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  1. Hi I remember there used to be a fore sale section on the forum, is this no longer tha case? I have some gear to sell but dont really want to advertise it on here if its against the forum policy Cheers Chris
  2. my village lights turn off just after 12, have done so for the last couple of months,
  3. i remember them! i wasnt convinced
  4. pretty nice video, im more fascinated with the moon the more i learn about it, ok its just a big ball of boring rock but the views i get through my scope are breathtaking to say the least
  5. ...also if the dinosaurs wernt wiped out then we may have not evoled in the same way i am pretty positive that there is life out there but again to what degree of "intellegence" i wouldnt like to say. But as topdude poited out the chances of another planet having the exact same conditions (water content, the moon, planet size, sun size, earths axis etc) as us must be much smaller chance than another planet just being in the habitable zone. even in a billion planets the chances are probably quite small indeed.
  6. How about this crude attempt? tried to incorporate all 3 counties logos onto the "shield"
  7. thought this thread was quite apt as i just found out its "International Womens day", and apparently in China women get the day off work! not all bad being a girl, plus you have boobies .... hehe!
  8. franco


    ok so the celebrations may have been a little premature. received the telrad today and it came unboxed and with no instructions. i was under the impression that it had some kind of double sided strip to attach it but there isnt and im not sure what the best way to do it is. also i have become confused at to which is the best way to point it, i have seen pictures of peoples scopes with it both ways final question is does stellarium have a telrad option or is it a plug in you have to download?
  9. def the best checklist i have seen! should be made a sticky for sure!
  10. the Herts one aint much better, a drowning Stag by the looks of it! Hertfordshire flag | flag of Hertfordshire | Hertfordshire flags | the Hertfordshire flag
  11. mine is called "Luke Skywatcher"
  12. Am i right in thinking that a barlow just doubles the size of the image and not increase the magnification? i havnt used one yet so not entirely sure. also nice report, i think you have just persuaded me to get a 6mm EP, which one do you have? i have a 200p Skywatcher too. but only with the original EP's
  13. franco


    cheers for the heads up!
  14. franco


    oh no! (egg on my face) last time i looked they were over 45 quid plus postage and there seems to be alot of stock shortages for them from my usual suppliers. still, 5 quid! not to be sniffed at!
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