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  1. WADAS forum 3

    Cracking image there Jay. The veil nebula is always an interesting target and not an easy one to image and process to pull out the fine detail. Fantastic job Dec. I believe that supernova was discovered on 14th May 2017, not May 2014. You've done a brilliant job getting the detail out and focus is spot on. Look forward to seeing you add more data in the coming weeks. Result!
  2. WADAS forum 3

    @Dec I've just been reading that there is a supernova still visible in the fireworks galaxy. Not sure if you were aware when you were imaging it last night. Just thought I'd let you know as it'd be interesting to see of you have bagged it on your image and if you could highlight it to us of you have
  3. WADAS forum 3

    Thanks Neil - it was a really enjoyable evening. Love getting out with the WADAS gang
  4. WADAS forum 3

    Hi everyone! Well, the 1.45am bed time is starting to hit me after a 9 hour shift at work. Just looking at my data from last night, and I'm really happy with what I got before my inverter went kaput! Looking forward to seeing evryone elses results. It was a great night - really enjoyed it. You're not a bad lot really Here are my images of Saturn and M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy Really pleased with my Saturn to say it was so low and I was imaging at 500mm focal length. First time I'd viewed it this year too!
  5. WADAS forum 3

    Great night at Winscar last night, and brilliant to see so many of us there mid-week! Feels good to see the new season underway with 2 nights or under the stars within a few days. I was disappointed that my inverter decided to pack up just as I'd got guiding and imaging, but it's all part of the challenge that this hobby throws at us! Looking forward to seeing everyone's images, as it seems a productive night was had by all. Once again, thank you D for sharing the views through your awesome scope. Wow! The veil nebula blew me away! Here's to the new season chaps!
  6. WADAS forum 3

    Yay! Astro outing! Count me in! I'll be there around 8.30pm. Small car park again? Woo hoo
  7. WADAS forum 3

    Absolute belter Mark!
  8. WADAS forum 3

    Milky Way, Summer Triangle and Brocchi’s Cluster BUT NO PERSEIDS haha Canon 100D with 18-55mm lens at 18mm on Skywatcher Star Adventurer Single 240 second exposure at ISO 400
  9. WADAS forum 3

    Nice capture Ben, and it was great to see you last night. Decided to set up when I got home to see what I could capture and to use up the rest of my battery. Going to have a look at my other images shortly when my laptop has finished installing a massive update........
  10. WADAS forum 3

    Great night at Winscar last night, and so good to see so many people there! Mark seemed to get the image of the night and I'm looking forward to seeing the result. It was also good to see Kieran again, and I believe he bagged a couple too. Nice shots there Soupy Just uploading my images from last night. Not gone through the ones I did at Winscar, however, when I got home I set up the camera in the back yard to attempt a star trails image as I've not had a proper attempt at one before. Here is a quick process of 101 x 15 second exposures. You can see the lights from a couple of aeroplanes as they passed overhead, however I believe I have caught one feint Perseid to the upper centre of the image. Will have a look through the images I did at Winscar later today and see if I have managed to capture anything there.
  11. WADAS forum 3

    Fingers crossed eh?
  12. WADAS forum 3

    Weather forecast isn't looking good for Wakefield tonight. Is it looking any better for Winscar? Really hope it's reasonably clear as I am desperate for an astro chat and catch up.
  13. WADAS forum 3

    Durr, sorry Dec. Just re-read your post and seen it is HaRGB. Still waking up this morning
  14. WADAS forum 3

    They're incredible Dec. The bubble nebula is top of my target list. How have you got so much colour in a H-alpha image? I haven't even worked out how to apply anything other than a single colour to one channel. Stunning job. Yes, I was going to post to see if anyone is going out meteor spotting tonight. Think I'll join you if the forecast stays good. Even though the moon will be pesky it'll be good to have an astro catch up with a bit of banter. Been missing the astro gang. I'll be there with my DSLR, comfy chair and a flask of coffee. Are you heading to the larger car park by the water? Has anyone got any midge spray?
  15. WADAS forum 2

    Hi Adam! I was just about to ask if anyone was going out meteor spotting tonight. I might join you if the forecast is good. I was going to stop at home, but a bit of astro company will be nice. Are you going in the big or small car park? Don't know if you are aware that this is the old WADAS thread. Can you copy and paste your post onto the new thread which is WADAS Forum 3. Hopefully see you later. Vicky