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  1. If you think about it... What is a correct upright image in astgronomy??? I used to have a WO prism diagonal but it wasn't as contrasty and anything bright gave a strong diffraction spike through it.
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I felt this needed confirming - 3 Russetts easily beat 3 Braeburns.
  3. Hi Brian is it the V3 or V4? It’s not for me but I know someone who might be interested. Cheers Paul
  4. haitch

    Spam Filter!

    Was that filter or fritter?
  5. Usual minor marks from use but in good overall condition. £90 including post paypal add fees or F&F at your choice.
  6. You've got gravity assisting in one direction so even with a loose clutch it manages to turn whereas when it's trying to go uphill it won't drive with a loose clutch.
  7. haitch

    Wedge for 12" Lx200

    And I say I'm not going to image but you know what it's like... One day a camera accidentally slips on the back of the scope and before you know it you emerge into daylight from spending a fortnight processing images in a darkened room.
  8. haitch

    Wedge for 12" Lx200

    And after all - aren't most Astro purchases expensive whims
  9. haitch

    Wedge for 12" Lx200

    Yes, I know... you can take a person out of the eq but you can't take the eq out of the person. tbh it's my first ever fork mount (excluding my dob) and I get an overwhelming urge to make it rotate around the pole. I also tend to like to collect every possible accessory for my scopes "just in case".
  10. So what you moving on to that's going to numb the pain of its departure?
  11. haitch

    Wedge for 12" Lx200

    A bit of a whim as I don't use it for imaging but I quite fancy one so if one comes up at the right price... Looking for a wedge capable of supporting my 12" Meade LX200 Classic. Ta Paul
  12. Seeing the new website has just reminded me about my C11 secondary - I'll send and email to see if there's any news.
  13. So you're basically asking us to have a dig at Grant's website building skills
  14. Happy to help my fellow stargazers. PS - I used to own the Celestron version of this scope and it's false colour free planetary views were gorgeous!
  15. This looks like it's turning into the long game so just to stick an option in to help out... I will be in Harrogate for a Christmas bash on 18th December I also travel down to Bridgwater quite regularly so could feasibly help out with transport between those 2 points for the price of your everlasting gratitude. It would be 15th January before I next travel down however so no good if you wanted it as a Christmas pressie! (I do have a Christmas party in Bridgwater too but unfortunately it's the day before the Harrogate one) PM me if that's at all helpful.

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