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  1. Hope your right...though when i googled images of the galaxy,there seems to be a foreground star just where your image shows.
  2. Even try all your cables just incase something is loose.
  3. Also when you click connect in cdc, when window comes up does it say POTH at top of window,it is a simple thing thats wrong,i had the same thing happen and it was a simple thing i had'nt clicked,but i cant remember what exactly i done.
  4. This may sound silly,but i have done it....is mount on ok,and have you connected mount in ascom.
  5. Do you have the correct com port selected in ascom set up.
  6. When you say nothing happens...do you mean the mount does,nt move.
  7. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi224mc-usb-3-colour-camera.html Another option and highly regarded,though these are excellent for lunar and planetary,but not as good for deep sky,though capable of it.
  8. Japan Meade 13.8mm swa eyepiece,in excellent used condition with caps and bolt case.Paypal gift please,or add fees.Inc uk postage. £ 43.
  9. Cracking image.......could you tell me what did you use for processing.
  10. Taken with the heritage 100 mini dob,just for fun.
  11. paul mc c


    You will be forgiven.......in time,nice one wish you luck with that.
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