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  1. Wow! This shot has such fine detail in it,the "ancient warrior riding the vaporous viper popped right out at me". Lower left is the viper's head,midway along it's back is the head of the warrior,eye,nose,chin,mouth a high crested hemet and long flowing hair. His expression seems a bit anguished. I absolutely love this image. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. Well after more than a year of not getting out under the stars due to work obligations. I finally got out one night over the weekend to give the new scope a quick try. Of course this rare day off would coincide with the full moon, but it felt great to get out for a few hours regardless. After such a long time away from this and not a great deal of time prior,I seemed to struggle at each step in setting up the scope, camera and computer. How quickly we forget. My home being nestled in a forrested area, allows only a small portion of sky to explore and M13 was the brightess target available.
  3. That was a cheap shot. We do capitalize and use apostrophes where required though.
  4. Well full moon or not Sandy has just been devastating to the New Jersey shoreline. Most of the barrier islands average about 5 feet above normal high tide. The storm surge at this time is estimated between 6 to 11 feet and a possibility of up to 15 feet. Some of the islands have flooded completely across from ocean to bay at the last low tide. Tonights high tide is around 8pm with the storm surge impacting between 5-7pm. It looks like Sandy is going to be one for the record books.
  5. Thanks Black Knight. Gina,I also find darks to be useful since I turned off the in camera noise reduction some time ago to use the extra time for more subs. Perfrej,I've been using a B- mask for focusing but I'll compare that with the software focusing and see if i get an improvement. I will follow up on the article you suggest in reference to the use of darks. With the in camera noise reduction set to on,it takes double the time to gather subs. Using darks then in processing seems to help with noise reduction as Gina also stated. Perhaps the camera still fiddles with the data even with it set
  6. After several months of not being able to get out with the scope. I finally got a few hours to shoot M33 under good conditions. I shot 42 subs at 240 sec and ISO800 with a unmodded Canon 1000d and a ST102 scope on a CG5 mount along with 30 darks. It looks as though I'll need at least another 40 subs and alot more time processing to possibly get a decent image. Well at least it was a gorgeous night to be out under the stars.M33 final jpg.tif
  7. Gina,I hope you don't mind but I ran your image through some Noel's actions to see if it would reduce the vertical banding. This is the result.
  8. That does indeed seem strange,I'll have to make up a Y mask as well and compare the two.
  9. I love the twig work around,very clever. You even remembered to remove it before shooting. Great image BTW!
  10. laser_jock,I definately have to look into that color range replace tool. I used the reduce blue violet halos action on this image but for whatever reason in this image it made little difference. You certainly were able to get rid of it using that tool. Thanks. Gina,I suppose the frusration arises from not knowing that the processing steps being taken are the correct steps at the correct point in the procedure. Not being certain that the resulting image is the best that can be derived from the data is another maddening factor. I expect a lot more experience and a great deal more trial and err
  11. Here is the Triplet from a session with a window of oppurtuniy which only allowed 10 - 3 minute subs at ISO800. Captured using an ST102 and Canon 1000d. Lots of practice processing in PS after stacking in DSS. The processing I find to be extremely frustrating but I am now at the point where I just smile to myself and shake my head a few times and start over when I completely blow the processing. The aformentioned occured several times while working with this image. Ok, I'm done feelling sorry for myself. Back to reading and tutorials.
  12. Thanks Michael. Gina,Keiran I'll give your suggestions a try on this image as soon as I'm done working on a shot of the Leo Triplet which I'm currently applying your suggestions. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. This was the first time I've used Neb3 to process an image and found that after processing there was tons of green in the image. I'm not very good yet with post processing in PS and found it a bit difficult to tone down all that green. Is there a way to keep the green down while using Neb3? For comparison I processed the same image in DSS and the resulting image had far less green in it. This is the image using DSS with default settings.
  14. This needs a heap more time to get something decent but the skies would not allow for that this weekend. This was taken using an ST102,Canon 1000d with 15 subs at 240 sec,Iso 800 and 9 darks applied. Nebulosity was used for preprocessing and PS used for post processing.
  15. Oh how right you are Quartermass,the same night I shot the Dumbell I also shot the Ring Nebula,another stunner in color and form. I'm having tons of difficulties processing the Ring,however,I think I overexposed it by miles at 70secs and ISO 800. The single shots appear good,but when stacked in DSS I get a bright white powdered donut with a raspberry filling core. If I only stack 2-4 of the subs then the image is passable. I'll be working on it some more later this week as time allows.
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