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  1. First proper image in about 5 years so please be gentle with me Taken from my 3rd floor balcony ( in lockdown) using a Skywatcher Star Adventurer. Approx 55mins of 20/40/60/90 & 120s subs (69 in total) Canon EOS 60d (unmodded) and Samyang 135mm f2 stopped down to f2.8. processed in DSS & Photoshop CC
  2. 5 x 60s 10 x 120s 5 x 300s Darks for the same (around 17 or 18C) Tony
  3. Thanks :-) Here's the link to a Full Res version.. http://www.astrobin.com/full/55999/0/?mod=noneℜ= Tony
  4. A combination of 1, 2 and 5 minute subs. Maybe not as pushed as previously and the sky wasn't as dark but I think the stars were reasonably tight and didnt want to waste any opportunity. ED80 + FR + Canon eos450D Guided by ST80 + QHY5 using PHD Aligned and stacked in MaximDL Levels, Curves and high-pass in CS2 Noise filtering in NeatImage
  5. Love mine to bits, it constantly surprises me. I've had it for over a decade and still wouldnt part with it. Tony
  6. 'That's certainly the plan. Had to get started somewhere on this one, like M101, it's a work in progress:-) Tony
  7. Only 30 mins captured in 5 minute subs. Really hindered by light pollution from Ipswich (has got much worse over the last 3 years). Will have to try this properly (either somewhere else in the sky or with a CLS filter). Anyway, it was a first try with this target, so it's all good learning. ED80 (gold) + FR + EOS 450d (unmodded) on NEQ6 Capture using BackyardEOS V3 Guiding with PHD using ST80 + QHY5 Stacked in Maxim Curves in CS2 Noise Reduction using NeatImage Tony
  8. Another hour of lights and additional darks added last night before the fog. This brings it up to two hours in 5 min subs. ED80 (gold) + FR + Canon EOS 450d (unmodded) on NEQ6 Guiding by ST80 + QHY5 using PHD Minimal processing (levels and curves) in CS2 Noise reduction in NeatImage Tony Widefield for the feint and fuzzy neighbours. Crop from main image
  9. Really not happy with the quality of the linked Photobucket image :-( Sorry I bothered now. Tony
  10. Cropped from wider field captured last night 10 x 1m 5 x 2m + darks, flats & bias captured using BackyardEos, guiding by PHD ED80 + FR using Canon EOS450d on NEQ6 using EQMOD Tony
  11. The air was actually blue with my language at the beginning of the session when I came out to find that my mount was no longer tracking because of an issue with ports in PHD. I had to manually home everything, reconnect everything, recalibrate guiding, then start the captures from scratch!! Luckily, the sky was actually darker and clearer by then so I just went straight to the 5 minute subs and crossed my fingers Tony
  12. M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy. Captured last night over my roof at around midnight. 10 x 5min subs + darks, flats and bias. ED80 + FR + Canon EOS450d on NEQ6 Guiding by ST80 + QHY5 using PHD Capture using BackyardEOS Processed in MAXIMDL (just Levels/Curves stretch, a bit of saturation and noise reduction) Tony
  13. Grabbed the lights and darks on seperate nights as I needed to get up for work :-) About an hours worth of light in 2 and 3 minute subs. ED80 + EOS 450d unmodded on NEQ6 Captured using BackyardEOS Guiding with ST80 using PHD Aligned/Stacked in MaximDL Levels/Curves and a bit of high-pass in CS2 De-noise in NeatImage Cropped from wide-field for posting here. Tony
  14. Captured last night in the brief break between Moon and clouds. 10 x 120s 10 x 180s ED80 + EOS450d on NEQ6 Processed using DDP in Maxim, then a bit of curves and noise reduction. Tony
  15. Reprocessed version. Reduced the star field and tried to bring out the dust lanes. Tony
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