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  1. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Nice image Mark. You well and truly beat me to it in our "M51 off" LOL. I don't think I really did much to help, but I think we both got somewhere working through things together. We have both had successful first attempts with the Altair 183C. Beats faffing with those RGB filters!
  2. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Nice image Eric, but such a shame you lost your data. Did you get your laptop fixed OK? Been having a play with my data, but there are turquoise and purple colours coming from somewhere! I'm happy with it though. Definitely enjoying the ease of use of the one shot colour camera
  3. Vicky050373

    DSO, Nebula, Galaxies, Comets etc

    A selection of images of DSOs, nebula and galaxies
  4. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Had a clear night so grabbed the opportunity to give the Altair Hypercam 183C Pro a proper try out. I'm really happy with how this camera performs and how easy it is to use. Had to be up early today for work so didn't have time for darks and flats etc. M31 The Andromeda Galaxy 13.09.2018 Altair Hypercam 183C Pro and SkyWatcher Equinox 80 Pro ED 60 x 120, 5 x 240 & 6 x 300 Second Exposures
  5. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    I also decided to set up in my back yard and have another test run with the Altair 183C. Had problems with the guiding, then had problems with SharpCap. Shut down and restarted my laptop and now things seem to be going well. On with a run of 60 X 120 second exposures on Andromeda Galaxy before I have to pack everything away and hit the hay. Up early for work in the morning. Oh the joys of imaging from home where you can't leave anything unattended. Had more clear sky tonight than I did over 4 nights at Kelling Heath! Typical!
  6. Now sold to @Blazej, thank you Moderators, please archive
  7. Sale pending to @Blazej, thank you
  8. ***SOLD*** I have for sale my Opticstar 1.25" 5-position manual filter wheel. In good condition with original box and instruction sheet. Things to note: I have replaced one of the thumb screws as the original was loose and kept falling out. I have also misplaced the 1.25" lid, but this can be easily replaced if necessary with a standard 1.25" dust cap. I am selling as I no longer use this since upgrading to a larger 8 position manual filter wheel. Looking for £25 to include standard 2nd class postage within UK, or £20 collected. Payment via bank transfer preferred, however I can arrange PayPal if necessary, or cash on collection. Thanks for looking Vicky
  9. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Settled in at Kelling Heath Autumn Star Party. Clouded out last night, but it gave us a chance to have a catch up over a couple of pints. It's been beautiful weather with blue skies this morning (myself and Mark went into Cromer for an ice cream and a play on the 2p machines), but the rain has now come and we have mixed reports whether or not it'll clear tonight. All we can do is wait and see. It'll probably be a typical Kelling Heath star party when we spend more evenings chatting over a pint than we do viewing the stars! Ah, I guess it'll be fun either way
  10. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Don't worry Neil, the food and beer/wine supplies are already packed in the boot next to the tent. Priorities, priorities :)
  11. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Thanks Neil, it's really lovely. It is 19 years old but the previous owner really looked after it and it is beautifully clean and everything is in good order. It even came with 2 Bradcot awnings (one full size 935mm and one porch awning), and a motor mover! As they were giving up caravanning they even left everything in it, so we didn't need to buy anything. We managed to get a space down at the storage yard at Horbury Bridge which is really handy for us. We absolutely love it. I'm just packing ready for Kelling Heath Autumn Star Party. I'm going on my own so taking my car and little tent. Mark Jagger is coming down with his caravan this year, so I'm meeting him there tomorrow. My boot is already full with the tent, so I'm sat here wondering how I'm going to fit all this lot in the car! I take too much every year and only use half of it, but you can guarantee that the one year I leave gear at home is the year I wish I'd taken it. The forecast doesn't look good for the rest of the week, but things can soon change down there. I'll make the most of it whatever the weather. Hopefully see you at the next WADAS meeting. It is Paul Money on 20th September opening our new season
  12. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    Thanks Eric - I think I could have got a bit more stauration in the colours, but I hate overprocessing my images. I also imaged M31 The Andromeda Galaxy on Friday night Altair Hypercam 183C Pro & Skywatcher Equinox 80ED 20 x 30 second exposures The sky looked clear but it was really washed out and full of moisture. The Moon was also making itself known by the time I'd got onto this target, which didn't help. I was just happy to be out with my scope next to our caravan
  13. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    I'm at Kelling Heath Autumn Star Party from Wednesday to Sunday this week, so in preparation I took my scope and camera when we went to Wintersett this weekend with our caravan. (Yes, we have a caravan now LOL) Managed to have a proper play with my Altair Hypercam 183C Pro which Terry bought me when we went to NWAF earlier in the summer. Albireo imaged 31.08.2018 using Altair Hypercam 183C Pro and Skywatcher Equinox 80ED. 20 x 30 second exposures.
  14. Vicky050373

    Welcome to all

    It was great to see Eric and get out with the scope, and enjoy my first view of Saturn for this year. My Mars images didn't come out great, but I was reasonably happy with my Saturn image. I'm at Kelling Heath from 5th to 9th September, so hoping for some clear skies whilst I am there and blow the cobwebs from my gear. Have you got any upcoming events Damian?

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