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  1. I have an old 10x50 Frank Nipole; collimation is done with eccentric rings on the objectives. Ideally requires peg spanners. Non-trivial!
  2. Ditto my 10x50, after your initial sharing of that source (thank you!).
  3. When I go on holiday, I take my 10x42 (Opticron BGA) - narrow FoV & less bright compared to any of my 10x50s except the Strathspey Marine (which is really a 10x41), but so much lighter and more compact.
  4. Re the narrow FoV of the Pentaxes (or should the plural be Pentaces? ): If it was a mounted binocular, that might be an issue. As it's hand-held, you move the entire binocular, rather than gaze around a nice wide stationary field. That said, I prefer The BA8, the LQ and the Lunt to the Pentax; I compared the BA8 and the Pentax directly during the September 2015 lunar eclipse. The Pentax won on stray light control, colour rendition, edge sharpness and weight, yet I still preferred the BA8. They "seemed" to be brighter, but I couldn't tell why - I couldn't actually see any fainter stars. Ultimately, what it comes down to, as @Alfian said, is personal preference.
  5. A tad "preliminary", but i have the LightQuest for testing/review at the mo. I've not finished testing, but so far: * Overall very nice for an IF binocular * Coatings not as good as the Lunt * Eyepieces and eye relief better than the BA8 (WO, Resolux, etc.) * Same weight as the Lunt (i.e. significantly lighter than the BA8) I have reviewed the Pentax SP/WP here. Unless you specifically want an IF, at the current BinocShop/FLO price, it's a steal.
  6. Yes, that's the one to use; don't try one of the flat metal L-brackets as they don't fit in the recess between the prism housings.
  7. If you mean what I think you mean, you might find one from a filter will fit.
  8. Sort of expected if less light is being lost into the spectrum, especially off-axis. Have you yet been able to assess how much brighter it is on-axis?
  9. Michael, If it is of interest, I have put together a comprehensive instruction manual for that trigger-grip head.
  10. @abhoriel The PWMs arrived very quickly (ordered 30 Dec, arrived 7th Jan), it was the illuminated switches that took so long. @Daz69
  11. Envious! Nicest 10x50 I've looked through. Ever.
  12. Dew strap controller (PWM) done at last (waited ages for some kit from China). 4 x 10W channels, individually fused, switched & controlled, channel switch LED brightness indicates power output. 12V 5A DC input switched & fused. Compared to the cost of a 'bought' one, I'd need to value my time at less than youth minimum wage, but you can't put a price on smug self-satisfaction :-) Circuit idea shamelessly nicked from
  13. As far as I can tell by looking through them, they areas near as dammit identical.
  14. No, sorry; ours are unbranded, picked up on special offer somewhere.
  15. Oops, forgot to announce this! :-) The latest edition of the Binocular Sky Newsletter is ready. As well as the usual overview of DSOs, variable and double stars, this month we have: * Several lunar occultations, including grazes of 81 Tau and Aldebaran * Vesta is nice and easy to find at the beginning of the month * A mini-review of the Oberwerk Ultra 10x50 binocular To grab your (free!) copy, or to subscribe (also free) and receive it monthly, please go to and click on the 'Newsletter' tab. I hope you find it useful.