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  1. Lovely image,i had the scope on this last week for over three hours......or so i thought,when i got up around 4 for some reason every thing had closed down on the laptop after less than an hour.
  2. Panic over.....i took the dual speed housing off and under the casing there are 4 small screws,they were slightly loose so i tightened them and perfection,draw tube is now great with no movement what so ever.
  3. I only noticed it when the dslr was at this angle.
  4. Hello all,i bought this focuser used,they are regarded as good quality with little or no image shift,which i can say is right,but i have just noticed a fair bit of play at the side of the draw tube from left to right,is this normal..i will try and attach a video to help. Thanks Paul. VID_20201018_132217.3gp
  5. Got a bit of clear skies last night,seeing again wasn't the best,so tried a bit of an experiment as seeing is said to be worse when using larger scopes......first is 80mm ed,2x barlow ...second 9.25 @ f10.......third 9.25 @ f20.
  6. Think your right,just wasn't sure,thank you.
  7. Hi all, could any one tell me what these grub screws are for, I have tried online searches but can't find any info. Sorry for bad pic. Didnt know where i should post this,so mods please remove if in wrong section. Paul
  8. Nice one......Olympus Mons there as well.
  9. Surely its not right.....the photos are the same as the 2015 pics.
  10. http://www.nightskies.net/mars/mars.html#
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