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  1. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Quick update on the Prinz 660, and it is seemingly very successful so far. New 76mm tube rings and dovetail bar fitted. Vixen 36.4mm to 1.25" adapter arrived today, and it fits like a dream, so I can use my modern star diagonal and EPs. I have even had a play and fitted the original solar projection plate just to see what it would have looked like, although I have no intentions of using it. Unfortunately, we have mist and cloud here this evening, but I have had the scope in the front yard giving it a quick test. Buildings and lights, and the motorway traffic around 2 miles away are crisp and sharp through the EP, which bodes well. The original finder and shoe are present, although the threads on the front focus adjuster on the finder are loose and don't catch properly. Hoping we can have a look at during an upcoming club meeting. I am also going to try to fashion a dew shield of sorts (I read on one thread someone had made one out of an old 2L pop bottle which they painted white on the outside and matt black on the inside), just to give it a finishing touch as it seems as though it would have had one originally. Looking forward to giving it a proper test on The Moon as soon as skies allow. Anyway, thought you'd be interested in my progress and it's good to see a scope that has been around as long, if not longer, than I have not only looking the part again, but in a condition where it can be used to enjoy the views of our solar system and the wider Galaxy
  2. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Just collected a parcel from the Post Office on my way to work, and it just so happened to be my Vixen eyepiece adapter. That came much sooner than expected as they advised it could take 28 days. I only ordered it last Monday! Hopefully, this will be the thing for the job on the Prinz 660. Shame I've got to wait until I return home this evening to test it, but I will keep you posted
  3. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Hopefully so. I'll bring the finder to an upcoming meeting for someone to look at the threads and see if we can see why it isn't catching on properly. It is a very specific shoe for the finder which I don't fancy trying to change as it may mean drilling more holes! I tried swapping the finder scope itself for my Skywatcher 6x30 RACI one, but the tube just doesn't quite fit into the other foot/holder. I'll bring both to a meeting and see what we can do. I'm just hoping it turns out to be worth the effort I'm putting in. It's a great looking classic scope though, and it'll be good seeing it looking smart again.
  4. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    A quick progress update on the vintage Prinz 660 refractor. She is now looking a right bobby-dazzler and a "proper" telescope in new tube rings and dovetail bar, so she can be mounted on my existing mount for further testing. I am still awaiting delivery of the Vixen 36.4mm to 1.25" adapter which will hopefully allow the use of my better quality diagonal and EPs. Although the finder scope and its mount are present and correct, the thread for the finder scope does seem to have worn somehow and it isn't gripping properly. Due to the specific shape of the shoe, and the fact that it is the original finder, I am hoping to get this sorted to enable it to be used properly. Maybe this is something we can look at together at an upcoming WADAS club meeting. I have had the scope outside, and although it is cloudy and I could only bung the 0.965" 20mm EP straight into the drawtube (unfortunately, the original 0.965" star diagonal was missing), I have had a look at the buildings and lights around 2 miles away on the other side of the motorway towards Crigglestone. The signage on the building was clear and the branches of the trees lining the motorway were sharp. Hoping this bodes well for the quality of the optics. Unfortunately I can do no further testing until I receive the Vixen 36.4mm to 1.25" adapter, which may take a couple of weeks as I ordered a cheaper alternative which is winging it's way from China.
  5. Vicky050373

    FOUND! 76mm tube rings - pair

    These tube rings are now found Moderators, please archive, thank you
  6. Vicky050373

