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  1. Its a basic Barlow,have no experience with it,but you dont need a thread for the camera,the camera goes straight into any 1 1 1/4 barlow or any of this size fitting.The camera is an excellent planetary camera,you will enjoy it.
  2. Yes you could use the diagional,but there is no need to.A barlow will give you more magnification but sometimes not s clear an image.These images of Mars are with and with out a barlow,the moon is no barlow.Same scope and camera as you.
  3. Hi Andy, use the 1.25 adapter with the same size adapter on your click lock, and your good to go, and don't worry about distances, it all just works.
  4. You wouldn't use the eyepiece with the camera,just use the camera with the scope for a native f10,or use a 2x Barlow giving you f20 if conditions allow.
  5. Yip......a few of your own results would be good,I'm intrigued to see.
  6. Have the 12.5 BGO........hope you have thought hard about this....
  7. Scope would be 80ed and deep sky,I know the larger nebula would be sacrificed with the small sensor, so smaller nebula and galaxy's probably.
  8. Yes the colour, how would it be as an upgrade from a modded dslr as first dedicated camera.
  9. Has any one any links to this camera,i cant seem to find much on it,or if any one has any experiance using it would be good. Thanks Paul
  10. Nothing spectacular, just over 90 mins,with bias and flats,but first chance to get out in a long time. c80ed and 450d.
  11. Sickning...................hopefully his insurance will cover it.
  12. Nice......beats my Bortle 7 and getting worse
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