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If you could name your scope...


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My 10" SNT is called 'Claire', after my friends house mate, whom he was deeply in love with. When I went to collect the scope from near Bristol, I stayed at my friends place overnight. It was there that he asked if he could name it.

My 28mm UWA is called 'Pete', after Pete Postlethwaite the actor, who sadly died as I was awaiting it's delivery.

My Observatory is called 'The OLLR Observatory', after the Land Rover folks who helped me relocate it to Castle Yeti.

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I have 4 scopes and they all have names!

Being an old sailing enthusiast, I could not give my beauties anything but women's names.

My first instrument, a 5" newtonian, I named Hypatia after the brilliant (and beautiful) greek astronomer who is the subject of the relatively recent movie "Agora".

My second scope was a biggie: A C-8 CGEM that I named Caroline for William Herschel's devoted and untiring sister.

My third instrument was a nice 102mm refractor that I named Valentina for the first woman in space.

And my last purchase, a Coronado PST I named Julie, for Julie Payette, my favorite Canadian astronaut. (I am Canadian, so...).

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My wife has named my scope(s) but I think the forum rules prevent me sharing what she calls them :rolleyes:

Mine too - She named my 14" dob when she first saw it (bearing in mind I was moving from a 6" newt and I hadn't told her I was getting it) something that began with "What The..." and now she calls it "That.....thing" :)

I wish I could get her to understand why I need all of my 3 scopes :icon_eek:

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I've only ever named one -- the first one I made, an 8" f/7.2 Dob. I called it "Nimrod", mainly because it was a hunter of DSOs, but also for a reason that I can't discuss here, it being one of the two verboten topics.

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My modern scopes have no name xcept "scope"

My vintage 4" Fullerscopes F15 refractor is "Brassy" cos its got lots of brass on it and my 100 year old Broadhurst Clarkson 3" is called "Little Brassy" cos its all smaller and all brass.


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