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  1. Yeah I couldn't find anything either, they probably misread it. I'll post a reminder for the AGM on Facebook tomorrow just incase he's not the only one lol. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. That's what I thought but he said it mentioned it on the website but I couldn't see anything. Ah well...Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Hey guys, just had a message on the Facebook page from saying there is something organised for 5th January, but to my knowledge the next meet is the AGM on the 7th. Have I missed something? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. I'll bring some A4 sized pieces of card just in case not everyone brings card to make their filter.
  5. Bet if you went a few outside of Dubai you would a wonderful though. [emoji2]
  6. Will be first thing, so about 9ish and then going round to the other classes afterwards. I'm just a touch nervous, as I've never done anything like this before but I'm sure it will be fine. And thank you very much for the support and kind words guys.
  7. Well that's what I mentioned to her teacher and I think we'll make some with my daughter's class. With the rest of the classes they want me to just do a brief explantion of what is happening and why it happens. My biggest issue is trying to keep it simple lol. Jeremy
  8. Hey guys could I get a bit of advice please? I offered to give my daughter's reception class a quick talk on the solar eclipse on Thursday and I've now, somehow been roped into going to each class and giving a 5 mins talk to each class, [emoji33] I was thinking of drawing a poor representation of Earth on the white board and using a ball and torch to simulate the eclipse while giving a brief discription of what is happening. Does this sound ok? I've done anything like this before and I'm really trying to avoid getting to in depth with it. Any advice anyone could give would be appreciated. Oh
  9. A thoroughly enjoyable read Damian. It has inspired me to..... Never ever try this. Lol.
  10. Looking forward to following this Damian.
  11. I'm at work tonight [emoji29] unfortunately. That said been busy refurbishing some old game consoles I bought recently, so been über busy [emoji16] Got to try and get out again soon though.
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