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  1. Artemis doesn't try to be a software suite for all users - it's for Atik software for Atik gear
  2. If you feel the sensor is being over saturated then I would suggest you start with lowering the exposure time - a lot! What are you currently using?
  3. You could consider APT (assuming the FW has an ASCOM driver,) or you could run two pieces of software - one for the camera (Artemis,) one for the FW (presume it came with one) To the best of my knowledge the Artemis software is for Atik devices only, there won't be a patch for it
  4. Here's the catch though if you're going to make a new battery pack you really, really, really should use a smart charger anyway
  5. You can try a smart battery charger to try and resurrect it - but I won't guarantee this will work
  6. I know it's not a solution, but if you take the flats at the same time as imaging - the flat should perfectly match the position / orientation of the lights and cancel out? Other than that, what about moving the filter to the other end of the train - right up to the sensor. Would this be possible?
  7. You would need to use a 2" nosepiece screwed into the T2 adaptor and then put the filter on the end of that http://www.365astronomy.com/365astronomy-adapter-from-2-pushfit-to-t2-with-2-inner-filter-thread-p-20.html However that might introduce focus problems I'm afraid as the camera will be further away from the scope by the time you've put all the 2" adaptors on
  8. GT81 over the Altair model, I'd also forget the GTF81 (I see GT81 as effectively replacing the F and going back to the design of the original which was a corker)
  9. Nope I agree the stars are off, but I suspect that's simply down to a 5 minute collimation (first attempt at an RC) in the field (It sadly arrived well out of collimation with loose primary adjusters but did not have time to look at it at home.) Tak collimator is on order when the next shipment comes in and I will spend some time refining it
  10. First light of the RC - doesn't really deserve it's own thread so I will leave this here 21x300s Oiii - QSI 690 2x2 (bias only) M97-less by Kheldar UK, on Flickr
  11. I would suggest it's because your "full in" point is actually "full in" plus the extension provided by the Barlow tube - it would seem (remarkably) that the Barlow tube is too long to allow you to achieve focus?
  12. I can tell you for a fact that a Barlow moves the focal point AWAY from the OTA
  13. Right listened again (until I got bored) He says that adding the Barlow moves the focus point out - that's correct?
  14. I will go back and listen again, the bit at 5:20 was talking about barrel size, I missed the above point about focus point :facepalm:
  15. Rubbish in what regard? That's blatently not a 250px Some of the smaller scopes have 1.25" only focusers, as each line evolved the focusers changed on them, some custom (needs SW adaptors,) some 2"
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