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  1. Then none of the comments about mirror movement during focusing apply. You can get movement of the mirror as it tracks across the sky (mirror flop) but not of the mirror as you focus (mirror shift) with a Crayford. Has your corrector ever been removed? If it has and it has been put back at the wrong rotation it can affect your ability to collimate. Another issue if the corrector has been removed is if the spacers around its edge don't get put back perfectly. I'm not sure the latter makes much difference in normal use but I know it does with a Hyperstar. Bob's knob themselves can cause issues as you'll never tighten the thumbscrews sufficiently to really hold collimation. If you really want to lock down collimation replace the bolts with hex head bolts and use an allen key to make sure they are good and tight.
  2. Were you focusing with the Crayford at the time?
  3. I reckon that'll scrub up nice - well worth the money. You'll want to fix up some sort of tripod spreader for stability though.
  4. If they're new to astronomy they might want a book - Turn Left At Orion is a good on to get started. Some eyepiece sets come with boxes but they tend to vary in dimension so most people go for a case with pick and pluck foam something like this https://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/aluminium-flight-case-400x240x125mm should be big enough to fit all the little accessories you end up collecting. Baader Optical Wonder https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-optics-cleaning-protection/baader-optical-wonder-set-cleaning-fluid-and-cloth.html is well thought of for cleaning. Is it a lens or mirror telescope? (Never use any fluid or cloth on a mirror) It it only has the eyepieces that come with it he may want to upgrade at some point but I'd wait and see where his interest lies (High magnification planetary views or wide low mag deep sky) HTH
  5. The diameter of the front opening to be able to choose from this list - Baader film is the best stuff I have come across. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/astrozap-baader-solar-filter.html
  6. How much is your budget? Accessories range from a few £ up to over £1,000! If you do plump for a solar filter make sure it's an approved one that fits the front of the scope and is designed to fit that particular scope.
  7. So basically an untoothed belt? Or... a reversed toothed belt using its smooth side?
  8. Apparently you can get one if you buy a StellaMira scope from FLO... I don't imagine they'll want to devalue the brand by making them too readily available.
  9. I wondered what I'd been saving up for and now I know. Thanks for informing me.
  10. Oh wow, I thought PSP was long dead. I think I did 3 or 4 of the Autumn one back in the day (and got on interviewed on S@N when they visited). Same location isn't it? I'd love to come but I'm away at a conference all week that week and I think I'd be in trouble with the missus if I was away for the weekend too.
  11. Damn - if it wasn’t January and my PayPal account was another £100 heavier
  12. As they make one lens that fits various cameras by attaching different bayonets surely it fits theme all? What I want to know is does it fit all Samyang lenses including the mirrorless ones? (Could have some fun with my 12mm f2.0)
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