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  1. ahh hence my comment about being enough clearance. I either buy lenses that pass or block IR according to use case, in the past from Treeye on Ali for example, or if I need to add IRcut later to a spare lens I want to try I've glued one of these on the back end of the M12 lens if a switchable IRcut lens mount isn't usable. 5x 9.5mm Optical UV-IR Cut Blocking Filter for Camera astronomy Lens | eBay Of course for that the lens would need a recess in the body where the filter can be fitted so there's no extra protrusion if the lens to sensor gap is very tight. Like this one Fo
  2. wow! Great capture there @happy-kat, here it was all cloud and mist so not been a chance of seeing anything much at all for ages. Are you using an IRcut filter on the camera/lens at all? If needs be you can get a small glass one to fit on the camera side of the lens (assuming here that its an M12 one and there's enough clearance there) which will improve the colour when there's some natural light. Probably not possible to use a switchable one unless the camera would lend itself to swapping the lens mount and you'd then need to be able to send the switch pulse in order to flip the filter i
  3. I see Reolink do a Go that has SIM and also a solar option. No experience of them however so can't recommend on that basis. Annke and others like Hikvision and Dahua do outdoor dome type cameras that are LAN usually and some PoE. The better design are this type Less issues with webs etc than the ones where the IR lights are spread around the camera, tho totally separate are much better if placed a couple feet to the side, tho you can't do SmartIR that way unless you can also do some internal mods to achieve that.
  4. would it have a mains to 12v PSU at all? A lot of the small CCTV units will draw 300-700mA especially if they have IR illumination, WiFi and any motion sensing/alerting. I have a few small cube type cameras attached to my CCTV but they are driven by 12v PSU and in some cases have separate IR floods. These are very good and can be flashed with Hikvision firmware if you need, smart IR so give good image and don't overexpose the face ANNKE I61DR HD IP Camera, White/Black: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools No SIM option however but does have WiFi and can accept a micro-SD to record
  5. you could use a passive splitter and then hang a 5v PSU at the local end, using the splitter to take the power off the LAN cable to a regular plug. HSeaMall 1 Pair Passive Power over Ethernet RJ45 PoE: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics I use this type for my CCTV cameras since I don't run PoE switches and on a couple I also have an IR illuminator doubled off the same link, there's a few suppliers and they work fine. A smidge of dielectric grease on the LAN connection helps it resist moisture issues. You would have to consider volt-drop if running a long LAN cable tho.
  6. Ouch that's not good at all and easily done when rushing about. It's a shame they don't engineer in some sort of loading/feedback control so that it stops the motor to prevent damage, much as they've had to fit to electric car windows to prevent injury. It can't be beyond the ability of the designers, more down to cutting costs and profit margins I expect.
  7. Hi and welcome Barry. This thread should help Spc900Nc Webcam In Windows 10? - Discussions - Cameras - Stargazers Lounge You will probably find that the w10 camera app will just show a black screen or not report it as a camera, but SharpCap will pick it up fine and show an image.
  8. What are you planning to drive with those Mark, the rudder on a large-scale model of the titanic?
  9. That's a bargain price, I have a similar one that cost around double and was sold as a car jump start pack, works great for the EQ5-SynScan tho I added a 12v buck converter between it and the mount just in case. Mine gives a no-load output of 16-ish volts and I didn't want to risk blowing the mount up.
  10. funnily enough I do have a few flat ethernet cables in use here and they're holding up just fine with CCTV cameras hanging off them and power running via passive splitters. There was a reason for doing that tho - its easier to pass the cable round a uPVC closing section where regular cable wouldn't work, saves the need to drill holes where I'm not allowed to I did pull up an installer where I used to work tho when they ran flat supposedly cat6 cable as well as poorer CCA round cable. Didn't make any difference tho as the buildings dept just told them to carry on. Get a cheap contractor
  11. I still have a can of freon tho there was not much left in that last time I looked which was several years ago. Was great for cleaning tape heads but of course you can't get that stuff at all anymore.
  12. I'd agree regarding the mount, you'd probably find that it just about handles the 130 it came with, anything bigger/heavier and even if you could get it on there the tripod/mount would struggle. Regarding using the starsense app on another scope, this thread may help, there's a few of us who've done it Starsense Explorer Stand Alone Conversion - Discussions - Mounts - Stargazers Lounge
  13. I found those on the bay Dave but wasn't looking for that nut as it wouldn't be a lot of use in the TAL-M clutch assembly.
  14. You could try Servisol contact cleaner and then once dried out apply some dielectric grease that will prevent moisture getting into the contact area and leading to corrosion. I use this for the LAN, UNC and power connections to my CCTV cameras to good effect and the outdoor ones have been running for a couple years with no issues.
  15. The problem will be to find a reducer that has a long enough thread to work in this situation. I posted earlier with M8/M6 threaded rod and a coupler that would allow it to be screwed onto an M8 rod. I'd see if I could get the original handle threaded to M8 and then those 2 parts would fot on the end and do what's needed I believe. Do you have any machining shops around you at all? If not then getting a tap & die set may be an alternative, I seem to use mine quite a bit since I started fettling Binos, scopes and now camera lenses.
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