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  1. If that's the sort with the thin aluminium walled focuser tube then you've probably stuck a dent in the tube wall. It may be possible to get it straightened out but given the tolerances it'll possibly never be the same
  2. Lol, thanks. Ever since I’ve been there I realised how much it features in tv programmes set in LA. I’ve started trying to make it conditions of any holiday that we visit any local observatory during our stay. Last time I did was the Fabra observatory overlooking Barcelona last year for a lunar observing evening and tour of the museum.
  3. Isn't PLA biodegradable anyhow? I once saw a program about recycling where even when certain things weren't currently recyclable they wanted them included in your recycling waste so they could gauge demand and build a case for recycling them. I've also seen a device that can turn scraps back into filament although the guy demoing it seemed to be struggling to get consistent results.
  4. Beofre you finish making your mind up, have you seen the price of the Celestron 120 on Altair's site at the moment? (Same optically as the Skywatcher) https://www.altairastro.com/celestron-omni-xlt-120-optical-tube-assembly-2819-p.asp
  5. Also, sorry - I was looking at Dave's RDF but in principle I was talking the same issue that John is trying to resolve for you. It looks like the holes in your tube are too far out to be able get it lined up.
  6. I'm on about loosening the screw(s) that attach the shoe to the tube itself. So if you undo the 2 thumbscrews and take off the finder there'll be 1 or 2 screws fixing the base to the tube - I think that's your only option for getting it straight enough. Generally speaking that type are half decent RDFs.
  7. Maybe try loosening and moving the finder shoe a little
  8. I think I'm going to have to give it a go - Tinkercad has sufficed until now and it's really easy to get something in your head and turn it into reality but there's something about being about to create that technical accuracy that I like.
  9. Looks like 5 to me but hard to be sure. What’s it off? in the absence of anything definitive I’d try it at 0.75. have you got either T2 or M48 thread you could put up against it to see if it meshes? They’re both 0.75
  10. If that M48? If so I'm fairly sure the pitch is 0.75 off the top of my head
  11. If any of the STLs for those would be useful to you let me know and I'll ping them across. The lens adaptor is in PETG which is the cause of it looking a bit hairy. I've just come out of my PETG phase and moved on to ABS which I'm finding less frustrating though still more tricky than PLA. The nastiest stuff to try and print is TPE (flexible) - I've been pulling what hair I've got left out over that.
  12. I can quite easily print t threads and M48 threads on my Ender 3 - I've managed to make an adaptor to fit my Hypercam 269c onto 6.5mm Ef-m lens with the metal camera attachment bit removed (only way to get the backfocus), a baader ufc compatible filter drawer threaded for 2" filters and even Ef to Ef-m adaptor with a built in filter drawer so I can use my STC dual band filter with my 20-200 f2.8L on my Canon M50. (I use Tinkercad btw)
  13. Some of it's brethren... http://ensoptical.co.uk/circle-t If you look at the 25mm Ortho on there it's got the stamp on the barrel like yours but the 9mm they've got has a sticker on the barrel - I think that's just down to when it was produced
  14. Looks like a Circle T - if that's a T in a circle on the chrome barrel... and yes, it's an Orthoscopic
  15. I've got a friend in Burntwood with a 20"
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