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  1. 3 and 3/4 hours to get home was an excellent run. Shame I couldn't be bothered with the clear sky at 5am but hope everyone left get some clear skies tonight
  2. Will be booking at next month's camp. Think there's a few ready to book
  3. Yes built from scratch by the owners
  4. The mob travelling the dark skies again................
  5. Probably be a 5 hour drive for me so probably afternoon by the time I get there
  6. Car nearly packed for an early departure in the morning
  7. Think you missed that Ricky did say he was going to come down in the daytime Derek. Best to check some of us will be around, and probably afternoon best after all the clear skies which are booked in
  8. It was great when we attended for that mini star camp Jules. Also headed back 3 years ago for another mini star organised by @Uplooker. We had a good night but the second night was a wash out. Still enjoyed it as always
  9. Nice bit of viewing there Paul. Glad your new glass is giving you the wows.
  10. Nice one Paul. Good you've got out and scanned the low down summer objects
  11. Nice to see you're still getting some views in Nick and thanks for a great read. Those old faves really do take some beating.
  12. Quite an old thread and not seen Alan on here for quite some time. Congrats on the Nichol mirror you will not be disappointed.
  13. Be good to see everyone again, hopefully at a less restrictive star party this year
  14. As always Nick a superb report and well documented session. I got out myself for 3 hours on Saturday and enjoyed a bit of unplanned star hopping zipping From one side of the sky to the other picking out some old friends. Hope you are keeping well and good to read a report from you. Sadly I didn't make any notes of my session .
  15. So long to the missed GSP spring 2021 here's to the Autumn meeting. Cheers
  16. Many thanks for the compliments. It's looking good keep up the good work. That mirror looks really nice. I'd like a cnc router for the next builds but don't have the room for one so it'll be done completely manual. The holder was a lot of trial and error but the next should be easier to make now.
  17. One of my favourite groups to test sky conditions. We looked at this when the mob travelled to the Isle of sky as Calvin says. NGC3735 which is what I use as a guide post to star hop to it. It's about twice the size of all 5 of the HCG 55 galaxies. 4 definitely but that 5th is really difficult to tease out. I may get out and try for it the next new moon.
  18. I also went a different route than the classic dob build. Build thread is still on here Mapstar 22" build Good luck and we're here to help and encourage. Damian
  19. Sounds like a fantastic build and well done on choosing a Nichol mirror set for this. Nice to see new technology making parts for astronomy. I made a similar holder from carbon fibre for a secondary the same size. It weighs a fraction of steel The front lip gives excellent support to the secondary the same as your printed version. Watching with interest as it seems a while since we've had a flurry of build projects
  20. Mine is too I've only had a couple of dealings with Orion when I got my mirror coated and bought a secondary from them. Overall it was o.k. and the secondary was fine but I did get it tested independently just to make sure. But....... The comment made to me about larger mirrors being easy to make and 'you should've just done it this way and you'd have had it done in half the time' was quite disrespectful. Especially when it had taken them 20+ weeks to grind a 20" mirror for someone I used to observe with. If you want a reflector there are other manufacturers out there with great customer service, or just make your own which is much more satisfying . I have a couple more in the pipeline which will eventually grace the pages of SGL.
  21. Thanks for the update Derek. A real shame that this has had to be cancelled but understandable in the current situation with the rate of covid infections increasing the way it is. Hopefully things will quickly get back to normal over the summer and we can all enjoy the dark skies of galloway.
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