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  1. Sounds like I aren't missing much... hope it clears up for you guys laterer
  2. Peak Star Party 2012 on Sky at Night this month where yours truly gets a look in... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01fy429
  3. Cool, domes is the way to go if you can, mine is now so cosy I could sleep in it between the gaps in the clouds....
  4. Alas, work commitment means I cannot attend this years bash. If anyone would care to take over a 'tent with EHU' pitch, please feel free to PM me... YM
  5. I saw Panstarrs for the first time in the early hours. Subsequently I have watched it traverse across the northern sky. As it climbs higher it will be easier to follow through the night.
  6. Maybe something like this: But really, you won't know until you try....
  7. I'm hoping for a clear moroning to catch the crescent moon joining in on the spectacle.
  8. 'Bo-oo-tees' always gets me larfin', don't they know it's 'Booties' and don't get me started on Uranus....
  9. I meant that I was worse behaved at PSP 2012 .... and I'm nearly 50! ... but then again. I never did grow up....
  10. Generally not, except from our FPSO and our standby vessel. But the rig lights tend to prevent ones eyes properly dark adapting.
  11. Moon and Jupiter conjunction: 29 Nov 2012: South China Sea:
  12. No poxylips pics from me Tony. I opted not to bother, as we've a hectic bit of goings on at the moment. I did take some shots of the Moon and Jupiter over the sea though, hopefullt they'll be worth showing. I'll get to see them in a while...
  13. I didn't bother with the eclipse, too tired and several busy days ahead. I did take a few snaps of the Moon and Jupiter this moroning, as they started to get low in the West, I'll see how they came out laterer....
  14. The school 'kids' that attended this year were more like 'young adults'. Better behaved than yer average teenagers, that's for sure. I was probably far worse than they...
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