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  1. Mars is gradually positioning itself favorably for photos, you can see several regions that can be bought with the projection of Virtual Planet Atlas. Color photo processing done to highlight the clouds present on the planet! https://www.astrobin.com/t7gfx8/
  2. Wilhelm Lohrmann 1824 Sinus Medii original chart and the February 1, 2020 register by the Brazilian selenographer Avaní Soares! A nice comparison between early XIX century well drawn lunar features and details by Lohrmann and 200 years later, the expertise of Avaní and his incredible hi-res images! This clearly shows the importance of lunar visual observation and sketching and high-resolution lunar photography!!! An important point to observe on 1824 Lohrmann's charts are the gradual albedo markings, one of the interesting innovations at the time and certainly not an easy thing to accomplish, to properly measure and translate into a beautiful done engraving! Some interesting features, in the 200 years old Lohrmann chart, are absent. For example, the Rimae Triesnecker structure on the left side of crater. Although some albedo difference was noted by Lohrmann that vaguely follow this rimae path. Certainly, other craters and details are missing. Why? Well, that is the fascinating aspect of comparing a 200-year-old chart with an actual hi-res photography! Perhaps the original Lohman’s telescope aperture was not enough to observe some details, perhaps he has not the visual acuity to observe them or the Sun inclination was not the best at the moment of the observations... Anyway, it’s amazing what a 200-year-old chart reveal! Text and editing: Andrés de La Plaza https://www.astrobin.com/full/s7ixwk/0/?real=&mod=
  3. Excellent image Lucas! I also have a photo similar to that friend Ruud, but it was made from the assembly of one of mine, LOL.
  4. I appreciate all comments! In fact the C14 is unbeatable due to the opening Geof friend. The C9.25 is considered to be optically speaking the best of the SCT, but against the brute force of 14 "not what to do. I am using the C9.25 because I am on vacation on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, at home I only use the C14, even due to the ease of having everything ready for use. I spent many years behind a teleport with good portability, I believe that now I found the best compromise between openness and practicality.
  5. With good seeing everything is possible. Even with low planet and high humidity many details can be visible if the atmosphere is calm. In this photo of Mars we can see several formations that can be compared with the central photo obtained in Virtual Planet Atlas. There are two cloud formations, one over Chryse Planitia and the other over Isidis Planitia. However, what draws the most attention is Hellas Planitia located to the south that many may think is the South Pole in visual observation. A photo that I really liked for a distance of 2 AU and only 4.7 "of arc. https://www.astrobin.com/full/q4q5qq/0/?nc=user
  6. Spending hours capturing, then a few more hours to process, when it's almost over to find out that a few pieces were missing due to misalignment, is what I call a real crime.179 Mb mosaic from 36 frames, stacking 185 frames per movie from a total of 1200 frames in each movie.AS! 2 + Irtan + iMerge ProcessingImage reduced to 5000 X 5000 pixel.Despite this novice mistake, I chose to post the image and thus make it clear to my colleagues that we must be very careful not to lose a few dozen hours of work.
  7. God hear you friend Reggie! Note that the capture was made with C9,25!
  8. Hello friend Ruud! Luckily I wasn't in the car, professional appointments kept me from going. My friends were going to a star party. One only suffered scratches, 2 were hospitalized for 15 days, injured badly and the driver of the other car that caused the accident unfortunately died on the spot. Life has ups and downs, it can always surprise us on the way.
  9. LOL, I usually cry on my stomach as they say in Brazil!
  10. Median seeing conditions and high humidity, which stole Long Pass filter resolution. Stacking 2555 frames out of a total of 10,000. https://www.astrobin.com/2zopgm/
  11. Thanks my friend!
  12. Dear Avani, Your image of Clavius and Moretus has been selected for an AAPOD2. https://www.aapod2.com/blog/clavius-and-moretus?fbclid=IwAR0FS3-DMqGSpFC9vW02EzqKU8MRDn--JFzjRwxIo4fvsuf9Xcng5E8FwyU As an AAPOD2 winner you will be eligible for our free monthly prize. Winners will be announced on the first of the following month.
  13. Hello! Uranus is actually better located for northern hemisphere observers. I'm 30º South and for me it gets quite low. I think it must be almost over your head!
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