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  1. Meade metal dew shield 12" sct. Metal dew shield in reasonable used condition,a must for any sct. Paypal gift or add fees please. £ 100
  2. Counter weight system for 12" sct Counter weight system for 12" sct reasonable used condition. Paypal gift or add fees please. £40
  3. ADM mine dovetail rings and bar for 12" sct Hello i have these up for sale,in excellent used condition. Cracking bit of kit. £ 130 Paypal gift or add fees please. Paul
  4. Listen,here is what you do........leave the goodies with me for a while,and i will look after them till the time is right....
  5. Hello all,i am looking one of these mounts complete,let me know if any one wants to sell with price please. Paul
  6. Hello all,after just selling my Meade lx 200 12", I am thinking of investing in this set up,what would opinions be or what other set ups would one recommend. Paul
  7. Hello,thinking of a change in direction, i have this scope for sale. In very good condition and in full working order,and very accurate goto .Giving the right conditions this is an amazing planetary and lunar scope and excellent on DSO,s It is mounted on a rock solid RCX Tripod,complete with Meade solid dew shield. Also i am willing to sell the mount and tripod only,without ota. I wouldnt post the scope,but may post mount and tripod if buyer arranges courier. Asking £ 1500.
  8. Hello all,looking a bit of advice here,i am thinking of selling my LX 200 12" and replacing it with an EQ6 and maybe a C 9.25. I am mainly thinking of going down the AP route,hence this set up. I have a C80ed which would be good on an EQ mount and a 12" newt that may be able to use on the mount for visual only....... Also i dont really know what price the Meade should sell for as i hav'nt seen many come up for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  9. There was a very recent launch from Cape Canaveral that was visible over our skies,and it had a visible thruster,if you know what I mean... as it was moving,some one had a video of it on the forum,but I couldn't find it.
  10. From my house i can only just see Saturn when in comes between the gables of two houses,for app 8 mins,so grabed this first chance to have a go at it. Nothing spectacular,just a very quick image to say i finally seen it really.
  11. Sorry that should have read "couldn't see".
  12. If its any consolation i could see it with my 12" two nights ago ,it really needs a dark site,and a dark sky,better when the darker nights come back in.
  13. This is British summer time from now on in there is no real darkness........i was out observing the oyher night and by 2.00 am it was starting to brighten up again.
  14. There is nice viewing here tonight,but unfortunately for me a full half of the scope is blocked by the obsy this image.