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  1. could you share some pics so we can see what you are working with? I have the SW130EQ2 and yes it should have 25 & 10mm eyepieces but buying used one may have already been missing. The 25mm isn't bad at all and the 10mm is quite usable but if you are going to have to go buy a replacement it'd be worth upgrading to a better one perhaps. Did it also come with a barlow lens, usually 2x on these?
  2. surely that's for lenses and not mirrors? I'd have thought the usual method of remove, wash in soapy water and rinse with distilled is all that's needed. OK it means taking the secondary out and recollimating afterwards but at least it won't harm the coatings.
  3. hi Harry I doubt that going from 114 to 130 aperture you'll perceive much difference to be honest. There will be some improvement but it'll be a little. If you really want to upgrade then a 150 would be a better step I think. I've a TAL-1 (110) and SW130 and there's not a lot between them image-wise, tho the TAL does punch above its weight. As Kat says, the mount will become more important as you step up, because of the weight of the OTA and the need to keep it more stable as well as its payload capability. For EQ mounts you can always add in a RA motor to allow it to follow objects once you've located them which can be handy.
  4. on your EQ2 it'll be the one that sticks out sideways, the other that lays alongside the tube is the DEC control. Once you get to the stage of being able to just turn the RA to track, you might want to consider hooking up the motor, as that'll track for you once you are on the target. Then you can relax and take the photo or enjoy the view or both, as well as show your son and not have to re-find the target Nice work on the photo's tho, Carole's tweaks to it make it look really good.
  5. you'd need to be careful on placement so the IR from a CCTV doesn't upset your imaging, even with an IR filter if the beam hits the lens it'll create a flare. Also consider the cheap CCTV tend to talk out to a server on the web that you connect to, they aren't the most secure things and you'll rarely (never even) see firmware updates to fix weaknesses.
  6. thanks Mark, yeah getting there. No idea what went wrong as I'm not that bad of a cook lol
  7. today arrived Manfrotto ball head from the bay and a TAL Lanthanum 2x barlow from one of our members here.
  8. haven't had a chance to test it properly so far other than q quick play when I took the pics, gave myself a touch of food poisoning so pretty out of action this past couple days I've a feeling it might reduce the FoV a little on the finder but the image is clear and sharp.
  9. ouch, hope you heal reasonably quickly and not in too much pain, take it easy for sure and be sure you're well before starting again on the heavy stuff.
  10. this arrived this evening, the bay via hermes, quite surprised they were out delivering on a bank holiday. A pentax angle finder 1:1 in original box and case. Figuring to adapt it for the polarscope on the EQ5 and to make the TAL finder into a right-angle one too without having to hack the finder and fit a diagonal. With that in mind a quick check with an eyecup off a scrap DCF type bino: and it fits, not ideal but will do for testing Need to figure something else for the polarscope and more secure for the finder, but nice and clear view through the combo so a nice cheap mod
  11. I don't, the older gear was more often 0.96-inch I believe tho some you could undo the ring on the end of the focus drawtube and fit an adaptor to use 1.25-inch. This may give some info off CN https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/392189-eikow/ and this old ad would indicate it's 0.96 too https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=93956
  12. I've not but looks like a typical 60-70's japanese scope and solid build. Couldn't make out the makers mark in the info label but I've seen the larger aperture ones go for £60-80 on the bay when I've been hoping to get one (failed so far). Does it come in a wood carry-box as well, along with all the accessories? edit: Ah found it - circle-Y Criterion but the upside-down Y is Eikow. So none the wiser in terms of quality but was sold under other names it seems.
  13. over here in Kent it's been all cloud most of the day, still is...
  14. some even quite the lens area in sq-mm as the size, all a trick to con folk into believing they are mega-good when they are just cheap junk
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