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  1. the Eq6 mount head + 20kg scope and counterweights!
  2. I was going to say I’ve got a spare power plug (and socket) for an AzEq6 I would have sold for a few £ if you wanted to have a go at making up your own cable.
  3. The mount is probably a lot more power hungry than the focuser so I wouldn’t rule out psu just yet although, as you mentioned, you tried a different one it’s not really likely.
  4. What's the amp output of the power supply?
  5. haitch

    Eqmod finding com port problems

    I find this more convenient than device manager to find out about what is attached to my computer... https://www.uwe-sieber.de/usbtreeview_e.html
  6. haitch

    Motor Drive Astrophotography

    You might get longer exposures than you would otherwise be able to achieve with widefield camera lenses for Milky Way shots but other than that, as others have said, not ideal. If you already have that mount and can get the motor for song you might learn some of the principals and decide if you want to fork out more money to do it "properly"
  7. I think it is in the same place. It might just be orientated in a different direction. That was a Vixen GP he was fitting it to which is the "mother" of all the cloned mounts out there as it is the design they are based on. Each clone is slightly different usually with manufacturers cutting costs to save on materials. Because of this the motors from one brand sometimes need a shim or something to give the correct spacing and fit. One thing every Vixen GP clone I've ever seen has is the same gear ratio so aside from a slight adjustment to the mechanical spacing they should all fit each other. My only reservation is that I haven't come across your brand of EQ5 before but I would think it unlikely that a manufacturer of a budget mount would go to the trouble of redesigning the motor gearing ratios so I expect they will be fine. There are, however, no guarantees! Had you seen the AstroEQ set up for sale on here... you could ask if they would ship to you for additional cost (still much cheaper than buying the SW upgrade)...
  8. I've only used AstroEQ but would imagine tracking and goto is very similar between them and is to some degree dependant on the mount and additional hardware chosen (stepper motor torque and resolution coming to mind). AstroEq functions through Eqmod and is quite a mature, reliable, platform but it does have it's limitations as it really needs a PC running Eqmod whereas Onstep seems, from what I've seen, to be able to function with tablets and phones.
  9. If I start tracking with astroeq and disconnect the pc it keeps tracking. I think you still need a pc to kick things off each session though and I’d be surprised if the onstep didn’t need similar.
  10. Good to see a company brave enough to badge a model Uranus!
  11. I’ve got Astro Eq on a Vixen GP and it works fine. I blew a stepper driver recently by causing a short when adjusting the current to the stepper motor and just ordered another for a few £ off eBay. If I lived somewhere where it’s apparently difficult to get hold of Astro gear (and consequently parts) I’d be going down the DIY route for sure.
  12. From what I read it is a DIY system that can be adapted to most mounts a bit like Astro Eq but more versatile as it can work on Alt/Az mounts. OnStep is a computerized goto system for stepper motor equipped mounts. It was designed, from the beginning, as a more or less general purpose system and provisions were made in the firmware to allow for use on a variety of mounts including Equatorial (GEM, Fork, etc.) and Alt/Az (Dobsonian, etc.)
  13. haitch

    COMPLETED - SW ED80 c/w Case and Reducer

    Aaarghh… just bought something so funds low, need to sell something else to buy it!!!
  14. Martin has responded since thanks - Celestron need to get their finger out (mines the order for a replacement secondary for a C11) Cheers Paul
  15. Naah, I think that's just Celestron bins

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