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  1. Great image, one of my favorite things to observe, can't capture though with Dob mount. One day I'll get the EQ mount up and running!
  2. Thanks JohnD didn't think of that, I do run windows 7 via parallels, will have to see if it gets recognised as a device. Have to use USB though as have no serial port!
  3. Anyone know if these updates can be applied with a Mac? Or do I need to find someone friendly with a PC?
  4. This is great, I'm planning to have a garden pier/observatory at some point in the next 5...10...15 years. but doesn;t stop me thinking about it and planning the garden around it. Never realised just how much concrete would be required for the scope to sit on (and then I'd need the floor for the obs too). Great guide, would be good to see a picture of it all put together with the scope on top.
  5. How do you make a pier out of brake discs?
  6. I changed to knobs on my primary from the nylon nuts that were there originally (had to collimate with a spanner). Got the knobs off eBay, very cheap and fitted the M6 threads very well and make adjusting the mirror very quick and easy.
  7. I have the 8" f6 too and have been very happy with it, on dob at the moment but I also have EQ5 with GOTO to use at a later date. Had little to spend at the time so just have standard mirror coatings but still get amazingly sharp images. When these have worn some more (or when I can convince myself) I'll have them upgraded to hilux.
  8. What is it that is poor about the focuser? I want to upgrade mine and that's the most likely candidate.
  9. I don't have this problem, my wife supports my plans for obsy in garden, she actually thinks they look good, my problem is with the ££££
  10. Probably about 100 calories, 200 on a particularly cold night
  11. I too am interested in upgrading my focuser, I have an Orion Optics UK scope and would like to change from the pack and pinion as I am finding it very difficult to get to that sweet spot for focusing. I don;t want to spend too much, OO do offer a focus mount but their cost is about double what the skywatcher one above is. Are there any other suggestions for a mount?
  12. This is a very intereting thread, great tips on the build and gives me lots of ideas for my own future build (far future, need a kitched extension first). I plan to knock down and re-build the garage in the back garden to incorporate a tool shed and an observatory, just have to be careful of the planning permissions etc. I'm in two minds as to whether to have a propper dome or a roll off roof similar to what you have done in your garden. The dome has the cool wow factor but I guess the roll-off roof will be far cheaper!
  13. I have the EQ5 mount with my OO 200mm Tube on it, the tube looks huge against the mount but with the motors running it is rocksteady.
  14. I bought three M5 plastic knobs off eBay for only a couple of pounds. Coupled these with some nylon washers and I've it great primary mirror adjustment which can be done in moments, no spanner needed.
  15. Originally contained two bottles of wine that werebrought back from an abroad holiday. It's looking as though it's reached its capacity though.
  16. I'm sure it must have been posted here before but just want to show my appreciation for Green Witch Astonomy. Ordered a telescope cover and red light torch today at lunchtime and received an e-mail half an hour later to say they have been dispatched. Thanks!!
  17. In that case I'll install an aardvark in the garage with the telescope .
  18. This is a great thread and an amazing build. Hope it's all goign well for you. I wouldn't think water would be good even with a rust inhibitor in, it won't entirely stop corrosion and it would be awful for it to rust from the inside out and collapse with your scope on the top. Have you though perhaps of aerosol expanding foam? Will be follwoignt hsi thread closely. My plan is to build an observatory in the back of my garage eventually. Steve
  19. +1 for this, I need something to keep the spiders off my scope while it's being stored in the garage until the clouds part for that fleeting moment.
  20. Does anybody on this forum have the crayford focuser upgrade on their Orion Optics UK telescope? This was an optional upgrade when I bought my telescope but being poor at the time I could not afford it. However now I am interested in it as an upgrade now and wondered if anyone has experience of it. Is it worth the price compared to the standard rack and pinion affair that comes as standard (used to come as standard, they all have crayfords now). All views will be most welcome. Steve
  21. Just want o make sure I've got this right, the payload capability DOESN'T include the counterweights. So the EQ5 will take a 9kg scope (and accessories) PLUS the counterweights? This would make sence because if it's properly balanced there wouldn't be excessive load on the motors and gears. Steve
  22. I'm not sure what all that parallel connection business is all about but as a guess I would agress that it is for some sort of guide scope. If I were you I'd have a look around on the internet to see if you can get the hand controller and additional box of tricks that makes it a go-to. You already have the motors fitted for it. Not sure if the hand controller and box of tricks is available new, you may have to look on here or eBay for it. Steve
  23. This scope is now up for sale on a different thread in the For Sale section.
  24. The tube is only 2mm thick on the wall, depending on the length even taking into account that it's a cylinder you may have some issues with vibration and if there's too much weight you may find that you have a cantelever effect. Most piers I've seen are at least 5mm thick and tapered to spread the load over a wider area.
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