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  1. Win 7 home premium 32 bit.

    Hello,i am after this to upgrade an old laptop,if any one has one they dont need with disc and key let me know price please. Paul
  2. HELP NEEDED.........

    I have a laptop that runs Vista,can i upgrade this to win7 if i buy a disk.
  3. HELP NEEDED.........

    So will win 7 support all my gear....
  4. HELP NEEDED.........

    Feel like binning my gear......and i have only got it.I have just acquired a QHY 5 in the hope of doing a bit of guiding ap,i have downloaded phd and the drivers for the guide cam. When i try to connect the camera i get the message "camera not found",also it isnt on the list of cameras on phd. I have windows 8,and after searching everything i found that the QHY 5 isnt supported by win 8. I have an old laptop with Vesta which i tried out of curiosity and it recognised the cam,but phd crashes. What are my options,do i get another computer,or guide camera or just forget about the stress of AP.....any help would be greatly appreciated...please bear in mind my 3 year old grandson probably has more knowledge of computers and teck stuff than me... Paul
  5. Painting inside of a fibreglass observatory?

    You can use an ordinary oil based paint,it won't harm anything,personally I would use a pliolite based masonry paint,its oil based and won't flake as easy,painting is my trade. Paul
  6. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    Decided to go with the the whole set up,your right,the less complicated the better,now to work out how to work it all...lol
  7. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    So do you think I should get the 50mm +qhy5 or just get the cable and use what I already have...it is the first version mono.
  8. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    Hello again,i have been offered a complete auto guiding set up of 50mm finder/QHY5,now if i get this will that do my job for guiding,using the ZWO and c80,or shound i go for the former......sorry for the questions. Paul

    Last try before i buy new......
  10. NEQ6 pro pier adaptor..NOW FOUND..


    Hello all,looking one of these to try my hand at guiding,in case any one has one they are not using. Thanks Paul
  12. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    Sorry....the lead that you said to get where is that used,trying to get my head round this...lol
  13. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    Sorry for the dumbness.....this lead connects to the computer via usb and where.......
  14. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    Ok,that sounds good,at this moment all i have is what is in my first post,i was considering a stand alone guider,but wanted to use what i already have,so all i will need to do is download the necessary soft ware,the lead to connect the guide cam to the mount and spacers if needed and that is all.
  15. Help with autoguiding set up please...

    So would the 120mc be ok as a guide cam