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  1. Just to say I have one of these happily working on Windows 10 - the driver has been taken out of the main Atik driver download but is still available as a separate download from the site.
  2. Understand completely. Just to say I'd also be interested in either part on its own if you had a buyer for the remaining parts (presumably the 2" slider would be the most likely if someone had a different size filter collection)
  3. If you split I might be interested in the following bit to complement my UFC drawer... 2459130 -S70 to T2 adaptor 2459112 - 2" mounted filter drawer Cheers Paul
  4. If you do flock the tube be careful what you use - I had a friend with a 9.25 who had no end of problems with shedding fibres
  5. I think there is still some matching involved with primaries and corrector plates just not secondaries
  6. Given that Celestron are willing to sell replacement secondaries I would very much doubt there is any matching involved.
  7. I’d like to know that the secondary holder is sufficiently tight though. Collimating SCTs is fairly easy with a star test.
  8. If you have to remove the corrector plate don’t worry it’s not as major an operation as it seems - just remember to make sure it is marked for alignment before you take it out m.
  9. Hold the centre part still whilst you turn the outer ring - have you got Bob’s knobs like mine? They might give a bit more purchase on it.
  10. You can undo the outer ring with the grip on that holds the secondary mirror, take the secondary out then put your finger through the hole to grip the other side to allow you to tighten the secondary holder. Jusat be careful not to drop the secondary - I had a £139 bill and a 12 month wait for a new secondary to arrive from the US! The rings look quite concentric apart from the flat section - are you using a flexible dew shield? They sometimes flop across the aperture which could cause the flat edge.
  11. I know but he's doing it - look up the group "Amateur Astronomy - Telescope, Binocular and Imaging Forum" on Facebook and there's a guy in there called Rolf Karlstad doing some amazing things with a C14+Hyperstar on an Eq6-r (just checked & it was the R model but pretty much the same thing) Not sure if it's an open group so apologies if it doesn't open here... ...https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10221186765281949&set=gm.3015886375094860&type=3&eid=ARCHb6SnHtcIBWcbNm9oQSMwkOJE5jayJdCFiuWYsCQDo9VgcD2tZWT6bTBn_Xr7AqGQ-_tMNwx6LRPy&ifg=1
  12. It's a great planetary/small dso scope visually. I should add that mine is mounted on a Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 which seems to handle it well although if the tripod were extended fully I imagine it could get a bit wobbly but the mount head is solid enough to take it. A Gem would be my preferred option but given the capability of the some of the new CMOS cameras you should be able to get decent images with exposures too short too worry about tracking accuracy. PS I know someone using a C14 & Hyperstar on an EQ6 and getting good results.
  13. I own a C11 & Hyperstar combo. Great scope that captures photons incredibly efficiently with the Hyperstar - do not underestimate f2: it captures light 12 times faster than f6.3. Think about it... a 4 minute exposure at f6.3 is equivalent to 20 seconds at f2. No need for guiding or even particularly good polar alignment in fact it is possible to do deep sky imaging in alt az mode! My Hyperstar is the mk3 but here is a Mk4 out now with even better specs for a bigger flat field and point sizes. Not cheap but well worth it in imo.
  14. It always has a larger angular size than the moon and even my 50 year old eyes can just about make it out from a dark sky site. We just need a decent power cut so we can all see it naked eye.
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