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  1. Taken with a c80 ED and 2x barlow.
  2. Average seeing with 12" sct.
  3. Taken with 12" sct and ZWO 120mc.
  4. At last a bit of good seeing,although it could have been a lot better. c80 ED 2x barlow and ZWO 120mc.
  5. my offering.
  6. I dont know if your scope is suitable,but you can use Stelarium to control your scope.
  7. Last nights Jupiter,seeing was terrible,but with the weather being so bad i was happy to get anything. 12" SCT ZWO 120 mc.
  8. If it was from the quoted dealer,stay away imo,offered me £275 for a mint Meade lx200 8",yet they had a poorer model on thier site for £899 ,i would sell it private.
  9. Yep...dangerous all right,coming out of the garage carrying with two hands, my case of eyepieces,camera and other goodies..with out the lid closed i have a routine that i can litterally do with my eyes closed,to reach my observing spot at the back of the garden which was the case one night, only i did'nt count on the wife leaving a round plant pot...ON ITS SIDE.. exactly where i step up onto a raised garden......literally spun 360 degrees and landed on my back,winded gasping for air,with contents landing on my face,all at 2.00 am on a Feb night. Must check what the other half has me insured for..
  10. Quick update....finally finished the observatory,and all working nicely.Still to do the final cosmetic things like painting and sealing the corners ect,there has been so much rain here that i cant get doing this as i need the wood to dry out completely. The double castors are working a treat,although the roof is still heavy,i will put a pully system in later that will make the roof easier to move,although it is not a problem,but will make life easier.
  11. Nice one,think you have Mars there also.
  12. Yesterday i got the rails put together for the roof to roll on to,i under estimated the wieght of the roof so really had to double up on the runners,and also had to order more castors,these will be put side by side,so 10 on each side.
  13. Looks like a great can down load it free here
  14. All to familiar feeling......thats why i decieded to build an observatory,that i am in the middle of now, just by pulling the roof back, i have every thing set up and ready to go.
  15. Got another bit of work done,cladded the walls which has made the whole structure very solid,from i started the build it has rained almost every day,managed to catch a cold,so really slowed up the process,but its getting there. The roof will be next in line,hopefully tomorrow.