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  1. Congrats! It has eluded me the last few sessions so well done!
  2. I attempted to capture the Mars and Pleiades conjunction (1 day late due to clouds). I used a Nikon D3200 on a tripod, 50 frames stacked in Siril, iso 800, 18-55mm (@55mm), 5s exposure, some stretching in Gimp .
  3. I got an 8" Dob and it is great! I am under 4 bortle. I am into nebulas and it delivers extremely good viewing. Open clusters look great and so far the moon and mars have been great. I only had mine since December so looking forward to the summer for the jupiter and saturn. Have a look at the link john sent above, the viewing is similar to that post.
  4. Nice report! A lot of nice targets.
  5. Great report and glad you managed a quick viewing despite the clouds.
  6. Have a look at this link as well regarding how things will show: The link is pretty spot on, on how things will appear. Your mobile phone image is pretty good on M42. Make sure you observe after you have been in the dark for a good 30min or so. Moon will also washout many of the DSOs so a new moon will be better for them. Happy viewing!
  7. I am afraid not; I got a Sky-watcher Classic 200P Dob so not much room for turning.
  8. That's impressive! Very nice processing.
  9. @John and @Nik271 with my Dob I managed to see the star ENE for the first time last night just above the diffraction spike as in my sketch. I can regularly see the WSW star. Would the diffraction spikes from the spider vanes make it nearly impossible to see it? Is it worth keep going?
  10. Thank you for the suggestions Nik. I show your earlier post about the method you described and I tried it last night, or I thought i did since I was observing that ENE star assuming it was the one.As suggested, I will try the Rigel A/B just to get more familiarised on the separation I expect to see and then revisit it.
  11. Thanks for the advise. I will give it a try next time with Rigel A/B to get a sense of separation and revisit Sirius once I have a better understanding.
  12. Thanks, very helpful! So the star I saw at my E is not the one; I had not seen that one last time so it got me all excited. I did not realise that the separation is not that great and I spent time ignoring what was going on next to Sirius A.
  13. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, I think i may have seen the Pup tonight. I was out around 830 before the moon came up. It was the first night that Sirius did not look like disco lights. It seemed whiter with less colours around it. Using my 8mm BST on an 8" Dob I saw the bright Sirius A with a faint star coming in and out. I could see a faint 'dot' just above the diffraction line towards the East. I spent a good 30 min observing it and the tiny dot Pup was following Sirius as it was getting out of my view. In my excitement I ran back in the house to pick up a scrap piece of paper and mad
  14. Thanks for trying to take a look. My Gimp version complains that it cannot handle an 16-bit tiff but 8 should be ok but it converts it. Does this version work? orion-270221-2.tif
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