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  1. These (and the Opticron ones) have now arrived, and are all "strapped up" with 3rd-party tethered rainguard-type eyepiece covers. Nice crate of binos ready to go. First session will be a local school in a couple of weeks. Thanks, FLO! And thanks everyone else who has supported this. (Initial target has been exceeded, so Phase II, a couple of larger mounted binos, is becoming possible.)
  2. (Not intended as a criticism, but...) I wouldn't use it for that. When I do outreach, I plonk my 90mm Mak on an AZ4, and teach a couple of youngsters how to focus the scope and use the RDF to find the Moon, and tell them to teach their friends. I find that engages them more than just showing them something in an eyepiece. (Use a cheap eyepiece; the eye-lens will get touched! )
  3. You misunderstand me. In the images, the dovetail block on the mount is orientated so that so a scope mounted directly to the dovetail would also point in the same direction as the sensor. With the dovetail as is, a scope mounted via the dovetail L-bracket would point in a direction perpendicular to the sensor. In order to get them parallel, the dovetail block orientation wrt the sensor would need to be tweakable. (Of course, a simple dovetail like the one you sent me a few months ago would not require "tweaking")
  4. Is the dovetail clamp "tweakable" to enable the mount to be used with, say, a Coronado PST (1/4" thread in mounting block) and SW L-bracket?
  5. Astronomy with binoculars

    Did you have to pay import duty on it and, if so, how much? TIA...
  6. Binocular Sky Newsletter, March 2018

    Beautifully clear here last evening - bit of Moon, though, & the lying snow exacerbated the LP. Still, the students on my course had their first taste of using binoculars and telescopes under a sparkly sky...
  7. The March 2018 of the Binocular Sky Newsletter is ready. As well as the usual overview of DSOs, variable and double stars, this month we have: * Several lunar occultations, including one of Aldebaran * Last chance to see Uranus until June * Latest news on: If the sky is clear, grab your binocs (or small telescope) and use this guide to enjoy, and share with others, what the night sky has to offer us this month. To grab your (free!) copy, or to subscribe (also free) and receive it monthly, please go to http://binocularsky.com and click on the 'Newsletter' tab.
  8. Educational binocular book.

    I agree; it's superb. What Bill doesn't know about binoculars isn't worth knowing. If anyone is interested, reviewed it in the January Binocular Sky Newsletter.
  9. Already been done by Bev at COAA. See https://www.coaa.co.uk/software_astronomy.htm
  10. olympus 10x50 dps1 vs omegon nightstar 15x70

    ...as well as in prism material and eyepieces.
  11. Just click the "on a mission" link in the OP And thanks, everyone, for your kind words.
  12. Needn't be a problem: once you get the IPD set properly, getting your eyes on axis, even with specs, will become one of those dont-think-about-it-anymore intuitive things.
  13. Steve & FLO, Thank you so much for this. It not only completes the hand-held bit of the project (I've also ordered the other six from Opticron), but it makes the mounted larger-aperture binocular(s) "extension" bit of the project imminently feasible.
  14. Yes, I saw that as well. There's a heck of a lot of variation within any range of budget binoculars and it's quite possible that the review one was a lot better than the ones you and I had. And this indicates one of the problems with different people comparing binoculars. How do we define what "sharp" means? I try to do it with double stars as a sort of objective measure (but that's still atmosphere-dependent), and I thought this bino was sharp to 50% (but I could split delta Cep to about 75%). So, is it sharp to 50%, 60% or 75%? I think what it comes down to is that binoculars are personal things and if we like what we see & feel, it's a good 'un and if we don't, it isn't, and it's perfectly OK & normal to disagree and like (or dislike) different things. I'm rambling....
  15. @kev100 I didn't get on with them either.