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  1. Actually this is a merge of an HOO processed both ways (as HOO and RGB) in Astro Pixel Processor. Subs were limited to 60s as balance issues (now resolved) affected guiding. 64 x 60s subs with darks and bias (no flats) processed in APP & PS CC. WO Redcat 51 Canon Eos 60d with L-enhance filter. Staradventurer mount
  2. I think I’m inclined to agree to be honest but it was good fun to play around with starless channels and is all good practice.
  3. Samyang 135mm f2@ f2.8 800ASA Canon EOS 60d (unmodded) Optolong L-enhance narrowband filter Skywatcher StarAdventurer mount Separated the narrowband channels and removed the stars. Played with curves a bit before merging the channels together back with original stars at 50pct transparency.
  4. Thank you! I came into the NB world by accident really, looking for a light pollution filter. The l-enhance turned out to be a much better option, no internal reflections, easy to process and just doesn’t care about moonlight or the car park lights below my balcony.
  5. Haha, I didn’t think I’d get away with it, just didn’t have the life in me to go through stacking again just yet. I’m laid up with a slipped disc and in la-la land on painkillers
  6. Heart & Soul Nebula Dual Narrowband HOO Roughly 3.5hrs worth of lights with darks flats and bias. Processed in APP and Photoshop Canon EOS 60d unmodded Optolong L-enhance filter Samyang 135mm f2 at f2.8 800ASA Star Adventurer Mount Zwo ASI120MM-S and Mini Guidescope
  7. Combined two sessions, totalling 3 hrs of lights in 120 and 180s. Processed in Astro Pixel Processor as RGB. Captured on a Canon EOS60d (unmodded) with an Optolong L-eNhance filter with a Samyang 135mm f2 lens at f2.8 800ASA. Mount used was a StarAdventurer tracker and ZWO ASIair on my light-polluted balcony under a quarter moon.
  8. Final stab at this, the Heart & Soul Nebula. This is a merged image of both RGB processed image with an HOO dual-band processed image.
  9. Second stab, better framed. 34 x 180s and calibration files.
  10. Framing is a bit off but it was guesswork ss this was just a test really. Taken from my light-polluted balcony with an unmodified EOS 60d so I’m pleased to pull any Hydrogen Alpha. 10 x 120s 20 x 180s samyang 135mm @ f2.8 800ASA Skywatcher StarAdventure
  11. Thanks all . This lens is definitely a keeper, can’t wait to get it into ideal conditions. Although the area I am in is classed as Bortle 4, the actual condition from my balcony are very challenging, lots of street and car park lighting.
  12. Grabbed another hour last... will be looking to merge the two at some point. 40 x 90s @ 800ASA with CLS filter 2324F316-E5A5-4C83-BB86-3716674D41BC.tiff
  13. I haven’t had any problems pulling the red out in Cygnus with it fitted. If it wasn’t for the reflections it would be a definite keeper. The DA has no problems tracking 3mins with the 14 and 50. The 135 is a little more demanding obviously. Best I’ve got so far is 2 minutes. Have played a bit with guiding just because the guidescope can, really. Seemed to work fine last night subs are currently limited by the light conditions rather than the lens. May try longer subs with the CLS fitted tonight to see how it behaves. The trickiest bit is framing the shot after an accurate polar alignment with Sharpcap, that’s were it becomes a bit of a lottery maybe?
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