    FOUND! 76mm tube rings - pair

    Hi Rich, and thank you for the information. I may have a set on the way, but will keep this wanted ad open until I have them in my grubby mits. Thanks again. Vicky
  7. ***FOUND*** Hi there! Looking for a pair of 76mm tube rings. Not too fussed about age or condition. Just need them to be a secure fit and do the job. Not too worried if you don't have a Vixen dovetail to mount them on, as I'll more than likely have one of those knocking about in my tool box. I'm currently sprucing up a vintage Prinz 660 scope that come to me in a very tired state, and I have unfortunately had to consign the original (and broken) clamshell and EQ mount to Astro-heaven. I've had a quick scout about on-line and its looks like I can pick a pair of 76mm tube rings from 365Astronomy, but want to check whether anyone has any to send to a new home before I buy new. Thanks for looking Vicky These are now found and doesn't she look a Bobby-Dazzler!
  8. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Yup, as far as I can see, and from what I have read since doing a bit of research on this old classic. I can see the 3 metal tabs holding the objective in place.
  9. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    I have ordered a Vixen 36.4mm to 1.25" adapter I'm hoping will do the trick to enable the use of 1.25" EPs etc. Once I've received that I can try the scope with my diagonal and EPs to see what the optics are like. I can purchase a set of 76mm tube rings if necessary from 365Astronmy, however we may be able to somehow reuse the existing clamshell, although it is seized onto the rest of the EQ mount. It may be more successful just to bite the bullet and buy tube rings for £20, stick them on a Vixen dovetail bar (which I have a spare), and then I can bung the OTA on any existing mount/tripod. Terry has already ditched the crazy long tripod and wooden box as my house did not have room to store them, and I declared that I would not reuse them. Marc - regards to plantpot weather station - this is Terrys but the wind speed bit doesn't work since I sat on it whilst polar aligning one day and broke off one of the spinny-bits! Oops!! Back to the Prinz 660 OTA, I will bring to an upcoming meeting, or meet up with anyone who may be able to offer advise on whether or not to attempt cleaning. Some of the marks look like they are between the glass elements, and I'm inclined to leave well alone.
  10. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Hi chaps, I have acquired a vintage Prinz 660 76mm / 1250mm FL refractor telescope which I was hoping to give to my niece. However, when I collected it I realised it was in a much more "tired" state than I had hoped and the mount/ tripod is original but heavy and impractical for a child to use. So, I have put everything else to one side for now to concentrate on the OTA, which has seen better days, but I'm hoping we can resurrect this classic scope. As you can see in the photos, the tripod is huge and the EQ mount head is missing parts. I can pick up some inexpensive 76mm tube rings to attach a standard Vixen dovetail. I have also done a bit of research and the purchase of a 36.4mm male to 1.25" adapter will allow the use of standard modern EPs as opposed to the supplied 0.965" accessories. I am not good at tinkering and restoration. I have attached a couple of photos. Do any of my more experiences friends think the objective can be cleaned up, or would you just leave it as is?
  11. Lens now sold - thank you Marci Moderators, would you kindly archive advert, thank you
  12. Thanks Marc - it's available whenever you want to pick it up
  13. ***SOLD*** I have for sale my Cosina Zoom 100-300mm f5.6-6.7 MC Macro lens (Canon fit). 55mm filter thread. The lens comes with both end caps, but does not have its own box. I do, however, have a box in which it fits perfectly. There are no instructions, warranty, or any other paperwork. Bought second hand last year, and used for both daytime and Astrophotography with my Canon 100D. This is a budget lens which is lightweight and gives a better image than you would expect for a lens of this price. Only selling as I have been offered a second hand Tamron SP 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di VC USD, which is a better lens, and I don't need two such similar zoom lenses. Plus, the Cosina must go to help fund the new purchase. So, I will sell on for 20% less than I paid for it last year, and looking for £40 collected or £45 to include first class signed for delivery within the UK. I do not think Royal Mail will insure the lens due to the glass elements, however it will be very securely packaged for delivery. Happy with cash on collection, bank transfer or PayPal. Thanks for looking Vicky
  14. PM incoming for the EQDIR cable, Vicky
  15. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Hi Neil, Apologies - I have yet to update Damian with memberships paid in his absence. I'll get that information over to him this week, and he will then be able to update the membership spreadsheet and I'll ask Marc to update the WADAS members page. For some reason it shows that I am also due but I paid in July. The committee will work together to get everything up to date. Vicky

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