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  1. BinocularSky

    Hants/Dorset Astro Calendar

    Just to be clear, I try to keep the local stuff up to date, but the more general stuff is imported from calendars maintained by others, including the UK-wide ones from Dave Eagle and Mark MacIntyre (which is why there is sometimes duplication - or triplication - of events)
  2. BinocularSky

    A session with the 10x50 Opticrons

    I think you were probably right. I had it naked eye (with averted vision) a few Novembers ago, when it was nice and high in a very transparent sky.
  3. BinocularSky

    Targeting and Back to basics..........

    With handheld binos, I look at the object, then just shove the binoculars in the way without moving my head. Mounted without a finder, I locate a horizon object vertically below the target, then pan upwards. I'm writing one at the moment -- give it a month or two.
  4. BinocularSky

    H V 38 in 15x70

    Update: Had a go last evening at about 22:30 UT - too late; it was already too low and 10th mag stars at that altitude were extincted from my location.
  5. BinocularSky

    Frustration with bins...

    There are: Kasai and Omegon have already been mentioned (Kasai also do a sort of helmet-mask so you can wear them), but even cheaper can be a couple of cheap x2 teleconverters with a 3D printed frame. (If my memory is correct, there's a thread somewhere on CN about this) Only 27mm aperture: will restrict FoV.
  6. BinocularSky

    H V 38 in 15x70

    Yes, but it was a few years ago. It's a real challenge, mainly because of the magnitude difference. I'll give it another go next time I get a chance and report here. Also, I concur with what @mark81 wrote about the Mak. I've had an ST80 and, while it's fine for open clusters and stuff, it has too much CA to be particularly useful at high magnification unless you stop it down with the lens cap (has a cap-able central aperture) - and then it's not very bright. I have the 90mm Mak and it's lovely for Moon, bright planets, Sun (with filter!). It's also very easy on eyepiece quality, but my favourite is a 12.5mm Orthoscopic: lovely crisp images. Does need to be properly collimated, of course, and the factory doesn't always do a good job of it.
  7. BinocularSky

    20 x 100 Revelation Binoculars help.

    Elongated star images point to astigmatism. This could be in your eyes (most likely), or it could be due to them not being on axis with the binoculars (but you'd also expect to see coma) - to eliminate this, check that the IPD is correctly set. Astigmatism due to a tilted lens element would also result in a double image and coma, so it's unlikely to be that. I think...
  8. BinocularSky

    8x44 Bins ?

    The 10x50 is slightly brighter on most stuff, and I prefer the 25% greater magnification, but I'm really glad I got the 8x42 for the outreach project. Kids in particular seem to take to it like ducks to water: easy to hold steady, wider field of view. Review is in the pipeline, honest!
  9. The September edition of the Binocular Sky Newsletter is ready for download. In addition to the usual overview of DSOs, variable and double stars, highlights this month include: * Comet 21P now easy in small binoculars * Fourteen dark limb lunar occultations * A tricky full Moon grazing occultation for the Midlands and West Country Apologies for the late announcement; I've been trying to keep off he computer at weekends... To get your (free!) copy, or to subscribe (also free) and receive it monthly, please go to http://binocularsky.com and click on the 'Newsletter' tab.
  10. BinocularSky

    Dark Nebula for Binoculars

    Exactly. It's actually a pretty good way to see NGC 7000: concentrate on looking for the "Gulf of Mexico" DN.
  11. BinocularSky

    Bino mount question

    The Astro-Devices one is likely your next step up, unless you go to the USA. Review here.
  12. BinocularSky

    1/4F to 3/8M UNC Adapters

    Not the Manfrotto 679B - it has a spring-loaded 3/8" sleeve that just pushes down out of the way if you are using something that needs 1/4". Small(er) point: I'm pretty sure the photographic threads are Whitworth (BSW), not UNC. Not usually a problem except at 1/2", but the thread profiles and angles are slightly different. (Would be delighted to be shown to be wrong, if I am) Edit: I do sit corrected. Early RPS standard was BSW, but ISO 1222:2010 now specifies UNC.
  13. BinocularSky

    Bino mount question

    If you mean the Orion Paragon, I wouldn't. Even with 2.5kg on it, you can't balance it and have to tighten the fulcrum hand-knobs. I tried extra counterweight (lead flashing), and it was just horrible. IMO it's fine up to about 2kg.
  14. BinocularSky

    P-Mount Degrees of Freedom

    Don't forget the longitudinal and vertical adjustment necessary to ensure that your point 3 axis can be made colinear with the binocular's centre of mass.
  15. BinocularSky

    Who Makes The Best Binoculars?

    Oh. I didn't realise we were playing "aperture fever". Bruce's 22", then : (Info at http://brucesayre.net/)

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