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  1. *bump* One final attempt to see if there's any interest in this camera?
  2. Looks very nice - plenty of the dark dust picked up, but I'm not sure how well that will print. Whenever I get something printed, the faint stuff always seems to get lost. By North, do you mean "down" - because I think your image might be upside down. Easy to turn a print around, though
  3. Just a wee bump to see if anyone might show an interest in this camera? Boxed and ready to go!
  4. I have for sale my Atik 428ex mono in perfect condition, virtually as-new. It's a great camera with very low read noise and has only been used a few times. I'm asking for £800 including tracked delivery. Sensor Type: CCD - Sony ICX674 Horizontal Resolution: 1931 pixels Vertical Resolution: 1451 pixels Pixel Size: 4.54 µm x 4.54 µm ADC: 16 bit Readout Noise: 5e- typical value Gain Factor: 0.27e-/ ADU
  5. You've done a great job with the central core! Nice one.
  6. I realised how badly I had combined my channels last time I posted this back in 2018. Holding back on the Ha channel has really brought out some extra structure I had completely destroyed with my previous hap-hazard approach. So here it is again - it's a Bi-Colour combination of Ha and Oiii as a 2 panel mosaic. Acquisition Hα: 2x24x600s Oiii: 2x17x600s Equipment Optics: MN190 Camera: 460ex Mount: AP Mach1GTO Guding: Orion mini 50mm guidescope & QYH5L-ii
  7. Very impressive results for completely untracked capture! What was the actual exposure length of each sub? Must have been very short!
  8. Well my images are total crap then!! Awesome detail and I like the improved colour balance, especially since you improved the stars.
  9. Fantastic result. Great work on the processing! Would love to have a try for the outer shell myself, but not if it requires 23 hours - that'd take me months!
  10. A very fine image! The original seems the best to me, nice and natural. Good to see the difference that registar has made - I normally get the stacking software to align my channels but that's not perfect.
  11. What a fascinating object! Thanks for imaging and posting it.
  12. Really nice. I like very much the colour and carefully handled background field
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