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  1. Weatherpeople here says clear tonight, no moon, day off tomorrow, wife visiting father in law. It will never be more perfect. I'm ready.
  2. Oh no! 'End Of The World' time. Again.
  3. Clearly something is written across the dwarfplanet. Perhaps the spaceballs were already there? No really it's amazing nasa now gets so close after so many years.
  4. My thoughts as well. Such a scope would surely have some historical value today. But as you say - not many of us have a lorry in that age.
  5. bombassa

    Vipera Berus

    From the album: Misc

    Vipera Berus spotted by dog 20. april 2015
  6. From the album: Misc

  7. We need a drawing perhaps
  8. Hi Congrats on your new scope. A barlow lens affect the focal length of your score. I imagine your dob has a focal lenght of 1200mm? In that case a x2 barlow makes it 2400mm. So with no barlow your 10mm eyepiece gives a magnification of 1200/10=120x If you include a x2 barlow you get 2400/10=240x Some claim that a good barlow will not degrade the image - others claim each additional piece of glass is a bad thing. I guess in the end its down to personal taste. A barlow is at least a cheap way to increase the options you have with your eyepieces. Jupiter wlll be bigger - but perhaps not better. Much depends on seeing. You don't write if its a manual or goto dob. Tracking manually with high magnification can be a frustrating experience as the object will leave your field of view quite rapidly. Hope you get some good nights out.
  9. A - Ghost in the machine. B - Your wife is messing with you. Kind regards and good luck!
  10. Walked the dog around 7:30 CET and was lucky to spot seven in about half an hour. Amazingly no clouds tonight. Best of luck to all of you.
  11. Perhaps a longshot but - dew on the secondary? Hope you find a solution and get some good views.
  12. Your solar images are amazing. My three favorite scopes haven't arrived in my life yet I think.
  13. I always wondered about the huge price difference between the 1.25" and 2" versions but if the 2" focuser is so good then it's perhaps pointless to buy the cheaper 1.25" version and replace the focuser? Regards
  14. Splitting hairs perhaps but the label doesn't really say who made the mirror. Apart from this I really like the design of this thing.
  15. I have no diagonal so I shouldn't really comment on this so sorry in advance. I found this piece by Roland Christen, but I don't know how old it is or if its still relevant or of pratical importance but here we go: http://geogdata.csun.edu/~voltaire/roland/dielectric.html
  16. Perhaps you'll end up with an ethos Good luck!
  17. Slightly off topic - I know some people hate the design of the old fat meades but I really love it. Nice to look through and nice to look at. Congrats on your ES
  18. If I recall correctly then Zhumell dobs are made by GSO and are identical to the GSO branded dobs apart from logo and paintjob.
  19. Hi Regarding the astro-calculator you tried- remember to switch to 'visual view' (in red just above the 'objects menu' and pick an eyepiece. Good luck with your scope.
  20. NASA says it might have broken up. Ooh the suspense! Can't wait to see the news in the morning.
  21. 150p vs heritage would get you more apperature, better focuser and no open truss design problems. If I could be a first time buyer again i'd go for the 150 dob. I'm not saying the heritage is a bad scope. It just has it weaknesses. But we all love our children
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