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  1. I still have a Celestron Nexstar 130SLT for sale. Great condition, hardly used. It's on a full Alt-Az Goto mount. Here's some more details: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/slt-series/celestron-nexstar-130-slt.html Only asking for £180 - that's less than half the retail price!
  2. Okay, how about £200. That's a bargain for a setup in virtually brand new condition, nearly half price! It's this telescope, to be clear. On a full motorised GoTo AltAz mount. I can provide pictures if required. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a Celestron Nexstar 130SLT for sale - this is the one with GOTO and has hardly been used so is in great condition. Asking for £250 + delivery (unless you can collect from Peterborough). Thanks, Lewis
  4. Seems I need to read some more tutorials or finally invest in Pixinsight - I still find colour balance tricky with PS.
  5. Very nice one Sam - I love the wide field, but still plenty of detail in there too. You didn't get on with the Quattro 10 then?
  6. Excellent in terms of detail and colour, but also composition. Makes for a lovely image!
  7. Thanks! I thought I'd attach a 100% crop of the galaxy (0.94"/pixel) - which is fairly unforgiving for most images, especially mine. The answer is infrequently and with a collimation cap - I have a laser collimator but have never used it. When I received the 'scope it was fortunately well collimated and I only adjusted the primary. Still happy with the collimation, although the 460ex isn't a huge sensor.
  8. *of the year* - my second ever image was awful! ? Thanks though - yes I really like the combination of MN190/460ex.
  9. Having only finished my first image of the year about a week ago, incredibly I now have a second one. We should try to remember that we do get decent weather in the UK sometimes after all! NGC 2841 is a neat little galaxy in Ursa Major. I say little, but it's actually similar in size to the Milky Way. The tidy appearance suggests that it hasn't had any recent interactions with its neighbours and apparently has a low rate of star formation. There's a nice variety of faint fuzzies in the background, which I particularly like about this area of the sky. Capture L: 38x600s RGB: 3 x 20x300s Total: ~11hrs Equipment SW MN190 Atik 460ex AP Mach1GTO Guiding: QHY5L-ii + 50mm finderguider
  10. Stunning result! Your first LRGB? The colour balance looks great, I wish I could process my own LRGB data this well.
  11. Very nice. You now have even more sky-hours than the rest of us!
  12. Looking like you may have some really nice data but I can't help but notice the galaxy has an unusual appearance, almost as if it's through stained glass window? Perhaps some of the processing steps have been a little too harshly applied?
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