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  1. Shibby

    RGB M27 reprocess with Straton

    It looks good to me, the Ha regions are much clearer than the original image.
  2. I found that, with the Baader filter, the raw star sizes were pretty similar. However, as Oiii is generally fainter we tend to push the data harder, increasing the chance of star bloat. I now have a 3nm Oiii which seems to match up pretty well with the 7nm Ha stars after processing.
  3. Shibby

    Wizard (NGC 7380) Bi-Colour

    Thanks, I'll have to try that. I tried adding an additional blue Oiii layer which helped a bit but not much. It's a real problem how different it can look - my newest/best monitor is far brighter than my laptop & work monitors. Do colour profiles help in some way?
  4. Shibby

    Horse head HA and starless

    Very interesting and different view of this region. I like stars personally, but this does look great - all that data has brought out the really faint stuff, too.
  5. Shibby

    Ring galaxy (NGC7217)

    Awesome little galaxy. Lovely detail and colour!
  6. I'm not particularly happy with this one having processed it. The Oiii is a bit noisy and I had to reject a few subs as my balance wasn't quite right on the night. However, I don't think I'll be getting any more data soon, so I'll post it as it is now! I've also been struggling to get the brightness right, as it looks very different on each monitor. How does it look on your screen? Anyone got any tips? The image is bi-colour Ha+Oiii. I gathered some RGB data for the stars, which I applied as a colour layer. The upload is at 50% - it does get scaled down in the post, so click through here for the full upload. Acquisition Ha 7nm: 15x600s Oiii: 3nm 16x600s RGB: 3x4x120s Equipment Atik 460ex Skywatcher MN190
  7. Shibby

    Binning in PHD Guiding

    Hmm, sorry I don't know then. As you've probably seen, the documentation just says this:
  8. Shibby

    PoleMaster equivalent software

    +1 for this tool. It's so easy to use and gets you nicely aligned.
  9. Shibby

    Binning in PHD Guiding

    Binning should be present within the advanced camera settings (Camera tab). https://openphdguiding.org/man-dev/Advanced_settings.htm
  10. Shibby

    Using the right filters'

    Hi Mark, I hope this doesn't sound funny, but I can't help but wonder why you have bought all these filters if you're not sure what they're for?? They all have different purposes in different situations. I suppose the first question is : What camera are you using?
  11. Shibby

    Securing Obs roof from inside

    Toggle latches for mine. You can see them in this picture:
  12. Shibby

    A dream come true

    Last night was the dampest night I've ever known since I finished my obsy, so don't expect that every night! Like you, I found everything was dripping wet, especially the roof when I pulled it back over. I have a dehumidifier which I run in the (ventilated) scope room after such nights and always find it nice and dry the following day. The floor is P5 flooring which is supposed to be waterproof but can still get damp on top. Strangely I haven't had any damp problems at all in my warm room, despite all the logic saying I should. It is just painted though, and I have full vapour barrier.
  13. Shibby

    NGC 253 GSO RC 6

    Very impressive detail and scale. I can see what @johngm was trying, because the background is maybe a bit bright, so the contrast helps, but I prefer the natural colour balance of your original
  14. Shibby

    M81-M82 - luminance with the 8" dob tube

    Superb, sharp details - you've got that dob working incredibly well!
  15. Both probably, yes. Mounts are improving, cameras and good quality optics are (slowly... in some respects) getting more affordable and I expect that trend to continue. Also, I think collaborative imaging and data analysis will become more popular as online services and software become better and easier to use. The quality of our skies, however.................

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