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  1. Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    Indeed so! Same goes for this : I don't see a cyclops; I see the cyclops's "eye" as the nose of a bald old man, smiling, and with a bit of a stubbly beard on the chin. Here's a crop from an image I took on film 20-odd years ago:
  2. Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    Also, Bob Mizon is putting it in the 2019 Stargazers' Almanac (which he's working on at the moment).
  3. Binocular Sky Newsletter, August 2017

    Thanks, but it was announced after I'd finished the newsletter (which I had to do early, owing to impending broadband hiatus...)
  4. Your essential summer holiday reading, i.e. the August edition of the Binocular Sky Newsletter, is ready. As well as the usual overview of DSOs, variable and double stars, this month we have: Uranus and Neptune are available throughout the hours of darkness The Moon transiting the Hyades A lunar grazing occultation for southern England (Also useful for users of small telescopes) To grab your (free!) copy, or to subscribe (also free) and receive it monthly, please go to http://binocularsky.com and click on the 'Newsletter' tab.
  5. Vixen SG 2.1x42 - First light

    One of the nice things about this binocular is that it seems to "counteract" light pollution by a magnitude or more. See also this thread for more links to reviews, including @DirkSteele's superb one: Another alternative: WideBino 28 (do scroll down to see the goggles!)
  6. Binoculars with a capital "B" !!!

    Want! But how to fund it...? Oh, I know. Anybody want to buy a few acres of land on the Moon? Or Mars? If land doesn't appeal, how would you like to name a thousand stars?
  7. Star Analyser 100 in pristine condition + spacer (to give correct spacing with CCD chips). Details (including a calculator to enable you to determine whether it is suitable for your system): http://www.patonhawksley.co.uk/staranalyser.html Reason for sale: I have upgraded. £80 (Normally retails for £105.71 + P&P), includes GB insured p&p. Bank transfer preferred; PayPal (net of fees) accepted. Advertised elsewhere.
  8. I did a review of this lovely little gem in the December 2015 Binocular Sky newsletter (page 6).
  9. Near Bournemouth on Saturday? This will be very much worth making the effort for: Allan Chapman on Charles Messier - Ferret of Comets
  10. Astro bins for holidays

    Yes. Fujinon (about £700) and Nikon (about £1400) do. Somewhat more affordable are the Lunt 11x70 and (if you can still find one) the UO BA8 (Helios Apollo, etc.) 10.5x70. The budget 11x70s and 12x70s (Celestron Skymaster/Cometron/Cavalry, Strathspey, Opticron Oregon, etc) tend to be internally stopped so that their effective aperture is usually in the 62-65mm range. Also, it is useful to know how big your dark adapted pupil is of you are considering this class of binocular. If, like mine, it only opens to about 6mm, then a 10x70 will effectively be stopped to a 10x60, so it would be better to save on weight and get a 10x60 in the first place.
  11. Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender

    Does anyone here have an Explore Scientific 3x Focal Extender in optically unblemished condition that s/he would like to shift?
  12. *** FOUND *** Atik 314L+ Mono

    *** FOUND ***
  13. *** FOUND *** Atik 314L+ Mono

    Thanks, but I've just agreed a deal with Andrew.
  14. *** FOUND *** Atik 314L+ Mono

    Thanks ... & replied.