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  1. Presuming it's Wi-Fi and works like my mirrorless M50, I reckon your best solution might be the Canon app on a smartphone (if you're an Apple user the Cascable app is a worthwhile updgrade)
  2. SCTs aren't really flimsy though...
  3. That takes me back...I read all his Mars and Venus series when I was a kid. As for canals I thought the consensus was he was seeing blood vessels in his eyes?
  4. Well they say don't dither but in this case that may be the best approach http://www.astrosurf.com/buil/us/spe9/lrgb22.htm
  5. Thought I’d draw a line under this comet... or at least get some astronauts to do it for me
  6. Not strictly an all sky camera as it wasn't fixed in place but I stuck my EOS M50 with Meike 6.5mm fisheye on the roof of my car in the middle of nowhere in Central France last week controlled with Cascable on my iPad for a temporary arrangement.
  7. I see I'm not the first to be posting one of this target - I guess it's popular when its around. Anyway here's my effort from Central France last week (I've got a few pics to post up later). EOS M50 Canon 70-200 f2.8L @ 200mm on an Astrotrac (unguided). I'll need to check back but I think it's about 10 to 12 x 2 minute subs
  8. That's pretty low in the sky I imagine from West Dorset. I've just had a similar go at it but from Central France with my Eos M50 and 70-200 f2.8L (@ 200mm) and found it close to the limit of what the atmosphere would allow.
  9. Yeah I think it's the one I'm thinking of. "Relatively" sheltered with hedges around. The fields either side slope away? Drop me a line if a formal Autumn Party thread gets started so I don't miss it. I'm gagging for a star party after the only ones I could make earlier in the year were cancelled.
  10. Looking at a pic from the last one it’s the small field in the middle? (Where UKAI used to block book)
  11. Great - count me in. Which field? Is it the main one that slopes down to the lane or the one over the back? (I did a couple of the original camps there and even got myself on tv when S@N visited in 2012)
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