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  1. Looks like tomorrow night (Saturday) might be a good night if anyone is planning on it? I’m gunna head up a bit later on so will plan to be up there around 11/11:30 but will be planning on leaving 4/5am if the weather stays good if anyone is up for it?
  2. Meanwhile.....thought I’d finally get my guiding up and running properly seen as it’s always all over the place....I’m a bit happier now.....as always thanks to Ryan for having a look and as always pointing out the obvious mistake ???
  3. I am selling my Celestron 130SLT Goto (in original box), Nikon D60, T-Ring adapter, flocking material, battery grip, 2 x Nikon batteries, charger, camera remote. Accessory tray has one clip that has snapped but have spoken with Celestron and they are sending a new one out to me. Scope is in mint condition and have had no issues with it whatsoever. ready to start imaging, would just recommend a coma corrector which unfortunately I don’t have. collection from Wakefield. £300 ONO
  4. That looks awesome dec!! Heres another shot shot that I took of the Rosette but had a shooting star start in one of the exposures F2E44A64-3383-4C0B-A623-74BAAA808743.tiff 57340CC4-5E78-44AC-86A1-1A4E80FE1416.tiff
  5. Cheers pal!! yeah i am starting to feel a bit more confident with it all, always learning obviously but getting better :-)
  6. Yeah I ended up packing up as guide camera and scope had their lenses iced over in the end which was bit of a disappointment but still it was a good night out and as always, had great company :-) I'm hoping to add some Ha to it the next time that its clear (fingers crossed thats sometime relatively soon)
  7. My very first attempt of the rosette nebula and number 4 to my catalogue that I've done so far, I have only had my equipment since arch last year and with the typical british weather only managed to be out a handful of times due to cloud. Hope you like it. Rosette Nebula HEQ 5 Pro Modified Canon 100D CLS CCD Astronomik Clip filter Altair Lightwave 72 ED-R QHYCCD Guide camera 9 x 600 Subs Processed in Photoshop & Lightroom
  8. So last night was incredibly cold with everything completely icing over, but managed to get my first shot of rosette nebula :-) 7B868031-B1EC-4D07-AF65-DFD716DEECA4.tiff
  9. Need more data still but it’s coming along nicely :-)
  10. No way!! after it not playing ball last night?!?
  11. Yeah I've said this to mark i find a single image a lot easier to process and find it usually looks a lot better but then again I'm still relatively new to it all as i only got my gear in march so still playing around with it and learning :-) just hope we have some more clear night so i can get some more
  12. I finally got my very first pictures of Orion.....i only started in March last year with only a handful of clear nights to work with and as we all know its been nothing but cloud since september pretty much lol so here they are :-) (I'm a complete novice with processing) Orion001.tif Orion stacked 02.tif
  13. Managed to get down to winscar and take first shots of Orion, although I'm torn between stacked images and single exposures. Ive still not cracked processing and still am not overly happy with it but here they are........first I've ever done of this target......be gentle lol. Orion001.tif Orion stacked 02.tif
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