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  1. Nice images! I'm just satisfied to get an image of the spot with my single images on my Canon.
  2. What will Sol look like when it really gets active?!!
  3. Very nice images! I do enjoy sharp crisp Lunar images like these. I'm still doing the DSLR with my 8" dob. Seldom am I able to image what I can see visually, but still enjoy what I do manage.
  4. Very nice looking telescope! I cant wait to see some images with it. Enjoy!!
  5. Yes, incredible image from long ago! Thanks for posting the link. Is it just me, or does the one side of the LM look pretty beat up? I have to think in almost zero gravity on the Moon, that initial jump when the ascent engine fired would be something!
  6. Seeing a really incredible fireball is an experience you never forget. You have to be in the right place at the right time!
  7. Wonderful image and link. I enjoy reading about the history of sites like this!
  8. I really have high hope's for this mission! I'm still looking for intelligent life here on Earth, other than the group here on SGL! There are times I think my search is without a doubt, hopeless!
  9. The moon was beautiful this morning!
  10. Welcome from central Florida. You have joined an incredible forum!
  11. Those are incredible images! I like the way you show the scale with the Earth! Our wonderful world is not even a grain of sand in the big picture! But it is a jewel of a grain!
  12. An amazing image! Thanks for all the work and posting it! It allows me to view distant things I would have never seen!
  13. Amazing images! Do you think Galileo would have ever believed what astronomers would be finding, when he couldn't even see Saturns rings clearly?
  14. Wow!! Cant wait to sample those Martian potatoes! Wait, that was something else, wasnt it!
  15. Not that here in Florida I have to deal with it viewing, but I do get freezer duty at work a lot being I'm experienced and deal with the cold. It is -8 F not figuring the blowers giving you 15mph winds. The store manager only slides the door open and peeks in! Like so many have said, dress for it in layers and never forget something for your head!
  16. Very nice! Thanks for the image.
  17. Incredible! Thanks for posting it. As much as I would enjoy doing images of DSO, I know with my budget and the learning curve, meaning time, it will probably never be. But thanks to members here on the SGL like you, I still get to see and enjoy such wonders!
  18. Nice! I remember thinking as I watched it, I know the Sun is big, and Mercury small, but wow that is small!
  19. Very nice. The Moon has been looking incredible in our sky the past couple days!
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