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  1. I'm trying to remember the 497 - been a while since I last owned one. The only Meade thing I have these days is my LX200 Classic which is very different but I recall in the menu there is an option for showing objects above a certain magnitude - perhaps something similar with that?
  2. That’d be the Meade 497 - I know those only too well!
  3. PS My PSU is the same as the FLO one
  4. I've just bought a bench PSU which I haven't run the whol set up from yet but testing it out my mini pc barely causes a flicker on the Ampmeter and even with a dew heater for an 80mm scope running full blast it doesn't reach 1 amp so I suspect you could be wildly overestimating your requirements.
  5. The scope is for collection from WS8 postcode area although I regularly travel to Bridgwater in Somerset so could meet up along the M42/M5 en route. Potentially other location too for mileage costs. US made Fork mounted 12” SCT with Meade’s EMC coatings on an extremely sturdy fork mount and Meade Giant Field Tripod with 3.25” legs. Design: Schmidt Cassegrain Aperture: 304.8mm Focal length: 3048mm Focal ratio: f10 This is Something of a beast. It would ideally suit an observatory set up where it can be permanently sited. 2 people are really advised for set up and take down I’ve managed on my own but it’s a bit of a hairy experience! Optics are clean and in excellent condition - nothing more than minor dew marks. Everything is fully working. There’s a couple of minor scuffs on the paint of the tube but nothing serious and no dents. The fork mount has been completely stripped down, all corrosion removed from the cast aluminium, acid etched and primed before being resprayed in Matt black. The weight of the optical tube and forks is over 33kg. the tripod is huge - my other mount is an AzEq6 and this dwarfs it!!! Tripod weight alone is almost 20kg. The gears have all been cleaned, degreased and regreased with lithium grease. Any capacitors subject to the full input voltage have been replaced with 50v electrolytic capacitors. The membrane in the keypad has been replaced (due to a previous capacitor failure - you live and learn!). All fasteners in the tube have been upgraded to stainless steel. Accessories include:- An extremely sturdy (see photo... 4stone 1.4lb = 26kg!) Astro Engineering Megawedge equatorial wedge included as well as an astro Engineering GPS Mate for automated GPS acquisition. Also included an AutoFi unit that lets you control the scope over Wi-fi from a phone, tablet or PC using Stellarium or Cartes Du Ciel on PC or the Sky Safari app on phone or tablet. 2” visual back but no diagonal or eyepieces (although I can probably sort the buyer with a 1.25” diagonal and a couple of basic eyepieces if needed to get the going... if anyone was really buying this as a first scope ). That said, you’ll have just about everything you need to get going (apart from a friend to help you lift it on the tripod). It has an 18v power pack with it but I will also include a 12v one I use as it puts less strain on the capacitors (it shouldn’t be a problem as noted above they have been upgraded but better safe than sorry). Any questions or any desire to come and see it ping me a message. It's on a popular auction site with a start of £1,450 - reducing to £1,300 on here. Clear skies!
  6. Just to say thanks for the quick delivery. Good to do business (again )
  7. PM'd about a few bits
  8. Regardless of pixel size they should probably switch to a ZWO to avoid clashing with the colour scheme
  9. If you want to go a step further and have live view on a tablet you could try one of these. The only trouble is I couldn’t get it to do intervaolemeter and bulb mode together but you could use something like magic lantern once you’d got focus set. Still at that bargain it’s worth getting on for an extra toy XSories Weye Feye Wireless Remote Control for Camera https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EDJXKM4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_9fhyCbXFGTHG3
  10. I never thought I'd be drooling over a nearly £700 scope the size of my finder.
  11. If you think about it... What is a correct upright image in astgronomy??? I used to have a WO prism diagonal but it wasn't as contrasty and anything bright gave a strong diffraction spike through it.
  12. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I felt this needed confirming - 3 Russetts easily beat 3 Braeburns.
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