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  1. Damien I think you should name your scope the DLB (damo's light bucket) I think it will be the bond between that what you hate and that what you love ?
  2. Damien I think you should name your scope the DLB (damo's light bucket) I think it will be the bond between that what you hate and that what you love ?
  3. Happy Birthday Paul! Hope you had a great day! Hope Terry will recover soon, I'm sure you will need his assistance to carry your toys to the car when you're having a trip out with the group ?
  4. I think SGL can't cope with you Vicky, it says oh no, not another post lol
  5. I've got to admit, that's hilarious!
  6. What time would you be looking at going up to Sutton bank on Monday Damien?
  7. i managed to get for the first time in forever. Seeing wasn't the best tbh but it was still good to get out. saw Jupiter, Mars, m81, m82, m51, m101, m13. Had a quick gander at the Leo triplets but could only make out two of them. Turned for a quick look at the owl but was too feint really, m57 didn't fail though, forgot how cold it got over there. A random guy turned up with with his main beam blinding the life out of us then I packed up. Realised how easy it is to become unfamiliar with the sky, seriously need to have more trips out. all in all was a good night and my scope is satisfied the cob webs have been brushed off ?
  8. Love the images Mark and Vicky! M13 is such a nice target! I've never attempted the Leo triplets, but observed them a few times.
  9. Hope you're all well guys! The moon has been awful on our precious and rare clear skies! I'm finding it so hard to keep on here now we can't use tapatalk! How about we start a whatsapp WADAS group? This will help us all keep in touch and keep up momentum as well, I really need a night out as I haven't had one since August ? Sam
  10. Well done on the image Vicky! M51 is such a nice target. Hows everyone getting on? Sonce tapatalk is useless now it's so hard to just sign in and use Sgl now ?
  11. Happy Birthday Vicky! Hope you had a wonderful meal and fingers crossed you get plenty of clear skies to use your new filter!
  12. I've managed to image Jupiter, not the best but after trying three different settings on my Atik Titan, I found that 2x2 binning produced the best results, hopefully next time I can do a bit more messing around Jupiter180216_f3.tif
  13. Spoke too soon! It's clouding over again! Weather says it's clear though so I'm going to try and sit it out so I can get Jupiter......fingers crossed!
  14. So for the first time in forever I decide to image the moon, nice clear skies a bit of detail. So I get set up, it rains, so I take everything back inside, it clears up, so I take everything out and set up again, it rains! So I cover it up and hope for the best, cleared up again ? Then it rained again so I covers it all up and it's clearing up again! Got a nice image of the moon or two hopefully!
  15. Loving the images guys! You make me want to just get everything out but I've got work to do so I'm gonna have a sneaky five mins with the bins ?
  16. I'm glad to be back! In dire need of a night out with the scope though! I havent been out since August I think, so could do with it really.
  17. Long time no see guys, hope you're all well! Thursday night is looking clear up at Winscar from 9pm till 1am if anyone fancies a trip up? I haven't been able to log into my account, forgot my login details and for some reason when i click the forgot password link and put in my email address, i never received an email! been driving me mad! All sorted now, however for some reason i'm struggling to log in on my phone........
  18. Merry Christmas guys! Hope you're having a great day, haven't been on for ages. Broke my phone on a night out a few weeks ago and totally forgot to download the app lol no Astro pressies for me this year [emoji30] got an espresso machine though [emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108][emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. If it's clear in Tuesday I maybe coming out to winscarr, with the dragon [emoji106]
  20. Gain was drinking his Sambuca like a cup of tea, one sip at a time. Soupy and Damien drank theirs like they'd never had a drink before lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yeah lol damn autocorrect [emoji39] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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