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  1. Thank you kindly for all the advice, I'm gonna take my time with this build and hope to get it right! Ouch, is that yours?? I guess tins are meant to be opened! Too soon?
  2. Looks bomb proof, is this where La Resistance was based? Food for thought, thanks. How heavy is the steel - I need to keep it light if possible. I do like the way you've achieved roll-over. Does any rain get in under the seam, though? (If you get any!)
  3. More questions (sorry)... I've got the drainpipe etc and will purchase heavy cables. What kind of power supply will I need? Will this do the trick? Does it have enough outputs? Can I run multiple 12v devices from a single output? (would that be a bad idea to allow certain devices to potentially draw more current than they should be?) Sorry for the noobish question! Is there a limit to how long the DC cables can be?
  4. Wait, you need a gap around the whole foundation? I have only made shuttering for the top (the bit that would otherwise be in contact with the shed foundations/slabs)
  5. It's the Geoptik one - not sure if that's any better. Planned to try it out with the 50mm prime...
  6. I can tell you that my wife would probably NOT be impressed by the images - but I certainly am! Well done on splitting the double quasar, it must be nice to say you imaged something so old & distant.
  7. That's lovely. Really nice range of natural star colours and fine, grainy field visible around the glob. To me, seems like a total nightmare combining different sub lengths on a target like this.
  8. Nice one Rob, plenty there considering the full moon. I actually have an EOS adapter that I've never used Must remedy that!
  9. More the merrier. I try to use about 30, enough that you can use the sigma stacking method.
  10. Funnily enough, the last post in this forum was me addressing this very subject! Any glass in the image train, you're likely to need the IR/UV cut, yes.
  11. Just thought I'd mention that calibrating with only 5 darks will add quite a bit of noise to the image, so try without - depends on how bad the hot pixels are, really.
  12. Nice first images - better than mine were! You'll find yourself on a long slippery slope, now As you guessed, stacking multiple subs will make a vast improvement. Then you'll be able to process a bit more carefully - the black point looks clipped to me, giving you a black background and possibly losing some of the fainter stuff (although this will be noisy with just 1 sub). The eggy stars is most likely due to tracking errors / poor polar alignment.
  13. Will you be using a refractor - or is there any glass in your imaging train? If so, you'll want to use at least an IR cut filter because this light won't be brought to the same focus as the visible light. For luminance, I use a light pollution filter with UV/IR cut.
  14. That's a really neat solution - thanks, I'll aim to do something similar with the mortar when I come to lay it. I do love the look of your fantastic obs - it's not a million miles away from what I'm trying to achieve. I can certainly see the merits of that, but I'm too far down my own path now - no turning back!!
  15. The hardcore/MOT and sand arrived today. Anyone have opinions on the DPM before I lay it down?