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  1. Also: price. Originally, my finderguider + webcam setup was far cheaper than OAG + decent guide camera. (The webcam was unlikely to be sensitive enough for an OAG setup). With my current OAG + optics, I don't have the back-focus
  2. Another thing to try is picking a different reference frame - a good scoring one near the middle of your dataset.
  3. Scope balancing question

    It's highly likely I'm missing / misunderstanding something here, but can't you rotate the scope in its rings to achieve your vertical balance, before moving on to the horizontal balance?
  4. Stuck filter

    Try wrapping an elastic band around the outside of the filter. This has solved similar issues for me a number of times!
  5. f ratio for guidescopes

    Is that right? I've always found that longer guide exposures give me a slightly calmer trace; because of that dreaded seeing being more "averaged out". I still haven't figured out the ideal interval, though. I find myself frequently changing it throughout a session. Probably to no real effect! As for guiding with the 840mm guide scope, it's certainly possible but you will find fewer stars - and therefore fewer bright stars - in your narrow FOV. If that's an issue on a certain target, you can tweak the pointing of your guidescope relative to the imaging scope if you have to, but don't go silly far away or you'll end up with field rotation on longer exposures.
  6. Can I avoid a focuser upgrade?

    So, the latest plan is to replace my filter-wheel and its integrated OAG with a separate OAG + FW, allowing me to mount the prism further forward in the train. One bonus is that I can upgrade to 7 filter positions. My guess would be I'll need a low profile OAG, such as this on FLO, which I believe has a profile of 13mm. Thing is, I still can't be sure that focus of both cameras would be reached. Does anyone else have an OAG setup with their MN190?
  7. InfraRed pass for Glass

    I've been looking at doing something similar and decided it'd probably be a good idea to heat the enclosure to prevent dew forming on the window and causing false readings.
  8. A new kind of Telescope

    Obviously not one for the purists, but I think it's a good idea as an alternative to video astronomy; should be simpler for anyone to setup and use. Good for kids - my little niece was actually quite upset when the views of the Pleiades through the telescope weren't as good as the preview on Stellarium! Thankfully, the moon was a winner.
  9. What Scope to buy next

    As has been said, there is no telescope that's perfect for both imaging and visual. But the best all-rounder is a Newtonian reflector. I would recommend the Skywatcher 150-PDS, which performs well visually for DSOs and is suitable for DSO astrophotography if you add the coma corrector. A setup I used for several years.
  10. Andalusian weather for 2017

    Looks like, here in the UK, we had ~1400 hours of sunshine, which I believe equates to around 32% of daylight hours. Far less than Spain, but still feels like it should be lower than 32% based on the number of clear nights!
  11. Thankfully at F/8, it won't be too difficult to collimate. The E-ELT, however will be a right pain at F/0.93 !!
  12. I'm actually out imaging :-)

    I guess I can forgive that then! At least it's nice and dark when you do get some clear sky. 3.30 seems to be about my limit too, unless I have some very strong coffee brewing all night and no work the next day. Nice M33, by the way.
  13. A new home-built 2,2 m Dome

    Very nice project and I also like your website. Congrats on the observatory, I look forward to seeing the rest of your build log.
  14. HDW 2 (Hartl-Dengl-Weinberger 2)

    Stunning image - great work. I've either never seen this, or just not seen it anywhere near this well presented!
  15. I'm actually out imaging :-)

    Whether those graphs are showing pixels or arcsecs, I hate you both! Especially since you seem to have encountered some clear skies!