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  1. Mine is sometimes refered to as the name for one of Terry Pratchetts Camels in the book 'Pyramids'. Not the one who lives in Tsort!
  2. My problem is I'll have to chop a tree down to get that far East at 4:30 am! I think Mercury appears to be as far out as it gets from the Sun according to Stellarium. I may be wrong - beginner! I've looked at about 5am these past few days but clouds are there. I'll also have to remember to careful of the Sun rising!!!
  3. I find my red dot finder useful to an extent if you can see the target by naked eye. I tried for M13 last night but no luck even though I could find it through bins. I'm going to duck tape my monocular to the other side of the scope over a block of wood. Somewhere near the centre of pivot but I'll still need to re balance the scope. I'll look horrible but I want M13! And some sort of finder...
  4. I feel your pain - my dad once closed the back door on me and my thumb was at the hinge side. Yeeeeooowwwww!
  5. No but when I was trying to find M13 after observing saturn last night, a satellite zoomed through my field of view! If I've coincidently seen a satellite twice in maybe six or eight hours of observing, this might be quite common... I once saw a red light that appeared, wobbled about and vanished over a couple of minutes - I put that one down to a weather balloon catching the just over the horizon sun.
  6. It's great to have clear sky for a few days... Congratulations on Saturn! I had a look last night from Durham, UK and finally managed to get myself, my 130mm newt, a 10mm EP and a 2x barlow lens all pointed at Saturn - a decent size image at last. As this was after a barbie where not a few beverages were consumed this was slightly amazing. As for jumping about - I nearly fell into the pond! I could see Titan and maybe a few specs that may have been other moons but with averted vision. I'll have to get one of your 4mm Plossl EP's.... I'll never tire of Saturn!
  7. 'I like to think there always are; possiblilities' James. T. Kirk...
  8. I honestly can't remember my trigger! It could have been through sci-fi books, film, TV or 'The Sky at Night'... May have been the Pioneer and Voyager probes - I was a kid in 1970's - 'Blakes 7' etc. Sir Patrick may have been a strong influence. I met him when I was eight and he signed one of his books for me...
  9. After a month or so's break from observing, I spent an hour and a half on Saturn last night, up until 1am or so. Before the cloud rolled in, that is! I could not convince myself I could see the Cassini division but I think I saw Titan - it seemed the right distance from the planet and stayed at the same distance over the hour or so. About mag 6? I thought it looked orange, but then I'm not sure if you can see colour through a newt. I'll look that one up. *Edit - Titan should be about mag 8, but it was in the right place (considering newt mirror giving inverted image) and I was very dark adapted * I've only a 130mm Skywatcher (manual everything) and only managed to hold the planet with the 10mm, 20mm and 20mm plus 2x barlow but not 10mm and 2x barlow. It was a bit 'wavery' to start but that was probably the scope cooling down. Need more practice, but I'll never tire of Saturn...! For me, that's amazing - I've never seen a moon around another planet apart from our own and the Gallelain satellites around Jupiter. BTW, if it's any help, the first 'target' I thought might be Saturn, last night, was in fact Vega! Spica was hidden by a Leylandi hedge...
  10. You have a coke splurt for that one! Wasn't made of Al and had gull wing doors, did it?
  11. My sights are set for Saturn at 10pm one night before too long. But. I can't find my compass to check the bearing (in alt az) to my 'window' between some trees. Will that do?!
  12. Wasn't the Lunar Rover built by Porsche? Not kidding - I seem to remember that from the 80's... Maybe NASA helped by Porsche - sort of 'how do you do this?!' I don't know. Might be worth the cash to go and get it!
  13. Well that probably qualifies most of us as responsible observers... I've seen a red object wander around and vanish - I put that down to a weather balloon. If I ever was 'borrowed' by an interestingly technological set of extra terrestrials my response would probably be: - 'I'm a Human - Get me out of here!'
  14. Sorry I'm taking liberties with your patience starting a new thread on this - I still know next to not a lot. According to Stellarium, that most fantastic software, ISS(Zarya) and Discovery will be passing through Orion tonight at approx 19:13 - 19:14 tonight. To the South... From what I can make of it, Orion's belt will have a new star for less than a second. From my perspective. Wow! I've wanted to try to get ISS in my not that large scope for a while. I'm hoping to get the 130mm set up with a 20mm lens in the area just before that and hope that ISS passes through my field of view. Might work, might not - I'll try! There is no chance I can get a pic - I'm not good enough anyway!
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