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  1. Good progress! As above I2C LCD's are nice & easy, however they will require pins A4 & A5 so you might want to pick another pin for the voltage measurement. Also, and I'm sure you have this covered, Gnd of the power supply your measuring should be connected to Gnd on your circuit. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Yes the ACS712 will work, as would the MAX471, both of which can be purchased as simple cheap modules. A simple voltage divider would also work fine for voltage messurement and there are plenty of example Aduino sketches for reading the analogue inputs. Ive done the same as your suggesting and monitor the voltage and current draw to my systems, and with a relay also automatically shut-down the supply if the current draw gets too high. Cheers, Mark.
  3. A quick Google shows that unit does use PWM, so I would hook it back up and check if the bands are heating. Could well be a successful repair!
  4. If the controller uses PWM the output voltage may not appear to change much, so it could be working just fine. Cheers, Mark.
  5. “Yes I’m an astronomer. No I can’t guess your star sign….”
  6. Signed up too, but will need to brush-up on the maths first.
  7. Hi Phil. There's a few from Northants on here. Have fun with the Lightbridge! Cheers, Mark.
  8. Yup they exist Tom. And don't forget your camping fridge in the obsy to keep the milk cold!
  9. The LX Mod isn't needed as it has a sensitive chip but it would make it even better.
  10. It's a great idea! I've just taken delivery of an old skool Pocket PC device for less than £10 of eBay to attached next to the finder. I'm going to remote on to my astro laptop to to display Stellarium and PHD.
  11. Obviously the you wont see the Andromeda as it appears in the photo's, but it gives you an idea of the objects size.
  12. Jason, try this site to give you an idea of how an object will look with your scope and EP's: http://www.12dstring.me.uk/foveyepiece.php
  13. I'm wimping out too Tom, looking at Astrobuysell to see what I can't afford!
  14. Just a quick Google on that number shows it was a scam a few years back but it was quickly shutdown.
  15. Just got one from eBay for less than £3.00, bargain! Link to the seller: 5 LED Rotatable Bike Head Lamp Light 3 Modes Flashlight With Movable Red Lens | eBay
  16. I also have the standard HEQ5 with modded handset and a 200P. Its all nice and stable and can track un-guided for a few mins with no problems, provided it's tightly polar aligned.
  17. Hi Teflon. You might want to look at getting a Telrad or a basic red dot finder as these give you an unmagnified view and really help getting the you in the right area.
  18. Poor weather always accompanies a new purchase! I hope you get outside with it soon.
  19. If shaking whilst focusing is your main concern I would first purchase a motor focuser, as this will eliminate that problem.
  20. That’s thoroughly depressed me now. I would have been happier if you said it was a result of 8 hours exposure time and hours of stacking + tweaking! Great image.
  21. Only thing you need to buy at the moment is an umbrella.
  22. I agree with the above comments, the motors are worth adding, but without a polar scope to get accurate alingment you won't get the best out of them. I know it's more expense, but thats the joy of this hobby!
  23. There are two gromits you can remove on the one of the sides which expose the motor shaft, you should be able to see those move even at normal tracking speed.
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