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  1. Well i went downstairs for a midnight (4AM) snack and lo and behold for the first time in far too long i had some clear skies. Some luck with timing allowed me to nab this, one of my first (successful) shots, with an S3 IS. Perhaps a sufferer of 4AM image editing but still:
  2. Well e-petitions is a system set up by the (previous) UK Government where if a petition gets a certain number of signatures it is actually raised in the House of Commons. You're welcome to create an international petition if you want, i'm sure a lot of people on here would sign it (this is a UK based forum, is it not?). But there's no obligation that anything would be done about it. At least this way we get the chance that it could make it's way into government policy.
  3. I affected the effect, remember? I think we need to talk more about what we actually want. It's all well and good saying why you want it, but without coming up with an actual proposal nobody's going to take it seriously. Getting them to replace all streetlights at once would be an impossible sell, so say we want more research done into just how many we need on, what times they need to be on for, where they need to be and into better designs for new lamposts, which can be easily tailored to different environments - adjustable shields for instance which would ensure that the light is only directed at the roads and paths immediately adjacent. Perhaps bulbs which emit light that is going to be reflected by the surfaces less? Like a list of demands
  4. Signed. I don't know if any of you have seen this but somebody posted it on another forum i frequent: Light Polution e-petition - Overclockers UK Forums It seems that the petition being worded in such a way as to only talk about the astronomical benefits is putting a lot of people off. Sure, it's important. To us. Other people don't care about it. If we're going to sell it to them then we need to put forward the values that affect everyone - the energy costs, the material waste, the health risks, the impact on wildlife etc.
  5. https://twitter.com/#!/VirtualAstro/status/176091563057889280
  6. I'd love to join the club but this is one of those disadvantages of staring at the computer all night. Came in at eight Regardless, a lot of people seem to have seen it. Internet's going wild. There's bound to be some video somewhere, even CCTV... we'll see.
  7. Thought you might enjoy this: iTN9rG_h4VY
  8. The AUR isn't the official repository, it's the Arch User Repository. You can add whatever to it, there's paid games in there that you can prove that you own (mainly humble bundle stuff from what i've seen). Besides, Ubuntu was really the main distro that was really selective of packages due to their license. And it's not really as strict any more. Most others seem to have the official flash plugin, sun java and proprietary drivers in the main repo as standard.
  9. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that i actually was a Gnome 3 user until last week. Sure, i can see why people hate it - but i could actually use it without many problems. Plus the top left corner flick thing felt cool. But then everything started falling apart around me. Starting with the disappearance of half the icons and backgrounds, and any fullscreen apps not working properly due to the top panel. I spent ages trying to fix them but there comes a point when you just give up. So i'm in XFCE now, 4.8 has come a long way. But the main thing holding that back is the panel. It's just ugly, not very functional and there's not much you can do to make it better. So i'm using AWN (yes, i know there are less bloaty panels out there but what the hell - shiny) Who needs to upgrade when you stay on Gloria forever? Seriously though, that would be an awesome fork.
  10. Yeah, i tried out Cinnamon on Arch a few days ago. It's alright, definitely better than Ubuntu. But it just doesn't have the polish that Gloria had. /nostalgia It used to be the case that almost all DEs/WMs were fine, it's really just personal preference. But to find out your own preference a new Linux user should almost always start with Gnome. That's pretty much gone to pot since the release of 3.0 though
  11. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_User_Repository https://aur.archlinux.org/ Arch is without doubt the best distro i've ever used. Sure, i wouldn't recommend it for beginners (not sure what i would now actually. I still think Mint 7 was the easiest distro for windows users to come across to, but alas - none can withstand the relentless force of progress ). But everything works so beautifully... and you can see how it works.
  12. Well if you're offering could you make a packagebuild and put it in the AUR?
  13. I'm not sure i agree with the idea of reviewing apps that work in Wine in an article about Linux apps. Then you're just really reviewing a Windows program. If you look into how well it works then the time may be better spent on the AppDB. SIRIL or ALE might be worth a look regarding image stacking. Can't seem to find any dedicated apps that have actually been developed in the past three years though It does seem to have a steep learning curve, but from what i can tell it does pretty much... everything?
  14. Well the obvious two are Stellarium and Celestia. They're also the only two i actually use Other than that there is Open Universe, KStars (and quite a few other 'planetariums' besides), XEphem (which looks really interesting and useful, might have to give it a go - also looks like it can control mounts) and Where is M13 (which looks pretty cool). Not strictly speaking astronomy related, but i have to give a shout out to Kalzium. That is probably the single most useful version of the periodic table i've ever even heard of. It does everything. I mean, the normal one 'does everything'. But you can set it so that each element has a gradient depending on it's electronegativity. You have no idea how useful that is for seeing patterns
  15. Old thread, i know. But i just saw this article and it reminded me of it: Repulsive gravity as an alternative to dark energy (Part 1)
  16. I'm sure you know what you're doing, but in case you need any 'inspiration', the best Members Market i've ever used on a forum has been that on OCUK. I'd link but it would be pointless as you (as of very recently) would have to have 1000 posts But still, something about the combination of being so well moderated, having very clear and well thought out rules (and a Q&A thread) and a fair trust and punishment system make it the perfect place to trade hardware. I'd use it over the bay or any other dedicated site any day. If you're at all interested (aimed at mods/admins mostly, here) i'll send you a copy of the rules or whatever else you want
  17. Ha, happy birthday. Seems mine is coming up in a week too Difference between you and me being i still haven't bought a scope, and don't get to see much with 8x40 bins i 'stole' from my dad. Was keeping an eye on the For Sale section but... yeah
  18. Yeah, it's a great mod but it gets really difficult to fly after the second last stage
  19. Victory! Well... they're in a heliocentric orbit now and will be for the rest of time, but regardless
  20. Well i just made it to The Mun... Yeah. Difficult judging how fast you have to come in, i was panicking since i was in nowhere near the right orientation, it had suddenly got very "hilly" and i realized i had far too much horizontal velocity. Oh well, next time's the charm? I'm using the Soyuz mod, which i can definitely recommend if you don't want to mess around with building your own, or you aren't in the mood for experimenting.
  21. I remember making a thread about this quite a while ago... worth a go if you're bored on these cloudy nights Not nearly as realistic as Orbiter, but it's less aimed at being a simulator and more aimed at being fun. Been getting back into it since KJM has started his LP: xuww0F1fXiM
  22. Well some people clearly haven't heard that you shouldn't jump in on a mediocre deal just because it's the first one that comes up. You should wait for a good deal. They might have overpaid, but good for you i guess
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