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  1. Gif is always a problem, I prefer AVI but Astrobin does not support this format. Gif loses resolution and creates artifacts that do not really exist. Even so, it's more than a static image.
  2. An animation from April 15, 2019 between 08:09 AM to 08:31 UT. Many noticeable details highlighting the GNV and Oval BA.
  3. But unfortunately it did not have sufficient qualities to be selected in the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019.
  4. We're still at the beginning of the season! Yesterday I got another good result:
  5. Damian is Damian, still number 1! He and Chris Goo have always been my point of reference.
  6. Let there be another IODT that has lost the account anyway: https://www.astrobin.com/399358/C/#c331196
  7. A work produced at 3 hands and published shortly in the challenge of Eta Carinae in Binocular and Telescope by Dylan, the same one that gave the speech in the NEAF, it is worth to follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/bintelshop/videos/387365715181157/ Reproducing the words of Dylan O'Donnell: This mind-bending animation of Eta-car and the expansion of the gases that form the Homunculus was sent to us by Avani Soares who saw Dylan O'Donnell's talk at NEAF and took a third current image to create a small animation that spans 4 years - 2015-2019! Credit also to William Giotto and Rafael Compassi who participated in the work. This is taken with a Celestron 14" telescope and ZWO ASI 224MC (2017) and ZWO ASI 290MC (2019) from Brazil. The 2015 image is from William Giotto. The homunculus nebula is thought to only have 10 years worth of puff left in it before it disappears from view. Hopefully this inspires some of your for our Carina Challenge which ends May 1st!
  8. First photo of good quality this season, entitled to almost everything that is expected in a reasonable Saturn, equatorial bands, very distinct, Ring of Crepe and mainly hexagon perfectly outlined with the very distinguished eye in its center.
  9. I wholeheartedly welcome all the comments! Yes, today the planets are very favorable for us in the southern hemisphere, but logically that alone is not enough for a good image. Proper setup is essential, correct capture and accurate processing are also key and finally lots of persistence to get up every day at 4am in the morning to get the images.
  10. I already changed the dates on AstroBin that were wrong!
  11. Two posts at a time so you can catch your catch.
  12. LOL, já arrumei no Astrobin!
  13. This may seem like a simple picture, but in fact, besides counting on luck, it had to be very well planned. Planned to catch the precise moment the HD 168233, of magnitude +9.25, was exactly between the ring of Saturn and the globe of the planet. A little before, or shortly after, she would be covered up. . . To count on luck, so that the atmospheric conditions would allow the capture at the exact moment. . . The truth is, luck always provides persistence, and persistence can bring us unusual results. Another photo that had been saved for the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 that deserves to be published!
  14. There was one mistake of mine! The date has been corrected in astrobin.
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