the question why? The weather turned shortly after these shots as we walked back round by Glen ness to Loch doon dam and its small hydro electric station. Back to the car along the road drenched Soaked again so back tothe heating to dry everything before tomorrow's adventures.
  10. Well the weather has certainly flipped today with rain being a constant companion. It's never let up and must've put 2" down as there is a lot of flooding about. Good job it's August and not Oct as we'd have been really wet Lots of driving and very little walking and photos. On the positive at least I'm not in my usual accommodation and the heating is tip top . Boots are dry ready for the next ascent.
  11. It is looking back to the lake district
  12. It was high enough for us especially as we came down the Loch Valley route back. 6hrs of walking arriving back at the carpark at just after half 6. Thats one boggy walk down the other side!!
  13. Finally made it to the summit of Merrick. Started out a bit rainy and the top was obscured but the weather steadily opened up and got better. stunning views back to the lake district.
  14. Managed to book a place near Kilmarnock so will be nice to explore the top end of galloway and ayrshire area. Must've tried booking half a dozen places before we got something.
  15. Our booking was cancelled by the owner yesterday . Disappointing at this late hour but may have something else lined up but much further up in Ayrshire.
  16. Just booked a caravan near Castle Douglas for a few nights away at the end of July. Mainly just sight seeing and walking in the area and conquering Merrick as we failed due to the storm Ellen last time!!
  17. Hope it heals quickly Jamie and I'm sure it will make a good yarn over a drink (or three)
  18. Shots of the comet taken over the steelworks in the heart of Rotherham with a galaxy S10
  19. Obviously inches Mike. There's no substitute.
  20. Nobody can criticise anyone making a functional scope Mark and you're nearly there. Lot's wouldn't even attempt it so well done upto now.
  21. Pretty good efforts there Mark. Spider Maybe distorting the upper tube as you can get a lot of pressure on them. Aperture of the box can be made larger if it needs to be
  22. I always thought the answer was 42?
  23. Looks brilliant Davey. Hope she keeps the clear skies as well
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