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  1. I work three days a week and leave home at 3am. Its unbelievable the number of people out riding bicycles or just walking about. Most for some reason choose dark clothing and sweat shirts with hoods!
  2. They said on the national news a few minutes ago the crew had to hurry back into their suits because of a piece of space junk passing at 28 miles. Still haven't said anything about the "anomaly" Stu and I saw during the second stage burn!
  3. I've seen some very incredible "grazers" that just get into the atmosphere to make a bright dot traveling across the sky. No tail or color and lasting much longer than what you expect.
  4. Is it just me, or are all astronomers/spacenuts really kids in their heart and mind, regardless of their body's age!
  5. I thought I was the only one who noticed that, from now on we'll call it an anomaly! The launch was amazing in our early morning sky. Have to download the camera now, but here's our Florida version of the Aurora. A few minutes after the launch.
  6. Nothing to be sorry about. Semiretired here only work 3 days a week. I love to tinker and "try" to build things!
  7. Am I correct thinking the movable roller is mounted on the one C clamp to make it adjustable? That's bloody genius thinking!
  8. That is an area I really enjoy looking at. I can only image how it would have had to look gazing out the lunar lander's window as they grew closer to landing!
  9. Very nice Lunar image! Well done on the X and V!
  10. The two beauties clear the tree tops at my place only 30 minutes before the Sun begins to light up the Eastern horizon putting an end to my viewing. I was able to view Jupiter and Saturn this morning till the fog messed up the air. Even with fog building I could make out decent banding on Jupiter. Three moons were spread out to one side, one on the other side. With averted vision I could just see the Cassini division on Saturn. Two of it's moons were very faint some distance from the planet. By the time the Sun ruined viewing, Saturn was about 40° above the horizon. Jupiter even less. To view the Mercury transit, I cut down a tree! These that block my view are safe from that fate!
  11. Right now Mars is tough! I would be happy with that. For me that's the big thing with this adventure. To be content with what I can achieve and hope to do better.
  12. I cant really join the argument between visual and imaging about the differences between the HST and what ever replaces it. With what it has given us I think of it along the lines of an old friend. Though we know their final day will come, we hope it never does!
  13. Saw an article on FB saying it will pass by April 12th closer than the geostationary satellites. Anyone seen anything on it? Somewhere around 19,000 miles but no chance of it hitting us.
  14. Wonderful Lunar images! It is unbelievable that we took that beating too. The Moon is something to look at in awe!
  15. Excellent image! If you get any closer, you'll have lunar dust on the lens!
  16. Wonderful image! It never fails to just amaze me at the number of distant galaxies you can see scattered around the images like this.
  17. Oh that's good! I do enjoy my spaghetti westerns! This could spin off, like a spiral galaxy, into a thread in the lounge for Clint quotes!
  18. I've read quite a bit on the Shuttle and those boosters. The internal passage up through the solid fuel is shaped like a toothed gear, the fingers pointing inward to give more burning surface when it is ignited. A 135' flame is shot into each booster to ignite it. The extra surface from the shape gives it so much extra power for a brief moment that it immediately lifts everything 6 inches and starts it all moving. I always joked with SWMBO that if my only chance to ride the Shuttle was to ride sitting on the wing, I just might do it!
  19. I do regret the terrible mistakes humans had a big part of, and know that it did turn out to be way to costly to feasibly operate, but I'm glad we built such an incredible piece of equipment. Where I live I'm at least 150 miles as the crow flies from the cape. The few times I got out in the yard to watch a night launch, the instant those boosters ignited it looked like sunrise there!
  20. That is really amazing! Thanks!
  21. The Orion's Nebula is beautiful! After looking at it through the eyepiece, I decided to try just a single image of it with my Canon. Even with that simple set up, seeing some of the color in the image was a wow moment!
  22. Excellent, and like always thanks for the information you give with the image! It always amazes me at the number of galaxies you see off in the distance of these images. Cant help but remember Star Wars. "In a galaxy, far, far away!"
  23. Nice images! I'm just satisfied to get an image of the spot with my single images on my Canon.
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