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  1. Hi,i have just bought a used Celestron 6.3 reducer and on holding it up to the light have noticed a hazy halo round the outside of the lens,it looks like it is inside and probably about 25% from edge,you cant see it away from the light,is this a problem,i didnt notice this on the last one i owned. Paul
  2. Got this a couple of nights ago,total of 3 hours lights ,20 bias,20 flats and processed in gimp......poorly,but happy for my non ability to process. c80ed and modded 450d.
  3. I have loads of wow moments....but i will always remember my first real one, was probably when i was around 11 when i was bought a little 50mm Tasco telescope for christmas,now at that age i would hunt the house before christmas looking for my presents when i found the scope,it was a windy night with clouds flying past, and a moon out,so in a rush in case i was caught, i pointed it at the moon,out the bedroom window and saw craters on the moon for the first time.....that was it for me,over 40 years later the thrill is still there for this hobby.
  4. Now to inc uk postage.....
  5. Hi i have a Skywatcher 9x50 finder and bracket complete with adapter to turn it into a guide scope with great results. In excellent used condition. Asking £ 50,paypal gift please.
  6. Hi.if you think of splitting i may be interested in the 6.3 reducer.good luck with the sale.


  7. Cracking night here tonight,very transparant,have the obsy open taking 300 sec subs of m33,40 will bring me up to 2.00 just before the dreaded meridian flip....if clouds stay away of course.
  8. Nice one....a proper obsy,maybe one day i will have one.
  9. Thats the view you have described John....in the middle of the triangle of stars.
  10. Do i need to have the mount connected to do this and do i need internet...as i dont have internet in the obsy
  11. Hello all,after a windows 10 update,i now cant connect my mount in CdC,when i try to connect i get a messsage on the eqmod page saying connect error....Port Not Available,what do i need to do now please.
  12. You seem to have posted black print on a black background so can't read your post.
  13. If you are going to be using the 10" you will need a substantial mount,at least a NEQ6, and that would be pushing it for AP. Used mount...£ 650. Used dslr.....£ 170. Used guide scope....£ 80. Leads and bits and pieces...£ 50. And that is just the basic things IMO.
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