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paul mc c

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  1. paul mc c


    Taxi for whipdry......lol
  2. paul mc c


    Afraid so.........lol
  3. paul mc c


    Only it is 2 degrees out from my location,id have been all over it....
  4. paul mc c


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Outdoor-astronomy-concrete-telescope-mount/183638778808?hash=item2ac1b963b8:g:P5EAAOSw-MRbqzig Surely not.
  5. Meade 4000 Japan 2" diagional in great used condition,little dust on mirror but nothing to worry about.Very solid and well made piece of kit.£32 posted uk. Paypal gift or add fees please. Will adds pic soon.
  6. paul mc c

    Some people...

    That actually reminded me of a 12mm t2 Nagler that i put up for sale here at a very good price of under £ 100,expecting the buyer would have love the eyepiece as i had,only to find it up for sale 2 days later at double the price from a well known dealer who advertises on abs,s main page.Business is business,but i felt cheated that it wasnt a fellow observer bought it.
  7. paul mc c

    Some people...

    I think its all about, one good jesture deserves another,but i see your piont.
  8. paul mc c

    Some people...

    There are 2 type of people....ones like your self....and then there are muppets.
  9. paul mc c


    ....As above,just out of focus.
  10. What are you....a man or a mouse....lol,some of my happiest times was licking tripods.
  11. There shouldnt be any reason why,the only problem is if your scope runs of batterys the cold can mess them about,what set up do you have.
  12. paul mc c

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Right....so sounds like a modded and a filter to go along with it.....what filter?
  13. paul mc c

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Yea i know,i have an unmoded one,but wasnt sure if a filter would basicaly make it into a moded one ,so to speak.
  14. paul mc c

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Right,see i dont really understand the way it works,so one way or the other i will need to get more than one item.
  15. paul mc c

    Moded dslr or filter...?

    Hello,just looking opinions here,would you go for a moded canon or get a clip in filter.I use my 1100d for a bit of astro and also for day use so wouldnt want to get it moded. My sky has a fair bit of light polution and am still not sure if AP on dso's is still for me,should i get a cheap moded canon or a filter for the camera i have,and if the latter what would be recomended. Thanks in advance.

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