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  1. Very nice! It looks almost 3D popping out of the paper!
  2. I managed to see 4-5 last night when I got a break from the clouds. I managed to get one at the edge of a photo while trying to shoot Pleiades on my dslr.
  3. It has been horrible weather the past few weeks with rain and clouds but I managed to get a small window to take some more Milky Way shots tonight. Thanks to the excellent suggestions from this forum I managed to get a pretty good pic. Nikon D3200, 18 frames stacked and processed in siril, f3.5, 10s exposure and iso 1600. by the time i wanted to try iso 800 the clouds came in.
  4. I was thinking of damp air when it is quite humid outside. Several items in my garage have mildew. I am expecting my 8” DOB soon and I have been reading about storage and having it good to go at outside temperature. Inside storage is not an issue for me but garage is also attractive.
  5. Don’t you worry about humidity in the garage during the colder months? I like the idea of garage storage.
  6. A beginner here as well (waiting for my 200 DOB to arrive) but stellarium is a good app to use. I also use nightsky on my iPad. They have been handy for some astrophotography.
  7. That’s an awesome picture! Fantastic work! I love the vibrant colours.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to look at the image and helpful suggestions. Once the skies clear a bit I will try your tips.
  9. Excellent suggestions from everybody and a lot of things to try. Thank you very much for supportive comments and feedback. I will post an updated attempt once the skies clear!
  10. I will try that. Thank you.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. Some others have suggested stacking. I have a Mac so i was planning to use siriL. I am attaching the RAW; thanks for taking the time to have a go at it. My sky is bortle 5. DSC_1058.NEF
  12. Hi Marv, thanks for the encouraging comment. Yes on a tripod. This particular shot was 20s at f3.5/iso3200 (i have been playing with iso mostly). My sky is bortle 5.
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