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  1. 6mm EPs: TV Radian, S/W Planetary Compared

    I used to have a 7mm TS planetary, and the view of Saturn was the best i have ever had with all my eyepieces.....although i dont have any TV.
  2. Are your own co-ordinates correct on the hand set.
  3. Tips for a beginner with an SCT

    Never a truer word spoke....
  4. Tips for a beginner with an SCT

    again i am only a beginner,and have very little knowledge in AP,but for planetary images get a planetary cam,i have a ZWO 120mc and have had some very good images.
  5. Tips for a beginner with an SCT

    Canon 1100d non modded,non guided.
  6. Tips for a beginner with an SCT

    I am fairly new to AP,and these were taken with an SCT,and all basic processing,so im sure you can get similar results.
  7. Recommendations...

    Give Uranus and Neptune a go,not spectacular but still good to look at their tiny discs and colour.
  8. New to Dob - sticking mount

    That washer is under the centre locking nut on mine.
  9. New to Dob - sticking mount

    Just checked there,yes i have a gap,infact i dont have a washer there,the three pads take all the weight.
  10. New to Dob - sticking mount

    I have the same mount,i give mine a clean with warm soapy water,dry it well and then apply some Turtle wax,and polish off when ever needed and works great. Paul
  11. ADM mini dovetail bar for c9.25.

    Hello,i am after one of these,condition not important,if any one has one for sale let me know price please. Paul
  12. viewing buddy

    http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Details.aspx?ClubId=307 Not from your part of the world,but is this near your area.
  13. These were taken with said camera and 80mm scope 2x barlow.
  14. Strange occurance with the Moon

    That is called "earth shine",it is the light reflected from earth onto the dark of the moon.