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  1. 12" sct and zwo 120mc. Some steady seeing at times,but the rest the usual......
  2. What type of scope would you be using.
  3. Fair seeing tonight with 12" sct and zwo 120mc.
  4. What about this.
  5. I have seemed to have this sorted,i made a small adjustment to the com pots on the Dec block and the issue has now gone,a big relief as i thought it was something more serious. Thanks all for the help guys,it was greatly appreciated.
  6. Sounds like a focus issue,you may need an extension tube on the scope to gain focus.
  7. Jupiter tonight in good seeing at last. 12" sct and zwo 120mc
  8. Hi Peter,the scope doesnt have a belt,just gears and motors.
  9. Just picked up a meter....sorry for the you mean the cable that runs to the Dec motor or the handset,and is the scope switched off.
  10. Thanks mate,there was no message on the hand set when it began......when you say continuity tests,how ?
  11. Hi,it is powered bt the origional 18v mains power supply,there is no slippage in the clutches and it is a 12" Meade lx 200 classic.
  12. Hello all,i went out to use the Meade 12" and the scope has developed a problem..... I have had a look at the Dec motor block and gears,its a strange one,when i turn the manual nod the gear movements are smooth in both south and north,now when i turn the power on and use the hand controler the south movement is laboured,especially in the slower slew speeds and there is a definate shuddering,it seems to be mechenical in the gear region or motor rather than electronical. When the scope is aligned and tracking there is a "jerking"in Dec movement that occurs and at regular intervals maybe every 8 seconds or so,and i can actually see the gears "jerk"which i can obviously see at the eyepiece when viewing. Any help please would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul
  13. Last nights offerings,seeing still very varied,but mostly not very good with just the odd steady seconds.
  14. Taken with a c80 ED and 2x barlow.
  15. Average seeing with 12" sct.