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  1. Your going back in time mate, I can’t even remember if I was there
  2. Monday night effort M97 the Olw Nebula. Hypercam 183c 16 240sec lights 6 darks
  3. Happy new year to you too Vicky and Damian and all other members
  4. I’m sure she’s going to love it Vicky and it won’t be long as shes upgrading. You will be picking her up and bringing her to the meetings
  5. Had a super Christmas thanks V, hope you had a good day too and everyone else too
  6. Same to you Damian, hope you have a super day
  7. What you need to do is dig a trench all the way around for you to stand in when your viewing the zenith ?
  8. It looks like you would have to sit on the ground to look through it ?
  9. I’m not getting notifications again
  10. Thank for the link Vicky will come in really handy ?
  11. It was Terrys birthday? I must have missed the notification on FB. Wish him a belated happy birthday from me will you please
  12. Well done on the aurora images Damian. NYM was a good night to be out. I can’t say I had the best night but it was good to be out all the same.
  13. I’m setting off in the next 15mins so see you up there
  14. I will make one in if it dose clear. It all depends on what forecast you look at as usual
  15. Yes and don’t it do your head in
  16. Skye is awesome if you get clear sky’s. stunning place for photography also, wish I was going with you. So envious
  17. Cheers Damian. Any chance of you getting out soon ?
  18. Thanks Eric. Keeping my fingers crossed
  19. I never intended to go down that route anyway ?. You helped a lot you might not think so but you did. Just a case of refining the process now to get the best out of the camera
  20. Taken last week in Lincolnshire first real go with a Altair 183c on a 200pds. Thanks to Vicky for her help at Kelling
  21. Will do Eric, will be good to get out and do some observing
  22. Hey what’s going on here. I keep getting notifications. Iv not had anything from SGL in months is it open for business again ?
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