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  1. Star hopping for me. It's fun (you don't always find what your'e looking for, but you see a lot more of the scenery!).
  2. My jaw is on the floor. I am amazed. I'll stop now. I'd just be blathering.
  3. Very nice! Don't ever feel bad for taking too many shots. You feel bad when there's one little itty bitty corner you didn't get! (Believe me I know!).
  4. So THAT`S what it looks like! All kidding aside. Great shot!
  5. Well I ordered the mini autoguider, but when I went to pick it up, my guy at the astro shop told me it was too small to be of any use on my C800. (Apparently, the focal length of the C800 is too long). It looks like I was wrong... Again. I bought a 80mm frac as guidescope instead (I already had the rings).
  6. Everytime I see pictures posted on SGL, the bar just keeps getting higher and higher. Great shots.
  7. What a great story! I loved every word! Last November I invited my co-worker and her two daughters (10 and 6) for an evening of stargazing. Here is a drawing of Jupiter and Uranus made by Elizaveta (the 10 yr old)...3 months later! Mind you, we could'nt see Jupiter and Uranus together, but this is their exact relative positions at the time! Kids. They can amaze you with how much they actually "get"!
  8. Isn't it a sight? In your words, I feel the same excitement I felt when I first saw Jupiter! Thanks. It's a wonderful memory to re-live!
  9. Thanks lightbucket. I had a peek at your web page. Very nice. I think I'd like to start something like that myself. I might PM you for some advice on how to get set up.
  10. To astrophynx, bigfoot100 and Rob 1961 (it was a good year!), I'm really glad you like it! Thanks for your kind words.
  11. Thanks Thing! I've yet to try my hand at planetary work. I'm waiting for Jupiter to move out of the middle of the night(!)
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