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  1. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any experience using SkySafari's telescope control SkyWire or SkyFi? If so, could I have your opinions, as I am currently considering purchasing this accessory (not the WiFi version).
  2. Welcome to SGL dellboy78
  3. hmm, I found this link (after creating this thread - oh well)...http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/150896-tube-rings-skymax-127-a.html
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend an OTA that will fit onto a Synscan AZ Goto Mount? Would there be problems with the position of the dovetail? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. Looks good Rik. I am considering this type of set-up as mentioned, although I have the AZ4 Goto mount. Thanks Peter, but it still can carry the 150 I presume?
  6. Hi, Do you think that it's OK to mount a SkyWatcher Explorer -150P OTA onto an AZ4 Goto mount? I am concerned about the weight any opinions or experience from members will be much appreciated..
  7. IMO a Telrad will make your life considerably easier. You will be finding objects in a fraction of the time it takes without one
  8. Telrad

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    Hi, yes, have you read this welcome thread for new members? http://stargazerslounge.com/welcome/157511-welcome-new-members.html
  9. Telrad

    hi all, again

    Hi Tony, welcome back..
  10. Telrad

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    Hi, welcome to SGL Join the TAL group here: Stargazers Lounge - Tal Users Group
  11. Hi Rob, welcome to SGL. Nice telescope! Clear Skies
  12. Well done, you should be pleased with that first shot
  13. Telrad


    Hi Turingirl, welcome to the forum
  14. Hi Callum, a warm welcome to the forum. This forum is excellent and IMO the best. It's an invaluable resource for beginners and experts alike.
  15. Telrad


    Hi Drydeman, welcome to the forum Good website and collection of images!
  16. A phenomenal image of M42 Spikey! Excellent
  17. Hi hehe, edited link from the bay.. these wedges are over £500 normally.
  18. This looks good: Meade Super Wedge with upgrades | eBay EDIT: Link from ebay
  19. Excellent set of eclipse images Nick, well done for capturing and nicely processed.
  20. A wonderful collection of images, the definition and contrast is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
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