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  1. Limited to my light-polluted balcony with very limited field of view at the moment due to lockdown. This is one of the few targets available so I thought I'd have a stab with the Redcat 51 on Star Adventurer tracker. This is roughly 3 hours of lights in 120s subs using Optolong L-pro filter to mitigate car-park and Moon
  2. Reduced stars and played with tone a bit.
  3. Second attempt at processing in SHO pallet. This is more than 4.5hrs worth of capture, Hydrogen Alpha & Oxygen III image extracted via Astro Pixel Processor with a false Sulphur II channel extracted from mono. These were then combined and processed in Photoshop, using Selective Colour to pull out the Hubble colours. Samyang 135mm @ f2.8 ASA800 Canon EOS60d (stock) with l-enhance filter Skywatcher Staradventurer tracking mount with ZWO mini guidescope.
  4. First attempt at anything vaguely Hubble-like from an SLR. This is The Rosette Nebula in SHO. Processed in Astro Pixel Processor with a Ha and OIII extract and a false SII from mono. Not happy with the stars but will see if I can sort that next time. Canon EOS60d (unmodded) L-eNhance filter WO Redcat 51 Skywatcher Staradventurer
  5. Thank you, I’m really pleased with it’s performance with the l-eNhance filter.
  6. Reprocessed as RGBHOO in Astro Pixel Processor then finished off in Photoshop CC 20 x 180s and 3 x 300s with darks and bias (no flats). Canon EOS60d (unmodded) l-eNhance filter WO Redcat 51 Skywatcher Staradventurer
  7. Thanks! Yes, the l-enhance does a great job of pulling the Ha out, even with a stock camera like mine. This is actually tamed down a bit to merge with the unfiltered capture.
  8. Orion, Horsehead & Flame nebulae. A bit of fun over two nights:- One night capturing without filters One night using L-enhance for Ha and OIII 120 & 180s subs with calibration files. Registered against each other in Astro Pixel Processor then merged in Photoshop CC William Optics Redcat 51 Canon Eos 60d (stock) Skywatcher Staradventurer Zwo ASIair Pro controller
  9. The Rosette Nebula Had to fight the elements on a windy balcony for this one. Took me a while to find it too! 3 x 300s & 12 x 120s exposures (plus calibration files) Processed to extract Hydrogen alpha & Oxygen III using Astro Pixel Processor Finished in Photoshop. William Optics Redcat 51 lens Canon EOS 60d with L-enhance filter Skywatcher Staradventurer tracker
  10. Had another play and reregistered/merged the RGB & newly 'star-fixed' HOO image. Hopefully this is an improvement (just about squeezed the framing in)
  11. Ooh! That’s my afternoon sorted then Cheers! Tony
  12. Thanks Olly, I was a bit worried to be honest. The HOO capture was quite messy as the guiding was poor and stars were eggy. I’ve probably gone overboard with everything worrying about that. I’ll revisit the original and have a play. Better still, now I have the balance and guiding sorted, may have a go at the HOO again tonight. Am limited to my balcony at the moment so only have a specific window of time to capture in. Have sorted the balance issues though, so may have a go with 30s for the core and 120 for the outer. thanks
  13. M42 Orion Nebula & Running Man Nebula A merge of old RGB and New HOO images. Canon EOS 450d Canon EOS 60d l-enhance filter WO Redcat 51 Skywatcher Staradventurer ASIair Pro
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