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  1. Moving pier....any advice please.

    I am throwing out this idea to solve my dilema,i hate the thought of digging the pier up and moving it,and want to keep the cost down,i was thinking could i attached a concrete section,with 4 threaded rods through the concrete and extended beyond the bottom and then bolting this section to the existing pier plate. The new concrete piece would probably be around 24" in length,and same width as the pier,could this work.
  2. Santa's come early

    Do you know Santa personally............of have you something on him that you black mailed him..
  3. Moving pier....any advice please.

    See what you are saying Jim,yes i will roughen up the edge for good contact,i was planing to drill around the pier first and hopefully that will make it easier to break up. Yes i will hopefully try and get it done soon if i can get the time,i dont really have to worry about the weather as i can work inside the observatory.
  4. Moving pier....any advice please.

    Thank you Jim,thats what i was hoping to hear,when you say "bonded" do you mean with primer such an Unibond.
  5. Hello all,i have built an observatory which houses a permanent pier.Origionally every thing was built with a Meade lx 200 12" sct in mind,but i have replaced this set up with an NEQ6 Pro and 9.25. My problem now is because the latter set up is far lower than the Meade i now have walls that are to high,restricting my view greatly. I have raised the top plate to a point that there is vibrations now,so my only option is to move the pier. Now the pier is set in concrete about 18" below the surface so and the pier has a plate attached to the bottom. I will have to dig the pier out and here is my worry,when i break into the concrete, there will obviously be a hole in the footing,if i fill this in and extend the concrete by maybe 18",would this be ok to now bolt the pier into the old and new concrete......hope this makes sence. I have attached pic of origional to help....also i will have to move the pier towards the wall in second pic. Paul
  6. Still looking please,or if any one has a pair of Vixen clamps they want to sell on. Paul
  7. Horsehead Nebula B33 - H-alpha DSLR

    Cracking images........i strive for this someday.
  8. Whats going on here....

    Thank you,unfortunately i am like a dog with a bone....have no hair on my head to pull out, but i will keep at it and hopefully get the images the likes of your self can achieve. Paul
  9. Whats going on here....

    Thanks all,really appreciate the help,I only used lights,but know I have to use darks ect,but didn't want to do all until I knew what was happening,I was using a 1200d and only DSS and 2 min sub's as I am having problems with good guiding......its all very frustrating,but I know it is a very steep learning curve.
  10. Whats going on here....

    Just down loaded,looks complicated........will give it a go thanks.
  11. Whats going on here....

    Just DSS.
  12. Whats going on here....

    Dam.....how do your men do that...its all basic stuff I am using,thanks.