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  1. WADAS forum 4

    Managed to get out for a short while this evening with the aim to see if I'd managed to resurrect PHD. But, no such luck. I'd also done a poor job of setting up so couldn't even manage 60 second exposures without trailing. Some sessions just don't work out. Anyway, at least I tried..... M81 & M82 in Ursa Major Skywatcher Equinox 80 and Atik 314L monochrome CCD 30 x 60 second exposures
  2. Both items withdrawn from sale as I've decided to use them at any upcoming outreach events Moderators please archive
  3. Now sold - thank you David Moderators please archive
  4. This eyepiece is now sold - thank you Kev Moderators please archive
  5. @Bernard254 this eyepiece is still available
  6. Morning Kev, Yes, it is still available and ready and waiting to go to a new home Vicky
  7. They are cracking little eyepieces. I have the full set, although some are Explorer and some are branded Starguider and some just say ED. I believe they are all pretty much the same though. I just can't justify keeping 2 the same
  8. ***SOLD - thank you Kev*** I have for sale a 12mm BST Explorer ED 60 degree eyepiece. Bought from other SGL member just last week to try in my binoviewers. However, my viewing experience with the Binoviewers wasn't as good as I'd hoped, and prefer the views using the supplied 20mm eyepieces along with the 1.6x Barlow nosepiece. Obviously, I already have a 12mm BST Explorer eyepiece, so this one is now surplus to requirements. They are lovely eyepieces and this one needs to go to someone who is able to use it and enjoy it. Therefore I am selling this for exactly the same price as I paid for it last week. Asking for £25 to include signed for 2nd class delivery within mainland UK. Thanks for looking Vicky
  9. Sold - payment pending Will update advert once payment received Thank you David
  10. These are now sold - thank you @Ludd, hope you get some good use out of them Moderators, please archive advert, thank you.
  11. Provisionally sold to @Ludd pending payment
  12. Price now £85 to include P&P within UK
  13. WADAS forum 4

    Yes, you are right about the focal ratio meaning it is a "slower" scope. A lot depends on what you want to image. Remember, you are limited to shorter exposures on an Alt-AZ mount, and you will need to upgrade to an equatorial mount if you want to start doing longer exposures on fainter DSO's. Personally, I'd hang fire for now and see what you get with the Mak before you jump and buy a different scope, as that may then lead you to wanting to change your mount etc. etc. and so the snowball quickly grows...... For lunar imaging you only need a monochrome camera as there isn't much colour on the moon, plus it will give you better resolution. But, for planetary imaging you may choose a one shot colour camera, which give quicker results but you do lose some of the resolution. I have both the mono and colour QHY5L-II, but I do use the monochrome as my guide camera and I bought them whilst they were half price last year. If you are interested, I can lend you my DMK21 monochrome camera to test out. I don't often use it, but I do prefer the results it gives when I image the moon through the 8SE. You are welcome to borrow it for a month, although you may need to download up to date drivers from the Imaging Source website. Give it a go on the Moon and the planets (if you can see them from your location) and see what you think. It is a really small sensor of approx. 0.3mp with 640 X 480 pixels or something, but it's a cracking little camera. I would also recommend the QHY5L-II. Another one to look at is the Altair GPCAM2 which come highly recommended. I think Mark Jagger may have one. Like the QHY these can be used for both AVI lunar and planetary imaging, as well as longer exposure DSO imaging. Also, the bonus with the QHY or Altair is they have an ST4 port so they can be used as a guide camera if you ever go down the longer exposure route. However, remember you cannot image with the same camera you are guiding with. If you are coming Thursday night we can have a chat then. Marc Coyles will also be able to give advice on "shoestring" imaging as I know he's a whizz at putting kit together and getting results with relatively little expenditure. I wish I was more handy that way.
  14. WADAS forum 4

    @Bengrant76 if you went for a short tube faster scope it would give you wider field views, but the Mak will be good for many targets and DSO's. What focal length is the Mak as it'd be a cracking scope for lunar and planetary viewing and imaging, expecially if you bought an inexpensive planetary camera for running AVIs. However, I'd stick with the gear you've got for now and see what it can do before you throw any money at anything new.