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  1. Vicky050373

    DSO, Nebula, Galaxies, Comets etc

    A selection of images of DSOs, nebula and galaxies
  2. Managed a reasonably decent imaging session last weekend and had a go at one of my favourite little targets M97 The Owl Nebula in Ursa Major imaged 04.05.2018 William Optics FLT-110 refractor and Atik 314L monochrome CCD with Baader narrowband filters 10 x 300 seconds H-Alpha, 10 x 300 seconds H-Beta and 10 x 300 seconds OIII Assigned to R, G & B channels respectively to give a false colour image
  3. Vicky050373

    M51 Whirlpool, also 21/4/18!

    Love the colours you've got in this. Smashing little image
  4. Vicky050373

    The Leo Triplets

    This was a great result, and we had a good night too
  5. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Oh no D, gutted to read this. Total scum bag and I hope they find who did this and recover your bike. Feel truly upset reading this and hope they haven't made too much of a mess. Do you know if your scope is safe? I hadn't realised you were on your annual boys jaunt to Ayia Napa. I just presumed you were busy working when you weren't at the WADAS meeting. Hopefully you'll get things sorted.
  6. My first proper attempt at RGB imaging with the monochrome CCD. Imaged using William Optics FLT-110 and Atik 314L monochrome CCD camera mounted on NEQ6 and guided with QHY5L-II monochrome in a QHY mini guidescope. 10 x 300 seconds R, 10 x 300 seconds G, 2 x 300 seconds B (as I had to delete the other 8 due to technical issues resulting in trailing). 10 x 300 seconds Luminance. Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. L, R, G & B stacked separately, using a reference frame for each stack (taken from the Luminence data set) to ensure alignment. Processed in Photoshop CS2, although I do not think I added the Luminence layer correctly resulting in loss of data. However, I learned a lot whilst processing this data and it is always there for me to revisit once I have improved my skills to hopefully get even more from the acquired data.
  7. M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy 21.04.18 My first proper attempt at RGB imaging with the monochrome CCD Imaged using William Optics FLT-110 and Atik 314L monochrome camera. 10 x 300 seconds R, 10 x 300 seconds G, 2 x 300 seconds B (as I had to delete the other 8 due to technical issues). 10 x 300 seconds Luminence. I will have another look at this data once I have done more reading up on combining my Luminence data with the RGB data as it was a case of having a play around this morning. However, I'm very happy with my result for now.
  8. Vicky050373

    M104 Sombrero Galaxy

    Cracking image Eric. Bet you are loving the new Esprit
  9. Vicky050373

    Lunar and Planetary Images

    A selection of my lunar and planetary images
  10. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Venus imaged this afternoon. Although imaged in broad daylight, the very short exposures required, just a couple of miliseconds, means the sky looks black. Such short exposures are required to prevent the image over exposing as Venus is so bright. Celestron 8SE and QHY5L-II monochrome camera with Celestron LX 2 x barlow. AVI stacked in Registax with minor adjustments in wavelets. No post-processing other than a slight crop.
  11. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Hi there, at last night's meeting I briefly mentioned packaging that comes with our printer toners at work. I brought a couple home and they would make very handy protective cases for DSLR lenses and larger eyepieces, such as widefield 2" like ES82 or Ethos etc. I currently have 2 of these if anyone would like them, and I'll bring home any more I get. Just let me know if you want any
  12. Vicky050373

    Twin Samyang 135 F/2 complete rig (reduced)

    Thanks for letting me know. I'd still like one if either of the other sales don't go through.
  13. Vicky050373

    WADAS forum 4

    Gutted for you Eric. Frustrating when you end up losing the little clear sky that we have got recently. I have been quiet on here this last week, but see Damian's post above regarding the new WADAS Club Section. I believe that is where we are continuing our thread. Damian will correct me if I'm wrong
  14. Vicky050373

    Twin Samyang 135 F/2 complete rig (reduced)

    PM'd if there is still a Canon Geoptic adapter available.

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